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on December 7, 2011
Ok, so this phone is beautiful, light, and pretty easy to use. That being said, the battery life is the worst of any phone I have ever owned. I talk on the thing maybe 10 minutes a day, keep it on standby with the display off, and might listen to 2 or 3 songs. That's it. No video, no bluetooth, no nothing else and the battery won't even last a full 24 hours. I find I'm charging it about every 15 hours, and it takes a full 3 hours to reach a full charge from 10-20%. I am incredibly disappointed as this makes the phone pretty much useless if you are going to be out and about for a full day. I wouldn't recommend buying it.
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on October 9, 2012
This phone sucks I have had it about 3 weeks and have had trouble with random little things some examples: cutting off and on by itself, screen freezing and some other things. The final straw as today after trying to hang up after a phone call my screen once again froze except this time it stayed frozen with that call on the screen for 4 hours and now it acts like its turning on but it doesnt. I so pissed and diappointed wishing i would have gotten an I phone or anything else actully!!
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on January 14, 2012
This is a great phone in most respects. Nice touch screen (even for fat fingers), good speed and function.
However, my major complaint is battery life. The spec states "up to 8 days in standby". When I'm working on a job site, that's how I use it, just for a few calls. The battery only lasts 24 to 36 hours. Yes I have turned off WiFi and most updates. The battery information says the main users of power are Android operating system and the cell standby.
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on November 23, 2011
This is my first DROID phone and I am really loving it ... thanks amazon for giving this great price , the ordering process from amazon is really smooth and had NO issues. I received the phone in 1 day .... great job and great phone .. from Motorola.

tip.. if u are about to use internet a lot ... battery may consume fast so ... buy a extra charger .. that is sold in amazon for 5 bucks ..
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on December 10, 2012
Had the phone less than 2weeks when it died. Verizon replaced my brand new phone with a REFURBISHED phone. It has been less than a year and now the sound only works intermittently. I pay for unlimited internet service but the phone disconnects me with a message that I have ""reached my data usage limit" at least several times a week and sometimes a couple of times a day.
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on November 21, 2011
This is is an excellent phone. Fast, beautiful screen, smart actions, superb hardware, and many more. The overall design is amazing. I am coming from Iphone 3,3GS, and 4. We also have Iphone 4S. This beats down Iphone 4s easily on all aspects except for camera. RAZR camera is fine, but Iphone 4s has abetter camera.
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on April 3, 2013
Worst phone I've ever bought! Battery sucked. Extremely slow even with 4G. Nice design but with the performance so terrible the design means nothing. Hated e phone o much I paid full price to get an iPhone 4S and that was by far a better phone. Even with iPhones 3G it was faster than the razrs 4G
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on March 5, 2012
Good phone, sometimes battery drains fast when phone is actively used for an extended period of time. Takes a bit to learn all the features (especially when upgrading from a non-smart phone). Still glad I chose razr over the droid 4. Only wish was I had the Maxx.
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on December 16, 2013
I’ll start by saying this phone delivers everything that’s promised about the technology. I’ve never had a problem with signal, Bluetooth, performance, speed, or any other listed feature. All around the technology in this phone is pretty great.
There are a few issues that go along with the original Razr. First is the screen. While resolution is great, and the screen is clear, the manufacturing process for bonding gorilla glass to the LCD screen creates minor defects in most screens. You can notice lines, specs, or waves in the screen if you display certain colors or images. Mine has 2 faint lines that are easily seen when the screen is green or black. This issues isn’t terribly difficult to ignore but given the price and the vast competition, when I buy a new product I expect it to be immaculate. Motorolla does not consider this a defect, and even if you get a new phone it will most likely have the same issue. Some users do not notice this at all.
Second MAJOR ISSUE is the battery. The life is decent when the battery is new. The phone lasted through the whole work day usually and only needed a charge at night. After about a 1.5 years of use the battery is crap. I’m lucky if it lasts me 6 hours (with only about 45 min of actual use). I’ve checked all apps and done resets, and verified android version. This is not a software issue. The battery is just not big enough once it has some mileage on it. To make matters much much worse, the battery CANNOT BE REPLACED without ripping the old one out with a knife and voiding any warranty you may have.
Last issue is the Motorolla company. If you get a replacement phone for any defect it will be a refurbished phone, NOT A NEW PHONE. I wanted to get mine replaced for the lines on the screen when I first got it, but after the first 14 days any phone you get will be a pre-broken or damaged phone that has been repaired. While I usually stand by refurbished products, Motorolla does not do a good job. I have had several of their phones, (droid, Droid X, and several old style phones) and have had several replacements for various reasons. I have never, not once, received a replacement phone from Motorolla that is in perfect condition. Usually there are only minor issues such as scratches, or maybe a few dead pixels on the screen. Other times I have gotten replacements with the same problem as the original phone, or worse. This leads to trading out your phone many times, and losing all ability to communicate for as much as 2 weeks while waiting for the replacement.
If you want this phone spend the extra money and get a Razr Maxx. If you are eyeballing any competitors phone buy that one instead.
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on December 12, 2011
I upgraded from the original Droid. My old Droid was working fine, but I was due for a discounted upgrade. I wanted to wait for the Nexus, but after seeing the reviews that made it sound rather fragile (and it's still not available) I decided to check out the RAZR. Lots of reviewers were complaining about the text quality, but it looks great to me. Sure, if you get out some magnifying glasses you will see the pixels, but why would you do that?

I like the engineering that went into the RAZR. The thinness, the gorilla glass, everything about it seems very well thought out. I was also tempted by the Iphone, but I wanted a bigger screen, and the bigger battery of the Droid. It's right on the edge of being too big, good thing I have big hands.

I bought the Otterbox case the same day I bought the RAZR, and it keeps the RAZR quite safe due to the raised plastic and rubber edges on the front and back. I examined the full coverage Otterbox but didn't like the belt loop. I ended up building my own leather and metal sleeve to protect the exposed glass side when the phone is in my pocket, or my backpack.

Regarding the battery, it's true that you can totally drain the battery in half a day if you are using the 4g to watch movies, but this is true of all big smartphones. I work on computers all day, I have no need to watch movies, or surf the net on my phone. I also don't play games. It's cool to know the phone can do all those things though, for those weekends when I am out climbing and need to check the weather. I'm not on facebook anymore (huge sigh of relief!) so I have no need to constantly use my phone on the weekends to post or check updates.

I get two to three days out of the battery (7am to 10pm). And I do that by turning off all the data: wireless and 4g. I've basically turned it into a dumb phone. For those occasions when I may need to keep the phone working hard all day, and I'm away from electricity, I bought an external battery pack from NewTrent. For only 28 bucks, I have a phone sized battery that will recharge the RAZR three times.

I was easily able to configure it to read my work email using the Corporate function to connect with Microsoft Exchange. But I set it to manual sync....again, I work at computers all day.

Lots of others have commented on the camera and powerful processor. I don't expect my cell phone to be anything more than a poor quality point and shoot, but the camera is better than my old droid. If a great camera is important, the iphone might be a better choice.

I've always loved the way I can easily get inside a phone running Android. Plug it into your mac or pc with the usb cable, and it acts like an external hardrive. Drag music, talking books, images, data files, whatever, directly into the phone. There is no messing around with itunes like I've heard you have to do on the iphone.

I love the smoothness of the operating system. This thing is very fast. It's super bright...all in all I'm happy I bought it and have no regrets.

Coolest apps so far: ColorNote for a "to do list", Akimbo player for listening to talking books, Dolphin browser with the LastPass password manager for tracking all my logins.
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