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on September 18, 2012
Buying a new vacuum is a tricky purchase. There are so many different things to factor in, so many different brands and models, and so many price points that you end up not wanting to buy one at all to save yourself the headache. I put off buying one for 2 years. With only hardwood and linoleum floors and no area rugs, I managed to get by with a broom, Swiffer and a mop. Eventually getting by wasn't good enough, and with 2 small children, a clowder of cats and a boyfriend with seasonal allergies and recent onset asthma, I dove back into reviewing vacuums.

Miele has always been a brand that has been recommended highly, but the price has always put me off. I've fallen into the trap of inexpensive vacuums before, and the lack of power was frustrating, and they often come with a fairly short shelf life (I've read lots of reviews of Miele owners whose vacuums went the 20 year or beyond distance before requiring a replacement.) I've had a Dyson before, which remained with my ex-husband after our split, and while it was a good vacuum, I didn't want another upright vacuum (they're heavy, bulky, and I find them harder to maneuver) and I really didn't want to deal with another bagless vacuum. Cleaning out the dust canister was a disgusting job, and would be impossible if I had any allergies or asthma myself.

So, after considering some of the options, and some of the mixed reviews on other brands, I finally looked at Miele again. One of the things I like the most is that all of their models use the same 1200 watt motor. Buying the cheaper model doesn't make you feel like you're losing out on power. Extra money buys you more features, but I wasn't in need of a lot of those (powered floor tools etc. for flooring I don't have.) The Quartz is listed as ideal for the type of flooring I have (hard floor/low-med pile rugs & carpet), and is also the least expensive of the Miele models that came with the sealed system construction, very important to me with an allergy sufferer/asthmatic. It has a bag, and while there's the added cost of the bags, so far I've vacuumed a lot (including lots of crunched up kid cereal and tracked cat litter) and the bag is still not even halfway full after a month. When you open up the vacuum, the bag seals off the hole, so no dust spillage either.

The canister is small and surprisingly light (my 4-year-old can lift it), and it maneuvers very easily. It doesn't make a lot of noise, though the cats are still not thrilled about it. I like the clip that you can put the floor tool into for a break, so you don't need to prop it against a wall or furniture. While I'm sure that the filter it comes with is probably perfectly fine, I did buy the separate HEPA filter due to the allergic asthmatic in the household. The air the vacuum expels is super clean, you can put your face in it and not notice any dust at all. It's wonderful.

I really couldn't be happier with this purchase. The option through Amazon for 0% financing if paid in 6 months sealed the deal and made the price tag less of a lump to swallow.
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on November 23, 2012
All I've had in the way of vacuums have been cheap hoover hand me downs, of the $125 or less variety. I was never impressed with them and always found it a pain to lug these things around that don't do what they are supposed to. I recently moved into my first home which has all wooden floors or tile. I tried a "microfiber" broom that claims it traps dust, well that just pushed it around. I couldn't get the dust off the beautiful hardwood floors I just refinished so the search began for a great vacuum for hard surfaces. I searched on the internet and saw this brand initially but thought it was insane to spend so much on a vacuum, plus I've never had a canister so I didn't know if I'd like it.

I found articles saying $20 dirt devils did great on wood floors and $50 hoovers, etc, but i've had my experience with those, and all of those were bagless, which I don't care about anyone's hype (dyson), a bag is essentially a filter to trap the ultra fine particles that otherwise get re-entered into the air on a bagless. There are multiple videos I watched online with particle meters and dyson's kicking out 10 or 20x more pollutants than it was containing. Yet the Miele's were getting these meters down to 0!

After seeing the quality of these and reading countless reviews of people loving miele, as well as claims the vacuums last 20 or 30 years, the idea of spending $400 on a vacuum started to grow on me.

I was looking at some lower models of miele's but I wanted to see them in person first and the local vacuum store only had the quartz as the cheapest model. On the phone the guy already offered me a price $50 lower than the third party seller on amazon and offered a free box of miele bags! (Parma Vacuum in parma ohio if anyone is in the area). I bought this, took it home and was utterly amazed. So this is what a quality, german engineered/made vacuum is all about, I said to myself. You will read about all the nice features, including the 360 degree wheels, simple click atachments, easy change bags, etc. What I will tell you is this thing does work! it is awesome! it gets everything off of my floors in one pass, and is amazing around the edges, no pulling out a small attachment to do edges/corners anymore. The operating noise is fanastic, even on the loudest level, i can still talk to people or hear the tv. utterly amazing. I was highly skeptical but I'm sold and now a miele fanatic, the next vacuum I buy for myself or for anyone else will be a miele. If you are considering this, go for it, it is the Rolls Royce of vacuums.

One word of caution, This vacuum uses two filters, a motor filter and an air filter. They do an amazing job and are part of why this thing will last so long. And when you buy a box of bags, these filters come with it. If you do get this vacuum, don't cheap out and buy the knock off bags. The miele bags/filters are of superior quality. If you buy a car that requires 93 gasoline, are you going to cheap out and buy 89 because it works and it seems like there is no difference? I know i wouldn't.
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on November 4, 2013
There are lots of models of Mieles, but now on our second Miele vacuum in thirty years, I recommend one of the mid to lower range models. They all have superior double filtration systems, even the non-HEPA models. Then after that, it's a matter of what kind of floors you have. Hardwood with oriental rugs? In that case you definitely do not want one of the super duper power-beater head models. The suction-driven rotary brush is plenty effective for extracting pet hair from your cherished hand-knotted or old flat weave rugs. Ditto upolstered furniture and/or the curtains.

OTOH, if you are blessed with ankle-deep, real wool wall-to-wall, by all means go for the power head unit.

Around my house (we're hardwood and I guess the term is "area rugs" types), the Miele gets used for everything, including the kitchen and bathrooms, dusting book shelves, basically cleaning whatever is not actually grimy or wet. It even gets pressed into helping brush a well-loved long haired dog--the theory being it's more efficient to get the hair at the source than from wherever it may land on the rugs and furniture, but this topic remains under discussion.

Our current machine has been going strong for a dozen years. If and when it dies, we'll get another. Sure, we've checked the Dyson and all those plastic-fantastic units that want to show-off just how much dust they are sucking up, and the consensus here is that the Miele does a better job, runs as quiet--if not quieter--and simple, clean design is definitely easier on the eyes. The canister Mieles are also sufficiently light and compact that there's no point in having a min-vac or electric floor sweeper clutter up the cleaning closet. The Miele does the small jobs just fine, and I always get a kick out of the way the power cord obliging retreats into the machine with just a light tug to nudge it started.

The only possible downside is that one does have to keep buying special bags not normally available at Safeway. Real Miele bags have their fans, but they are spendy. Myself, I stock-up on a decent quality knock-off bag once or twice a year at most. You can easily order them here on Amazon or via eBay. Being a "Prime" Amazon member, I find I rarely bother with eBay looking for bargains. The Prime two-day shipping makes waiting a week for something to inch across the country too annoying.
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on October 19, 2012
I own a full-size Miele canister vac, and after 13+ years she still runs like new. When I remodeled my basement I wanted to find a smaller vac for daily tasks and I went back to Miele. I looked at the Quickstep, but knew I would do better with a unit that had a hose option. I was thrilled to learn about the Quartz. This little canister is a powerhouse! I live with three long-hair cats - two Maine Coon's and one Radoll - who spend a good amount of time frolicking in my basement. This vac is great for picking up cat litter tracks left on my Armstrong Cushion Step flooring, and the cat fur that seems to be on everything. The telescoping wand is perfect for vacuuming up spider webs. The canister is very lightweight, and makes cleaning the stairs a breeze. I love everything about this machine. I imagine this may be my go-to vac for more than my basement.
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on October 7, 2014
Seems to be made well but bag is way too tiny. It would be so expensive to replace so often. Also, canister vacs are apparently really meant for bare floors, not carpet at all. For more money I could have gotten a rotating brush attachment, but it didn't vac well enough even though so apparently well made. Would be good for a second vac in a small space with no pets. I had to return it as it won't work at all in my two-pet, country house.
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on February 24, 2013
Despite being one of the cheaper Miele models, this is an excellent vacuum manufactured with true German engineering quality.

It is surprisingly quiet, much quieter than any vacuums I owned in the past - while I would not claim that your family can take a nap while you are vacuuming, it is quiet enough not to disturb a normal conversation and clean up at night without waking up neighbors, all you hear is the noise of air passing through, no motor noise. The suction is excellent and is adjustable with 6 settings, which also changes the noise level.

The dust bag is very well constructed - its thick walls catch so much dust, that the bag compartment stays clean. The bag has a close flap, so as soon as you open the unit the bag is sealed and can be removed cleanly without spilling any dirt. There is an extra exhaust filter that catches fine particles as the air exits the motor.

The unit itself is light, reasonably small and easy to maneuver - the wheels turn nimbly and it follows you throughout as you vacuum. The retractable cord is fairly long.

Overall I am very pleased with the quality of this machine - while it cost more than the competition, you get what you pay for.
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on December 31, 2014
I probably had unrealistic expectations for this vacuum going in. I mean, it's a vacuum, and "sucks" by default. But, I had it in my mind that Mieles were like the Apple of vacuums, and I have very dirty floors - so I purchased this with great hopes and anticipation. Now that I've had it a few months, I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not in love with it.

The good:

- Its suction power really is quite good. I wouldn't say it was miles above my old Royale when I first bought it, but arguably the most important expectation in buying a vacuum was met.
- Some clever design considerations: The built in stand and attachment holder is useful and functional. Solid and well built unit.

The less good:
- I don't like how the exhaust works. If you are merrily vacuuming along, and happen to put your face anywhere near the top of the canister - you will get blasted. It is powerful enough to blow the dust off of my ceiling fan 8 feet above it - which I promptly have to vacuum up so I guess that's convenient :)
- The attachments themselves are kinda blarg. The main attachment shown in the photo is kind of a pain in the ass to use if you've got a lot of dog hair to clean up. I bought another attachment (SBB Parquet-3) that actually makes me angry to think about because it works so poorly.

So, I'm overall disappointed but will hold onto it. I think it's too late to return it, and also I am too lazy to anyway.
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on July 9, 2014
I needed a vacuum that was good for hardwood floors and did not have a rotating brush as I have a huge shag area rug that sheds terribly and the strands of carpet were jamming my Oreck. I saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond but had never heard of it. I came home and researched it and was very surprised by all the different options and was a bit overwhelmed. I went to my local Miele dealer to make a decision between the Olympus and Capri. I ended up with the Quartz because they gave me a deal and they didn't have the other 2 models. I had a bit of buyers remorse so did some additional researched and am now happy with my decision. I have never had a canister but was drawn to it because there is no roller brush but that is an option if I need it for my carpeted bedrooms. With that said, I LOVE this thing. I now realize my Oreck was just throwing dust and debris back onto my floors. After I used the Miele my floors have Never been this clean of debris. My floors are dark brown and you can see every single crumb and hair. After I used my new Miele my floors sparkled! It even lifted dirt that was caked on from getting wet! The best part is I can now vacuum under furniture and in the corners without moving the furniture. I had been getting on my hands and knees with a rag to get under the end tables open spaces under the couch and chairs. It was worth absolutely every penny! This bad boy can reach everywhere. It pulls the visible dust from under the appliances and against the base boards. It even did a decent job on my 2 inch shag rug as well as my no pile area rugs. If you have hard wood floors and area rugs this will do a great job on both and can reach under the furniture with ease. No regrets!

About the cord, the S2 (Olympus and Capri) series has 3 ft shorter cord than the S6 (Quartz). Even the cord on the Quartz is too short to reach my entire first floor BUT so was every other vacuum I have ever owned (Oreck, Dyson). It had just as much range as anything else I have owned and is not a problem since I already have my designated vacuuming outlets. I am happy for the extra 3 ft of the S6 series but really don't have a problem vacuuming my designated area and then switching plugs and doing the other half. My house is a traditional family room, kitchen, formal dining and formal living room with a long hall to the entry way. I can vacuum the entire first floor with only 1 change of outlets. OH and the retractable cord is AWESOME! Another bonus, I can reach all around the toilet! Another place with an upright that you had to wipe down by hand because an upright would never reach!

Light weight, a slot to hold the floor tool upright when not in use, super quiet as claimed, and the unit follows you like a champ.
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on December 31, 2013
This vacuum cleaner is GREAT! I don't have to move every piece of furniture in the house to vacuum and it's quiet enough that I can do the deed while my kids are sleeping! We have a cat and two dogs, and it is does a wonderful job at getting all the hair that accumulates on the floors. I definitely recommend it for anyone who has mostly wood, laminate, tile (etc.) floors. It works good on thin carpets and area rugs, but I doubt it would do great on thick carpets.
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on September 9, 2013
This vacuum cleaner isn't fancy at all. It lacks features that most other brands include as standard and it's expensive. Additionally, it's ridiculously expensive to add even (what should be included as) standard things like a wide floor head. Bags are big but oh-my-goodness expensive. Have you gotten the idea that this this is expensive? Having said that, it's very well made, and very good at what it does do. It is a sealed HEPA vacuum so there's no dust leaking back out into the air - lot of vacuums get the big stuff but just rearrange the dust. It's quiet - almost shockingly so. The Miele also really sucks in dust and dirt very well. We like it very much, but I can't say I'd recommend them for everyone. You can get vacuums that do almost everything just as well for much less... but you won't get the same quality of construction, or the quietness, or the bags that seal themselves when you remove them. It does have the important things it needs - nice extendable metal tube; Self-retracting cord; Adjustable suction; good wheels; very light weight.

This vacuum works well in our situation - smaller single-level home, almost all hardwood floors or tile, one cat. Under these conditions, it's a pleasure to use. Nice and quiet - no fuss, no fiddling- it just gets on with the job. You would not want this vacuum in a home with lots of carpeting as it has no beater head, and frankly, rather than buy one of these and then add the beater as an accessory, it would be cheaper to hire a maid. Think of this as a vacuum equivalent to a French-Press Coffee Maker. It does what it does very well, but it serves a limited role. If you go into it with those expectations, you'll like it, but in most situations, you're going to be better off with a less expensive but more versatile machine.
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