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on March 21, 2012
DISCLAIMER! My pair has yet to completely burn in, so my review is based on how they sound on first impressions.

Also, if you have bass heavy headphones, make sure you don't listen to them for several hours on high volume, as that much bass over time WILL worsen your hearing (I haven't had bass heavy headphones like these in a while, and my ears are tired after only a couple hours of use on a decent volume level).

First, I want to clarify that this is my first pair of these new wave of headphones (such as the Beats), as I have mostly used studio monitor headphones for mixing and listening to music.

Pros: Stylish, heavy bass compared to other regular headphones, detachable headphone amps ("sound engines"), detachable audio cord, virtually indestructable headband (also switchable), great price compared to Beats, loud compared to ear bud headphones, comes with a carrying pouch, sound leakage is minimal at full volume (although there is enough leakage to prevent these from being used as playback in a recording studio.

Cons: NOT applicable for music production, highs are muffled compared to studio monitors (Shure srh440, Sony MDR-V6000, Sennheiser HD280 Pro), bass is exaggerated, the overall frequency spectrum is biased to the mids and lows, not flat at all. Not extremely comfortable if you wear glasses. Sound isolation/cancellation is not very good, but if you have music playing then you won't notice outside noise much, in line control feels cheaply built (I cannot comment on call quality as I have not yet tested it)

For the average person, these are a GREAT pair of headphones. They give off great bass, decent highs, and are loud enough to block out most outside sounds. As an amateur producer, I bought a pair of these in order to hear my beats on consumer grade headphones instead of only studio monitors, and I do like these very much. My only concern is that the cable might fail due to the thinness of the section that separates to L and R, but since it's removable, I can always buy another one. The cable seems thick enough below the in line remote to be bendable even in freezing temperatures, but I don't know about the top, as it is very thin. The headphones themselves are built to last though, as the headband is very hard to break, and the sound engines are very well constructed. Also, the sound engines require a lot of force to slide them off, so you don't need to worry about these slipping off.

If you are deciding between these and the Beats, I would definitely go with these, as you not only save $100+, but you practically get the same thing, as I feel these are very similar sound quality-wise to the Beats, if not better. Plus, these look very stylish, and the SOL logo isn't too ugly and "uncool" to deter you from wearing these out in public. I'm definitely going to use these for a while while I'm in public, as I am tired of ear buds failing on me after faily use for a year. These are not a replacement for studio monitors if you like to make beats, as the playback is biased and not flat (assuming you are using an external sound card or audio interface).

Edit 4-8-2012: These have fully burned in, and they maintain a very nice sound quality. One problem is that since the highs are not accurately represented, my ears become accustomed to the sound on these, so the crisp highs on other headphones hurt my ears until I re-accustom to them again. These are NOT comfortable for extended periods of use (e.g. 1+ hours) as the headband has to compress on your head so they won't fall off, but this becomes very uncomfortable for both my ears and the top of my head. Also, the mic is very nice quality, except I can't really hear what I speak into the mic, but this isn't a major problem.
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on August 4, 2012
The sound of these headphones are AWESOME! Clean bass, clear highs and mids. THe sound is very equalized to almost perfection, no wonder a lot of people say these headphones are better than Monster Beats by Dre. The only thing that made me rate this 3/5 stars is that they are very uncomfortable if you wear glasses. The headphones actually cover your ear and squish them softly, but if you wear glasses, your ears being squished against the rim of your glasses is not comfortable at all. I thought I would get used to the feeling by wearing the headset for 2 hours, but I did not. 2 hours of pain along with wonderful sound.
All in all, if you are looking for headphones that are under $150 and you love a little bass, these are the ones. But, if you wear glasses, pass and look for something else.
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on October 19, 2012
So, I got these today in the mail, and wow these headphones are awesome. They melted my ears off. Way better Dre Beats and $70 cheaper too! Nice bass and treble levels. I discovered intricate parts of tracks that I was previously unable to hear with other lesser headphones. If you're on the fence like I was, buy these. You won't regret it.
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on January 26, 2012
Had never heard of Sol Republic before trying them out in a local electronics store. On that particular day, I listened to several pair of headphones on the market including Beats, Bose AE2, Rocnation Aviators by Skull Candy, Klipsh and Sony. In all, I listened to at least ten sets of cans and these definitely stood out for their strong performance. If you like the sound of Beats, you'll like these-they sound just as good if not better. Plus, you can get a pair for much less than a pair of Beats. I bought these and really enjoyed the sound.

I eventually returned these headphones for two reasons. For one, they weren't real comfortable for me personally. Don't get me wrong--I wasn't in pain or anything, but put a little more pressure on my ears and the side of my head than I cared for. Also, since I primarily use my headphones during my train commute, portability is important to me. These were just a little too bulky to carry around. Definitely not the headset for you if you want to travel light.

Otherwise, I liked them and I like that Sol Republic is a new company. That means they haven't yet reached the stage where people run around wearing the headphones as a fashion accessory like some other brands. I tend to be a fairly value-oriented buyer. The $130 price tag is not outlandish for this set of headphones, but I think they could be $100. Sol Republic does make another version that looks exactly the same, but costs $100. I didn't discern a dramatic difference in sound quality between the two pair.

Durable design, stylish, superb sound, good bass

Bulky, not highly portable

A budget friendly alternative to Beats that offer the same level of performance.
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on March 4, 2012
I just bought a pair of the Tracks HD last week and I am really impressed. The highs are crisp without being shrill. The mids and midbass blend beautifully but the bass is where these cans really shine. They extend really low without getting muddy.

On Boom Boom Pow, most other headphones I've used are just not capable of reproducing anything from this song except for the vocals, these handle the bass with no problem.

On Rack City which is practically all bass they Rock the Rack!

Where these really shine though are on acoustic and jazz......Pure Bliss!

Highly recommended

July 2012 Update - Still going strong. Love these headphones. AMAZING sound still crystal clear with great deep solid bass.
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on June 27, 2013
There are three reasons why I think this is a fake. First,the color of my headphone is diffrent from the original version...the orginal version has like a bronze colored thing but mine is just silver. Second, the head band looks like connected by 3 pieces of plastics but original has just one single frame.The last reason is that the logo on the bronze colored thing is differnt from the orginal version that I've seen on the Internet. Mine just have "sol republic" and "V10". So... I think I got a fake one...I don't know what happened and I'm so disappointed about this. My father bought it for me because of my school graduation.. I posted some pictures
review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 1, 2012
The Sol Republic Tracks HD are the best headphones I've ever owned. They are comfortable, sound great with AMAZING bass, and are incredibly stylish. The sound on the Sol Republic Tracks HD are amazing and they have awesome bass. The headband is super flexible and won't break easily. You can basically take the whole headphone apart and its super easy to put it back together. The inline mic and controllers are really handy. The only bad thing about these headphones is that the wires that gone into the cans are somewhat thin and I'm a little bit worried about it breaking, but that shouldn't be a deal breaker. If you have $120 to spend, then you should definitely buy these stylish cans.
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on December 26, 2013
I am a music lover who finally decided it was time to invest in a pair of nice headphones. I did hours of research on the Tracks HD versus various Beats headphones and was happily surprised with my findings. Tracks HD beat the Beats in every review I read and watched. It was simply amazing - I had never seen so much positive feedback for a product before.

The true test came when I received my headphones and tried them on for the first time. I got the SOL Republic Tracks HD (V10) in red.
First impressions:
- easy to "put together" (simply just slide the two silver earpieces over the headband, plug the wire in, and you're ready!)
- VERY comfortable (like a pillow for your ears, the soft pads on the earpieces made listening to music for hours on end an enjoyable experience)
- stylish, beautiful, and relatively "flat" modern design (I really appreciate this since my last pair of headphones were bulky and cheap-looking)

As far as the actual listening experience goes, I was blown away by the quality these headphones provided. All I can say is that you really have to experience it for yourself. It feels like you're at your favorite band's concert - right in the front row - getting to hear the lowest and highest of notes in perfect clarity while feeling the powerful bass to its fullest. I was wowed.

One last thing. The interchangeable headband is simply genius. Now, whenever you strike up a fancy that you should've gotten purple headphones, no worries, for just $20 (this is's price for purple) you can easily buy a different headband that will completely change the look of your headphones. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather spend $20-$30 to completely change the look of my headphones than having to go out and spend another whole $130. I think that SOL Republic made a very smart choice when they came up with this idea.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend these headphones. I thought about making a pros/cons list for this review, but I was unable to come up with any cons thus far. I am very pleased with these affordable, high quality, stylish, customizable headphones. You can't beat the price for the quality you're getting here.
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on April 4, 2013
I've decided to dump $130 (I just looked... the price dropped right after I bought them..) into a set of Sol Republic Track HD's, to replace my defective Skullcandy Ink'D earbuds. I had the SK's for about 4 months and they crapped out (cheaply built) and the Maxwell earbuds I had before those lasted almost a year.

Anyways,I had never heard of the company or headphones ,SOL (owned by Kevin Lee, the son of the founder of Monster Cables a.k.a, Dre Beats) until I walked into an F.Y.E store at the mall. I seen them sitting in the corner and decided to try them with my phone. I fell in love with them.

The quality of these cans are unbelievable. The lows, mids and highs were amazing. I turned them all the way up with Pendulum on, no distortion whatsoever. The bass was the biggest part for me, I love bass, mids and treble was also clear as day.

I did not want to leave the store after listening to them, which ultimately led to me buying them on Amazon. IMHO these things could stomp the Beats to pieces. They are almost indestructible, the headband can withstand a 360 degree twist and not care. My favorite part? The headphones are modular. Dog tears up the cable? Pop some new ones in.

My only complaint is the headband is putting my ears into a different level of pain. I've got them propped on a Pacman model in hopes to stretch them some and get them in a more relaxed feel.
review image
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on March 24, 2014
I hate beats headphones. I don't like shouty look at me trendy brand obsessed crap and to me that is all Beats are. Crap. Add too much bass and call it premium audio. I do not care about spending a few bucks on something good. But 200 bucks for slight improvement over the Sennheiser $99 headphones... No. I was just going to save for the sennheiser's and grab them. But a friend of mine who is obsessed with Deadmau5 she got the SE Deadmau5 edition of the SOL Tracks HD v10. I listened to them and I was blown away but still not willing to spend 150 on them. Then I seen these on sale for 75 bucks new and bought them. I opened them up put them together and they did not work. Not because they were defective... Because I am a idiot who did not plug them in correctly. SO just make sure you plug the wire into the sound engine firmly.

Amazing sound. Even better lows after about 40 hours of "burn in" (google it) and the mids are prominent without overpowering the highs or lows.
Very little sound leakage. I can crank them with out annoying my wife beside me when I am playing Stepmania or watching a movie while she is grading papers. That is a big plus.
I have cats. They think everything my wife and I have is their toy. Shoe laces and headphone wires are identical to them. If my cat destroy the wire because it is dangling from a table or night stand. Or I just am careless with the way I wrap the cord.. It is 20 bucks.
Replacement parts are not that bad. Granted if you have to replace both sound engines, You are better off buying a whole new set of headphones. But headbands are cheap enough.
Light weight. I like the Bose better in this area but the cost is drastically different.

Glasses... If you wear them... It will not be awesome I wish there was a way to bend or angle these just 3-5 degrees for positive tow. They will hurt after a hour. Time will tell if they adapt to my funny shaped head. . .
Ear Pads don't feel great. I have a cheap pair of iHome Nightmare Before Christmas headphones and the cups feel much better.
Also I am not sure you can replace just the cups. Again cats... Cats have claws. They could make short work of the cups. The cups rotate (I'm not sure why) but they do not appear to be removable.
Buttons do not work with most Android devices. My S4 and N7 both do not comply with the Apple standard. There is rumor however that this new generation (2014) and up android devices will be compatible. I do know for a fact that the Nexus 5 does work. I tried it out.

All in all I am impressed. I even plan on getting a pair of SOL in-ear for my work bag. I will be covering up the SOL Republic stuff with stickers. But since few people even know the company,even as they are they are not shouty and screaming brand snobery. If you buy them you will enjoy them. If you get a great deal on them you will love them.
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