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on November 28, 2011
~~~1 year Update~~~
I have downgraded the score from 5/5 to 4/5. This laptop is, for the most part, great. However it has several very serious flaws including: Terrible trackpad, bad monitor, and bad sound.

-Performance- 3/5 [Average]
Very powerful specs. This laptop may not be a gaming laptop, but will play most things you throw at it very well. Including AutoCAD, SAP2000, light games, and Movies.

-Build- 5/5 [Excellent]
All in all, its built very well. The exterior, as you can see, is beautiful.

-Keyboard- 4/5 [Good]
The keyboard looks and feels very nice. The keyboard is slightly narrower than usual, which makes it feel a little awkward. But I haven't had any problems typing.

-Trackpad- 1/5 [Terrible]
This trackpad is a piece of junk, after using it for a year, I've learned to use the "F6" -turn off trackpad button- more than 90% of the time.
I have also disabled "tap to click" and "multi-finger gestures." Left/Right clicking is a nightmare.

-Monitor- 2/5 [Bad]
The monitor is 1366x768. Which is pretty disappointing - but it the norm for 14in laptops and even 15in laptops. The colors are a bit washed out, and I really notice it when I have my laptop next to my desktop monitor. There is definitely a sweet spot for using the monitor, and its pretty small. The hinges don't let it bend back all the way. I'd say, you get about 135 degrees of motion on the hinges. This laptop also has terrible viewing angles.

-Sound- 2/5 [Bad]
The speakers on this laptop just don't push enough. They are useless in most enviroments that have ambient noise. The quality of the sound itself is pretty average.

-Weight- 5/5 [Excellent]
It's pretty light weight. I can easily move/carry the laptop around with one hand. I have fallen in love with the ultra light weight. This is truly a mobile laptop.

-Temperature- 4/5 [Good]
The exterior stays pretty cool. However, inside temperature gets really high. Under 100% load, the cpu easily hits 85C.
The outside occasionally gets pretty hot, but in general, it keeps to a very comfortable temperature.

-Battery Life- 4/5 [Good]
I get about 2+ hours when running this laptop with 9/10 brightness + with everything on + none of that power saving stuff, with pidgin+firefox+thunderbird+Movie.

-Wifi- 3/5 [Average]
I have not had any problems with the wifi, but I spend most of my time on a landline. And I haven't had any connection issues on campus, or at my friend's homes.

-Boot Time- [NA]
Stock Boot Time - 55s to 70s.
Stock Resume Time - 1s to 3s.
Boot Time with SSD - 15s to 22s

-Minor Design Flaw!
The majority of the ports are on the right side - including the power, hdmi, 2x USB. This makes it a bit hard to use your mouse when you have alot of stuff connected to your laptop - power, mouse, external harddrive. Unless you are left handed and have your mouse on the left side of the computer.

Also this laptop does not come with a system recovery disk.


Now if you want to add your own SSD to this laptop - Or increase the amount of RAM.
Any hardware modification to this laptop will void it's warranty.

If you go to the Lenovo Forums and to this page: /t5/IdeaPad-Y-U-V-and-Z-series/New-U400-General/td-p/580903
There is a thread on hardware modding this laptop and on page 2, there is a link to a Lenovo website with videos on how to take this laptop apart. Note that - Taking this laptop apart is VERY difficult and much harder than it seems in the video.

***Note - The hard drive bay in the Lenovo U400 can not fit a traditional SSD and can only fit HDD. This is because a USB port intrudes upon the space for the Hard Drive and the traditional hard drive has a small space above the SATA and Power connectors where there isn't anything to obstruct - The SSD unfortunately has a lip.

In order to fit a SSD - You pretty much only have three choices - 1. disassemble your SSD and tape it into to laptop. 2. disassemble your SSD and cut off a corner of it's case with a power tool. 3. Purchase a mSATA SSD and install that alongside your HDD. [I went with option 2] 4. Purchase a height 7mm SSD ex. samsung 830 (will still need to tape ssd).

***Doing a clean install of Windows 7 did not work for me - Installing drivers became a nightmare. Recovery Disk can be used - Unfortunately your laptop doesn't come with one.

***Upgrading RAM
You only have easy access to one of two Memory Slots. The second slot requires some serious hardware disassembly - included the removal of the entire motherboard.
Luckily, the 2GB Memory Chip is on the side that is easy to access. However, having two separate memory chips from different companies on the same system may cause instability and occasional crashes. Which happened when I upgraded the stock 2GB Samsung to a 4GB Corsair.

I would suggest purchasing a single 4GB Samsung stick of the same model as the one in the computer. It'll make your life easier.

How to take apart the laptop:
Watch the Lenovo Support Videos.

1. Take off two rubber feet - The ones in the back next to the monitor hinge. I used a flat head screwdriver with its head covered with a microfiber cloth (to prevent scratches) to pry the feet off.

2. Unscrew two screws under the rubber feet.

3. Pull the bottom cover towards the back of the laptop (back = where the monitor hinge is). You only need to pull it about 2mm. Gently lift the back of the bottom plate while pulling towards you. The back should pop out of the clips with some patience. Be careful not bend the part of the back of the bottom cover that bends up along side the monitor hinge.
After releasing the back and side clips. While pulling the cover to slide it off, also lift the front of the back cover gently.
-This part is the most difficult and I enlisted the help of a friend. I had my friend gently tap the front of the bottom cover with a hammer - on top of the back of a screw driver that was covered with some gauze pads.. While he was tapping, I gently pulled the front of the bottom cover away from the laptop.

4. Once the cover is removed - the rest is self explanatory.

5. Putting the cover back on. Put the cover back on with the front first. The rest of the clips should click into place as you push down. Afterwards, slide the bottom cover towards the front of the laptop. While pulling, screw the two screws back in. This part was easy and I was able to do it without enlisting help.
-If you have trouble lining up the two screw holes - you may have bent the back of the bottom cover, you will have to bend them back into place with your hands or pry them back into place with a flat head screw driver.

Random Stuff:

It took me about 4 hours to finish my hardware modifications the first time. I also made alot of mistakes and ended up with a few chips. My second and third time opening up the computer took me about 10 minutes each.
Attempting to get the computer to work and install all the drivers with a clean OS install took me 8 hours and ultimately failed.
Attempting to figure out how to clone the drive and after much google and tech forum searches as well as many failed clone attempts - took me about 10 hours. Cloning ultimately was successful.
I experienced some hard drive hangs with the Corsair GT. I was able to fix this by updating the firmware on my SSD.

Tools I used: Philips Screw Driver, Flat Screw Driver, Cloth (micro-weave cloth and a towel), Gauze pads, Hammer, Bench Grinder (Powertool).
Extra Purchases: Acronis True Image Home 2012 $50, Corsair 120GB GT SSD $155, 1x DVD-R $-
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on October 20, 2011
Verified Purchase
Follow up - So it's been almost a year since I got this laptop, and I would have to say...I have to change my original rating of a 5 to a 1 star. Over the period of time, my battery itself started to have problem, my laptop stopped staying cool, and I had issues with it twice. 1 of 2 times I had problem with it, I had to figure it out myself, because the customer service was just horrible. I mean the computer itself is still pretty good but the change to a one star is mainly because of the customer service. So basically, my laptop had a blue screen. Keep in mind, I keep my laptop in very good condition physically. I got my laptop sent in to the repair center and after 1 week, my repair status remained the same. I gave them a call, and I was told that I had water damage in my motherboard and I would have to pay $360+ some fee in order to fix my laptop. I told the rep that I never had water spilled on my laptop ever. She then mentioned that I had some water mark on my keyboard...I proceed to explain to her, I washed my keyboard with a very damped cloth before I sent my laptop for repair, and she tried to explain to me that might had been the problem. All in all, after speaking with a few other reps, I didn't get my problem solved. They insisted on me paying $360+ some fees I couldn't understand. Felt like I shoulda sticked with a brand I was more familiar with and listened to those who said the customer service was horrible. The laptop cost $600-700 bucks now for a new one, so I didn't even bother paying for the repair, hopefully I can retrieve my harddrive datas.


Original Review

I had this laptop for about a few weeks now. I've been waiting for it to be available since it was announced. I'm sure a lot of buyers will want this laptop because it's basically a Window Macbook. And that is exactly what you get. I am also a mac owner, the quality is on par with Macbooks. This is a very pretty laptop and spec are pretty decent. On the pictures, the shade of silver looks very similar to the macbooks, but it actually a dark slate gray.

Pros -
-Laptop stays cool. It vents from the side, I've had it on for 14 hours once and it was stayed very cool.
-Chiclet keyboard feels really nice.
-Glass trackpad is on par with macbooks.
-Battery last around 6-7 hours.
-Light weight.

Cons -
-Don't really have any beside that I would had preferred an SSD option and Lenovo should make accessories for this laptop already! And I really wanted the Black/Clementine Orange color, but it's only available for the U300s.

So basically if your looking for a nice looking laptop with decent spec, great battery life, light weight and stay cool, this is the laptop for you. Especially if your looking for a Macbook alternative.
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on November 18, 2011
Verified Purchase
This thing is pretty amazing!

I needed a new laptop after having my previous one for 4 years. I love windows (not that I have anything against Mac OS, just don't prefer it), but I wanted something with the build quality of a mac book pro but a lower price tag. I was really considering getting a mbp, until I saw this laptop. If you are in the same boat as me, then this is the perfect laptop for you. All aluminum body, extremely sturdy look and feel, very sleek design, I would say it matches up perfectly with the mbp but at $300 less.

The thing runs extremely fast. The 2nd generation mobile i series is catching up to the power of the desktop versions. I really don't notice a difference between this laptop and my i5 desktop tower as far as responsiveness. Trust me, performance is not an issue for this laptop. It can handle anything that you can throw at it (obviously that's an exaggeration, but anything reasonable that you can throw at a laptop it can do). It also runs very cool. mbps get hot, especially when setting them on your lap or on a cushioned surface. The cooling out the side and through the keyboard of this laptop makes it stay cool and keeps the bottom of the laptop from becoming a personal heater (which may not be a good thing if are use to using your laptop as one).

The one area I would say the mbp beats this thing hands down is the screen. The screen on the u400 is 1200 x 768 and doesn't look as sharp and clear as the mbp's screen. I like running my screens at really high resolutions even though it's probably not great for my eyes. But it is only a 14 in screen and a higher resolution probably wouldn't make sense. Another small flaw that seems to be common is the screen not closing perfectly flush around the entire edge of the laptop. On the front right corner of mine there is about a 1 mm gap. I can see how this might bother someone. I am one of those people that has to have everything in mint condition and if I know somethings wrong, it bugs me. But for some reason, this doesn't bother me at all. Another aspect that brings up a lot of debate is the glass mouse pad. The u400s pad feels exactly like the mbp's. The only downfall is Windows. It doesn't have the nice soft, smooth scrolling and zooming, or the friction-less gliding scrolling that Mac OS does. It is a little choppier on Windows, but I can live with that (I also believe that Windows 8 does this better).

Another problem for some people might be the amount of I/O it has. It has 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, and HDMI, and an optical drive. Laptops are moving away from having PCI buses available and VGA outputs. Not having some of these things can be painful (I am a college student and not having a VGA out can be annoying since all my classes have VGA projectors. But this just requires me to get an HDMI to VGA converter, which is basically what mac users have to do). For me, the USBs are enough.

In summary, if you want something that is sleek and powerful, regardless of your price range, then this is it. I really believe that spending more to get a mbp or one of the top sony vaios is not buying you a better laptop. I don't think anyone will regret owning this thing.
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on November 27, 2011
The laptop looks nice. It is still not ready for prime time.

1. Looks. It is a looker. Layout is mostly nice, keyboard has a good touch. Screen is large, clear, bright. Not a bright as I would have hoped. The colors are a little washed out.
2. A lot of features - USB, LAN, Slot DVD - works with double sided DVD. Have not tried blue ray and will assume it does not work.
3. Cool. It does stay cool and the breadthable keyboard is a nice feature.
4. Weight. For what it has it is nice.

Not so nice.
To fit the bill of being at the top, when a feature is included, it is very well built and works with ease and wonder. This not so with this laptop. Which the concept is good, the features are plenty, they all fall short and make you wish you purchased a different laptop. So here goes my grips. I had a Sony Vaio before and an Acer Aspire. Also played with some Apple, original IBM, Dell so have some comparision to those.
1. The DVD slot is slick but so noisy with loading the CD that it sounds like a cheap DVD player. Some CD's are very noise in their rotation and there is nothing you can do about it but listen to the high whine of the noise. Most CD's play well but that noisy ones number about 10%.
2. You cannot purchase a replacement or extra AC power adaptor. So you are stuck with one. Calling Lenovo will get you redirected to IBM parts which does not have any part by this number. I tried this several times and emailed them, always getting the same push around and ending up in IBM parts. This is the most disappointing of the support and warrants the 1 star. If I lose my AC power adaptor, I am stuck unless I go with a different make/model or 3rd party.
3. The touch pad mouse keys are part of the touch pad so everytime you go to right click and left click you are moving the cursor around. You have to be very accurate and only use a tiny portion of your fingers on the clickers or you will be clicking on something else. The touch pad is smooth and nice but ultra sensitive. This makes for unwanted touches when you want and no moves when you want because the palm or something is close.
4. The build quality seems solid but it is marred, at least on mine. The frame was bent and scratched on the inside. It is small enough that I am just keeping it.
5. There arent enough indicators. You cannot tell when the disk or CD is being used. There are only 2 indicator lights on the front - Battery charging/use and on/off. It would be nice to show the disk in use. When booting up and running program, you cannot tell if the laptop is hung or the program is working on the drive, or just slow because of drive access.
5. The right Shift key is so short and it is next to the up arrow so a miss will move you to some other place on the screen when you are typing. This is really annoying if you are used to using the shift key with both hands.
6. The CPU is really fast but the disk is really slow - 5400rpm. So it slows the whole computer down. I could not find any options to get the Solid state drive installed. The service manuals show a space and install/removal of an additional solid state drive but this is not the normal solid state drive. It looks like solid state flash memory card with no casing. Because of the disk, you can only tell how fast the CPU is when doing CPU intensive programs.
7. The battery life is only 1 hour when used normally from 1st install. You have to go in and turn off a lot or turn down a lot to get it up to 4 hours.
If you really cripple it, you could possibly get up to 7 hours. This is quite a stretch in their advertising. The battery is internal so you would have to take it to a service center or open it up yourself to get this serviced in the future.
8. The WIfi is probably the worst of the whole laptop. They put the antenna on the bottom of the screen and it is unidirectional. I was stilling next to a person with 5 bars and I could barely hold 1 bar until I turned the laptop a specific direction, even then I only got a sparadoic 3 bars. Comparing this to same locations with the Sony Vaio, I could easily get much better reception on my Vaio in the same locations. The only remedy to this is to get an external Wifi connection. What a dissapointment.

Overall this is not worth a $1,000 (or $800 if you get it from the right place), laptop. I would suggest you wait until Lenovo is ready for prime time before paying this much money for a laptop that has some very bad basic functions - wifi, Shift key, buttons on mouse pad, AC Power adaptor (This is the most ridiculouse item in my opinion). Lenovo is still growing up and given a year from now, I am sure the next gen will have all these bugs fixed.

Found another change which does not work well. The Function keys are not accessible directly and require holding down a function Shift key as well as the function key. Hence F2 in excell requires more keys to get to it then a direct hit. While it is not such a big deal, it is a shift from prior keyboards. Unfortunately I use the Function keys a lot more then the system keys which are the directly level. system keys are volume, brightness, screen selection.

I started using a small external Wifi purchased for $15. This has dramatically improved the Wifi connectability and strength.

I did consider selling this and purchasing something else but it was not it is nice enough to keep and hard to find a replacement with the majority of features I like.
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on October 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
Lenovo really hit the nail on the head here. Finally, they made a well-rounded and full powered laptop in an extremely stylish package. It is solid aluminum so I'm hoping it's very durable as well, but I've only had it for two days so far. It's very fast, has great, really great speakers for a laptop (not much bass though), never gets hot except right around the fan area on the left hand side, even running flash 1080p videos on youtube. It has a dvd burner, an i5 processor, and the biggest selling point for me was that it has no vents on the bottom, so you can lay it on your bed and never worry about it overheating (which happened to my last laptop and crashed my hard drive.) The trackpad is phenomenal, although I did bump up the sensitivity a bit because the gesture features (which any apple user will tell you are lifechanging and really an ultimate feature of mac laptops' huge glass trackpads) are a bit wonky on windows 7. This trackpad is absolutely beautiful. It's huge, made of glass and has enough sensitivity that makes using gestures on a windows laptop almost as good as on a mac. I'm not sure if its a driver or windows software, but its just not as perfect and effortless as macs, but as good as anyone has ever come on a windows machine. Everything about this laptop oozes style and functionality, but I'm still waiting to see how durable and quality the build is. My last laptop, a Sony Vaio VGN-S480 lasted me 7 years, and would still work if I would pay 100 dollars and install a new fan, but it's time to move on and enjoy all the great features developed for laptops since then, and this laptop embodies the best of what laptops have to offer right now. If you wait for the i7 SSD version, I'm sure you will be even more satisfied, but this build has everything I need or want at a great price, and I'll upgrade to an SSD in two years when they are dirt cheap.
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on February 13, 2012
I loved everything about this laptop, the style, the breathable keyboard, loved the fact that the computer never got hot (In comparison to my MACbook pro). This was absolutely fantastic but for the trackpad. I did read some reviews describing the touchpad problems, and yet others said they faced no issues. I decided to order it via amazon. The touchpad was really making the cursor jump all over the place. I spent long time over tech support downloading drivers etc.. They finally told me, the only way to solve it is to disable -tap to click. I think that is too harsh for my taste. I want to be able to just tap anywhere on the trackpad. Hell, even the basic Dell models can do it. I had to return this one. was really helpful in understanding my concern. :)

PS: This laptop had some really good multi-finger touch gestures, best I have seen on any windows laptop.
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on January 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
This laptop is easily capable of 5 stars. If it wasnt for the trackpad. Its not horrible but i can see where it could annoy people. I personally dont even use the trackpad so it doesnt bug me much but for the little i have i can see where people get annoyed.

The real question is however, IS THE TRACKPAD A DEAL BREAKER? I say no, absolutely no. This laptop is superb. I love it. I am a computer engineering major and this thing gets everything done i need it to. Lets break it down.

Its wonderful IMO. I have have never used a thinkpad (which are known for keyboards) but it would be hard to be better than this. Its comfortable and precise. The edges dont hurt my wrists at all. The keys themselves feel crisp and responsive. I write hours of code everyday and it feels fine to me.

With the i5 processor and 6 gigs of ram this things pretty quick. Alt tabbing is a non issue and running a few things at once does fine.

What can i say this thing is pretty. A real looker for you ghetto types. At a significant price difference than the macs this thing shines in this department. Easily if not better looking than the macs.

Gaming and graphics:
I can run Starcraft2 at medium settings with no lag. Solid FPS. I can even alt tab out of SC2 and scroll through pandora like a champ on this beast. This was never built as a gaming rig but to be able to take a break from coding and kick some terran ass for a few is a welcome treat. I read some others reviews that people were running WOW just fine on here as well. It aint going to run crysis but its not suppose to, leave that game for your desktop gaming rig.

No where near as bad as ive read from other reviews. Just a few things nothing horrible.

Sadly it doesnt come with lenovos rapidboot. It does come with a software tool however that after you log in tells you the ampount of time it took, which i thought was neat. Averages 60 seconds from button, pw, to ready.

Its decent. The resoultion wasnt as horrible as i thought it would be. The screen look sharp and bright. The f11 and f12 keys adjust the brightness as well.

Get this laptop. Its beautiful and lets me game, program, and watch netflix with no problems. I go to a huge university and its lightweight and portable, yet with beastily style and specs. I get best of both worlds with this bad boy. Style and performance. And for a pretechie student, thats the ace in the hole.
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on February 18, 2013
Hi All,

I have a Lenovo U400 since 1 year.
The device looks very beautiful but inside it is very delicate & weak.
Since I bought I have already paid a lot of money to Lenovo service which I will frankly say is very bad.
They will just make you pay the money for repair by saying some reason.

Important Cons
The CD drive is not good , the CD drive makes a lot of noise.
A CD gets stuck very easily
The Touchpad is very sensitive
The Overall performance is poor.
My laptop crashed and the One Key recovery also didnt work.

Trust me dell is a lot lot better in providing service.
I regret I bought a Lenovo product and already told my friends not buy any laptops.
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on March 4, 2012
- appearance: fantastic. Lid and underside are a dark gray (and a bit of a smudge magnet), interior is maybe a shade darker than MacBook aluminum. The corners are slightly rounded, and the ideapad logo is subtly engraved in the lower right corner instead of being embossed or a sticker on the wrist rest area. Overall it's just a joy to look at.
- build quality: also fantastic. It's solid, light enough, and thin; the screen hinge seems pretty sturdy; and the keyboard is one of the best-feeling I've used on a notebook.
- keyboard: quiet and comfortable. Includes full-size arrow keys and a full set of PgUp/PgDn/Home/End/Del keys (which don't require holding down the Fn key to activate). I would have liked to see the keyboard maybe a half inch wider though; I occasionally have problems hitting the Backspace and right Shift keys and there's plenty of room on the body to accommodate it (whether or not they could fit it on the inside is of course another question).
- touchpad: big and super smooth. A bit sensitive. I have really big hands and worried a little about bumping into the touchpad like other reviewers have mentioned, but it's only been a problem for me maybe two or three times. If you raise your wrists while you're typing, like you're supposed to, you'll be fine.
- display: adequate. It's your standard 1366x768 14" glossy panel. Don't tilt it too far forward or back or else it'll look washed out. Side-to-side viewing angles are fine for me.
- sound: surprisingly good. Minimal tinniness or distortion at high volumes. Completely fine for sitting in bed and watching a movie on Netflix. Bass is a little light, but it's a notebook - what were you expecting?
- wireless: unlike some reviewers I have not experienced problems connecting to or finding wireless networks in my area. Signal strength seems to be about the same as with my previous notebook.
- performance: very good. No need to repeat benchmark numbers here, but it's fast enough to handle whatever I throw at it (lots of browser windows and tabs with lots of Flash; casual gaming; some compilation of software). Review sites complain about the 5400RPM HDD but I haven't found it to be a problem.
- battery life: fair at best. Three-and-a-half to four hours' worth in Linux, playing around on the internet with wifi on, screen brightness at 40%, and discrete graphics disabled (plus whatever power-saving features Ubuntu turns on when it detects that you're running on battery power). This is not a problem for me personally, just keep its limitations in mind. For what it's worth, the power adapter brick is about the size and weight of my cell phone so it's not really a problem to pack it when travelling.
- Linux support: flawless. Everything worked right out of the box with 32-bit Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric (thank God Lenovo used an Intel wifi chip instead of a Broadcom one).
- Win7 bloatware: minimal. Came with Google Chrome pre-installed, which was a nice touch.

This is probably the best notebook I've ever owned, especially considering what it costs. I wanted a desktop replacement machine that was cheap, light, thin, and good-looking, and that's exactly what I got. It's not perfect, and it's not for everybody (particularly anyone who works for long periods away from a power outlet), but for me it's very, very good.
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on December 29, 2011
Verified Purchase
I'm a bit of a techie so I get really picky about my laptops; this was an xmas gift for my SO to replace a 5+ year old HP 14".

I was actually looking at some of the new Ultrabooks, but the models I liked weren't in stock anywhere (HP Folio and Asus Zenbook). I'm glad things worked out as they did as I managed to get hands on the Zenbook at Best Buy recently; light weight, beautiful design, feels very well built. Keyboard stinks. The keys have no travel and if you don't hit them dead center they don't register. Would still like to see the Folio but I'm happy with this purchase.

This Lenovo has a great chicklet style keyboard with good action, the design is clean and visually appealing with the book-cover style, and it feels relatively light for its size. The build is solid, similar to other milled-aluminum machines it's very sturdy.

I'm not going to get into benchmarking, this isn't a gaming oriented purchase. It's super fast for what she needs, web surfing, occasional word processing, and our budget. I did want to swap the SSD I had previously put into her HP into this box, but the recover discs didn't seem to like the size difference between the Intel SSD and the 750gb HDD. Haven't tried cloning the drive via USB, probably won't bother with it again for a little while. It's fast enough with the WD Scorpio Blue drive that's spec'ed.

Speaking of breaking open the case: 2 screws and a lot of patience. The rear rubber feet mount over the only screws holding the lower plate that covers the entire bottom, just pull them off and unscrew. Unfortunately Lenovo decided to cheap out a bit and instead of molding or milling all the mounting points in aluminum, they attached plastic tabs that don't appear to be readily replaceable. Take it nice and slow, gently move the bottom panel towards the rear of the machine to undo the side tabs and lift the rear of the panel to try to unlock the front tabs. Good luck. I only broke two of the five or six that were up front. Still went back together solidly and no-one will ever notice.

I would have given it 5 stars if not for the difficulty in opening, and the only way to do any RAM/HDD/SSD/Battery work is to drop that entire panel. Would have been easier on all parties involved to just have 10 screws around the perimeter.

In general I would say this is one of the nicest 14" jobs on the market today; I'd like to see a 900 or 1080 line screen, but almost none of the manufacturers think anyone wants that in a 14". Sony and Asus do it in their 13" models (The 900 line screen on the Asus Zenbook was what drew me towards it) but the Vaio in this price-range feels flimsy and the Z with 1080 screen is ungodly expensive.

Can't wait to see the U300S from Lenovo, if it's similarly built I might just pick one up as my travel machine.
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