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on December 20, 2011
I have had this phone for weeks now. I picked it up on the release date. Partially because I got caught up in the hype partially because I had been using a 3 year old Blackberry for 8 weeks and I could not take another day. The phone performs well. As far as Android Phones go they all are pretty good now-a-days. I can understand people downgrading this phone because of it's battery life, but there aren't many touchscreen smart phones out there that last for days. (Including the iPhone) All of my iPhone using friends carry their chargers in their pocket or handbag because they can not truly use their phone and take advantage of all of it's features and have tons of battery life to spare before the day is up. I use the PowerGen 2900Mah backup battery to recharge my phone on the go. I now prefer this method of recharging over being tethered to a wall or a cigarette lighter. I can fit the phone and the PowerGen in my pants pocket and they take up less room & weigh less than my old keyboard Droid & Droid2 phones.PowerGen Black Mobile Juice Pack / External Battery Pack 2900mAh UltraSlim Power Bank Charger (with Build in Micro USB) for HTC Sensation 4G XE XL, EVO 3D, ThunderBolt, Inspire 4G, Sprint EVO, EVO Shift, Rezound / Motorola Arix, Triumph, Droid X 3 2 Bio...

The phone is fast, 4G is great, even though they are still working out kinks and it is a wonderful device. I really like the HDMI port on the phone. I can easily put my good looking videos taken with the phone on the TV with little effort. I picked up a HDMI cord from Amazon for around $3.99 and I recently used it to watch 0.99¢ rentals on a Hotel TV. (Beats the $7 movies offered there.)

I can't wait until the phone gets the ICS update.

I was saving an upgrade on my account to get the discounted price on the Nexus PRIME, but after touching the PRIME the Razr feels even more like a work of art. Metal & Kevlar Vs. Plastic, give me the metal frame with Gorilla Glass please. Plus I have the above mentioned HDMI port and the ability to add or swap microSD cards. I didn't feel the need to upgrade as soon as possible with the original droid, hopefully this phone will give me the same great service.

P.S. I dropped the phone today on concrete. It fared well. I only have a small chip in the paint along the metal frame. Once I wiped the white concrete dust off of the scratch it is barely noticeable.
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on November 20, 2011
I have had a Droid for the past three years and just upgraded to this phone. I had my mind and pocket book set on an Iphone this time but after a comparison I went for this phone. I have been enjoying the large screen and great sound for my netflix and music. The speed is outstanding. So far this is what I have been waiting for along time.
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on December 25, 2012
I have had this for a year and will never buy Motorola again!!!! It amazes me how it can run fine one day and be completely useless the next. When I say useless I mean you can not use period if you wanted to. As an example I was off work today and when I got up I disconnected from charger and had sitting beside me while reading newspaper. All of a sudden it started rebooting and would not stop until the battery was dead. I couldn't even get to finish a restart cycle before it restarted again. Finally it died, dead battery. I left it like that for a while. I plugged it in before I started getting ready for bed and it started rebooting again. I swear if I had $700 laying around for a new phone I would throw this Pile of censored foul language against a brick wall and then take a hammer to it until it was dust. I HATE HATE HATE HATE this phone so freaking BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORST PHONE IN HISTORY OF PHONES!!!!!!!
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on December 5, 2011
Sometimes when I'm reading reviews about the Droid Razr I wonder if there are two different phones out there by the same name. I love the darn thing.

No phone is perfect for all people, and thankfully there are a lot of great options out there for consumers to choose from. Having said that, I got Razr's for my wife and myself, and my coworker has one and we are all very happy with them.

I've heard complaints about the screen, looks great to me. The colors may be a bit over-saturated but I'm not studying the darn pixels, I'm browsing the web or watching a youtube vid or using tweetdeck or - heaven forbid - making a call! Screen looks great as far as I'm concerned.

This phone is FAST. It's fast at everything. Seriously. Sometimes it feels like the phone is reading my mind. Navigation, email, calendar, voicemail, web, everything is just lickety-split. The hardware and the LTE network combine for a great experience.

I love the profile. The phone looks sleek and modern, yet feels durable. Even in my Otterbox case it still feels slim.

Battery life has been great. I set up Smart Actions for shutting services down at night, etc. and I'm getting a full 24 hours on one charge for an average day - maybe 10-12 hours under heavy usage. Full charge in the morning gets me through the day. Yeah, I can't take the batter out, but I've never done that with a phone so it doesn't bother me a bit.

I guess people have gotten to a point where they are really interested in scrutinizing every little thing about today's smartphones, and that's fine. Bottom line to me though this is right up there with the best smartphones on the market.
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on November 29, 2011
I've had the phone since launch and the RAZR surpassed my expectations in many ways. The design and features are top of the line, although many DROID fans are anticipating the NEXUS, this phone will not disappoint for those of you who just can't wait. Motorola does a decent job of their custom Launcher and it does lag a bit after loading it up with several apps, but it's nothing to complain about. Even if the animations have a slight lag to it, it's still snappy and responds very well to every action. The screen is amazing. It definitely lives up to Galaxy S2 standards and holds its own with its unique RAZR beveled design. The camera isn't too bad either. It has a very nice zoom feature and exposure control, along with stability assist. It does more than you need a phone camera to do.

Now for the bad. It's extremely large and flat which makes it uncomfortable to hold. Unless you have very large hands, you'll quickly find that the luxury of ultra thin isn't so appealing anymore.

Overall, the phone is great. It has wonderful built in features. It allows you to hide the bloatware. The screen is amazing. The call clarity and service is amazing. The phone is beautifully designed, minus the ergonomics. The biggest drawback is the inability to replace the battery. The phone can be a huge battery hog if you don't be careful and having to carry around a charger wherever you go really takes away from the slim design.
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on February 14, 2013
To anyone getting a Motorola Droid RAZR (just the plain one, not the M or MAXX), don't. The one I have (less than a month old) already consumes a full battery charge (with wifi off, sync off, and strictest battery saving plans) in less than 24 hours. Additionally, half the apps I have tried to install won't run, and the facebook app only works half the time (with full Wifi bars). My wife's iPhone 4 doesn't have any problems. I'll be talking to Verizon to see if I can swap to something else.

Below is an email I sent to Motorola regarding the performance with my Droid RAZR. I felt it fitting the email should be placed here for informational purposes others.

Dear Sir/Ma'am:
I was told to send a private message regarding the *very* poor performance of my Motorola Droid RAZR smartphone. In case previous information was not relayed the battery on my smartphone is discharging at a very high rate (full battery loss in less than one day). I have consulted the Droid RAZR support site [...] regarding actions I can take to conserve power. I currently have all GPS, wifi, and bluetooth settings disabled. Also, I have set the screen to blank and phone to lock after 1 minute of inactivity. My only email account other than GMAIL is currently set to never sync. Since January 31, 2013 (the day I got my phone) until today (14 Feb 13) I have used 213mb of data, far below my plan limit of 2GB per month. Included below is my usage:
google play store 96.44 mb
Facebook 51.91mb
Android OS 26.62mb
Browser 15.60mb
My Gallery 14.30mb
Maps 6.62mb
Google Play Books 5.14mb
Removed apps 3.54mb
Apps 2.53mb

Currently the battery history shows:
Screen 35%
Phone idle 21%
Android OS 17%
Voice Calls 15%
Cell Standby 11%
Google Services 3%
Android System 2%

That total 104% battery use, which makes me question the fundamental math that is involved with this device. It also tells me that for a phone used to make voice calls, over 75% of the power is consumed when I am not even using it to make calls. In addition to the battery life being short, several apps (notably Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars) are unable to be ran successfully. They install, and boot up, but then just cycle through loading screen until I back out of the app. For the above reasons, I am highly discouraged from owning or recommending to other the use of the Droid RAZR. Hopefully I will be able to exchange my Motorola for a different model. I look forward to hearing feedback and recommendations. Thank you.
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on November 28, 2011
Ive been an Android user since the original G1. Moved on the Samsung Vibrant and G2. Made the move to the Verizon iPhone but realized how I miss Android. It was meant to be because I really wanted the RAZR especially after the very uninspiring Galaxy Nexus hardware and specs disappointed me. Lo and behold, Amazon has a penny smartphone sale so I know it was meant to be. I was stuck between this and the HTC Rezound but I am glad I chose the Droid Razr.

First thing you notice is the thinness of the phone. This phone is a beaut. I won't get into too much details since there are many other reviews. Ill just point out some stuff.

-Coming from the iPhone 4, the camera on this isn't great. That's not saying its bad but it's not as good as the iPhone 4's 5 megapixel.
-The 1080p video recorder on the other hand is absolutely stunning. You see details in the video especially on the phones SAMOLED screen. I love it.
-The screen is nice and vibrant. Much more vibrant than the iPhone 4. Not as sharp but Ill pick color over sharpness. Not disappointing and that was one of my biggest worry especially with the Rezound having a 720p screen and all.
-The hardware is awesome but it is light. That can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference. The iphone feels like an anchor compared with this.
-Battery life is a mixed feeling. One hand, you gotta understand that this is Android and we know how that is with the background syncing and what not always using power. Another thing people have to understand is that this is a 4g LTE device (which is a battery hog out the gate) and a dual core device. It's going to drain the battery. I leave 4g on with moderate use and I will get to 3-5 hours. That's bad especially since my iPhone 4 last a whole day and sometimes more. The SMART ACTION app is needed especially if you want to make the battery last.
-I've also been reading a lot of negative reviews of Motorola be honest I thought it was gonna be bad but when I got some hands on time, it's actually fitting and I do like it. Don't get me wrong, Im a LauncherPro guy all the way but the skin fits here. It goes with the overall appeal of the phone. I love the animations and icons. Preference here. If you don't like it, you can always use a Launcher of your liking.
Overall I am happy with my purchase and I would recommend this to anybody....

One thing I know is a battery killer is the phone connecting to 3g and 4g LTE. One way for me to save my battery at home is to set a Smart Action when Im at my home network to disable cellular data and whatever else you want to. Does a lot to improve battery, There's no need to be on wifi and have the phone switching from 3g to 4g wasting battery at the same time. Get a 4g toggle off widget as well. 4G is great but you're not going to be using it the whole entire time so might as well turn it off so you can save some battery.

Another thing I do when Im at work to make sure I have enough juice to last (in case of an emergency I do decide to use the "phone" feature lol)..I set up a smart action with the trigger of "Display Off". Whenever the display is off, I have it turn off data, background data, gps and whatever else pleases you. Turning this all off when the phone display is off helps the battery out a lot and everything turns back on when you turn it on so its very convenient. This may bother some because then it means you can't get certain type of push notification (like myself, I use Kik and Google Voice) until you turn the display on but Im at work so I can only check at break time and lunch anyways so no biggy for me.

This Smart Action is pretty cool and I wish there were some more triggers and etc...

I haven't used Motorola since my Nextel days and now that I have this Droid Razr, you can welcome me back for good. Looking forward to Ice Cream Sandwich and since Google is in the process of purchasing Moto...i expect the entire updating process to be a whole lot zippier. If not, we'll always have XDA...
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on November 19, 2011
Let me start off with saying that I put off purchasing a new smart phone for quite some time. I'ved owned and used Blackberry Curves and iphones and wanted to do my research on phones before purchasing a new one(since the largest discounts come with signing 2 year renewal agreements or new contracts). I knew that I probably wanted an Android phone and had difficulty in deciding between the DROID RAZR, Iphone 4s, HTC Rezound(Not out at the time), or waiting on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus(Also not out at the time).

NEGATIVES - Or are they?
So far I have not been disappointed by this phone in any possible category! My first couple of pictures left a litle to be desired, but I noticed that I was in really strange lighting situations in my home. For that I would deduct half of a star because the other phones compared are supposed to have even better perfoming cameras(although the nexus is only spec'd out as having a 5 MP rear camera). All pictures that I have taken since then(at restaurants, club/bar scenes, and work) have been at a quality that is better than expected. The only other concern I had was that this phone has a SAR of 1.45 which is a bit higher than the Iphone, Rezound, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus as posted online as of 11/10/2011. I've read many reports about SAR ratings, the increase in use of cellular devices of the past 10 years, and brain cancer. My readings have me convinced that there is no evidence linking cellular device use to brain cancer due to the fact that there has NOT been an increase in brain cancer patients over the past 10 years. The speaker phone could be a tiny bit louder, but it is adaquate at its highest level. Turning the phone volume up to its highest level with the speaker phone on produces a slight crackle here and there(hardly noticeable), but this can be solved by tapping the volume bar one notch down.

The phone size is probably one of the biggest pros that i am really enjoying. Most people have their phones in a protective case which causes the phone to bulk up quite a bit. I purchased the otterbox commuter and the added size puts this phone at the perfect size for talking and carrying around in my pocket. The rezound, nexus, and iphone are all thicker, thus would be much bulkier once a case is applied. I've seen reviews posted saying that this phone is a little on the slow side but they must be fake, because i have not had a single hiccup in speed since using the Droid Razr. Call clarity has been stunning for me so far! I have never had a cell phone that I have been able to hear out of so clearly. The speaker phone is really clear as well. I puchased this phone on 11/11/11 at a price of $111.11 on by signing a new 2 year contract with Verizon. Verizon had recently started a promotional offer to double data therefore i was upgraded from 2 GB to 4 GB of data a month for 30 bucks. Since switching from AT&T to Verizon, I have not had any dropped calls which I did experience on occasion with AT&T. Even if the phone would not have been at a low price of $111.111 I would have purchased it without regrets.

My actual rating for the phone itself would be 4.25-4.5.
The fact that I feel like I got the best deal of the 2011 Holiday Season pushes the rating to 5 stars.(Note that I do not know what the price of the Galaxy Nexus will be or the price of any of these phones during the Thanksgiving holidays and Black Friday for that matter, but from looking at the online Black Friday ads( are not any better deals.
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on November 27, 2011
As usual for Motorola, the device is superbly engineered. The mechanical quality being best in class. The human interface is decent too. I've been able to employ some of the advanced features quickly and easily, which is a change from my Microsoft experiences. The camera and video work, but are about the same quality I've seen on other phones. The display is bright and vibrant working well in the shade, but not in full sun. One curious artifact of the phone is the ubiquitous google presence. Google wants to know what you're doing, where you're doing it, and with whom. To this end there seem to be a lot of apps asking for permission to phone home to google and report. If you want to use the GPS mapping software for instance, google will be informed where you go, when, and for how long. This just seems unnecessary for a phone, and a little disturbing (at least to me). But then, I use google Chrome, so google already tracks and saves what I search on and what web sites I visit, so they may as well know who I'm calling, and when, and for how long... Other than that, I'm impressed wth its Hot Spot capability, te fact that when it's on my home wifi it does not appear to bill me for megabytes delivered, and even its battery life has been good. The bluetooth to my stereo headsets works great, and I even ran an Audble Droid app to play books from, contrary to audible's report that they were not compatible with Motorola Androids. Buy a few and give them away for Christmas!
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on January 30, 2012
I'm part of the Verizon Wireless Ambassador Program where I am given a device for free in order to provide input.

I consider myself a very very basic user of smartphones and Android devices. I have both a Droid X (personally) and have playing around with the RAZR for a few days now. The RAZR is sleeker than the X for sure. Clearly it's thinner and lighter.

I received my RAZR with Android SW 2.3.5 on it. My X still has 2.3.3.

You'll probably be reading about the great call quality however, I have not been able to have a good call on the device yet. All my calls seem hollow and/or tinny. This was the exact same problem I had when I first activated my Droid X back in August 2010 and had to get it swapped out for a replacement.

If you're a data lover, then you're going to enjoy the 4G LTE. Downloads are fast but be warned! You will use your battery FAST! Battery usage should simply be a default expectation.

I thought the camera on my X was always blurry and didn't react in time for me to get the pictures I wanted. I have not seen this in the RAZR yet which is bonus since I use my phone as my camera.

Overall, it's a pretty OK phone.
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