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on December 7, 2011
Coming from an iPhone 4 I can say it was/is a bit of a transition to Android.Most of the apps are free (ad-supported) which is good, but mostly not on the same quality but this review is not the OS but the phone.

This is an excellent phone. I read reviews comparing this to the Samsung Skyrocket so I checked out both. The build quality on the SS is way more plasticky, and to me that does justify the $50 difference. Plus touchwhiz is too much like iPhone, so why would I go to a fake version.

HTC V has a great display, is super responsive, and the LTE is nice. To be honest, I only went Android bcuz I wanted a bigger screen and the 4.5" beast here is great. It does not stick out as much in my pocket as I thought it would, iPhone is better handheld but this isn't bad either. Plus it feels sturdier than the SS.

To each his own though!!
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on April 17, 2012
First off, it's pretty clear that some people simply should not be allowed to write product reviews. The negative reviews listed here are laughable. 3 steps to make a phone call? You can customize your home screen as much as you want. You can make a direct dial shortcut and place it on your home screen. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Please ignore these noobs, and get yourself the Vivid. You won't find a phone with better bang for the buck than the Vivid. A huge screen, 4G LTE, Ice Cream Sandwich, qhd display, zippy 1.2 dual core, etc. I picked this phone up as a renewal for a penny. Even managed to call At&t to get the upgrade fee waived. It might take a couple of tries, but keep at it.
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on April 18, 2012
I've not had a phone as fast or responsive as the HTC Vivid before. The speed is just amazing. In side by side comparisons it beats most phones most of the time in data speeds. Even when compared to phones on the same network, somehow, the Vivid gets just a little more speed than everything else. Of course, it's easy to blame the quality build for that. The phone may be slightly heavier than others, but it never feels cheap. From the beautiful screen to the aluminum back plate, it just oozes quality. The features of the phone just work as well, which is hard to say of phones at times. Voice to text is fast and accurate in most low noise conditions. Like all voice control tech, don't expect much in loud or noisy situations. I.E. turn off your car radio. I've had nothing but the best experience with the device in using it since it launched in November. The sense overlay on top of Android 4.0 is by far the best of all the overlays out there. The widgets by HTC are the most useful of any manufacturer I've seen. In order to get similar functionality out of other handsets you need to hunt down half a dozen widgets on the store. By far the best stock music widget out there. Overall, another hit out of the park by HTC. I couldn't recommend it more.
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on November 29, 2011
This is only one of AT&T's two "true" 4G phone at Thanksgiving 2011, supporting LTE. So it is faster than iPhone4S.

If you need to travel outside of USA, AT&T's compatible GSM/WCDMA/UMTS/LTE network will be your choice. Though the 4G/LTE part may not be compatible due to frequency fragmentation.

This phone has a qHD display, the highest resolution of them all, of the two AT&T 4G/LTE phones. It's 960x540 pixels, slightly slightly less than the iphone4S's 960x640, bigger than Skyrocket's 800x480. But in smartphone terms, the display of the Vivid is much larger than the iPhone4S. For me it means arguably more comfortable to read books for example. Certainly you can touch type more comfortably.

There are now 1280x720 displays, but arguably not all pixels are truly there. Though it makes it easier for software to just display the HD image, instead of rescaling that uses more processing power. And if 960 is good enough for apple fans, it's good enough for me. I'm more creative with less pixels.

Many people go for bench marks of the processor, but I will go for the resolution for more future proof. As long as the phone is running smoothly, the processor is OK. Any one more multitasking will kill the extra MHz that your processor has.

Yes, it's big, thick and heavy, and that's why it gets 4 stars. It's a good price to pay for the awesome display and LTE. Actually the length and width is typically of Android phones. Skyrocket has almost the same dimensions and thickness. Because of the wedge like edges, it never look that thick unless you view squarely at the bottom, as some of the review photo shows. So it's arguably thinner than the Skyrocket.

It feels heavy, but I doubt if the extra oz will ever cause you fatigue in holding it. No smartphones are light enough to put in dress shirt pockets. And my wife never carry any phone in any pocket - always in her handbag.

A reviewer can't stand the look! What a review. Actually I suspect that HTC use indestructible plastic as in the Dyson, a vacuum cleaner. It's been 10 years and my wife still couldn't manage to break it or even scratch it. Oh yes, I write vacuum cleaner reviews too. The metal armor black plate reinforce my suspicion. One day, when my phone smash into yours, we shall know.

[Udate] I couldn't believe it. The phone slipped from my wife's hand while standing. It landed on the fake marble floor, as hard as concrete. So hard that the metal plate flew off the phone on impact. I can't even find a scratch on the phone. That's the best plastic you can get.

The front look like any other smartphone with a rectangle display almost to the edge of the phone. It got round corners. That's what you see. If it's on the table, it looks very thin because of the wedge. If you often turn it around and look at the back, you got problems.

The basic icons on the default home page are simple and intuitive. There is an on phone tutorial to guide you through touch typing if you are new to it. Anybody can call and text and email without the phone being too smart for you.

Typing is sensitive and with feedback in the from of vibration and sound, all optional. When you turn the phone in landscape mode, the keyboard is pretty large and accurate for your fingers. With all that, swype and fancy corrections aren't that important. There is the usual intelligent correction though.

The phone is capable of tethering, using it as a wireless router for your portables or tablets.

By default, all the apps are in one page. There's too much and I won't be using most of them. It takes me a bit to find the browser. On closer examination, you can rearrange them as in any computer desktop, and you have 7 home screen for that.

On cleaning, actually my opinion is that any coating, protective screen, jacket, are stupid. Even if you ever manage to make a visible scratch on the tough glass surface, it's way better than covering it up 24/7/365. It's that hard to produce a high resolution and bright and high fidelity screen and you cover it up and dumb it down. For this tough phone, you can trust it to the cleaners. At the end of the day, I wipe it with a microfiber cloth and it is shiny new again. You can put the cloth into the washing machine once a week or less. Just don't add fabric conditioner to it and don't tumble dry it. If you are fuzzy, add one drop of rubbing alcohol, degrease or dish washing liquid when you wipe it. Any grease and dust on it have to go somewhere. For this phone you can just wipe it off and becomes new again.

After the exposure of the Carrier IQ incident, I think most non-apple users are going to benefit from a massive class action. In further reports, it's there even on new iPhones, but it's easy to disable via settings. On this Android phone, the root kit appears as HTC AgentIQ on the running services list, which restarts as soon as you stop it. You can see the list in the settings app.

Don't blame the manufacturers and Android and iOS. It is supposed to be the carriers that have contract with Carrier IQ and request to put in in the phone. So Verizon can claim that they don't do that. HTC is investigating a patch to remove it.

Wherever the finger pointing is, key stroke logging is a no no, the signs of malware. If your phone have wifi chips but do not have wireless network software, any malware have to bring with it the software stack to connect to the internet and transmit. That's the same reason the Carrier IQ software becomes a security risk of it's own, no matter how obscure the API is.

In other words, it's like installing a close circuit TV in your bathroom without your knowledge. Imaging and sound processing techniques are used to determine how happy you are with the flush of the toilet, but no images actually leave your house. Still ridiculous.

The interesting thing is that Carriers are immune from having wiretapping capabilities. The scandal is bigger above carriers. Did big brother testing our resolve? Bezos is a good whistle blowing guy, but why my modified review didn't go through?
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on January 1, 2012
Choice was the Samsung skyrocket or HTC vivid. After much testing at the att stores I decided on the vivid. Reason. The screen on the vivid was brighter and whiter. SS had a blue hue and less resolution. The vivid was physically slightly smaller and made it easier to wear on my belt.
This is my first time on an Android phone and I have beein very please using this vivid. it ihas super fast download with the dual core and LTE. It has been tricky getting use to the touchscreen coming from blackberries but getting the hang of it. My wife has a 4S and I prefer the larger screen on the vivid.
One lacking I miss is the push email of my blackberry. I now have to open my email inbox to see if I have new emails. If this is important to you then go iPhone or BlackBerry.
Overall very satisfied with this vivid.
One comment was there is not the usable 16 gigs of storage but only 8 gigs. Not a big issue as can buy a 16 gig chip for $20 and now have plenty of space.
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on July 11, 2012
this is about the same as HTC One X. not much different if you only care about the function. the battery life is not as good as the One X, and it is heavier. other than that, they are the same. ATT would hate to see this post,but its true. I have had 4 smarts over my 2 year contract with att, and i know what i am talking about. if the money metters, grab this one instead. Also, I have the black one, but i think the white one is better looking.
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on June 9, 2012
this phone is the best phone you could ever buy by htc(not including the one x). it is beautiful, great to hold, stunning display, terrific audio even without being updated to android ice cream sandwich 4.0. this phone is what you are looking for if you are looking for something to have thats a step up from your iphone or your old android device. i love it you will to. just make sure you get a case for it as it is not a samsung rugby smart so it is not meant to be dropped
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on March 19, 2014
I took my child to the aquarium and I took the best pictures of the animals. Some were through glass and the camera on this phone is AWESOME!!! Didn't miss any detail or color in any picture. So clear and not foggy from the glass. Looked like there was no glass. And not just great pictures, but durable also. Mine was on my car roof when I left my house. It flew off the top And slid along the asfalt and didn't scratch or break it. Way cool! If you are hard on your phone I recomend buying this phone!!!! Worth the hunt to find one in stock!!! I give it 10 stars if I could.
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on May 8, 2012
I'm no techie fanatic, but I will scrutinize, and I really like this phone. My wife just got the Motorola Bionic (Verizon), which is same effective price and specs, and this is a far better device. Camera is incredible. CPU is very speedy overall. ICS is beautiful. It does everything well, and it hasn't stumbled or crashed. Use Google Navigator a lot.

My one gripe with the HTC is the lack of HTML support for email via Exchange sync. It's otherwise great for gmail. This is a known flaw discussed on the forums. Also, ICS does not support a Bluetooth voice dialer, which previous OS had. Huge letdown while driving. Market apps exist, but few work as well as previous OEM dialer.

Haven't had the chance to use LTE due to plan restrictions, but speed on "4G light" (aka 3G+HSDPA)is impressive compared to my previous 3G Android. Battery life seems decent, but requires daily recharging. As expected.
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on June 28, 2012
I absolutely love this phone. Bought off Amazon a little over a month ago. Originally, I had absolutely nothing to complain about. My issue now is... I usually keep text/calls to vibrate, unless I'm driving. I've recently figured out that if texts (messages) are on the unlock screen shortcut and you don't close out of texts before the phone locks, it won't always vibrate. No issues if ringer is on. Other than that, I highly enjoy the Vivid!
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