Customer Reviews: ASUS N73SV-DH72 (17.3-Inch Screen) Laptop
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on February 9, 2012
I did a LOT of research before choosing this particular laptop. I went with ASUS for several reasons. Key features were the 2 year warranty with 1 year accidental damage coverage that comes standard on this ASUS laptop model, the Intel i7 quad core processor, Bluray player, 6 gb RAM expandable to 12 gb, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0, screen size, HD graphics, HDMI output, multitasking ability, and sound quality.

Don't be mislead by the negative reviews of this laptop, in my opinion most of the complaints had very little to do with the features of this laptop but were related to lack of computer knowledge. First of all, NO computer, laptop or desktop, comes with all of the Windows 7 updates installed, doesn't matter what brand or model you buy. Some retailers will install the updates for you, but don't expect the computer to have them installed right out of the box.

Now about the touchpad. I had no problems with it and the settings can be easily adjusted to suit user needs. It also recognizes a finger touch over an accidental palm touch reducing the common and really annoying problem of moving the cursor accidentally. The click bar is a single button, simply click the left or right side. You can also use simple finger taps in place of the click bar. I personally prefer a mouse, but I like the design and maneuverability of the touchpad.

Now for the rest. This laptop has the capability of installing 2 SATA hard drives so you can use the existing 750 GB drive or add a second hard drive! The Bluray Player/DVD burner plays Bluray and DVD movies flawlessly. The sound quality is excellent for a laptop, and the HD screen is beautiful. Online games such as World of Warcraft had stunning visuals and played with no hesitations or lags. Wireless network setup was a breeze with ultra-fast wireless-n capability, the Bluetooth 3.0 connected to my Android phone and Bluetooth enabled printer easily and files transferred in seconds. The USB 3.0 port is another great feature. I hooked up an external hard drive with USB 3.0 capability and my entire system backup was finished in under 2 minutes. Streaming media was also great; I subscribe to Netflix and with this laptop no more glitches or hesitations in playback.

I do wish this laptop had the newer chiclet-style keyboard, it is heavier than other laptops, and check the size requirements for the inside storage pocket if you are buying a case or bag to carry it. The inner pocket of a lot of laptop cases and bags will be too small. I bought the Ultra Defender Top Load Notebook Case for laptops up to 17.3", also available on Amazon, and even that one was a tight fit for this laptop.

All in all, I definitely recommend this machine for those looking for a laptop with great entertainment features, seamless multi-tasking, power and speed. Kudos to ASUS for creating a great machine.


I've had this laptop for several months now and wanted to share a few things I learned.

First, the box the laptop came in said it only had a one year warranty and didn't mention the accidental damage coverage. However, ASUS confirmed in writing that this was incorrect. It DOES carry the 2 year warranty and the 1 year accidental damage coverage. So don't be alarmed by the warranty information printed on the ASUS box.

Second, make sure you use high quality blank DVD's and/or CD's when creating your recovery discs or any other burned disc. The cheap discs will NOT work well with this laptop. I wasted quite a few discs and thought it was a defective Blu-Ray player/DVD burner drive. I spoke with ASUS technical support (they were extremely courteous and helpful) and they were more than willing to replace the drive, but suggested using a higher quality disc before I went to the trouble of sending it in for repair. So I purchased some Verbatim discs and the machine created my recovery discs with no further problems.

Third, there are no instructions telling the user how to add a second internal hard drive so unless you are experienced in how to disassemble a laptop and don't care about possibly voiding your warranty, I'd recommend having a professional add a second hard drive to the system if you need one. On this laptop, you have to remove the keyboard to access the screws that allow you to get the hard drive bay door open. This can be difficult to do and there are no disassembly instructions included with the laptop or available on the ASUS website.

All in all, I love this laptop and still give it the maximum number of stars!
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on March 12, 2012
OK, I know this is not the newest machine on the market, but it's got a better processor than the Asus G74 ROG 17" I was looking at (which was 2-300 bucks more, depending on where you looked), and looks loads better than the newer models from this series- I maxed it out to 12GB RAM before turning it on and added a 120GB SSD system drive (although the 750GB stock drive seemed pretty speedy on it's own, especially for 5400RPM)- End result, THIS MACHINE IS SCREAMING FAST! Add in the VERY bright VERY clear 17.3" screen, and there's not much to dislike about this thing. I would've rather had SATAIII to take advantage of my SSD's 6GB/s speeds, but for someone making the jump from 5400RPM HDs to SSD, 3GB/s is hella fast anyways, so it's not really much to complain about. Also, like most 17.3" laptops, this thing is heavy and unweildy(at least compared to a 15.4" like my old one, don't even think of busting it out on a sub-first-class flight), but compared to a lot of other 17.3" laptops I looked into, it's thin and trim. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase!
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on March 8, 2012
I've had this notebook for about 2 weeks now, and I think this is the best notebook I ever had.
I was a Toshiba fan for many years and I still think that Toshiba notebooks are outstanding, then I got an HP Dv7 which was a complete failure, and now this Asus.
It is powerful, solid, silent (very important for me) and the details show that it has been designed with great care.
The sound is the best I heard on a laptop, I don't agree with the comment made by another user...
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on February 11, 2013
We love design and speakers on this laptop,metal body and this is where all positives ends.Slow hard drive,within a year broken blue ray and wifi and Asus tech support is the worst .They simply don't last few years we got quite few Asus products in our office and 90% of them required warranty service and each time it was horror story.Either we were ignored or response came week company with products and absolutely worst tech support.They even once returned unrepaired product claiming it was fixed.Who does that?obviously Asus does.So long Asus - we will miss times when Asus name meant quality .
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on March 29, 2012
Over all this laptop is GREAT, fast, nice looking. I wish it had just 2 changes. I would like a keyboard that lights up, and a few more USB ports. Other than that this thing it top notch.
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on March 5, 2015
I had nothing but trouble out of this machine. In fact, it was so bad that I had to contact the Better Business Bureau in order to get them to tell ASUS to give me a new computer. On top of that ASUS has horrendous customer service.

Examples of issues within the 2 year manufacturer's warranty:
The screen would randomly scramble and freeze so that I would have to restart the computer to be able to do any work.
The touch pad would randomly go crazy and cause the pointer to start zooming around the screen.
The power connector malfunctioned and began to overheat and then shock me.
The CD drive went bad.
Several sectors of the hard drive crashed.
The motherboard malfunctioned.

Oh, and btw, according to ASUS this was all due to user error. Now, I happen to be a former computer technician and have a Toshiba that I bought in 2008 that still works perfectly and was replacing it simply to have something a little more powerful. If you want my advice...which you must if you're still reading this review...avoid ASUS at all costs!
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on November 23, 2012
I love this Laptop (errrr desktop replacement) Because that's what it is. This is nothing that you want to lug around with. It does everything you want it to do as far as a PC is concerned. It is FAST!!!

The i7 processor is where its at. If you are running multiple programs this thing will keep up, and then some.

Gaming, and I'm not a big gamer. But I did play Grand Theft Auto 4 and Borderlands, and the graphics look fantastic, and no interruptions that I have noticed.

It has a BlueRay Player and is 100% fully HD. What more do you want? Slap a HDMI cord into this and run it to your TV if you want. I do.

I guess If I have anything bad to say is the 750gb hard drive may be large, but I would recommend a SSD drive for this. The hard drive only runs at 5300 rpms. So an SSD upgrade would be something to consider. The great thing is that the laptop is expandable. You can keep the 750 gb hard drive and add an SSD, which is what I did. Although, I would recommend an SSD upgrade for any laptop/pc that doesn't have it already.

And I see some people who knock this keyboard. Well your right, the keyboard is not great. But ...One More Time.... this is a desktop replacement! If you are not using an external keyboard, then your not using this laptop correctly.

I have had this Laptop since March 2012 and I am very satisfied.
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on June 19, 2014
I had bought this notebook refurbished for a few hundred off so I dont believe it came with much of a warranty. I am still using it though I am about to rebuild it after a few years of use.

The Good: Design-wise this is one of the better asus models. The keyboard is very nice and with the extra keypad and the mute and volume buttons on the left side. It is pretty sturdy as I used to ride a bike everyday to work with it. The speaker position is by far superior to the models where they are in front and always muffled if you have in your lap. The second hard drive bay is awesome and I use it quite a bit. Originally, I swapped out the first one and put an SSD in but I had a bad SSD so swapped it back out and ended up with 2 spinning hard drives instead. I play battlefield 3/4 on it and while there is gaming specific notebooks out there, it plays them and even gave me an edge for awhile (GT540M 1GB CUDA). Overall, this has served me well and fast for my work doing web development and graphic design. Entertainment wise it plays Bluray just fine and as mentioned games.

The Bad: This was a refurb when I bought mine, which may not be the case for the amazon listing... so it may be a result of that but out of the 4 USBs only 2 work.Thankfully the 3.0 one and one in the back. I am going to rebuild to see if this was some oddball windows/asus drivers ordeal but I think they are just goners. Also, some issues with sleep mode but that seems to be every windwos computer. When I tested this the cpu on passmark got around a 1509 with 592 total score. I would be very interested in what others get on passmark. I noticed though my model had mixed memory modules brands as well which may have been a result of the refurb. I think I remember paying 800-900 for it a few years back. Lately firefox has been going very slow on it and loading up, I am hoping it is a windows deal rather than my resources. Also, it tends to get heavy lugging around everyday as with any 17"

Overall, it still is an i7 so has some power to it. I really enjoyed having it the past few years and don't regret the purchase. I would recommend researching passmark benchmarks on cpus to see if it will fit your needs and I would probably also swap out the memory to at least 8GB and put in two hard drives, if even just to use the other as a backup. I would recommend this in most cases, but if you are after something more up to date expect to pay 400-600 more. Always beware of used or refurbs that the risk is there that something might need to be replaced. I had to buy a new screen and keyboard just due to use and accident and parts were easy enough to find 2 years ago.
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on March 22, 2016
after 5 months the screen went bad. we had been very careful with the laptop[ not one scratch on the screen, or case, or key area. but of course they said we had damaged it. and for only 200.oo !!! they would fix it . I'm buying a $60.oo screen from amazon. as my wife said, and I agree. NO MORE ASUS
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on December 27, 2012
Great seller excellent product. This laptop is a fast machine I own for a month now. I used to have Dell Inspiron, no comparison at all. Just remember their is other manufacturing besides HP or DELL.

I need to update since i own from Dec 2012....
I installed fresh copy windows 8 with no issues.... Some Drivers I use under windows 7, and other Drivers from a different model Assus. The Device manager, under hardware all look good no yellow marks... All devices work perfect.
I own this Device since December 2012 I LOVE IT.....
I Recommended Great Product.
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