Customer Reviews: Motorola DROID RAZR 4G Android Phone, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)
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on August 12, 2014
as a guy who is about to upgrade to a new phone, let me tell you that nobody SHOULD EVER GET THIS PHONE. EVER. like my previous motrola droid phones, this phone starts out great, fast and smooth. but after the first year everything breaks until the last month where the phone is begging me to take it out of its misery.

the pros of this are simple: its thin and has a pretty decent camera. but the cons, well let me explain everything that is wrong with my razr: rear speaker doesnt work. headphone jack doesnt work. phone randomly loses service, even after a reboot. battery charges to 60% then says fully charged, phone locks up and restarts on its own every 1-3 days. my texts are being deleted randomly by the stock messaging app and last but not least, its so unbearably slow now that to load up any app (stock or from the market) takes upwards of 5-10 seconds.
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on November 23, 2011
Previously owned a Droid X and a Casio Commando. Bought this because Commando's user interface is awful.

I love everything about this phone except for the battery. Droid Razr I have to charge twice a day and I've turned everything off except the email sync. My Commando and Droid X would last 1 to 2 days.

I really like how microSD card can be swapped w/o opening the battery case. Wish all phones were like this.

Since the battery is not replaceable I'm forced to seek out a charging location twice a day. This would have been more bearable if the battery were swappable. I use the phone about half as much as my kids use theirs. My monthly bill shows I rarely exceed even 1GB of data.

This phone is going to force me to top-off my charge everytime I stop somewhere, that repeated cycling will likely prematurely kill the battery even more.

In hindsight I wish I just got another Droid X b/c whats the point in having a phone if you don't have enough juice to make it through the day.
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on February 8, 2012
I wish I had read all the reviews here before I bought the phone because a number of users have noted the poor battery life. My Droid was a great phone, could go a couple of days without being charged, but the download speeds were not that great. personally, I think Motorola should have put a better battery in before they marketed this product. I am going to try to get my money back, i have only had it about a week.
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on November 24, 2011
I got the phone mainly as an impulse buy when I saw the pricing. I have an HTC Merge from U.S. Cellular but had really been craving something a bit more upscale.

I recommend porting your number to Google Voice, and then activating a new number with Verizon to get the phone for a penny. This way you can always get a the "new" customer pricing, by cancelling your old line at the end of your contract, and keep you number via Google Voice.

The phone itself is super-fast and has great battery life. I took a ton of pictures on Thanksgiving and used it quite a bit all day, and at the end of the day I'm at 2/3rd full.

Amazing phone overall for the price.
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on December 20, 2015
This phone was my first smartphone and it was awful. Do not get this phone. Repeat, do NOT get this phone. Within a 3-4 months after I got the phone, it would lag and freeze and the apps would crash. I went from this phone to an iPhone 6 and it was a HUGE leap and I'm so happy with the phone I have now.
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on July 30, 2014
I am so glad to be rid of this horrible phone. First one I got didn't work at all, I had to bring it back. The battery has to be charged at LEAST once a day, usually more. I have to take chargers with me everywhere. It "hangs" frequently, doesn't work with Pandora very well and has to be rebooted frequently. Perhaps this one was also a lemon like the first one. I've had it 2 years and couldn't wait to get rid of it. By the way, I got the LG G3 and it's AWESOME in every way, especially battery life. Screaming fast too
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on March 5, 2012
My previous phone was a 1st generation Motorola Droid and I thought it served me well until it didn't. Time to upgrade, and at this point, taking on a 2-year contract for a phone with 3G technology is a no-go. I got the Droid Razr from from the local Verizon store, not Amazon. It's a 4G LTE model with 32gb's of roomy-room and an exterior slot for a mini-SD card to add more room, should you need it. It's not the absolute latest model, so it's currently offered at a reasonable deal. The latest model in this line offers more battery power, but we'll get to that.

As it happens, the air space surrounding our house is 3G airspace. 4G is available in the backyard, front yard, up the street, down the street, all over the neighborhood, but not at our house. Not via Verizon (my provider) or AT&T (my husband's cell provider). Hopefully they'll get around to filling in the blank spots soon, but that said, even while operating on a 3G network, this phone uploads and downloads much more quickly than the former. MUCH more quickly.

The screen is so clear that by comparison, the former Droid seems muddy. (It isn't, but COMPARATIVELY, it is.) It isn't a tablet by any means, but if someone is on the fence about investing in a tablet, this might fill the niche. The crisp display is large enough for goofing around or catching up, but the phone itself is surprisingly comfortable for actual phone work. The current trend in the cell industry is to create ever larger phones. This one is large enough without being cumbersome.

Between Amazon and the Verizon Market, there are lots of apps for the choosing. It's easy to customize your screen and easy to operate with no discernible lag when sweeping or initiating an app, as used to occur with the 1st gen Droid.

The battery? Well, this phone is a heavy user, so for someone who would take advantage of all the phone can do -- including watching movies -- but wouldn't necessarily have a power source readily available, definitely get the Droid Razr MAXX. It's the very same phone, but with more battery power. One way or another, I'm always near a power source, so there wasn't a reason to spend the extra money.

Side note: this phone's charging plug inserts into an outlet, then attaches to the phone with a USB/micro-USB cord. The charging plug itself has double input, meaning, while you're charging the phone you can also charge other USB-style electronics via the same outlet. I'm modestly impressed by the thoughtfulness. Thank you, Motorola.

I thought the 1st generation Droid was excellent, so improving dramatically on that -- and it is a dramatic upgrade -- makes this phone outstanding.
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on October 14, 2013
I "upgraded" to the Razr from my DroidX based on the promise of better battery life, etc. WRONG! Battery life is acceptable only as long as it is used in the phone mode only--activating data or wifi modes sucks the battery down within a few hours. Also, reception in fringe areas is much, much worse than the DroidX. I've experienced numerous dropped calls in areas where I had no dropped calls with the Droidx (exact same location, on a mountain top with line-of-sight distance to cell towers of 17 miles). Also, signal reception varies to the extent that it receives no signal at all (can't even place a call)for awhile, then later on the phone shows 3 or 4 bars and calls are no problem. Compared to other cell phones in the same location, the razr has very poor reception. If you plan on spending all your time in the city with lots of cell towers close by, the phone is fine. Rural or fringe areas, forget it. I had much better service with my old Droidx.
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on January 19, 2012
One thing I didn't like about the original Droid was the size and shape. It always fell sideways in my pocket and it's heavy. Since I didn't use the keyboard much, thinner and lighter was a plus for the RAZR. Also, the RAZR display is crisper and larger than the Droid and much easier on the eye. I expected the RAZR apps to be much the same as Droid; however, that isn't the case. Some of the basic features like loading more than the most recent email just isn't there. Same for FaceBook - just the threads and no menu. The original Droid's features were better. Even the desktop falls short. Turn it sideways and the orientation doesn't change unless you select 'APPS'. Once everything is loaded, landscape mode works fine.

Battery life is an issue with the RAZR. If you use it, the battery won't last very long. It'll be discharged in a workday. Using USB connection to charge it is another problem. Make sure your drives are mapped before plugging in the RAZR as it will map two drives even if USB is set to charge only. The drive letters will be mapped but not connected. That creates problems with other network resources. Also, the battery is not removable or replacable.

The RAZR is a two-handed phone. That was easy enough to get used to but for some, it may not be desirable. Not the best choice for one-handers.

Signal strength is better with the RAZR. One complaint with the Droid is that people can't connect to anything in my area (all Verizon customers). Razr is able to connect at some level although, 4G is not available in many locations. Same for 3G - used to seeing a bar or two and '1X'. But the phone works much better and can actually receive a call without 100% chance that it'll be dropped.

I don't know why the 8 Mpix camera delivers such poor quality photos but, the 5 Mpix Droid was better. Some daylight photos are pretty good but I wouldn't call it a camera. It also seems that the fixed lens field is not as wide so, treat it like telephoto and move back. If there's room. One feature the RAZR has that wasn't part of the Droid platform is a front facing camera. Skype users may appreciate that feature but I don't use it.

There are plenty of free apps for the Android OS so, no problem getting what I want. Although, the $9.95 Verizon Navigation app can't be uninstalled even though the free Google Navigation app is installed and works great. Bunch of pre-installed stuff on there that I don't have a use for.

I like the phone even with its shortcomings. I haven't used the HDMI port but, it's there if I ever care to get a cable and play with it. Some glitchy stuff to look out for is deleting FB friends from the phone directory as it links them. Once you remove the contacts, even though they don't have phone numbers listed, they are no longer identified on FB. Posts from an unknown friend. Contacts were transferred in triplicate by the store so, maybe they also caused some other config problems. Actually, they took about 90 minutes to configure it and were on hold with Verizon Support for a good while. They were selling a lot of Apple's latest but only a few RAZR's. Perhaps they weren't up on the learning curve yet - it was only on the market two weeks when I bought mine which wasn't even stocked yet (one week delivery at the time).

My original Droid never had to have the battery pulled and that isn't possible on the RAZR which did freeze on me once. Just have to hold the power and both volume buttons together to re-boot. Speaking of volume, the ringer isn't very loud. Neither is the mp3 player. And one strange glitch is that it forgets my ringtones now-and-then and defaults to one of the pre-installed tones.

It's a nice phone but still has some bugs that need to be worked out.
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on January 13, 2012
This is the first smartphone I've ever owned. I was locked in a battle choosing between the iPhone and the Razr, but in the end I went with the Razr. What influenced my decision was the large 4.3 inch screen, longer 12.5 hour battery life and the ability to use the faster 4G network. Although the iPhone has Siri, but the Razr can use about 5 or 6 different talking assistant apps of it's own. One of which is ironically called Iris which is Siri spelled backwards. There's another one called Speak To It that's pretty impressive. You can even customize the look and voice of the virtual assistant. So these apps will satisfy those who might envy iPhone's Siri.

The Razr is beautiful. It has a very sleek, clean and high tech design. The screen is awesome. It's very detailed and the colors are beautiful. It's very pleasing to look at. The features are great. The phone has all kinds of bells and whistles that I don't even know where to begin. I've had no problems with it. Some have complained about the battery. So far the battery life has held up pretty well. I'm not a heavy user though. There are apps like Juice Defender that automatically adjusts certain settings in the phone to conserve battery life.

If you're a power user and you're concerned about the battery life then maybe you might consider waiting for the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx that's supposed to come out in a few months. It's almost exactly identical to the Razr except that it's a little thicker, but the upshot is that the Razr Maxx has got twice the battery life as the Razr. I had no idea about the Razr Maxx and wish that Motorola would've came out with both phones at the same time to allow consumers a choice between the thinner Razr or the thicker Razr Maxx with more battery power, but like I said I'm not really a heavy user and I'm more than happy with the Razr. I think it's awesome and I think you will too. :-)
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