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on March 19, 2012
I'm sorry I can't say that much about this monitor besides I'm happy with it because I haven't compared it with other 3d monitors out there, but I wanted to talk more about 3D gaming. I've had this monitor (Viewsonic V3D231) for two weeks now and all I have to say is that 3D gaming is one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed in my life. After installing the Tridef 3d software (include with the monitor) I started playing the games I have. I started up my tridef with crysis and WOW, but little did I know that there are shadow problems with that game in 3d mode. From there I went on to Battlefield bad company 2 and this was the game that blew me away, I must have played the single player campaign half a dozen times but It felt like an entirely different experience in 3D, It actually made me feel that I was there along with Sweetwater, There is nothing like watching a rpg coming right at you. The next game I played was Mass Effect 2, Ok I'm going to say this "you haven't experienced mass effect unless you play it in 3D" MIND BLOWING!!!! Enough said.

If you buy this monitor you owe it to yourself to pick up Batman Arkham City, this game in 3D again is out of this world, you feel like you are batman. The fight scenes especially are unbelievable.

I did connect my PS3 to this monitor (hdmi) and the quality of the display is great, but you can tell that 3d gaming on the ps3 vs. the pc is totally downgraded, I have crysis 2 on the ps3 and the pc and started both and I picked the same scene in the game, I hit the input button and the quality didn't even come close to the PC in 3d, but 2d for the ps3 is outstanding, no fault of the monitor I'm sure.

Don't believe that 3D is a gimmick; I can guarantee that this is the best way to experience games hands down. If you like to feel like you are part of the game / action then I recommend this monitor. Not a bad price either, just make sure you have a good video card because you will take a hit in performance.
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on January 5, 2012
I ordered this item, off because I wanted a new LED monitor with HDMI to use with my pc and game consoles. Add in the 3D capability and I was sold instantly. The color, contrast, size(upgrade from 19 inch) and in full 1080p greatness!! 2D display quality is amazing! Far better than the standard HP monitor I was using. 3D display looks great as well, slight ghosting in some cases. Seems to work much better with the included TriDef software on the PC than playing games in 3D on PS3, which there is a noticeable loss in quality. Not a fault of the display, something that is necessary for the PS3 to push out 3D video. Overall great item, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great monitor and the occasional 3D fun.
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on March 30, 2012
Superior picture. This monitor delivers noticeable improvement over other monitors i have viewed. It is most definitely worth the extra $100+ cost if picture quality is very important to you. However, do not rely upon the built-in speakers as your sole source a sound. What a disappointment the speakers were. Yet the picture quality still lets me enthusiastically recommend this monitor for the critical viewer who wants the sharpest and brightest picture with an acceptable viewing angle.
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on November 18, 2013
3 separate inputs so I can connect my bluray player and two computers at the same time - the 3D looks great with glasses like the ones in the big cinema (saved a few pairs when I went to the movies) - the software for 3D not only plays back 3D content but it can make regular movies and photos look 3D on the screen - it also has speakers so the hdmi input can feed audio to it
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on July 14, 2012
As monitors go, I'm not an expert and won't comment on qualities like brightness, contrast, blacks, sound etc. It works very well in 2D and what 3D I could manage to work(non-PC HDMI source), is what I expect from any decent passive 3D display. The glasses are standard polarized lenses like RealD and are acceptable.

The included software, however, namely TriDef, is beyond bad. If you intend to play PC games in 3D, you may be hugely disappointed. While it's true, most current games are really 32bit, if you are running a 64bit system or have a true 64bit game, TriDef WILL piss you off.

No 64bit game/platform support, at all(as far as I can tell). By far some of the worst piece of code to disgrace my desktop in a long, long time. Nothing but excuses in theirs and gamer forums.

This monitor would actually be a good investment if the dev's woke up, fired, rehired and fixed this. Passive monitors/TV's are the future of affordable, comfortable 3D. Unfortunately there are dodo's sitting on this golden egg.

I'd give this a higher rating on the monitors merit alone. Unfortunately the software really made this experience so bad as to translate back as disgust in the product overall. I think there is compatible software out there(iZ3D, nVidia 3Dplay etc.) and I'm in the process of researching that now. My main suspect, right now is DVI vs. HDMI 1.4-.

I so wanted to give a good review and there are reasons it should be good but on the basis of customer satisfaction I can't recommend it unless it's discounted drastically or the software problems have been addressed with proper drivers.

UPDATE(long overdue): OK. I figured out the problem. This monitor is not compatible with dual DVI which is what came with my 3DVision set up. I'll take 99% of the blame and retract most of my negative remarks which were made under the duress of extreme frustration.
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on December 2, 2012
I'm able to watch yt3d on youtube right out of the box on my Macbook Pro with this, using an HDMI cable & adapter that I already own (mine didn't come with an HDMI cable in the package, only DVI and XGA cables).

Pretty impressive for a monitor under $250! I'm really excited to do some 3-D video and photo work right in my own home. Just picked up a Fuji W3; plan to borrow a friend's Go Pro Hero 3-D camera setup regularly.

Only real drawback so far here is the base. The monitor is a little heavy for it, and wobbles noticeably on my wheeled desk and creaky floor. I suppose a little give could be a good thing; better to bend than to snap, right? But the amount of movement I see on mine bugs me, especially since I live in a place that has earthquakes. Also the footprint (about 9.5" max width, 7.5" max depth, in kind of a shield or diamond shape) is bigger than I'd like on my 3-monitor desk.

I'd recommend picking up a cheap VESA mount type base to anyone considering this monitor if wobbliness or a big footprint would bother you. I'm going to try out Monoprice B003L11FUY, $30ish, which I just found here on Amazon, and there seem to be not-much-pricier models that clamp or screw on to a desktop to save even more room.

My last problem with the Viewsonic-supplied base is that once attached, the "neck" part of the base that connects directly to the monitor itself is proving pretty difficult to remove. I got the "foot" part to come right off, but the piece between that and the actual monitor is defeating me. I think it's pretty likely I'll have to crack that piece in order to remove it. And I am definitely removing it because it will look dumb with the new base. I hope I don't damage the monitor itself in the process. I'll be back on here cursing up a storm if that happens...

Deducted one half star (except...I can only deduct a whole star? OK, Amazon) for the base, and for no HDMI cable being included -- but I can and do appreciate that these are factors that keep the purchase price low. I haven't tested the Viewsonic-supplied cables; they probably work fine. They're just not compatible with my existing setup.

If you already have other monitor bases and cables at your disposal, this could be a nice, cheap entry-level 3-D monitor for you!
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on December 28, 2012
I do 3D professionally, and I wanted to move away from the nVidia active glasses/emitter systems. There are not many choices for passive 3D, and ViewSonic is a brand which has been making monitors for a long time. I was not disappointed! The 2D looks great when calibrated, and the 3D is very clean (with minimal ghosting, which they all have). The only downside is that you only get one pair of glasses, plus the clip-ons. No way I've found to order more! RealD glasses from the movie theater work, but not as well (the quarter wave retarder is 90 degrees different).
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on July 15, 2013
I love this monitor. I've read the reviews and I agree with the "five-ers". The screen is bright, the colors are vivid and the 3D is excellent. It's a perfect complement to my Panasonic DMC-3D1 camera. The 3D software is acceptable and the driver installation and setup was straight-forward. Highly recommend.
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on May 18, 2013
When I purchased this, I was very worried over the negative reviews. I have had another ViewSonic (VX2435wm) as my main monitor for almost four years without any problems (other than it not liking HDMI inputs because the native resolution is 1920x1200). This monitor is full HD and works with my HDMI port that I can't use for my main monitor. I have not had any problems with this purchase so far, but I have only had it connected for a month. I do wish my video card supported more than two monitors so that I could connect my Cintiq, but I digress.

I had gotten a Fujifilm FinePix W3 for the holidays and liked seeing the photos on the autostereoscopic LCD, but wanted to see the photos and movies a little larger. I got this instead of a 3D HDTV because I felt I would get more value. I was right. While it does not seem to support Nvidia's 3D Vision (or if it did I can't find the option), it does have it's own 3D drivers and software. This software package is pretty good, even making non 3D photos and videos have some depth. It isn't always the right depth, mind you, but still an interesting effect.

The software even allows me to play 3D type games that have a draw distance in true 3D. I have played Torchlight and Torchlight II this way and while some of the characters seem to float, and TL2 has a very irritating problem with no longer responding when doing an Alt-Tab or otherwise leaving the game GUI, the effect is really beautiful. Just be prepared to sit three or four feet away for the effect. Most people's computers systems aren't set up with this kind of distance in mind, so your mileage will vary. I would like to try some racing games or 1st person games next (Oblivion or Portal 2 maybe).
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on October 1, 2013
I am using this to edit 3D videos that I shoot and the color is nearly perfect. Calibrated it once and it just stays there.
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