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on November 2, 2011
Size Name: 34W-34LColor Name: BlackVerified Purchase
I was at first somewhat concerned about buying these pants on Amazon, as I have never owned tactical pants and decided to try my jean size and return them if they did not fit, but these pants fit me perfectly. They have good pockets too, as unlike cargo pants they aren't just hanging off the pants. This helps to make the pants look more professional.

Also, I really like the belt loop setup. They have more belt loops than jeans have and some are longer, making these pants perfect for carrying a holstered pistol. My full-size .45 Glock would hang when worn on jeans, making it hard to place in and take out of the holster. These pants allow me to carry it with a normal belt and it is locked in place very well.

I definitely recommend these pants to anyone working security, law enforcement, or just wanting comfortable, professional-looking work/cargo pants.
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on April 18, 2011
Size Name: 40W-34LColor Name: Black
I'm not in law enforcement. I'm not a contractor. I'm not in the military. But my profession as a photographer puts me in situations where I have to dress like i'm being deployed to Afghanistan. Lenses, batteries, flashcards, flashes, remotes, multitools, flashlights, greycards, light meters, sync cords, measuring tape, are just some of the items that I need to keep on my person, and be able to access quickly and easily. I usually carry a bag with several compartments, but when it's hot, and i have to move around a ton, i prefer these pants. There is a pocket for everything with these suckers! Best feature, are the back pockets. I can fit a 200mm zoom lens and flash adapter in ONE back pocket! Second best feature, the knife pocket, roomy enough for a multitool and a streamlight stylus flashlight. And last, the clip on the beltloop, perfect for clipping my flash meter on, or a second body in a carrying case.
Even loaded to the rafters, these pants are comfortable, cool, and let you maneuver nicely. I'd order a size bigger than you wear in jeans, even with the elastic, these are sized more like dress-slacks. Fit is great, length is perfect. You don't have to be a SWAT team banging down a door, or a military paratrooper to get full use out of these pants. When I'm not working in them, I'm using them for a long Motorcycle trip (the pockets are great for biker stuffs and cool in hot weather riding), or on a camping trip, where they withstand a beating but always come clean.
I have some knock-offs, but the 5.11 are definitely worth the extra money.
Good GD Pants.
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on July 2, 2012
Size Name: 34W-32LColor Name: TundraVerified Purchase
I am currently in Afghanistan where it gets 100 plus degrees for about 4 months out of the year. I bought these after reading some of the other reviews stating they breathed well and were cooler than cotton pants. After stepping outside and noting the temperature was 105 it didn't take long for the sweat to start rolling down my legs. I have some cheap cotton work pants from a previous employer that breathe better than these. Besides the heat issue, they pants are very comfortable and seem very durable. I climb up and down helicopters all day and they are not restriting the least bit. The pockets are an A+ in my book. I bought the same size that I wear in regular jeans which is a 34x32 and they fit very well. All in all they are a great pair of pants but I believe I will put them away until cooler weather hits!
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on July 8, 2014
Size Name: 32W-30LColor Name: TDU GreenVerified Purchase
It's amazing how much attention to detail has been put into these pants- all the little things truly do add up; here's what I've seen so far
Everything that has to be stitched is double stitched because Americans overdo everything worth doing. Pants falling apart? You're probably a communist. Have fun with your momma jeans, Obama. These will outlast me.
Pockets. EVERYWHERE. Two rear pockets big enough for AR15 mags (AR sold seperately but really, you probs have one) a cell phone pocket to call your friends with ARs, two hip pockets for when the 1911s run out, two waist pockets for your delicious beef jerky and apple pie, and two interior pockets for knee pads so we can America in comfort: and we ameriwill. A lighter pocket, because ZIPPO. Everything is better with fire.
Seven belt loops, because sagging pants is for scrubs. Best use these with a rigger belt, otherwise you're a Chinese noob lord.
A metal d ring in the 12:30 position (if you don't know what that is, you're probably Diane Feinstein) that can carabiner-carry your SUV keys, truck keys, mansion keys, and four gun safe keys. Prius? Ha! Go home, you're drunk on appletinis, POG.
Rip stop material, cause you need this when you hood slide on the Apollo rocket to the MOON. What up, Russia? America represent.
Velcro on all pockets. Because no one wants to lose their Wilson combat mags after doing a somersault into a squad of Taliban. Taliban? You'll wish we talibanned these pants, bro. Say A'Salaamu Alaikum to these size 16 boots! And Ramadan Mubarak, I admire your dedication.
Single Pleats; so I can double roundhouse kick Kim Jong gonna-be-il in surprising comfort.
Zippered groin area, so I can show off to Kim exactly why I'm better than him.
Reinforced crotch area- to better support heavy gear. You know what I'm sayin'. All day! All day! Everything's bigger in Texas, baby.
Reinforced front pocket lips- you don't want your engraved SOG Pentagon to wear down your pant pocket lip, now do ya?
Elastic waistband- even after I gorge myself on pecan pie and burgers, I can still comfortably carry my 1911, Smith & Wesson 689, and M4A1 all in my inner waistband. Gun control? Ha- gun control is using both hands and Aiming carefully, commie. go back to California or whatever Banana Republic is your home.
Two buttons on the front, so you're forced to think twice before taking off these pants. Pro tip: if you do, thanks for reading my review, Ms. Clinton. Don't run in 2016, unless you run in these pants.
Easy to wash, cause these colors don't run, lighter weight, and quick drying. Buy these pants and only take them off to switch to the next pair.
They come in Bush green, Reagan blue, Washington tan, and some other colors not important.
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on November 12, 2014
Size Name: 32W-32LColor Name: Coyote BrownVerified Purchase
These pants just kick ass . People just know , and so will you that these babys didnt come from wallmart .
review image
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49 of 60 people found the following review helpful
on May 10, 2012
Verified Purchase
These "tactical pants" are in cargo pants style with the hint of a military or police legacy, and a relaxed-fit slightly tapered leg that allows unrestricted ease of movement. The product photos accurately depict the style. They are well-made, (the four pairs I own are variously marked made in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam) of light to medium weight rip-stop 65% polyester/35% cotton fabric which appears adequately durable, is very comfortable to wear, and stays fairly smooth after washing.

A further advantage of the polyester/cotton blend fabric is that it is less prone than many 100% cotton materials to color fading, or to loss of color dye along pocket, cuff, collar and seam edges, after repeated wear and washing. This is most noticeable in dark colors. The black fabric used by 5.11 stays black longer than any of the very comfortable, but easily faded black full cotton pants and shirts I have owned.

The design and construction are good quality, appearing fit for general casual wear, active sports, or light duty workwear. The Modesto CA based manufacturer's website has an interesting explanation of the origin of their brand name, 5.11. It derives from "5.11" a rock climbing difficulty classification in the Yosemite Decimal System of grading walks, hikes and climbs, which - I read elsewhere - stems from a difficulty grading methodology developed by the Sierra Club from the 1930s. 5.11 is or was officially defined in the Yosemite Decimal System as, "After thorough inspection, you conclude this move is obviously impossible; however, occasionally someone actually accomplishes it." It makes sense, looking at this garment, that the manufacturers say their original tactical pants were developed for rock climbing - yet they look stylish enough for general informal wear.

Most leg seams are double stitched; knees are double-thickness. The crotch has a large diamond-shape gusset, seeming well designed to reduce potential for active wear to burst seam stitching.

There are eight pockets:
* Left and right slanted open top front pockets;
* Left and right slanted Velcro tab-closed back pockets;
* Left and right flap-top Velcro-closed large outer thigh cargo pockets;
* One left-side small flap-top Velcro-closed bellows pocket suitable for pistol magazine, cell phone or other such items; and
* One right-side open-top narrow pocket the manufacturer describes as a knife pocket. Handy storage for a medium-sized folding knife, pens or similar-size items.

The fly closure is a smooth-working brass zipper. The seven belt loops are wide and well reinforced. The waistband is elasticized at the sides. A thoughtful detail of the black version of these pants is that the pocket liners are also in black fabric, instead of the white fabric used for pocket liners of 5.11 khaki pants and even for black pants of some makes.

One of the most notable aspects of this product for my requirements is that it is offered in longer than regular leg lengths. My 36x36 size is hard to find in men's casual pants or jeans - typically 36-inch waist pants come only in a 34-inch inner leg measurement. The range of fractional-fitting sizes offered in these pants is exceptional: waist sizes from 28 to 44 inches, with inner leg lengths from 30 to 36 inches.

Initially I bought two pairs, one khaki and one black. The price (only $49.45 for khaki and $45.87 for the black when purchased from Amazon) is exceptionally good value for money for such well-made garments.

I would certainly buy this style again, or other similar pants from the same 5.11 brand. I really cannot find a fault with the garment design, quality or price, so I have to give it a full five stars. The TDU khaki (a versatile light tan color rather than traditional military khaki) version of these 5.11 pants came to be my favorite during a trip through Europe in the 2012 summer heat. They were lightweight enough to be most comfortable in the heat, to be easily packed, and also to dry quickly after laundering. I ordered another two pairs of the TDU khaki pants from Amazon when I got home.

These pants are comfortable and look good with matching colors of 5.11's nylon webbing TDU 1.5 or 1.75-inch belts, and with any colors of 5.11's several styles of shirts, such as the excellent 5.11 #72175 TacLite Professional Long Sleeve Shirt and 5.11 #72157 Cotton Tactical Long Sleeve Shirt. 5.11 nylon webbing belts are especially well-suited to sports and travel wear with these pants because of their comfort, light weight, washability and black plastic friction buckle. Having no metal parts, the belts do not need to be removed to pass through airport metal detectors.

Highly recommended to men with similar problems to me in finding fractional-fitting leg lengths in casual, travel, sport or light duty work pants, and to anyone looking for this general style.
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on April 7, 2015
Size Name: 34W-32LColor Name: TundraVerified Purchase
I love these pants! Before ordering them I went into my local Gander Mountain to try on a pair to get the correct size. I would normally wear a 34W/34L but it seems like these run a little long. They were good in the waist, so the fit for that seems true but the length I ended up with a 32. Now with the 32L they do run up a little when I squat but its not bad. I'd rather have that then buy the 34L and have them be all bunched up at the bottom and dragging on the ground because they are to long. So my tip would be to buy your normal waist size but go one size smaller on the length. Even better yet go into a Gander Mountain or somewhere that carries the pants and try a pair on. The waist has some elastic in it which allows for a bit of give/take in the fit.

To buy these on Amazon it ended up being almost $15 less than buying them in the store ($50), I just got lucky that the color I wanted seemed to be on some kind of fire sale since I got them for $36. I bought the "tundra green" which is like a dark OD green. Most of the photos below are deceiving because of the flash it makes them seem lighter than they are, the second photo below is a pretty good representation of the color. They also have TDU Green but thats a little lighter and brighter than the Tundra. (Photos of pockets below) The pockets are nice and deep and the seams are reinforced where you would clip a pen or knife so that it doesn't wear down. On the front left thigh there is a small velcro pocket just a little larger than an IPhone 5S. On the front right thigh there is an open top pocket which is also just larger than an IPhone 5S. The rear pockets are open top and have a piece of velcro to help hold them shut. Rear pockets are very deep - in the photo I have my finger pointed to show the bottom of the pocket. There are also two side cargo pockets by the knees on each side which velcro shut. Nothing fancy on the inside of the cargo pocket, its just a pocket - Blackhawk pants have elastic bands inside of there cargo pockets to help hold magazines or other items in place.

I've had them a few months now and they've held up great, no issues with anything. They repel water very nicely, it just beads right off. Obvisouly if you jump in a pool you aren't going to come out with totally dry pants but for normal conditions they stay dry. One thing I don't like, and I've noticed this with other tac-pants I've had even from other brands - they are cold during the winter. The wind penetrates right through the material and the material gets cold really fast. Now I know the material isn't very heavy to begin with so I wasn't expecting them to be super warm or anything. I'm sure the other heavier styles would be warmer but even with the TacLite Pro's you can just solve that issue with wearing a pair of tight long Under Armour type underwear. It will probably be a good thing for warmer days that its a lighter material - won't be as hot. The belt loops are nice and wide and nicely accommodates a 1 3/4" 5.11 Operators belt. You could maybe use up to a 2" belt if you needed to but I don't think anything larger than that would fit in the loops. I do wish they had a gel strip inside of the pants to hold the shirt that you have tucked in. I have a pair of Blackhawk tac-pants and they have a gel strip running around the inside of the waist which helps hold in your shirt. It would just be a nice addition. The zipper also has a button you can close behind it just in case the snap would come undone (easier to understand if you see the photos below)

The only complaint I have with these pants is the placement of the belt loops, mainly just the one on the right hip (or left hip for left handed people). They put a belt loop in the exact place that I want to wear my gun. So I end up having to move it forward a little bit which isn't a big deal and I can live with it. This is only a problem of course if your using a belt loop style holster attachment, for example I use the Blackhawk Serpa Mod-U-Lok for my holsters. If you use a paddle then you don't have anything to worry about since the paddle just slides on. The loops are only an issue if your actually mounting the holster to the pants belt, if your using a duty belt of course its not an issue.

Overall I love these pants, the small issue with the belt loops is only a minor inconvenience. I would buy and will be buying more of these pants. 5/5 - Would totally recommend. Any questions/comments please feel free to ask and if this review was helpful please click "yes"
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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28 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on August 2, 2013
Size Name: 36W-34LColor Name: BlackVerified Purchase
The quality of the pants is good, but they did not fit me. When you receive them they include a notice that there is a 25% restocking fee - I cannot find notice of that anywhere on Amazon when you place the order. Be forewarned.
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49 of 64 people found the following review helpful
on September 8, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is my fourth pair of the TacLite Pro pants from 5.11. Previously I ordered 34x34, which is what I wear in jeans. The 34x34 from 5.11 fit really well, but when I sit down the legs tend to ride very high, exposing 4-5" above my shoes. This time I ordered the TacLite Pro in the color black but I ordered a 34x36 to rectify this problem.

However this particular pair (marked 34x36 both on the tag and inside the label) are way too tight around the waist. It's not even close. With my other three pair I can carry an IWB stuffed with a .45 cal, but I can barely get this particular pair to button.

I'm not sure if it's a one time sizing error, or if I should try to reorder in a 36x36. The previous colors I ordered were Navy, Khaki, and Coyote. I will update this review once I reorder to see if the Black color is indeed running small in the waist, or if was just a fluke.

Otherwise, these are excellent pants. Very comfortable, highly functional, and holds everything you'd need and more.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2013
Size Name: 32W-32LColor Name: CharcoalVerified Purchase
So five stars should tell you what I'll be discussing but I'm also comparing these to my now 5 year champion TruSpec pants.

Yes I've been purchasing ONLY TruSpec pants for 5 years now. I still have the first pair I purchased (A little worn but still wearable).
I'll be discussing the differences and similarities.

Compared similarities first.
Same stuff. Poly/cotton blend. Feels the same. Looks the same and has the same teflon coating.
Same again. Double stitching in most places. Hems and seams are all similar and of the same quality.
I ordered the same size I've worn for five years in the TruSpecs and they fit great. I'm a tree climber and these provide plenty of mobility and coverage.
Since I've only worn them a few days I can't put a five year stamp on them. I feel confident they will stand up just fine.

Grey! That's the main reason I gave these a shot. Grey is a favored color of mine and I couldn't resist.
-Pocket flaps
The cargo pockets on the knees and the clip/cell pocket have a cover. The butt pockets don't have flaps though. I haven't given them a good test. I am usually digging wood chips out of most pockets without flaps but I'm hoping the way these are cut will prove to be defensive against those pesky chips.
-Waste band
There are more belt loops. The TruSpecs have a very unique waste band though. It has a hidden elastic band. At first glance you wouldn't notice but it adds a lot of weight and under a belt can be a little painful after a long day. These are lighter and more comfy. I'm not a fan of the scrunchy stuff though.
-Pocket Config
The TruSpecs also have unique pockets. Well, pockets in pockets. I don't use most of them so they are just added weight for me. I really like the cellphone/clip pocket, it's great! No more fishing for the phone. The butt pockets are a little tougher to get used to. Maybe just a learning curve. I'll report back on an Update. I do like the cargo pockets being lower. They don't get in the way of my climbing harness.
-Gusseted Crotch
Hmmm.... I've never blown out a crotch on the TruSpecs. Never seen a need for a heavier seam. It may take some getting used to. There is a noticeable bit of extra material between the legs but it should soften after a few washes.

Over all I really like these pants so far after two days of wear. Still not sure about the tool strap on the back pocket. May prove to be useful. It doesn't seem to get in the way of the wallet pocket like I thought.
Without all the extra waste band material and the extra "Pocket pockets" which I think account for the weight difference, these 5.11s are the ultra light cousins of my TruSpecs. will be ordering a few more pair and wear these out in the field for some real testing and report back with what I hope is some positive findings.
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