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on June 6, 2013
I am new to the world of smart phones but I just got this one 2 weeks ago. Verizon charged me $350.00 for what I think is garbage. As previous reviews have stated, this thing gets HOT and has a short battery life. I have had nothing but trouble with the battery and charging system, so I took it back for an exchange. The first phone would stop charging intermittently and then it would not take a charge at all so I took it back and had to FIGHT with the Verizon rep to get it exchanged. I have had my new replacement phone charging for the last 10 hours - with the phone turned off, and it has only a 50% charge. As soon as I turned the phone on the charge dropped from 50% to 33% within 20 minutes even though the charger was still plugged in. I can not operate with an unreliable piece of JUNK like this - it is going back to the store and I am demanding my money back. HOW FRUSTRATING!

Update: I took phone number two back to the Verizon store and was quickly given a new phone, no questions asked, much better customer service than last night. We will see how phone number three works out... I suspect that the phones I have had so far have a newer and defective component than the previous reviewers' phones, it's the only explanation I can come up with. Hopefully Samsung and Verizon can work this out and provide an upgrade that is functional and reliable.

Update #2: Phone number 3 is holding up well. It charges quickly and holds a charge much better than #1 and #2 did. I still think that $350.00 is way out of line for this device plus Verizon bills me but good every month, their accountants must be from the firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe! Life was so much simpler before cell phones!
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on April 16, 2013
I've had this phone for over a year now. I don't write reviews unless the item leaves a strong impression on me (positive or negative), and with this phone, it's definitely negative. It does have positives, but here is what I've found to be wrong with it:

1. Horrible battery life. I had to buy a 3200mAh battery just to get through a single day of moderate use: texting, web browsing, email, no media at all. Absolutely atrocious battery life.

2. Random restarts. The phone will randomly just restart itself. No clue what triggers it, happens once every 1-2 months.

3. RF reception is bad. My friend is sitting next to me with his verizon droid bionic, he has connectivity, I do not. Happens often.

4. Bluetooth noise. I have tried 3 different bluetooth headsets, all have an annoying background whine, as well as white noise, while in a call with this phone. Documented firmware issue, has been around for over a year, nothing has been done to fix it.

5. GPS won't lock. I enable GPS, turn on google maps, and it often takes 20 minutes for the GPS to actually lock and accurately reflect my location. I am driving through suburbia, I put the phone right under my windshield, zero obstructions... no lock.

6. Lag. The web browser lags, apps lag, even the damn home screen lags. Every time they release an update it gets better... for a day or two. Then it's back to lag city.

7. Various other bugs that may be Android related, rather than specific to this phone: text messages sometimes get "stuck" until you send another one (especially MMS ones containing pictures), apps crash, impossible to get rid of google's apps that you never use, and then those apps bug you to update them, etc, etc.
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on November 26, 2012
I personally don't think that this phone gets the recognition it deserves. It's a great looking phone that functions amazingly well.

I purchased this phone when it came on on the Verizon Network and I don't regret it. I guess I would be what you would call an "advance" user as I've rooted and rom'd my phones....and if that's what you're looking to get into, then owning a Nexus phone is the way to go.

Now for the regular users. This phone has almost an infinity look to the front of it, as the bezel is black on top and bottom and runs directly to the screen. Depending on the angle you hold the phone you almost can't tell where the screen starts and ends when it's not on.

It's a great phone to have because you will keep up to date with the Android builds. You were able to take advantage of 4.0, 4.1 and probably 4.2 before most other phones are even considered to have it. Owning this phone means you get the Google Experience. Basically you don't get held down with all of the fancy "bloatware" that motorola, htc or even samsung puts on their phones. A Nexus device is purely stock android and the way it should be.

Now, to the issues which keep me from giving the phone 5 stars. I do believe that the radios (the method your phone gets its wireless signal with) are a beat lackluster. I notice that my signal bars are often lower than most other phones, BUT I have read this is the way the phone interprets it....but I know most of you will just want to look at the bars and judge by that. So an example would be when I have 1 bar 4G LTE my girlfriends Droid Razr generally has 3 bars 4G LTE in the exact same spot.

I'm also not a fan of the back case on the phone. It's built out of plastic and seems a bit slippery, so get a case or you'll be dropping the phone. Also, the case has little plastic tabs that snap into place. If you frequently remove your batter I can see how these plastic tabs can break (1 of mine did, but it took a year)

Finally, the camera. It's fast, it can take amazing pictures. It's only 5MP. It's a bit low in the world of "super phones", but it'll focus and take a picture faster than most of the 8MP cameras out there. So, you have to weigh out the pros and cons of that one for yourself.
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on September 11, 2012
I bought this phone when it came out in December, 2011. Love the Nexus experience--I came from a direct-from-Google Nexus One and I really enjoy that ICS goodness. In fact that should be the #1 reason why you want this phone.

However, I recommend AGAINST getting this phone from Verizon Wireless. They were the first-to-market in USA with this device and yet they still have not delivered the latest Android Jelly Bean for this device. It goes against the biggest advantage that makes the Google Nexus program from the consumer perspective, if other devices and carriers are getting the latest Android update before this device, including non-Nexus devices.

Of course, there are other advantages to this phone, such as a healthy support from 3rd party developers who offer ROMs and other ways to tinker with your phone, by rooting it. If you're here because you want to root your phone, then this Nexus phone remains an attractive offer.

If you're not, and you're looking for the latest and greatest updates from Google for Android, DON'T get a Verizon Wireless device. They have shown to be slow and uncommunicative for their new smartphone user base looking to upgrade their phone's software. Crippling Google Wallet has nothing on delaying a relatively small, incremental release like Jelly Bean. God forbid when a major Android release comes out, we'll likely never going to see it released by VZW short of half a year.

I still give this phone 3 stars because it is well-supported by 3rd party, and generally offers adequate set of hardware for today's best apps. I only took one star off for VZW's inadequacies, and one more star for its less-than-ideal build quality and relatively unwieldy size. The front glass is scratch prone, so I recommend some screen protector if you're any sort of rough on your phone. I already have 2 very minor scratches in 7 months, without using any protection.
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on July 18, 2012
I get this phone back in March where the price is more than $225. I have been very good experience with HTC incredible, but my wife dropped the HTC and end up with broken screen. That is the reason that I bought GNexus, which end up with a terrible experience. The first phone from Amazon is not able to activate. The second phone does work. However, compared to my HTC incredible, this phone has a very week signal. At my office, I often cannot talk on the phone and missed 40% of them, which have never happened to me with my Htc incredible. I have to use my office phone most of the time. Now, it is about 4 months since I have it. My Galaxy nexus cannot make phone call using the ear speaker. Only back speaker or headphone can be used to make phone calls. When I unplug headphone from the phone, the music does not pause (google music). Instead, it continue to play. Searched online, it looks like that the headphone jack sensor is broken. If I installed a software called Wired Headphone/Headset Fix, it will be able to use ear speaker for phone calls. Looks like the phone always assume that the headphone jack is attached, even actually it is not. Wired Headphone/Headset Fix is not a fix to the hardware (only disable headphone jack by software) and will not be able to automatically detect the headphone jack, and I would like Sumsung to fix my phone. Now it is on this way to Sumsung for repair.

Another thing is that the phone is now extremely slow now. It is not responsive and lags for simple go home button. It is not as smooth as my old HTC incredible even for more than 2 years of use. Galaxy nexus is the worst phone I ever have in my lifetime. Please do not buy it for your own time. Keep it away.

The phone is back from Samsung repair, which takes about 2 weeks. The repair does fix the headphone jack. However, the signal at my office is still poor. I cannot make a phone call for >10 minutes, where my old HTC incredible has no problem at all.

Update: Aug 14

The phone is malfunctioned again 2 weeks of repair. The worse experience...%$$$%&...I need to send it back to Samsung again,which takes more than 2 weeks to fix....What a pain. I called Verizon canceled my contract, paying >$300. Totally a nightmare.
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on June 15, 2012
I was very excited about this phone and bought it on its release day. I am a huge android fan but this experience 6 months later is really forcing me to consider switching to an iphone or razr maxx.

Let me start off with the good. This phone has a great screen (720p), great processor that rarely lags, and has an unlocked bootloader allowing you to update your phone earlier than verizon's notoriously slow process. 4G, when working, is incredibly fast. ICS is also a huge step up from gingerbread and in many ways superior to iOS.

Now the bad. The phone comes with an 1850 mAh which has atrocious battery life, as has been documented all over the internet. That equated to about 2-3 hours of web surfing before my phone completely died which I didn't think was possible. The 720p screen eats battery like nothing else and the chipset seems to heat up and drain battery life quicker than I have ever seen. I upgraded to the 2100mAh battery which improved my results somewhat. Now with light usage, customized battery saving roms, 4g, bluetooth, and gps all off, I can squeeze out about 12.5 hours of life out of the extended battery. My light usage consists of 30 mins or less of talking on the phone, 30 mins of web browsing, a couple of texts, and occasionally checking widgets. My friend has the same phone and has managed to get his up 15 hours by putting his phone in airplane mode for parts of the day. While the phone has a lot of great features, the battery life makes them borderline unusable and I find myself needing to carry around an extra battery with me to make sure my phone doesn't die before I can get to a charger.

The build quality of the phone is also very low. Samsung's choice of materials for the phone leaves a lot to be desired and I'm sure that some minor drops would be sufficient to break the phone. Im basically trying to get rid of this phone now so that I can get the razr maxx with its inferior gingerbread or i0S with its lack of features because unfortunately having a phone that can last half a day is too important to look over.
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on May 11, 2012
The good:
- The phone is light and feels great in your hand. Some people prefer heavier phones but I really love how this phone feels. It also looks great.

- The screen is great. Large and very high-res. (Colors aren't fantastic, though. I stopped noticing after a day or two.)

- The phone is extremely responsive. My big problem with my last Android phone is that it was clunky and unresponsive. Scrolling is smooth and apps are very fast.

- Verizon LTE. Where I live I get about 18 megabits per second consistently. It still amazes me.

The bad:
- My first one had serious signal problems. It lost *all* cell signal for a few minutes at a time at least once every half hour, which killed the battery. This meant I was unable to call, text, or use data (or receive calls and texts) until it picked up again. If this happens to you, take the phone back. The Verizon store swapped mine without hassle and the new one doesn't have this problem at all. Apparently this is a common problem.

- There's an issue with multitouch which can prevent the phone from recognizing two fingers at once. Apparently this is bad for gaming, but it also affects typing, depending on how quickly you type. Letters are occasionally skipped because the phone didn't sense my finger. This is apparently going to be fixed in an upcoming patch, but it's been delayed by Verizon for several months, so who knows when that'll happen.

- The maximum ringer volume is way too low. You're likely to miss it if you're in the other room, and the alarm's not going to wake you up if you're a heavy sleeper. Luckily there's an app called Volume+ on the market that fixes this by increasing the max volume. You don't even have to root your phone.

The three star rating is due to Verizon's slowness in releasing the update. Models of the Galaxy Nexus for other carriers suffered from the same signal and multitouch issues, but they were updated months ago. This phone is pushing 5 months old and still hasn't received an update since launch day, despite major bugs. Samsung did a great job, Google did a great job, but Verizon needs to get its act together.
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on February 12, 2012
I wanted to post a few things in this review that I was looking for the answer on before I bought this phone myself.

Battery is of more importance to me than 4g speeds. The 4g eats battery like nobody's business but toggle it off and go back to 3g which is still plenty fast for me and suddenly battery life is quite good (for a smartphone). I've been getting plus or minus 24 hours (really 24 hours not just saying a work day) out of a charge with average usage (3-4 hours of screen on web browsing/fiddling mostly on wi-fi, light camera usage, checking email throughout day, maps, 30min call time, etc.) Got the 2100mah extended battery coming too which should add a few more hours at least I hope.

The camera is average. Definitely the weakest link and I'm not just saying that because it is a 5mp vs 8mp. I had an open mind about that and was hoping that was all people were focused on was the number but the camera just really isn't that great. I'm coming off the original droid incredible who's camera was...well...Incredible (for a phone).

ICS/Android 4.0 is awesome. User friendly. Quick. Highly functional and easy to use.

The processor is zippy. Definitely the fastest I have used. Will not let you down.

The screen is awesome. Seems a little dim in the auto-mode when I'm in lower light but that is a fair compromise for extended battery life.

It does feel a little big in my pocket particularly when I'm sitting but not at all too big in my hands. The small bezel and thin profile helps fit that large screen in a manageable total package.

Waiting for the 4.0.4. upgrade to roll out (still on 4.0.2) but I haven't really noticed any connection problems/battery drain that I read about in forums. Looking forward to getting the quick updates associated with a nexus device.

Other than the camera I am very happy with my purchase.
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on February 3, 2012
I don't ever sit down to write reviews, but I'm so blown away by this phone I had to do this. I've owned and used a lot of cell phones in my life but the Galaxy Nexus is beyond anything I could have dreamed of. The look, feel, and function all blend together to give you the ultimate user experience.

Curved screen allows the massive screen to fit comfortably in your hand and makes it feel more snug against your face.
Everything looks amazing on the the Super AMOLED screen. Although the screen may not be as bright as some, I actually prefer that because it still looks amazing in all lighting conditions, yet doesn't burn your retinas out when reading it in a dark room.
Simply said 4G is blazing. Seeing how you're signing a 2 year contract on this phone, I think 4G is a MUST as 4G as is the new standard of mobile communications. You have to keep in mind LTE = Long Term Evolution, as in it's going to take some time until it's fully rolled out. 4G on this phone for means it's is ready for the future.
I used to think Motorola phones always had the best call quality, not any more! Calls are crystal clear on both ends.
The notification LED light is easy to see, pleasant to look at, has different colors for each notification (I use LightFlow to control the colors) just like my old BlackBerrys!
Battery life. Because the battery is swappable, I recommend buying an extra battery (the extended-life one) and an external battery charger so you can just swap and go.

Google really hit one out of the park. So many good things I can't list them. Home screen, apps menus, widget and widget controls, address book, multi-tasking are all amazing to look at, while being extremely functional. The OS really lets the display shine, with full screen high resolution contact photos (when viewing a contact/caller ID), menu transitions, smart buttons, etc.
GMail is as good as the desktop version, Google Talk Video Chat works very well while on 4G, Turn-by-Turn navigation, Google Music, Google+ all bring THE Cloud experience to you in the palm of your hand and it all flows together seamlessly and is fun to use. For the first time Android has the same feel as the iPhone in terms of a cohesive feel throughout, only Android does WAY more then iOS ever will.
Not all third party software is ready for the OS, but all the ones I use have little to no issues.

Bottom line is this is THE phone to own. Samsung and Google are blazing trails that a few years ago would have been deemed impossible. If you want a phone that's fun to use, does more then you can imagine, won't become out of date during your two year term look no further, the Galaxy Nexus is it!
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on January 23, 2012
I have had this phone for a little over a month. Recently I was given an iPhone 4S and figured I would give an honest review between the two.

The Galaxy Nexus has it on both screen size and quality. The Nexus just blows away the iPhone on screen quality - just amazingly clear.

ICS versus iOS - Got to give it to Google, things are integrated without me even thinking about it--amazingly intuitive user interface. It also makes the IOS so bland, which surprised me because I was impressed with the iPhone interface when it first came out. ICS is just so nice (and way more stable than previous versions of Android). I am also concerned about the limited amount of pages on the iOS -- where am I going to put my apps? (Maybe there is something to extend this?)

Widgets - enough said, not available on the iPhone. Not a big deal though because there are only a couple I really use. Still nice.

Apps - I was surprised on this one. Some of the free apps I used on the Android platform did not have as many levels or features when used on the iPhone... strange. iPhone users more likely to pay? There are a few apps that just work better on the iPhone, such as the Stock and Weather apps. For some reason my weather widget on the Nexus will not have data available a good amount of the time.
I kept thinking that the number of Apps on iTunes would tip the scales in favor of the iPhone, but not really. All the good ones are available in the Android market. I also noticed several reviews on the iTunes site about crashing apps, which I would have figured Apple's control over iOS and apps would prevent.

Build - I have to give it to the iPhone. I have been so afraid I am going to flex the Nexus and crack the screen when I place it in my pocket. Also, the battery cover is just plain flimsy/a joke. The iPhone at least feels solid - let's see over time.

I am sure I am leaving out a lot of details, but let me put it this way - if you are trying to decide between the two platforms, the Nexus is a much nicer way to go. Under my circumstances I will have to give up my Nexus and keep the iPhone - and I am really depressed about that. I had been looking forward to the iPhone and Siri - but in the end I would have much rather have kept my Nexus.
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