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on October 28, 2011
My son got iPod Touch 8G (4th Gen) last Christmas and he likes it overall, but there were several issues that we are not so happy about. So, I've decided to try out the Galaxy Player for my daughter. I preordered it through Amazon and, with Amazon Prime, the Galaxy was delivered on Mon, Oct. 17, which was two full days earlier than promised. :-) So, here's what our family's experience has been over last two weeks.

- Galaxy 4.0 vs. 5.0: I settled on 4.0 since it is mainly used as a music player and a hand-held game machine for my daughter and, thus, the smaller size makes it more convenient for her to carry it around. I did try out Dell with a 5-inch screen at BestBuy to get the feel for larger 5" screen, and, although I liked it better for web surfing and videos, I felt the 4" would be just fine for her. So, if you are going to use the Galaxy to stream shows over NetFlix or consume media on the web, then you might be better off with 5.0.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Screen: There's only an half inch difference between them, however Galaxy looks much larger and much, much brighter than iPod. Although iPod has slightly higher mechanical resolution at 960x640 than Galaxy's at 800x480, I like the Galaxy's screen better and find it to be easier to look at than iPod's.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Sound:

(1) For both machines, sounds coming out of earphones are nothing special. Some earlier post mentioned that the Galaxy's earphones are 'crappy/horrible', but in my opinion, they are pretty much dead even; iPod's earphones are equally 'crappy/horrible'. So, if you want much better sound quality, I recommend you to buy a set of more expensive earphones. For non-audiophile, both of them are adequate and serviceable.

(2) For sounds from built in speakers, Galaxy is much better than iPod. Galaxy produces clearer and more crisp stereo sounds than iPod does.

(3) For in-car sounds, they are comparable. They both generate much better sounds than through earphones.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Web surfing: For Youtube videos, Galaxy performs faster than iPod. For other general websites, iPod tend to be slightly faster, but it is because many websites have flash contents and Galaxy loads all of them. Actually, I do like the fact that you can view all the videos on the regular Youtube site with Galaxy; it's not limited to just Youtube Mobile videos. Also, that small difference in screen size makes a big difference in viewing web pages, so Galaxy shines here.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Apps/Games: It depends on whichever app/game you prefer. For my daughter, Galaxy has a full range of free games/apps that she can play, including Angry Birds, so it's a non-issue.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Battery: Yes, we all could use longer lasting batteries. But we found Galaxy's battery to be excellent for music listening and video playing. However, if you play games all the time, then you'll find both Galaxy and iPod batteries to be inadequate.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - File Management: If you're married to iTunes, you are going to like iPod better, but I found iTunes to be extremely buggy and slow, not to mention very limiting. So, it felt very refreshing not to have to be tied to iTunes to manage my files. In addition, I didn't have to convert videos to play on Galaxy since it plays most of the known video types. Again, if you're tied to iTunes and don't know what else to do, go with iPod. But if you want flexibility and know what you're doing, Galaxy is better.

- Galaxy vs. iPod - Camera: This is one of main gripes that I've had with iPod. Galaxy's camera wins, hands down. Also, Galaxy handled Skype video chat with ease and we didn't have any issues with casual picture taking. However, if you want to take really high quality pictures, buy a separate digital camera.

In summary, my son likes his iPod and my daughter is happy with her Galaxy. However, if I'm interested in a media player/mobile internet device and wouldn't want a phone/data contract, I'll definitely pick Galaxy over iPod Touch. I'm actually considering buying Galaxy 5.0 myself this Christmas. :-)
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on November 11, 2011
This is a review of the 4 inch model. I bought this mainly for it's ability to surf the web and check email at WIFI hot spots, as I was searching for an economical solution of not lugging around a laptop on trips, and I did not want to incur expensive monthly smartphone / data charges.This unit is very lightweight, slim, and easily slips unnoticed into a pocket.

Until this came out, there was only one other choice: the Apple iPod touch. I evaluated both and decided on Samsung for the following:
Easily replaceable / accessible battery
Wins the "drop" test (see various videos on the web)
Expandable memory (just drop in a microSDHC card)
Larger screen

Tip: I went to Samsung's Website and downloaded and read the complete 140+ page manual, to get familiar with this unit before purchase, and also to quickly get it up and running when it arrived.

WiFi: I can honestly say that this unit exceeded my expectations. When it arrived, the unit charged up quickly ( 1 hr). I headed out to our local library to check the WIFI, and it was excellent. Pages loaded quickly. No dropped connections. I repeated this at several other hotspots around town, all good. Although the screen display resolution (800 x400) is arguably not as nice as the Ipod's retinal display, it was nice and clear, even when "pinched" to high magnifications.YouTube videos played with ease. I was quickly able to set up all my bookmarks, set up all my email accounts, customize the home screen to my liking, and load a few free android apps all within an hour.

Battery life: very reasonable; able to surf for all day with music in the background and still had some battery power left. Tip: turn of the WiFi and GPS when not needed. It is easy to access this function- just swipe a finger from the top of the screen downwards- you now have a quick menu to turn these functions on or off. Also you can access the "task manager" wigit and shut down all running programs not needed.

Music player: It synced very easily to all my tunes stored on my Windows media player software on my laptop. The earbuds provided with the unit are a step above the usual cheapies, with a pause and skip button. They fit snugly and comfortably into the ear canal (silicone) to block out external sounds and give a better listening experience. Sound is average.

Warranty: It is 1 year. Initially I could not find any warranty info,so I called Samsung to confirm this. I was able to speak to a customer rep quickly, which is nice.

This unit is based on Samsung's famous Galaxy smartphone series. It Comes with a 1 Ghz processor (not dual core), 512 Mb RAM, 8Gb memory (expandable to 64 Gb with external micro card) and Android's 2.3.5 Gingerbread software platform. It has 3.2 MP camera (no flash on this 4" model, only the 5" has flash), and GPS, It is basically a smartphoone without the phone.
Warranty is 1 year.

One annoying note: if you accidentaly push the volume control bar simultaneously with the power on button when you initially turn on the unit (easy to do, they are on opposite ends) the unit goes into a scary "download mode" . It's eay to get out, just power the unit completely off then on again.
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on November 11, 2011
For people who've wanted the capabilities of a smart phone, without the hefty monthly bill, the iPod touch was the best available option. The Galaxy Player provides another alternative. For me the Galaxy Player had the advantage with a removable battery and a mini-SD card slot.

I primarily wanted a device that would easily sync with my Outlook calendar for work and my Google calendar for everything else. The Galaxy Player performs this function flawlessly. It easily hooked up to both of my accounts and shows them in a common calendar without any additional set up. It may give you a prompt about not saving items to Samsung's Kies calendar, but this is irrelevant and can be ignored. The Galaxy easily connected with other Google accounts I use such as Gmail and Google+.

Once you set up a wifi connection in the device it will remember it and automatically switch to that connection when it becomes available. This means I can go from home, to work, to a cafe, and it will connect to each network without any input from me. About the only time I'm without a wifi connection is in the car, and I was pleasantly surprised the the maps and driving directions continued to function adequately with no internet.

As a media player the device performs well. It sounds good and I found it easy to use. Videos are crisp and vibrant. The battery allows me to get through a day of regular use without needing to recharge.

The biggest disappointment (and why this isn't a 5 star review) is the camera. The Galaxy 4's camera has a poor auto focus that only seems to work half the time. It needs a fair amount of light to take pictures that are not blurry. The camera controls are also poorly designed when compared to the controls for the rest of the device.

There were two other minor issues as well. I found the auto brightness feature a little irritating and eventually disabled it. The Google Sky Map did not function correctly until I turned off the magnetism adjustment and restarted the app.

Overall I'm very happy with the Galaxy Player strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for wifi-based smart phone alternative.
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on October 22, 2011
If you dont like reading or want to see the device here is a video review: [...]

Form/Design: The player is very light me and saleswoman both agreed. For its size you would think it would be alot heavier but it is a nice weight and fits comfortably in the hand. Its is easy to use with either 2 hands or one to control the whole screen.

The player looks really sexy haha, people have said it looks like a white iphone from the back at a quick glance. Everyone asks me if i got a new phone and i say no, and they start to tell me i did its kind of funny to watch people fight about it cause noones heard of it

Screen: The screen looks great, and i choose the 4.0 for this reason. the 5.0 has the same resolution so i figured this screen would look better with a higher pixel density. looks the crisp and colors stay true from all viewing angels. the screen is different from the galaxy s but it looks just as good

Performance: Runs smooth, very responsive, i haven't got it to lag at all, and as far as i know it doesnt heat up much either.

Headphones: I love the headphones that came with this, comfortable and good quality.

Camera: 3.2 rear facing camera is surprisingly good quality with a res of 2048x1536. It also records 720p but the audio on the videos isnt too good, and it wont let you record with the vga (front) camera :(

Reception: Everyone thinks its a phone and will continue to think so until you tell them. Then once you say its like an ipod touch they add in "except way better" its pretty amazing how people are drawn to it

Battery: I have had some weird stuff happen with the battery. It should last you all day, but whenever your not using it put it on idle, the display uses 50-60 percent of the battery on the lowest brightness. Also be aware of applications that use WiFi, they will use wifi even if you exit them in the task manger.

Its a galaxy phone without the phone part, and i love it. I prefer this over the ipod touch and would recommend this to anyone looking for an ipod or mp3 and more. i use this for way more then audio and video its a great device
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on December 23, 2011
Ok, first off I would have given this 5 stars if the wifi wasn't a little fritzy. It works, but it shuts down and starts back up periodically all by itself. So far I have not found a fix for this but I am hoping Samsung is working on it since I am not the only one who has posted this problem.

Ok, now for the good news.

Other than the above, this unit has surpassed all my expectations. It is fast, has enough processing power and memory to get the job done and with a $35 microSD card at 32GB this unit now is a 40GB unit. (Eat that Apple!)

Even with the Wifi issues I have been able to use it to view you tube videos, download new android apps, and browse the internet.

The screen is nothing short of amazing. Everyone I show it to cannot believe how crisp and clear it is. The colors are vibrant and deep. It makes the screen of the ipod look like yesterday's news. There really is no comparison.

Also, I have to say it is really nice to be able to load media directly to this unit without rooting or using special software like the crappy itunes garbage software. (I say this from experience because I used itunes for about a week, it is slower than molasses running on win7 with a 2.4Ghz quad core with 3GB Ram) Every movie (.avi, .mp4, .mpeg, etc.) has played on it without a problem. You can load .mp3 files right on it and play them with no problem (which is the main reason I bought this.)

Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention. The sound quality with headphones is incredible. Crisp and clear with plenty of volume to spare. I have noticed that is another downfall of the ipod, it lacks in quality of sound a little, but really lacks in volume. This unit has stereo speakers on it that provide ample volume but of course do not sound nearly as good as headphones. It is nice for games and movies on the go though.

The GPS works nice too. You have to load the maps ahead of time because of the lack of internet access on the road, but as long as you load the maps ahead of time, the navigation works like a charm.

Well, guess I will stop now. My conclusion is this unit crushes the ipod. It is far superior.
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on November 25, 2011
Wow this device is simply amazing. I have had an Ipod touch for 2 years and I wanted to get out of Apple's grip and buy an Android MP3 player. So I did my research. I found that this device could be the solution to my problem. The camera is way better in the Galaxy Player compared to the iPod. I like the Galaxy's screen better then iPod. It is great for watching movies. The screen size is bigger than the iPod touch which is great. Also, their is an SD slot for up to 32gb of added storage.
The only thing that isn't better on the the Samsung Galaxy Player than on Ipod is the App Store. Apple's store is better than the Android Market but the Android Market is expanding. I think it will soon be better than the iPod's App Store.
This device is probably the only MP3 player that can compete with the Ipod touch right now. In my opinion it is an Ipod killer.
Great Screen
8gb with micro SD slot for up to 40gb of storage.(Ipod only 8gb)
Camera (3.2 megapixels compared to Ipods .92)
Price ($10 less then iPod)

Android Market- App Store is superior for now but won't be for long.

If you feel like you want to get out of Apple's grip and want to buy a quality MP3 player then the Samsung Galaxy Player is the right MP3 player for you.
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on May 3, 2012
I have been an iPod touch user since gen1. I have never liked iTunes and still can't believe a program designed to organize music (and music devices) can know so little about doing it. The Galaxy Player 4.0 is finally a real solution for anyone that wants a high-end music player with tons of extras, and doesn't want an ipod. Here are the pros and cons vs the ipod touch 4g. Pros: better display (yes a better display), built in gps, replaceable memory, replaceable battery, unrestricted hardware (i.e. find an app/device that uses bluetooth, and use it), and the best feature of all NO ITUNES!!! imagine this, a device/software that can find it's own album art... what?? album art??? even more amazing, it can actually look in the folder where music is located and use the album image that's already there. How about drag and drop? yes, you can drag and drop. In fact, you can put a microSD in your computer, drag the files to it, insert it in the Galaxy player and BAM.... ready to play. The battery life is good, but you need to manage what apps and services are running like you do on other droid devices. There is no way to set a profile in energy saver settings for when the device is plugged in (if it's plugged in, I would like to keep the screen lit). inexpensive apps and soo many choices. I thoght the GPS was slow to acquire a satelite signal, but it is pretty fast if you turn the GPS on and wait a minute or so before opening whatever gps software you use (btw, get one that has local maps, 20 bucks at the most). MicroSD is only up to 32GB (my ipod is 64GB). This means for local music, you have to make some choices or have more than one memory chip (25bucks tops) or you can stream your entire catalog from a UPNP/DLNA device with ease (many free apps for this). I would like to see more accesories. A remote control, bluetooth or otherwise would be great. Also, the cameras are good; better software makes them very good. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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on April 3, 2012
This review consist of as follows
1) Model Number Mix-up
2) Review of Galaxy Player 4.0 itself
3) Customization
4) Best Screen Protector
5) Best Case
6) Extra Battery
7) Micro SD Card Compatibility
8) Galaxy Player 4.0 vs Galaxy Player 4.2
9) Updates*

-Model Number Mix-up-

The only problem is that I got the YP-G1CW known as the Galaxy S Wifi 4.0. This model has a "physical" home button. However, the picture Amazon is using is the YP-G1CWY or Galaxy Player 4.0 (touch sensitive home button. When you open the box on it will say "Galaxy S Wifi 4.0" on it instead of "Galaxy Player" (And a host of other different stuff but it's not important). On the unit itself there's no difference that I can see other than it has a physical home button or touch sensitive button, and the branding on the back says "Galaxy S Wifi 4.0" instead of "Galaxy Player Wifi". They both have the same EXACT SPECS too. Also you get a European plug with a US adapter. So don't be alarmed when you receive it, at first I was going to return it(I still might) even though, I like physical buttons better. So It depends on your taste. I see that France uses the Galaxy S Player too, and they all look like they have been released at the same time. So keep a look out on the model number and all will be well.

-Review of Player itself-

First, let's take a look at the design of this device. The design of the Galaxy Player 4.0 comes directly from the original Galaxy S i9000. This isn't shocking since the Galaxy Player 4.0 is basically a Galaxy S without cellular capabilities. Furthermore, the design is even comparable to an original iPhone 3GS.With that aside, they aren't that many differences between it an the Galaxy S i9000 so it will 99% of the time be mistaken as a smartphone.

Moving onto the important hardware aspects, the GP 4.0 sports a 4 in Super Clear LCD panel with a resolution of 800 X 480, giving it a ppi of 233. We see that the panel has been downgraded from the Super AMOLED Panel used in the Galaxy S, however, the panel is a lot better than what you'd get on low tier smartphones even today. It's bright, has great color reproduction, and doesn't suffer from color distortion when viewing angles get skewed. It isn't as sharp as the retina display seen on the iPod touch, but it suffices and is well above average for the price you'd pay.

Next up we have the cameras. It has a VGA front facing camera, and a 3.2 megapixel, w/auto focus rear facing camera (which has too been downgraded from the 5mp shooter in the Galaxy S). The front facing camera isn't good at all in my opinion. Images appear blurry, and are just not great to look at due to the low resolution. The rear facing camera manages much better. It produces a much sharper and usable image, and for me it makes a great webcamera (which on most laptops are like the VGA camera).

Finally we have the rear facing stereo speakers. They are much better than the mono speakers we usually get. However, I will say they are tinny, but loud. I had some luck with using an equalizer on the speakers to get them to sound better.

When it comes to compatibility android is where it is at. It supports almost every video and audio format, so no conversion is needed. I will say that the maximum resolution the player can handle is 1280 X 720p, any higher and the video will begin to stutter immensely. Also you have to watch how the video is encoded to. I had some 1280 X 720p .mkv files and the player couldn't handle them because of that. I'd say stick with .mp4 files since those support subtitles and multiple language tracks like .mkv can. In the stock video app it supports 5.1 channel sound too which is a plus. You get the full android market(Google Play now) experience as well. This player is the best overall mp3 player I've owned for now.

I upgraded from the Sony Walkman E-354 (A very awesome simple player) because I needed one with wifi, 30+ hours of audio, micro sd expansion and a great UI since I don't have phone. The Galaxy S Wifi 4.0/Player has at least better sound than an iPod Touch(4.0 not 5.0).


I have already went on to root and flash custom rom on it since my warranty was up anyway. My player now runs CM 11 or in layman's terms 4.4 KitKat! All I have to say is it makes our players so much more capable. (Remember this will more than likely void your warranty)

If you like quality sound you must get Viper4Android. You must have root (which is easily done). It gives you poweramp quality equalizing to all system sounds. That means if you don't want to spend $5 dollars on poweramp, you can just use this app for any music/video playing app. It's on google play, but you must go to XDA to get the updated app. Installing it is a breeze.

For Videos. I go with MX player. It just works more fluently than the stock player, and gives you tons more customization options as the stock one. It even recognizes embedded subtitles better.

-Final Thoughts-

$199 is a great price for this. Now that it has priced dropped to $189 I just might by another one. Sound quality is decent with the stock player, but is a much better experience when using poweramp. Battery life is pretty good too, and the customization options are pretty great since it is android. I'm glad I made the purchase. 5/5 hands down.

-Best Screen Protector-

I also suggest getting screen protectors when you buy this device. I say get the Samsung GALAXY PLAYER 4" XtremeGUARD© Screen Protector (Ultra CLEAR)(XTREMEGUARD© Packaging) because it is much easier to put on than the cheaper ones that I had purchase before. They come with instructions and all you really have to do is slide them around to get the bubbles out and after about 3 days all the air bubbles are gone.

-Best Case-

Get a TPU Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 from ebay

-Extra Battery-

If you guys want an extra battery for this play here is where they are at Samsung Dart SGH-T499 DoubleTime SGH-I857 Original Samsung Lithium Ion Standard Battery EB494353VABSTD 1200Mah. It is the exact same battery that you get with the player, and last just as long.

-Micro SD Card Compatibility-

Also Samsung has said that the max micro sd card you can use is 32GB. But it seems like this isn't true. People have used 64gb sd cards with this player. The one that works the best is the SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra MicroSDXC Class 6 Memory Card with SD Adapter - Retail Packaging. This one works on the 4.0, 5.0 and 4.2. I'm not sure if it will work on the 3.6, but I wouldn't see why it wouldn't. All you have to do is format it to fat32 and you'll be good.

Link to use a 64gb card is in the comments, since amazon for some reason doesn't allow outside links*

In comparison to an iPod touch 64 GB that's going to cost you about $360 bucks (price from amazon). For this player. It's $199 plus an extra $70-$80 micro sd card. So you will be paying around $269-$289 for a 72GB device. Expandable memory goes a long way. Even the older 5.0 and newer 4.2, 3.6 won't even get you near the price of a comparable iPod Touch.

-Galaxy Player 4.0 vs Galaxy Player 4.2-

Many people wonder if they should put the cash down for the newer 4.2, but they don't know which specifications are better. Here's a breakdown of them. All the specs for the 4.0 are on the left vs all the specs for the 4.2 on the right.

1) Display- 4 inch Super Clear LCD (Resolution- 800X480,233ppi) vs 4.2 inch TFT LCD IPS (Resolution- 800X480, 222ppi) 1-1
The 4.0 wins in color reproduction and brightness, 4.2 wins in black levels*

2) CPU- Samsung Hummingbird (Exynos 3110) @ 1ghz vs TI OMAP 4430 @ 1ghz (4.2 has a slightly better CPU) 1-2

3) GPU- PowerVR SGX 540 Vs PowerVR SGX 530 (4.0 has a vastly better GPU) 2-2

4) DAC- Wolfson Microelectronics WM8994 vs Wolfson Microelectronics WM1811 (4.0 has slightly better DAC) 3-2

5) Speakers- Rear facing stereo speakers vs Front facing stereo speakers 4-3
4.0 are louder but tinny, 4.2 are softer but clearer*

6) Camera- Rear-3.2 mp w/auto focus, Front-VGA vs Rear 2.0mp w/fixed focus (4.0 wins) 5-3

7) Battery- 1200 mAH 36 hrs-audio 5 hrs-video vs 1500 mAH 40 hrs-audio 5 hrs video (4.2 wins (slightly)) 5-4

There you have it. Hope it helps


Update 4/15/12 I now use GrooveIP. It makes are player able to receive calls over wifi, if you have google voice. It works great.

Update 5/7/12 Starting to have an issue where I go and push the power button down and the power menu doesn't pop up. It is probably one of the apps I have installed. (Change back to GrooVe IP because for Talkatone you have to pay to get high sound quality GrooVe Ip is already unlocked.

Update 11/9/14 I now use Google Hangouts to make/send and receive calls/sms. It works fairly well. The best thing about it is that I can now send MMS to people and receive MMS when they are also using Hangouts.

(Why I wouldn't recommend getting the 3.6)
Also I see that the 3.6 is out, and all I have to say is I wouldn't recommend buying it. Spend the extra $50-$60 bucks for the 4.0 because the screen is terrible on the 3.6. It uses a low quality 420 X 320 TFT screen instead of the Super LCD Screen the 4.0 uses. It also has a terrible viewing and where the 4.0's viewing angle is pretty much 180 degrees.
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on December 7, 2011
This is a very nice android mp3 player. It has every thing that a android phone has except the phone part, it even has the phone speaker on the front. The device has Bluetooth, WiFi, gps, camera on the front and back, two speakers on the back, 4 inch screen, accelerometer (for rotating the screen by manually turning the device. I am getting about 9 hours out of the battery with moderate use with the screen as dime as it can go. It is not the best devices in the world but it has done everything that I have thrown at it with great performance. The other thing is it has just come out so places like gameloft have not tested their games on it even tho the games might work it will be awhile for this to get on there list of supported devices. I have talked to them and they are working on getting this device on there list of supported devices.
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on October 21, 2011
Well, it works like any other Android device. I knew what I was getting into when I got it, so I had no surprises or disappointments. I don't know what's happening to the people giving this low rating, but it works fine for me.

====== Pros =====
* For almost anything it doesn't do out of the box, there seems to be a free/$2 app on Android Market Space for it.
* One review said video would be choppy writing to a microSD, I put it at the max quality and it works perfectly for me(old SanDisk SDHC 16GB).
* I never turn the device off and the battery seems to allow listening to music for more than 8 hrs. Note, battery life will SEEM bad at first out of the box. Just let it drain until it shuts off, charge with ACadapter to full and it works fine after that.
* 5.0" is a must if you're like me watching English subtitled Anime, J-Drama or K-Drama.
* I have never seen it crash or freeze, don't know what everyone else is doing.
* Camera is great.
* Videos are better than the videos my old casio exilim takes.

==== Cons ====
* They're selling this as 8GB, but beware it is not. 3GB seems to be used by Android itself, there is only 5GB available. Make sure you're ready to get a microSD very soon.
* The out-of-the-box music-player is minimalistic. Get on the Amazon Market Place and go get yourself Winamp, or any of the much-better music-apps. I recommend Music Folder Player or Meridian Media Player.
**** UPDATE: I'm wrong about the default audio-player. If you browse the device by folder and attempt to play a music file, it uses some program called "Sound Player"... but the Music icon at the bottom of the home screen, is a very full-featured MusicPlayer and in its settings you can enable "Folder" view.

So in conclusion, I'm happy with this. This is the only Android-OS-running device I own. I played with friends' Android-phones and browsed the Android market. So I knew as soon as I got this, I'd get Amazon Kindle, some music-playing-app and I was all set.

Good times,
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