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on September 27, 2011
The phone is great, the Android is great, Samsung is great. this phone is really awesome, and the iphone is no match for it (even the iphone 5, believe me)

but we have a serious problem here, this seller announces it as it has a "worldwide warranty", while its not true, waste 5min calling Samsung costumer support and see that they only provide warranty for the country you purchased the phone OFFICIALLY. this phone announced here is imported unofficially from many countries, as you can read the feedbacks, some people received it in german language, others in spanish language...

so if you want to buy this, be aware that you ill be uncovered by factory warranty.


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on August 1, 2011
It is as good as the other reviews say. So good in fact, that you can't stop playing with it, and here is the problem - the gorgeous screen finishes the battery within ~4 hours. In standby and normal use (not much talking) it lives fine for a day, maybe even 2.
I've heard a rumor the new 2.3.4 improves the battery life over the original 2.3.3, but you'd have to root the phone as it's not official yet. so far I don't have the burning need for that.

You'll be able to see most internet sites just fine, also writing some notes and emails is bearable. I had issues trying to submit this review from it, though (it has issues handling the big open text boxes, especially in horizontal mode).

Wi-Fi reception is decent; not as good as in laptops or my old Nokia E71, but usually good enough.
Another plus on this matter - free internet access points requiring you to hit 'ok' on their start page are now accessible for web browsing and then to any other app (unlike E71).

Amazon site mentioned international warranty, but I didn't find any document on that in the box. Keeping the receipt and hoping I won't need to use the warranty which I suspect I don't really have. BTW, the device woke up in Spanish, but asked from the start which language I prefer. So it probably comes from Latin America...

As long as you're ready for the few drawbacks, it's a great device.
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on January 14, 2012
I'm using it for Movistar Venezuela, it works perfectly as it should. It's a beautiful phone with Android OS which makes it an excelent device.
Everything you can see about this phone is perfectly great, the ONLY ONE thing nobody would like is the battery, it waste very fast but making some changes on the OS you can make it improve.

It uses the same bands as Movistar, so it works with 3G and HSPA.

PD: Differences between GT-I9100 and SA-I9100 are just the origin, it does not make any important changes.

I bought the ceramic white and black version to the FGS Trading seller.
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on March 29, 2012
Galaxy S II is great phone. The problem with this seller is that they are advertising model GT-i9100, but they will ship you *** GT-i9100G *** instead. The difference btwn these two is that GT-9100G uses a different GPU and chipset and is slightly under-powered compared to i9100.

However, what this really means is that you can not ROOT your phone or install CM9 ROMs on it!!! All of the available cutom ROM's out there, including CM7 & CM9, only support the GT-i9100 chipset, and not the G model. So you will be stuck with whatever bloatwear Samsung puts on it.

I returned mine unopend within an hour after receiving it. I will buy a i9100 model just as soon as I find it somewhere.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 12, 2012
Having been a Blackberry user for several years but also owning an iPod4 64G, I finally decided to replace my 2-year old Blackberry Curve with a smartphone and went for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Android, which is cheaper than the iPhone and has had generally positive reviews from users.

I've been using the Samsung now for a couple of weeks. Before getting into details about a few of the amazing features of this excellent phone, here is a summary of what I really liked about the Blackberry Curve and how the new Galaxy S2 compares:

1. It was easy to type text on the Blackberry because it has a physical keyboard which even a user with big fingers can cope with. I was put off on-screen keyboards a couple of years ago by the truly appalling and virtually un-usable Blackberry Storm, but the Samsung is really OK in this department even though its keyboard appears on-screen because the key points are so large, and when you finger a key a larger image of it pops up to confirm which key you have activated.

2. The Blackberry's party piece was very easy and intuitive email management, which I need to use all day long for business messages. Well, the Samsung is surprisingly good here too, with the added bonus of a huge screen and the facility to enlarge or reduce text size with a sweep of the fingers, iPhone style. The text clarity is first class.

3. The Blackberry has very long battery life and typically I'd only need to charge it every 4 or 5 days, even with heavy usage. The Samsung does not fare well in comparison and needs daily charging, but there's a number of things you can do to prevent high power consumption like turning off features you're not using and not playing music through it (if using the phone principally as an iPod-like music player is important to you, then this Samsung may not be for you as battery life will be reduced to a few hours).

4. The Blackberry is small and handy in size, whereas the Galaxy is 3x larger (but about the same thickness) - however in compensation, you get that amazing huge screen

For a really comprehensive techy overview, please look to other excellent reviews of this product. Here's a summary of the main features of this amazing phone from my simpler perspective:

* The AMOLED screen on the Galaxy is definitely its star attraction: huge, bright and clear with fabulous colour definition, it's even better than the iPhone or iPod. Designers have finally copped-on that people don't want ever smaller and smaller phones and no-one wants to watch a movie on a screen 1.5cm square; they want something of a convenient size that they can use and read easily at arm's length

* Despite the substantial size, it's thin and lightweight at only 116g which makes it no problem in your pocket and a big advantage to a smaller person when making long calls (the iPhone for example is around 20g heavier)

* All functions are very intuitive and easy to use - at least as good as the iPod4 with a similar feel

* Calls are easy to make due to the big clear graphics and easy-to-follow menus - however it has some minor quirks like you can't answer a call by actually pressing the green phone symbol, you have to `sweep' across it - but once you learn this, everything is OK. The ear-speaker and voice-mike are both very good and very clear; reception so far first-class with no dropped calls

* The quality of the image from the camera is also exemplary (but make sure the flash is turned on)

* The Galaxy has a standard connect-to-computer/mains charger socket, a micro-USB port located on the base-edge of the phone. Finally manufacturers have chosen (not before time) to stop ripping-off their customers by making them buy new chargers with every new handset and begun to standardize - FINALLY!

In summary I'd say if you're looking for a smartphone, the Galaxy S2 is a very serious contender. It's beautifully designed, its screen is absolutely amazing - you need to just use it for a couple of minutes to appreciate how good it is - yet it's lightweight. The menus are intuitive and easy to master; it has loads of optional software and aps (mostly free to the user, unlike with Apple); making calls and managing email is a breeze. It's a weather forecaster, a GPS street-finder and a web browser with astoundingly clear screen definition unlike anything I ever used before.

Possible cautions include barely acceptable battery life, and for this it drops a star: if you're a current Blackberry user you'll really notice this, and especially so if you use it as a music player. Also the Galaxy might be intimidating if you're a technophobe who just wants a simple phone to make calls. But it compares very well in all essentials against the iPhone: it's lighter, cheaper and the screen is better, and most of the aps for which Apple charges you, you get with the Galaxy for free.

One final point: make sure you buy a good robust case and a screen protector for it; there's plenty of choice and most of them do the job OK.
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on August 19, 2011
I was just about to buy this phone from the seller. But before I did, I called Samsung US's mobile department to see if the phone would be covered if something malfunctioned, they said no; only phones official in the US are covered. I was a little confused, so I called the seller. The person I talked to said it's an International Warranty, "except not in the US." A little false advertisement there... Just wanted fellow S II enthusiasts who wanted to buy this phone, and have bought it already, know!
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on May 7, 2012
The Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II does not support the T-Mobile transmission frequencies required for 4G in the USA. T-Mobile requires both 1700-MHz and 2100-MHz frequencies (1700/2100) to enable 4G uplinks and downlinks. This phone supports only quadband frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). If using T-Mobile in the United States, the maximum speed you can get from this device is 2G at 1900-MHz.

Repeat: This device does not work with T-Mobile 4G in the United States.

Update: Both Samsung and T-Mobile have since upgraded their software for this phone. It now supports both 3G and "H+", the T-Mobile 4G equivalent. The phone automatically goes for the strongest clear signal in order to reduce the number of dropped signals. (Update written 07/31/2013)
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on May 5, 2012
I bought this thinking it was the I9100 GS2 but instead I received a I9100G, the "G" makes a huge difference.
Samsung quietly rolled out the I9100G with a TI OMAP 1GHz instead of the Exynos 4210 which is 1.2GHz and is also what makes the GS2, the GS2. The Exynos itself runs circles around the OMAP in performance so that's why you should be cautious if you're going to buy this from Amazon as they only sell the I9100G now.
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on September 3, 2011
Pros: Performance, Screen, Design, Camera, Battery, An Overall well rounded SmartPhone

Cons: Plastic body Particularly the Battery cover (I would have preferred metal, even though it would have added a tiny bit of weight)

Summary: The Samsung Galaxy S II is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a smartphone, first-time and experienced users alike. There seems to be absolutely no lag on this phone whatsoever & flash plays perfectly. The screen is absolutely Vibrant & Crisper looking then advertised, The Colors pop and are not over-saturated like the first Galaxy S. I'm using this phone in Kuwait and there has been no call quality issue whatsoever. It is the thinnest phone on the market which explains the lightweight plastics they use to make it so light. With that being said I don't recommend you use this phone with out a very good protective case like an outterbox. I bought 2 extra Hyperion batteries (because they have the smart chip that wont let you overcharge the battery), 1 USB EVO sync Dock/Batt. charger, and an anti scratch Zagg shield (because it will keep all scratches away from the screen and the body of the phone so when the next model comes out your current phone will be resaleable in like new condition :-) with the Dual core processors on the Galaxy S II you get the fastest phone in the world. This will probably remain true for another year or two until Tegra 3 processor phones come out. Finally, I understand that apple has successfully brainwashed us all into thinking we need them but,
I've slowly come to like the advantages of Android based phones & with a little bit more time the Android market will be even with Apple. The Galaxy S II Phone itself is better than iphone4 but we know its the apps that have us all zombified into the apple world. Soon the Android app and iphone app markets will be neck and neck. So don't be afraid to jump of the apple band wagon NOW.
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on April 11, 2013
This was not an official Samsung product. I verified with Samsung with the IMIE number off the phone. I was sold a fake. I'm still waiting for my refund!!
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