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on January 18, 2012
Been playing around with this phone since Thanksgiving.

Earlier this month, the bootloader finally got an unlock, which allowed me to root and install custom roms. This little thing is fast, even if it has an underclocked 1.2 ghz processor. Bloatware can be removed with root.

Replaces my netbook, which I no longer lug around because I have hspa+ on this phone (4g LTE not available in my area yet) web browser is super snappy.

Low volume can be remedied by market apps that boost the equilizer settings.

Chose this over the samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket because, like many other reviews, the colors on the screen come out clearer and in higher definition on the vivid. Netflix and NBA leaguepass play flawlessly on its 4.5 in screen, which is gorgeous.

Camera is amazing. Haven't had much time to play around with it though.

Got a case for it and it makes the volume rocker and power button much less likely to be accidently pressed. I suggest getting the best type of case for this phone.

The only caveats I have with the phone are that the housing of the phone isn't top quality, I had to send my first one back and the second one has the same problem where the housing isn't fully attached to the bottom of the screen, but its small and hardly noticeable. Not worth a second thought, it's an amazing phone!

ICS is coming out within the next two months for this phone! And HTC Sense has the most beautiful widgets and animations....on top of its qHD screen. Sometimes, I'll just watch the weather animations on the screen. :)

Will not be outdated in the 2 years of the contract with its dual core processor and amazing camera!

Definitely recommended! Played with the 4s and the SR, the 4s' screen is the same size as my old Optimus T and I love my multimedia too much! The SR feels light and cheap with its plastic. Also heard bad things about the LG Nitro being super laggy, eventhough it has the ICS display. The vivid definitely is hefty and I love that! Get this phone! It's a keeper!
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on December 8, 2011
I have been waiting so long to get this phone. I have read all the reviews about it and was very excited when I first got my hands on it. But after hours of using and checking it out, I came to this following conclusion:
The phone looks very luxurious in my hand, the soft smooth plastic and my favorite part which is the hard grey metal cover on the back. The weight of the phone what gives its uniqueness, people might dislike this but all the other light phones gives them a cheapy feel.
However, let me get to the pros and cons:
-The screen resolution is brilliant! It is true there is now phones with 720p displays but believe me, qHD is more than enough, plus the 720p displays is too much for the dual cores processors to handle.
-The 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor is ok, its not that fast but there is no lags.
-The camera is good, there is no shutter delay and it takes less than half a second to focus. But taking pictures at night is not an option, the pictures are quiet dark and unclear. But outdoor its great, I love the colors.
-As I have said, the design is pretty beautiful.

-Too many unremovable useless applications, like for instance a mirror app which uses the secondary camera as a mirror. Seriously?
-The volume buttons are too long and I always press them by mistake while holding the phone.
-No bootloader unlock for Vivid which means no root.
-No Super Amoled Screen, the colors are pretty dull. I had the samsung infuse which uses the Amoled technology and THERE IS A BIG DIFFRENECE compared to the vivid's regular LCD screen.

In conclusion, The HTC Vivid is a nice phone, the best from AT&T phones collections. I reccomend it to everybody and they will proudly show off with it.

P.S: I wrote this from my HTC Vivid:D
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on March 31, 2012
I love this phone, love AT&T 4G Lte, dislike that there was no memory card included because I am a big music junkie.
Love this color, black is undesireable to me. On another note, I wouldn't purchase from Amazon if you are upgrading on a family plan because it would be 160 something dollars here, but on AT&T's website, it is just 100, so cheaper! but all in all I reccomend this product to everyone!
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on May 11, 2012
I've had this phone for about two weeks now, and have had lots of time to get to know it. I switched from a Captivate, which had 3G, and had just been upgraded to Gingerbread, to the HTC with 4G LTE, and Ice Cream Sandwich. However, I'm going to try really hard not to compare the two phones because I imagine that, with the different Android operating systems, plus the 3G and 4G, it would be like comparing apples to oranges at this point.

What I like so far:

1. The phone is very user friendly for the most part, and I appreciate that because I'm not extremely intuitive with technology.
2. I love the huge retro clock.
3. It has an indicator light that shows when the phone is fully charged. Not every phone has that.
4. With the 4G, LTE, this baby is super fast when loading web pages.
5. I went from a super amoled screen on my Captivate, to the one on the Vivid, and I don't see that much difference. It looks great to me. The picture is very, well, vivid.
6. When listening to music with headphones, the sound is very good. Without headphones, the sound isn't anything special.
7. The speaker phone has pretty good volume.
8. I can use my own songs for ring tones, and can have as many different ring tones as there are contacts. Also, I can apply my own pictures to my contacts.
9. This may just have been my own pet peeve, but I hated that AT&T "whoosh" sound when my phone came on, and, thankfully, that has gone away. HTC doesn't have a sound when the phone comes on, either, and I really appreciate that. Maybe they don't have one because of their tag line, "Quietly brillant."
10 Others have said that the battery cover is difficult to remove, but I haven't had any problem with it at all.
11. The camera takes great pictures, and it has a flash. I didn't know that when I bought it, so it was a nice surprise. Also, it will take a panoramic shot, but I haven't tried that, yet. The auto focus works great as well. I'm having a bit more difficulty getting the hang of the video feature, but it's probably more my fault than HTC's.
12. I love having a white phone, and am so glad HTC gave me that option.
13. I can remove the battery cover if I need to. I was ready to buy the HTC OneX until read where the cover is sealed. I want to be able to put in another charged battery, or be able to take the battery out and put it back in when a tech support person tells me to.

There really isn't much that I don't like about this phone, but #1 is the reason I gave it four stars instead of five.

What I don't like:

1. I can't voice dial. Once upon a time, I had a phone on which I could press a button, listen for a beep, and tell it to call a contact. AT&T gave instructions regarding how to do the voice dial, but when I tried it, the "Voice Dial" app was missing. So, I went to HTC's web site, and in their forum, several people were complaining about Ice Cream Sandwich taking away the ability to do this. This might make it hard for a visually-impaired person to use.

So, I contacted HTC, and they said to get a voice dialing app from the Android store. The problem is, the apps I found, require me to go through as many steps as I have to take in order to call a contact the normal way. I tried several of the assistant-type apps, but the only one that would allow me to shake the phone in order to access the assistant and have it voice dial, never got the contact right.

2. It's a bit on the heavy side. However, that could be because it appears to be made with quality materials, and if that's what makes it a bit heavier, then that's fine with me. Of course I had a Motorola brick long ago, so anything that came after that seemed light to me. :-)

3. I'm having mixed results when attempting to pair it with other bluetooth devices. It paired up nicely with a headphone and my car, but it still isn't working with my Toshiba Qoosmio. I'm not sure if it's HTC or Toshiba, and just haven't gotten up the courage to go into tech support hell to find a possible solution. If I find one, I'll update.

4. I once had a Sony phone that would alert me to calendar reminders even when the phone was turned off. I don't know if any phone does that any more, but I would love it if the Vivid could do it. If there's a technological reason that Smart Phones can't do this, then I'll remove this complaint. Otherwise, when the phone is on, it does a very good job of alerting me.

So there you have it. I hope this has helped some of you who are thinking about buying this phone. Overall, I'm very happy with it, but would be happier if I could voice dial and get it paired up with my laptop.
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on March 20, 2012
This is the second HTC phone I've bought, but this one is even better than the last. I have it in white, and it's such a beautiful phone. Also, it runs super fast, and has a beautiful picture. I love the weather widget that comes on the front screen on the phone and love always being able to keep updated on the weather where ever I'm at. Also, has lots of other beautiful widget's that come with the phone that are great for keeping up with emails, and social networks. Love that it has millions of apps, and room for a 32 GB storage. I bought another 16GB memory for my phone, and I have a lot of pictures, a few nice apps, and video's on my phone and still have a crap load of storage left. This phone is just, so awesomely adorable in white. I would def. suggest it. I got the reusable, white screen protector to go with it, and a few different cases which makes it look EVEN better, and keeps my phone in great shape!

- had a tech. problem with text messages grouping together and not formatting in the original conversation, and had to factory reset the phone because HTC and ATT could not solve this problem.
- battery life isn't that long if you like to surf the web a lot, which I do.

Other than those two things,
I have had no other problems with this phone, and I absolutely love it.
It's my favorite phone ever, and I would definitely suggest this phone to everyone interested in an Android.
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on December 1, 2011
This is the newest HTC Android phone available from at&t. I bought this for my daughter. I have the Aria. My son has the Inspire. All are good phones.

This is a 5 star phone. I like it so much, I am trying to find a way to buy one for me, but at&t wants me, a long, loyal customer, to pay nearly full price...

The caveat that makes this review 3 star has to do with the storage memory. It is listed here and at HTC's website as 16GB. at&t lists it as "Up to 16GB". The phone arrived showing just over 8GB available. I took it to the nearest at&t outlet and their phones show the exact same amount.

This phone MAY have 16GB of storage memory, but when you only get about half of it for you own use, it's not much better than the Inspire, which comes with an 8GB microSD card. This phone can take a microSD card, up to 32GB. But it does not include a card, because it's listed as having 16GB built in.

By all means, buy this phone. I like the newest UI. I love the amount of built-in storage and up 32GB microSD card space. Just be aware that you will not get the nearly 16GB of storage space you might expect.

I am going to spend some time, after my daughter plays with the phone for a while, trying to de-install some of the extraneous crap HTC and at&t like to give you. Maybe I can free up some more space, as I did with my little Aria.

Overall, this is a great phone. Nice new UI. Lots of built-in storage room for you to install or transfer your stuff to. Excellent up to 32GB microSD card storage, if you buy one and put it in. Just know that you WILL NOT have almost 16GB of built-in storage, as implied.

Buy this phone - I want one - and enjoy. I believe it's worth the money!
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on May 22, 2012
There's an error in the post on memory there its stated with 256 MB of RAM, there's really 1GB built in... Well worth the money on this phone.
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on March 3, 2012
This phone is like perfect for everything. Amazing camera. Amazing video. Amazing speaker. Fast internet. All in all best phone ever. Thanks, Lydia. :)<3
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on March 8, 2012
It is not the phone that makes me upset! It is the fact that a new customer can get it free. I on the other hand have been a faithful customer for many years and have a family plan. Why does an individual get to pay $99 as an existing account holder and a family is penalized by $39.00 - $49.00 - UNFAIR!!! I pay more in plan fees, data charges, etc...Why would you penalize the group that is paying the most. SAD SAD SAD!!! I am so disappointed in businesses that do not see the benefit in keeping customers who are faithful happy- always concerned with gaining new customers, but you would serve your company best if you kept some of the customers you gained - do the math!

SAD Customer!
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