Customer Reviews: Motorola DROID RAZR 4G Android Phone, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)
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on December 16, 2011
Love this phone, had to get used to the wideness but works great! Only serious problem is the battery life. I work from home and have a car charger and am typing this in the red battery zone. Battery life is the worst. I also used to own a cell phone store for 3 years. Great phone minus the power it needs. Not sure what else to say except. I'll possibly return it if I do not figure a way to save battery time somehow. And yes, I know ways to save usage.
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on November 28, 2011
I've had quite a few Android devices in my time, but none came close to my Original, Motorola Droid . . . until now. This phone absolutely screams! From the processor to the screen to the form factor to LTE on Verizon, there's nothing not to like. Here are the highlights:

1. The Screen
Some have dogged on the screen because it's a pentile matrix and it's not 720p. What do those things mean to you, the actual user? Absolutely nothing. They're qualms for the geek-set (though I am a geek, and I think the screen is brilliant) who like to look at their screens through magnifying glasses and brag about numbers. In actual usage, it would be very, very difficult to find a better screen than this. And no, the iPhone 4S isn't a contender.

The parts about the screen that you actually will notice are rather nice. First and foremost, it's a sAMOLED screen. What this means is that it has great contrast, blacks that are actually black (i.e. not backlit), and can be very bright; readable in sunlight bright. I've compared to the Rezound, which has the 720p screen, and there's no comparison. The sAMOLED screen on the RAZR looks vibrant and beautiful next to the comparatively dull and drab SLCD on the Rezound (mind, the Rezound has a nice screen; it just doesn't measure up). Second, the 4.3" screen size. Perfect size for a smartphone. I don't know how I managed on the 3.7" Droid 1, and I have no idea how people are satisfied with the 3.5" one on the iPhone (they probably have just never tried a larger screen).

2. Form Factor
This phone is cool! I know this isn't pragmatic, but if you're going to live with a device for a couple of years, you might as well like how it looks and feels. You can get a Miata to go as fast as a GTR, but it'll still look like a Miata, you know?

It's also slightly practical, as it slips into a jean pocket without fuss. I don't roll with skinny jeans, but I daresay this would slide into a pair of those as well.

3. 4G LTE
I get an average download speed of around 5-7Mbps, but I've had as high as 34Mbps! I had a T-Mobile "4G" device, and it averaged around 1-3Mbps with a high of 6Mbps. The internet speeds are as fast as my home WiFi a lot of the time. Also, the 3G signal is quite good (you can turn off 4G to save battery). They're about twice what my Original Droid got; average is around 1-3Mbps.

The rest has been covered ad nauseum. The cameras work great, the battery lasts pretty long (if you know how to tweak it especially; run on 3G when you're not on the internet, turn off WiFi when you're not using it, etc.), and Android is the only way to fly when it comes to smartphones.

Get it; you won't be sorry!
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on November 26, 2011
I'm known for my lengthy and detailed shopping research prior to making purchases. Why buy second best, or something you'll later regret? This is my first Android phone and I couldn't be happier with the performance of the two Razrs I bought for 2 cents. I did alot of comparisons of the specs of Verizon phones, visted the Verizon store and had hands-on for 45 minutes with the Razr and the HTC Rezound. My wife and I both chose Razrs. The HTC Rezound was good, but we both preferred the style and feel of the Razr which clearly appeared to be made of better quality materials. The screen comparison was that the Rezound looked a little better than the Razr's screen when viewed straight away, but not so good at slight angles. The Razr screen looked pretty good at all angles. Call quality the Razr was excellent, the Rezound sounded a bit muffled or distant on the receieving end of the call. Neither of us really cared about the Beats Audio included on the Rezound, so that wasn't a factor for us, but if it were call quality would have ranked higher than Beats Audio. I have been using the Razr quite heavily uploading and trying various apps, google video chat, navigation, texting, calling, watching videos, surfing...etc. Heavy use I ran down to 15% charge in about 5 hours. The Razr has a Motorola Smart Actions app that allows you to set quite a few automatic power saving features based on your location or the times of day which is quite helpful in conserving battery power. I also bought a nifty New Trent 5000 AMH battery pack/charger that's portable, it's smaller than the Razr, and lets you recharge the phone 3 times before it requires a recharge itself. I was concerned about not having a removable battery, but a hard reboot is quite easy to perform on the Razr should you ever need to, so the removable battery is not an issue for me any longer as I have had other cell phone batteries last 5 years.

So my non-techy review is 1) Overall Screen - Razr Wins because it was clear from all angles and better in direct sunlight, even though the Rezound screen was better straight away, not so good even from slight angles. 2) Music - Rezound Wins easily with Beats Audio. 3) User Interface and Apps - Tie. 3)Camera and Video Recorder - Tie. 4) Build Quality - Razr wins. 5) Call Quality - Razr Wins. 6) Processors - Both were equally fast. 7) Kool Factor - Razr Wins. Again, this is a non-techy review by someone who just wanted a solid device, and according to other reviews on this site, and many other sites, the Razr's a pretty good phone.

I had been waiting and drooling over the release of the Galaxy Nexus, but the Razr has a good Gorilla Glass screen, a better camera, HDMI and Assisted GPS, Kevlar back and is water resistant when comparing to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus will have a better screen, but the NFC on the Nexus is still a ways from real functionality on main street, Samsung has also had quality issues, and ICS will probably have some initial bugs, as well as the fact that you will not pick up a Nexus for 1 cent. I realized that I wasn't really waiting for the Samsung phone, I was waiting for ICS which the Razr will receive in form of an update in the next 4-6 months. So basically, got my ICS phone for 1 cent. Thank you Amazon!
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on January 30, 2012
I have had this mobile phone for 60 days.

I am a heavy data users, subscribing to the 22GB of data for $100 through Verizon Wireless.

The RAZR has mobile hotspot problems. Specifically, the RAZR may not work with "https" secure-websites -- such as email accounts, bank accounts and any website that necessitates a user name and password to access it.

There is software adjustment required to remove this glitch, in Windows 7. Verizon tech support was completely useless in problem resolution. The most "technical support" offered by Verizon was to replace the mobile phone, or, power cycle the phone (turn it off/on).

Once I resolved this problem, by googling it and finding a forum that discusses solutions to resolve this problem, I then found that the RAZR will throttle back the service if you are streaming too much data for the security parameters built-in the phone to permit. The end result, webpages that were freezing, not loading, or loading partially.

Consequently, if you use 100mb / hour as I do, the RAZR will mysteriously throttle the 4G connection back -- resulting in garbled webpage loads and high latency.

Therefore, all heavy data users who mobile hotspot to a PC will be unfamiliar with the aforesaid glitches unless they are continuously streaming data.

Verizon tech support now agrees there is an inherent problem with the RAZR, and that a fix or software patch should arrive by mid-February. I cannot wait any longer, nor can my tolerance be appeased with excuses and apologies. I switched to the Galaxy Nexus as my only way to be assured of stable and dependable internet. Stay tuned for my feedback on that mobile phone.

Otherwise, you run the risk of having garbled data on webpages as they are unable to load properly. This cautionary tale applies to the mobile hotspotting with a PC and for users who stream information and need a connection with low latency and high reliability
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on October 19, 2014
This was a real disappointment, you could not record a voicemail message, your phone calls would just die for no reason and you would have to completely power back up your phone to get the phone back on after the call died. I tried to return this phone based on the return policy and I never heard back from Amazon and/or from the seller. Do not recommend buying this phone or a phone from this dealer.
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on November 23, 2011
New verizon customer for a week now, coming off at&t iphone 1st gen.

Bought it on the release date but see it now for 1 cent. If SGN is also 1 cent or if money not an issue, go with the SGN. Otherwise forget the hype and jump on this. ICS is set for a January release on this phone, and everyone knows that it's always the software and not the hardware. That gives google one month to work out any bugs on ICS when it comes out.

- Temporarily the price!
- Like the design all around, best out there so far (kevlar feels smooth and adds a great aesthectic look, quality construction throughout).
- Smart Actions app is working out as intended and very intuitive.
- Motorola Music app (same opinion as above)
- The display/screen is bigger than most, and the quality it puts out is an 8 out of 10 (rather give it a score), not as good as an iPhone 4S/HTC Rezound (9 out of 10).
- Call quality is clear and havent had a dropped call yet, full bars or less 1 everywhere i go.
- Speaker is loud, although it gets fuzzy if cranked up to the max (no issues with the phone jack and music sounds great).
- 4glte is crazy fast, no issues with connection.

- The price when it goes back up.
- Battery would last the day but down to 10% and i would consider myself a medium user. (some games which average about 40 min or so on the train, 7 calls a day, a little fussing around with the apps and email checked 2 twice, currently have the screen at about 80% brightness).
- A little wide, probably most users like myself, wont be able to make a call with 1 hand.

Something that doesnt feel like a Pro or a Con:
- Camera takes good pictures but color is not as vivid as I would like. Front and Back.

Summary: If i had to do it again, I would.

11/26/2011 Postscript: I turned off the GPS and 4glte at home and the battery was only down to 40%. I played about an hour this time of gaming (Defender and Gun Bros) and some wifi streamed video of maybe 45mins or so (Fate Zero.. awesome anime). A few calls, maybe 15 mins talk time total, more fussing around with the apps and emails, screen still at 80% brightness. Guess I can live with that.
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on February 18, 2013
I had this phone for about 13 months and was generally happy with it. One day out of nowhere it just went dead. At first I thought the battery was empty but I wasn't able to charge it up again. I saw the white LED come on sometimes but it still never turned back on. I took it to Verizon but they couldn't do anything besides try to reset it. Since it was out of warranty and I wasn't eligible for an upgrade they would have charged ~$600 to replace it. I instead switched back to my old flip phone. Eventually I got around to ordering a new battery for the Razr and installed it following instructions I found online. This still did not fix the problem. As a last ditch effort I even connected the phone's battery leads to an external 3.8V power supply but still nothing.

In summary...DON'T EVER BUY THIS PHONE, it has some major electrical/battery issues.
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on November 12, 2011
I like this phone! Very solid build. The metal edges have a good feel and are easy to grip, the camera bulge is not too protrusive, it feels very thin and light in the pocket, and it's pleasantly fast in CPU and downloads. Call quality seems quite good, natural sounding voices, much better in this respect than my previous Droid X.

Camera is actually pretty good. Didn't have great expectations after seeing poor low-light performance in Photon, but this doesn't seem to display the speckle that predominated the Photon. Multi-shot (six shot) is a nice feature. Reasonably fast shutter. Overall pleased.

Things I'd change:
- The pixelation on the screen is very annoying. Text is much harder to read than on iPhone. Fringing is visible on all straight lines. A white background has diagonal, crisscrossed lines. In the case of black lines on a white background, some borders have red edges, some blue. This is presumably due to the alternating RGBG/BGRG pixel pattern. As a result, small text is often illegible. The screen changes colors off axis, especially past about 45 degrees it shifts everything towards green. Not nearly as good as Samsung sAMOLED screens in that respect. So, the display is the biggest letdown on this device.
-Battery life is short, expect to recharge every chance you get. Take it off the charger and read a few news articles and it's down to 70%. Presumably worse if doing games or video or nav. Rough estimate is it will last about 3 hours with normal use, and that's with 1780 mAhr.
-Power button is placed awkwardly, and is nearly flush with the phone, but the saving grace is that it has a distinctive ridged feel that can be used to find it by running a finger along the edge.

Even with these drawbacks, still like it better than other current Android phones, e.g., rate it over the GSII for 540 vs 480 pixel screen resolution and higher quality materials and overall better design.

But please, put a decent 720 pixel screen in the next Razr.
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on November 17, 2011
Yes I am addicted to smartphones and other gadgets.
I work downtown Chicago and take the train to work. On the train, I check email, watch youtube and Netflix.
The only carrier of the big 4 that works on the train from the getgo, is Verizon. I have been tempted many times by other cool phones on other carriers. However they all fail the train test and I return within the return period.

the other phone which came close was the ATT skyrocket (the new LTE phone) but it would not stream netflix until almost half way home on the ride. Verizon 4g LTE works while the train is still sitting in the stations waiting for the departure time. THis way I can watch and not have to wait. I am not a fan of verizon support and I think their sales people in the stores are not well trained. Also some are rude. I do not think they ae the best plan deal in town either. But as long as I have to work downtown (which I hate ) I am with them.

I had a Thunderbolt which only worked with the 2300 mah extended battery. It was carry a brick around and very uncomfortable in hand with the battery sticking out. I hated it. Also never quite worked right after the Gingerbread OTA. So I was on the hunt to replace. after a lot of research and trying out and returning phones. I now have the DROID RAZR. works on the train, thin size although not the most comfy in hand. Moto has odd designs.
It has some quirks compared to HTC Sense UI and Samsung TOuchwiz 4.0 which are among my favorites in that order.

But I am getting used to it. I love the "Complete package" even though some things are different.

I paid full price for this as my tbolt ctr was not up until 3/13. I could not go that long with the brick.
I have had this razr for one day and love it. So far I think I will finally be able to last 2 years when the contract if up before getting tempted to try a cool phone with another carrier.

Perhaps if in the mood another day I will update with a real review after I had a change to really get to know it better.

11/21/11 UPDATE
I returned the phone. Had to fight with Best Buy as it was the second exchange. Got the HTC Rezound instead. Why???
The Razr took horrible pictures. Worst I have ever seen in a camera or phone. THis was a deal breaker for me.
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on December 19, 2012
I bought this phone when it first came out. I was excited and paid out right for a brand new phone. Got the phone and it was pretty and fun. Within one month of having this phone I was a little late getting it to the charger and it died completely. I plugged it in thinking oh it will charge and I'll come back and turn it on, as any normal person would assume. This was not the case. When I came back to my phone it was dead. It wouldn't turn on or light up at all. I took it back to he store I bought it from and they couldn't get it to come to life either.
Verizon told me the manufacturer would ship me out a 'refurbished' phone. I was very upset. I came in and paid cash for a brand new phone less than a month before and they couldn't do me the decency of replacing my product! But I held my tongue.
With in a month of having this refurbished phone yet again as if on cue the phone takes a turn for the worst. The screen completely freaks out, I had it set to where you can see where your finger is touching the screen, it makes a cool little circle around your finger. Well my phone decided hundred of invisible fingers were playing all over the screen. It was so over loaded I couldn't get it to do anything. Round two was over and Motorola quickly sent me out my third and current phone.
The phone I have now is still working only because when it decided it was going to turn off and escape into death - with out even completely losing batter life too I might add- I went to work preforming life saving techniques on the damn thing. I was able to get the phone turned on and charging by a some miracle. Now I never let my phone get even to the %10 battery life warning. I am currently looking for a cheap used phone to get me through untill my next upgrade. BUYER BEWARE!
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