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on March 14, 2012
I had been with Verizon for 11 years, I've felt that I never got my monies worth,
when it came to product and services. I then switched to Cricket, the phone I purchased wasn't bad, but I needed an unlimited data plan that wouldn't slow down to a crawl after using 3g. I then purchased the Samsung Galaxy S II touch
phone from Sprint, and I couldn't be any happier. First, of all the service I
have received from Sprint has been stellar, and the phone is absolutely fantastic. I still have numerous phones from Verizon, after all those years of
new every two upgrades, as well as my Cricket Huawei. But, this Samsung Galaxy phone I have is wonderful. I do not see myself putting it aside for an upgrade.

That may be Sprint's only downside from having it, the customers may not upgrade to any new phones. I can tell you now, that unless they come out with something
as great as the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic touch, I won't certainly be upgrading.
The size is perfect, the screen size is perfect, the graphics are all great.
Keep up the good work, Sprint and Samsung. I applaud you both. My co-workers, friends and family members are
all excited about my phone, once I show them all of the features, the apps, the graphics, the screen size, many
of them are talking about not only upgrading their phone to a Samsung Galaxy S II Epic touch, but also to Sprint,
since I've told them of my experiences.

I have a lot of electronics from an Ipod classic 160g, an Ipad 64g, a Pandigital tablet, several laptops, a PSP,
but I won't go anywhere without my Samsung Galaxy phone. Anything I can do with any of the devices listed above
I can do with my Samsung Galaxy phone. I also have access to all of my tv viewing via my slingplayer. So, I have
one up on my other devices already by being able to view all of the channels on my FIOS account. For anyone looking for a new phone, to do much more than place calls and receive and send text messages, then you have to purchase
this phone. It has my full endorsement. Even the power cord is designed so that it easily fits in my pants pocket
without being huge and bulky. I just think whomever came up with the total design of this phone, hit a home run
and won the game. After the initial commercials, any sales of the phone will undoubtedly be made by word of mouth
by owners like myself. I've even had numerous Iphone4S customers talking about switching out their phones for this
Samsung phone.
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on March 6, 2012
I have to admit I am shocked to see any negative reviews of this superb Android phone! I'll be upfront and say that I have never owned an iPhone so I will not make that comparison. However, I can not imagine any iPhone user being more satisfied with their phone than I am with this one! Where do I start?

>Size? The screen is huge and it's Samsung so of course it is beautiful.
Responsiveness? Excellent. Not sure how else to say it. Responds to taps and swipes effortlessly and quickly.
>Weight? It may look huge but this thing is sooooo much lighter than an iPhone. It feels very solid in the hand but it really is surprisingly light. Love it.
>Reliability? I've had it for about a month now and I have not experienced any glitches whatsoever. I do use FastReboot a few times a day and clear the cache periodically just as a safeguard but I have yet to have the phone freeze or feel sluggish in any way.
>Storage? Comes with 16gb so, like other similar phones you have plenty of storage. Since I upgraded from a very poor low memory phone (I won't even mention the model - I made a very poor choice! haha) this feels like it's gargantuan. I downloaded plenty of apps and haven't made a dent in the storage space.

I'm really not sure what else I can say or need to. The phone is elegantly simple looking, beautiful screen. Oh, the phone? Works fine, sounds clear. Enough said.

Oh right, battery life. Must admit that because I hated my prior phone so much I have probably played with this one even more than I would normally and .... I've had no problem with the battery. I have yet to need to recharge it any sooner than the end of the night. Granted I don't talk on the phone very much but I use the apps throughout the day, including the browser and a couple of games. So far, the battery has held up just fine.

All I can say it that I don't know how you could buy a better smartphone than this one - unless they start to offer a Galaxy s3 anytime soon! I love this phone and I believe you will too if you upgrade to it. Hope this is helpful.
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on December 9, 2011
There are plenty of detailed reviews. I just want to say that this is the best Android phone out to date.
Fast, slim, light, amazing screen, decent battery life, Samsung's GPU-accelerated launcher/shell with GPU accelerated browser. The camera is also of good quality. While 1080P recording is redundant, it's nice to have :) Also, the bezel around the screen, especially sides, is noticeably thinner than most phones - really cool. Even though this has a larger screen than AT&T version, it isn't actually noticeably bigger, since the AT&T's version has larger bezel.

The only few complaints I have are as follows:
- The LED is slightly too cool for me. When used as flash light, it outputs blue-ish light, kind of like those riced out HID kits you see on in halogen headlight housings XD *facepalm* Ok, maybe not that bad, but I would guess it's around 5200K. My old Motorola Droid OG had pure white color LED, which I really appreciated.
- The phone is slippery and hard to get a grip on because of its lightness. Seriously, the phone is so light, it doesn't sit firmly in your hand. Such a quirk is easily remedied with a protective shell.
- No camera button. I miss press-hold to launch camera app on my Droid. Now I actually have to keep a shortcut to the camera app on the home screen. Of course, some welcome minimalistic approach - the fewer buttons, the better. But I'm sure those that use the camera often, like myself, wouldn't mind a physical button (especially dual action). Besides, focusing the lens is more comfortable with a button than tap-hold on the screen.
- Bloatware. Enough said. All phones have it, this one is no exception. I have 3 phones on the plan, mine is rooted, others are not. While I removed all the carp I didn't want, my mom and gf use the phone in its stock form. They aren't very tech savvy, of course, and could care less about the notification bar spamming with Sprint app news/updates/bs or ads in apps. My guess is, in a similar manner, to most people that won't matter. Those that do have a problem with bloatware are probably well aware of removal techniques.

None of those issues would keep me from buying the phone again (if you call $0.01 "buying" lol).
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on November 10, 2011
If you're on the fence about getting this phone, I'll tell you right now, it's definitely time to hop off. I was super hesitant to get the Epic Touch simply because it was a samsung made device. Everyone knows what a mess the upgrades were for the original galaxy s line. Not to mention touchwiz was ehhhh. Didn't care for it much. I went into the sprint store and asked if they had a model available for demoing. Not going to lie, I thought the screen was HUGE. Maybe even too big. I picked it up and was shocked how light it was. After playing on it for about 10 minutes, and being captivated by the super amoled plus screen, the screen size no longer mattered. Yes, yes it has a pixel density of 800 by 480. Trust me, it doesn't matter one bit. And did I mention how fast this phone is? BLAZING!!!! Every aspect, from opening apps, to web browsing, to switching screens, FAST!!!! One thing that really puts people off, myself included, is the lag on android devices. The Exnyos processing power is outstanding in this phone. Lag hardly ever exists. As for touchwiz, I really like the improvements Samsung has made in 4.0. I've always been a pure vanilla kinda girl, but the new touchwiz is very intuitive and integrated wonderfully. You have the leap feature for both the main screens and app screens. If you're not sure what touchwiz 4.0 is or how it's different from previous versions, I recommend heading over to youtube and checking out a few reviews. It will help you get to know all you're phone is capable of. Also, I would recommend getting a screen protector and case for this phone. I purchased the ZAGG protector and TPU black matte case. I recommend both products they are perfect for the phone. I've dropped it twice, once when I was getting out of the car and the other I was inside. No dents, scratches, anything. I'm still waiting on otterbox to release a case. The more protection, the better.

There are a few quirks here and there, as with everything. The charging cord is kinda short and when the phone is charging, the touch sensitive screen isn't very accurate at times. I've only noticed that when it's charging. The power button is on the side so sometimes I'll accidentally hit that while adjusting the volume. After about 2 months with the phone I've gotten better at not doing that though. This phone also has a notification light. +1 for Samsung finally putting that in their product. The only thing is, it flashes every 8 seconds or so. Within that time I could have just pushed the power button to check if I have a notification..... so that is slightly irritating but I'm still very glad the feature is available.

Overall, this is a great phone. If it wasn't for Sprints spotty service, this phone would literally be a 10/10. I've only dropped two calls and they were both at the same place. A friend of mine must live in the black hole of all places because I get zero service there. Other than that, call quality is fantastic everywhere else. Web browsing is a great experience due to the screen size. I can't fit my phone in my pocket due to the size but I've gotten over that real quick. Speaker is very loud. I play a lot of music and have gotten quite a few compliments on the sounds quality and volume level. Touch sensitive buttons are very responsive. I haven't had any issues with hitting one of the buttons and having it not respond the way it should. The phone is THIN!! Which is sooo nice. Camera quality is also fantastic. Great camera shots inside and outside. One LED light is all this phone needs, it's plenty bright. Battery life is also good. I'd still say take a car charger with you though for long days away from home. I'd recommend this phone to anyone and everyone. It's the best phone out for sprint right now, hands down. The Nexus S will be dropping on verizon in a while, and honestly this phone is still going to be competition performance wise. What are you waiting for??? Go get one :D
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on November 2, 2011
UPDATE: I'm downgrading my review from 5 stars to 4 because the OS, Gingerbread, is now out of date and we've been waiting too long for Ice Cream Sandwich. The hardware on this phone is still fantastic.

This is a really nice phone. It has all the great features from the Galaxy S line (except for Sprint's Epic 4G if you liked the QWERTY keyboard - my mom just got the Epic 4G and loves it). The crappy GPS in the GS1's has been resolved in the GS2: I get a lock almost instantly anywhere outside. There isn't too much preinstalled crapware on the Epic Touch and some of it can be deleted without rooting. The screen is gorgeous despite being relatively low-resolution compared to other new phones and the wifi and 3g/4g connections are really fast (I live right outside Minneapolis). The dual core processor and 1gb of RAM make it super responsive without any hold ups or hiccups. I'm worried that Samsung will be slow to update the OS from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich and may never update beyond ICS because they were really bad about updating the Galaxy S1's. But right now this phone is probably the most advanced option and works flawlessly.

If you have small hands the phone might be uncomfortably wide, although it's incredibly thin and weighs almost nothing.

I got the TPU case for about $10 that fits snuggly and I'm happy with that too.

Update: I've played around with the camera a little and that's fantastic too. My GS1 (T-Mobile Vibrant) had a nice lens but no flash; the Epic Touch has a surprisingly powerful flash and handles really nicely inside at night. I recommend using SugarSync to have the photos automatically load to your computer.

Update 2: Holy cow, I can even get a GPS signal INSIDE. Thank you Samsung for finally getting that right.
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on May 9, 2012
Having had cell phones since they became affordable to the average consumer, I have to say "How long has the future been here and what have I been doing since then?"
Played around with friends' Iphone 4, and 4s and they are nice. Apple really set the bar high for cell phones, but haven't really moved since then. Samsung really stepped up on this one. The phone can call, it can text (you can just speak and it will write the text for you), it also has a wicked swype option that makes finger texting so much easier, it can film a video and then post it to Youtube, it plays games, it has so many options I just can't see making you read about all of them. Battery life with heavy use is relative to how the phone is connected, but you need to remember that this device is more powerful than the first laptops. After it finished initial charge at 17:30 I spent the next six hours setting it up, using the phone, watching vids, texting, downloading books and games for free, playing said games, and at around 23:30 I had 16% left and it recommended I top it off. How is that even possible? Six hours! Ridiculous. It has a decent heft but so thin! How did they sandwich all those squirrels inside? I am completely blown away. This is only day two, so it still has time to catch fire and explode, but until it does that, it will be the most EPIC device I have ever purchased. Video chat? Yeah it has that. So amazing.

EDIT-So now it is over four months later, let's review. Battery life seems to be less with the latest upgrade, but they ARE ten bucks AND you can replace them yourself you GENIUS you. Also, the processor does get a bit hot from time to time, mostly in 4G. It has crashed while running an app or two. What micro pc/phone doesn't? That said, still chugging away like a boss. The plastic case seems engineered to come off in a fall. No damage yet, several tumbles on linoleum, concrete, asphalt, and even a sofa. Oh, and no case for me thanks. This thing really doesn't look it, but it is pretty tough. Ninja Phone. Sits right in any pocket. Why hasn't the glass scratched yet? Just what did they do to those gorillas? Don't fear this thing if you have no skills. You can figure it out. If you have smallish hands then this is a mini tablet for sure. My hands are on the larger side and it is perfect for me. The Swype feature can help even sausage fingers text like crazy. What an amazing device. I just rubbed the screen with my t-shirt. Looks brand new. Works like it was new.
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on July 11, 2012
Fast and very power efficient for an Android phone. Samsungs Touchwiz over Android gives it a cartoony look. Camera is good but video is shakey. Still running Gingerbread on Sprint which sucks but a good phone if its below 100 bucks.
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on July 29, 2012
Just got this phone three days ago could of got the Samsung s3 but I didn't like the physical button and I counld of got the HTC evo 4 lte but its can't connect to 4 g until late this year...but I got this and its perfact
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on November 15, 2011
I bought my Samsung Galaxy S II on Sep 30th 2011. This happens to be my first smart phone as well. I am loving the responsiveness of the touch and the wide selection of apps that are available from both Amazon App Store and Android Market.

* Light weight
* Touch - very responsive and fluid movements
* Excellent colors on the display
* The screen width - Most of my time is spent in reading something in either Amazon Kindle App or the FBReader (for free books from The screen makes it much better to read.
* Battery - comes for around 1 to 1.5 days. On an average, each day, I use the phone for reading (1.5 hours), listening to music (1 hr), checking mails, chatting etc., (~10 times a day spending ~5 minutes each time).
* Sprint plan - I believe this is one of the good deals for unlimited 3G data.
* Speaker on the phone - it is loud and clear

* Sprint coverage - I find myself in 3G data roaming even if I travel slightly (10s of miles) outside Seattle. Although it says 3G data roaming is free, at times even the cell phone coverage is not available. I wish this was available with some other carrier.
* As with any other android device, this also doesn't play youtube videos in background - they just stop if I switch to some other application. Can't hold it against this phone - but anyways an annoyance for me.

Overall, if you are fine with a big form factor (bigger than normal phones, but fits well in my pockets), this is a very good choice.
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on October 4, 2011
I won't get into the specifics of the phone many reviews have done that. My experience has usually been the back of the line phones that you get for free with a new contract. My last phone was a Blackberry Curve 8330 which I had 2 different phones in 4 years. I really liked that phone after coming from a regular phone with limited internet and other capabilities. The last 6 months or so my Blackberry really started to lag. Web browsing was never fast but was like going from cable back to dial-up. So I decided a new phone was in order and if I have to pay $10 a month extra anyway I wanted a 4G phone. Looked all through Sprint's lineup and I had originally decided on the EVO but changed my mind with all the reviews of the Epic Touch.

This phone is blazing fast. Apps pull up instantly and there is no delay in video, the GPS is wonderful, it is perfect to hold in your left hand with the volume buttons right there under your thumb if you hold it in your right hand your thumb is on the power and index finger on the volume so that could be an issue.

All in all I am so happy I got this phone. It does not feel cheaply made like some people have stated on here. It is rather large but if you use a bluetooth like me then there are no issues about holding it up to your ear. the 16Gb storage is incredible. I had a 1Gb SD card for my BB and had a ton of songs on it. Don't think I will be filling up the 32Gb SD slot and 16Gb internal memory anytime soon.
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