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on November 23, 2011
After a few days of calling every ATT store in the Boston area I finally found a Titan in stock last night and picked it up. I was too impatient to wait and take advantage of the awesome penny deal on Amazon plus I was exchanging my Focus S for the Titan so I took to plunge. (The Focus S is an awesome phone too and I wrote a review last week on Amazon about it. I just wanted to try out the latest and greatest so I traded it in for the Titan)

The Titan's screen is HUGE but the phone still fits nicely in to one had. HTC has designed this phone beautifully and almost the entire front of the device is filled by the screen. The bezel on the left and right side is almost nonexistent. This phone is gorgeous. The screen has a resolution of 480x800 which by today's standard is a bit low but you will be hard pressed to even realize this during everyday use. The Windows Phone OS looks fantastic on this screen and text is very easy to read. Videos and pics look outstanding and the super LCD really nails the correct colors accurately. You will love this screen.

Under the hood the Titan is powered by a 1.5 GHz single core processor. I am not sure why other OS's require dual core processors because Windows Phone OS runs buttery smooth on this phone. No matter what I throw at this phone nothing slows it down. Microsoft has really done a wonderful job keeping this OS lightning fast.

You get 16 GB of storage which for me is plenty. I have a ton of apps, games, music and videos on my phone and still have 9 GB free. Unfortunately there is no memory card slot so the 16 GB is all this phone will ever have. You do get access to 25 GB of free storage on Microsoft's SkyDrive which is integrated well in to the OS so you can always store your pics and docs in the cloud if you run low on storage.

ATT markets this as a 4G phone but it isn't true 4G LTE but just the HSPA+ network which is still plenty fast. In Boston my average download speed is right around 4Mbps a second. Not too shabby at all. The call quality so far seems top notch but quite honestly I have only made a few. The signal strength in Boston isn't that great to begin with so at times I am running with only 2 bars of strength. It doesn't seem to impact calls or the internet so as long as things run well I do not care how many bars I have. It is something I will pay close attention to in the coming days and will update my review if things take a turn for the worse. So far things are fantastic though.

The sound on this phone is great. It can get VERY loud when using headphones so be careful how far you crank up the volume. The external speaker is quite good for a phone but can get a little distorted when you max out the volume. The phone does not come with ear buds so you will need your own set. This really isn't an issue as most of the earbuds that come with phones are junk but I did find it odd that none were included.

I don't want to talk about the OS too much as this is a phone review but for those who have not used Windows Phone yet you will be amazed at how awesome it is. This is the future of mobile now. Once you use this OS going back to iOS or Android is very hard and you will wonder to yourself how you ever got along without Windows Phone and it's brilliant Live Tiles and super smooth operation.

While the app store is not nearly as large as Apples or Googles I have found that almost every app I used on my iPhone 4 has a counterpart on Windows Phone. You will also find the Windows Phone versions of your favorite apps look, feel and operate better than the ones on iOS. Wait to you open apps like USA Today or IMDB. They are truly magnificent. If you are a gamer and own an XBOX 360 then you really should be on Windows Phone as XBOX Live is integrated right in the OS and compatible XBOX Live games on Windows Phone include achievements so even on the go you can get those glorious little achievement notifications that some people have become addicted to!

That is it for now. I have to get back to playing with my new phone! If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments on my review and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

UPDATE 11/24/2011 - I have had the Titan now for a couple of days and my opinion that this is a fantastic phone is just getting stronger. The battery life is outstanding. I took it off the charger yesterday and used it quite heavily the entire day and when I went to sleep at 11:30 PM I still have about 9 percent left. This phone will easily get you through an entire day.

I have also now played with the camera and can say that the 8 megapixel camera takes great photos. Outside in daylight is where this camera really shines. I took some panoramic shot with the built in software and they came out quite awesome. The colors were very accurate. The video recorder works very well too and I got some great outdoor footage in glorious 720p. Taking pics inside the house at night with the flash on hurts the quality a bit but I still think the inside pics look a lot better than the ones I take on my iPhone 4. I think you will be quite happy with the camera's performance.

UPDATE 11/25/2011 - Office is absolutely awesome on the Titan. While you don't get to see more of your documents on the screen compared to smaller phones due to the resolution what you do get are documents that are much easier to create and edit. I have noticed this especially while using Excel as each cell is much bigger and easier to manipulate. This phone just keeps getting better and better.

UPDATE 12/03/2011 - 4G speeds. After researching 4G speeds on it appears that AT&T may be throttling their Windows Phones. In Boston where we have HSPA+ speeds I should be seeing twice the download speeds that I am currently getting. I still average around 4 Mbps which is fine for just about everything I have done so far but it sure would be nice to be up around 8. I am still leaving the review at 5 stars because the phone is still incredible but this is something you may want to consider if you are planning to switch over to AT&T.
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on November 26, 2011
I bought the HTC Titan on "Black Friday" and I must say that I'm very happy with my purchase! Upgrading from a Samsung Focus, I decided to stay with the Windows Phone devices because they are fast, reliable, and fun to use. I've owned an iPhone 3G and a Samsung Captivate (Android 2.1) in the past, but I prefer the setup of Windows Phone 7.5 overall for my cellphone needs.

To make this review easier to navigate, I'll break it down into some of the features I consider most important about this device...

1) SIZE & SCREEN: Okay, the first thing I noticed about the HTC Titan is that it's one BIG PHONE! Sporting a 4.7" Super LCD screen, the Titan made my old Samsung Focus (4" Super AMOLED screen) look like a toy! Even though the Titan has a large screen, I still find it comfortable to hold, because the body is pretty thin. While waiting for a phone case and holster to arrive from Amazon, I've been carrying it comfortably in my jean and jacket pockets without any problems. You will hear plenty of folks complain about the Titan's lower screen resolution (480 x 800) compared to Android and iPhone devices, but I don't think it's a problem. Everything displays sharply and well-lit on the Titan and sometimes I casually display it in the presence of iPhone and Android users, just to get a reaction ("Hey, look at THAT!"). Anyway, its like having a 60" 720p HDTV (Titan) and comparing it to a 32" 1080p HDTV (iPhone/Android)... give me the BIGGER SCREEN everytime! Bottomline: the Titan has a large, beautiful screen which looks great compared to other phones. Ignore the haters!

2) PROCESSOR SPEED: The snappier 1.5GHz Processor on the Titan compares favorably to other phones! For those who are considering high-end Android devices or an iPhone 4S just because they have dual-core processors, rest assured that the HTC Titan is no slouch when it comes to speed. Overall, I noticed no slowdown while using my device to run apps, games, or videos. Windows Phone 7.5 doesn't currently support dual-core processors, but there really isn't a need at this point.

3) 16GB MEMORY: Okay, this area is really a shortcoming, in my opinion. Why did HTC only install 16GBs on this beast? Even my old Samsung Focus was expanded to 40GB of memory space! Microsoft needs to really raise the bar in this area, in order to stay competitive. If we are supposed to load our phones with content, why not give us the extra storage space to do it?! Bottomline: HTC needs to expand the storage space to at least 32GB.

4) WINDOWS PHONE 7.5 (MANGO): The Windows Phone operating system is a complete joy to use. Using a home-screen comprised of tiles, you can start your favorite apps pretty rapidly with this device. Multi-tasking is similar to the iPhone in everyday use. Just press and hold the "arrow key" on the phone and you will see screenshots of previously used apps or functions displayed like a row of playing cards. Tap the "card" of your choice and you'll be back in that program in a flash! Windows Phone 7.5 also offers great features like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Microsoft Office, Xbox LIVE, and Bing integration. Want voice recognition software? Just push and hold your "Windows key" and you can issue a large number of commands to your phone (i.e. "Call Lisa", "Local Weather", "Open Office", etc). Microsoft Office integration is greatly improved on Windows Phone. You can access numerous Office files (Word, Excel, OneNote, and Powerpoint) by storing them on your phone or syncing with an outside source like Office 365, Skydrive, or Windows LIVE! Speaking of Windows LIVE, you can import your contact list and appointments in a flash with this operating system.

5) TURN-BY-TURN NAVIGATION/GPS: I had a chance to use the turn-by-turn navigation on this device and its pretty good! You can pair your device to your car's Bluetooth connection (if equipped) and hear the commands over your radio speakers. Miss your turn? Tap anywhere on the map and you'll receive updated directions!

6) 4G SPEED: Hey, this Windows Phone has 4G speeds using HSPA+ networks! Try that, iPhone lovers!

7) WINDOWS MARKETPLACE: Not something specific to the Titan, but it definitely bears mentioning. As of this writing, the Windows Marketplace has over 40,000 apps available for download. Sure, its not near the numbers available on the iPhone or Android devices, but its still a significant number. You will find popular apps in the marketplace, like Weather Channel, Amazon, Kindle, Netflix, Google Search, and a ton of other useful apps. Most apps offer a "trial mode", so you can try them out before purchasing. AT&T will let you buy them using a credit card or by adding it to your phone bill. Look up "Windows Marketplace" online and check out the selection for yourself!

8) HTC APPLICATIONS: The Titan also has some great apps available for FREE from the manufacturer! I downloaded a Skype-like application (Tango), YouTube viewer, LED flashlight app, weather hub, and calculator.

9) 8MP CAMERA/720p CAMCORDER: The Titan has an awesome 8MP camera with auto-focus and multiple settings. Additionally, it has twin LED flash and a camcorder capable of 720p resolution! AWESOME!!

Well, I could go on and on about this device, but I'll bring it to a close. If you want to try something different (Windows Phone 7.5) and don't mind having one of the BIGGEST phone screens around, check out the HTC Titan! Its a great phone and I give it my highest recommendation!

UPDATE: If you are interested in using Skype on this device, it isn't currently available for Windows Phone. However, Microsoft acquired Skype this year for $8.5 billion, so we should see a Windows Phone version soon. In the meantime, the Titan has a 1.3MP front-facing camera and supports a program called Tango. This program is similar to Skype in functionality and is supported on the PC, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows Phone.

UPDATE (10/28/12): Just wanted to mention that Skype is now available for Windows Phone. Additionally, these Windows Phone 7.5 devices are expected to receive an upgrade to Windows 7.8 in the very near future. Although this phone will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8, it will still enjoy some of the same features which are not hardware dependent. I would still recommend this phone to anyone, because it is still awesome! The 4.7" screen still trumps the iPhone 5... HOOAH!!
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on November 26, 2011
I've had them all; mostly because it's my job to have them all and develop for them all. I have to say that I was skeptical about this phone and wasn't really looking forward to using it. Well, this phone has gone far beyond my expectations and I'd be so bold as to say it's the most elegant, well-built, beautiful device I've ever owned. I quickly got rid of my iPhone 4S and have gone the WP7 route forever. Best phone on the market today I'd say! I hope more people use WP7 and learn how great their new OS is.
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on November 30, 2011
Great hardware to run the next evolution of smart phones. The HTC Titan is a work of art. The Titan is built great, offers one of the best displays available, and runs Microsoft's Metro UI faster than most other windows phone. Windows Phones are just over a year old and they are already better than the much older Androids and Iphones. They are not perfect but overall offer a better way to use a phone. In November of 2011 Windows phones won the Operating System of the Year which was judged at the 2011 Know Your Mobile Awards.

The most important thing about a smart phone should be security, and that in itself should exclude any and all Androids. According to data from Juniper Networks in November of 2011, malware in the Android Market had jumped 472 percent since July of 2011. Unlike Microsoft and Apple, Google does not have a strict approval process in place for its Market. Web surfing with IE9 also offers the best protection against social engineering malware, according to test results released in August of 2011 by NSS. Windows phones use IE9 which blocks over 99%. IE9 left the scores of competing browsers in the dust. Google's Chrome, for example, was 13.2 percent, while Firefox 4 and Safari 5 was a 7.6 percent.
Windows phones are amazing and this phone really makes the Metro UI fast! For those of you new to windows phones let me briefly write down what I love about them.

1: Large Live Tiles! These tiles can flip and display information such as the weather in a city on one side and a Doppler radar image on the other. You can (with the some apps) customize your own tile to include pictures, text, and links to web pages. Tiles just offer so much more than icons and they are a lot more organized than Android widgets.

2: Xbox Live! With Microsoft's eco system, you can expect everything from email, to the PC, to Xbox to be blended together. Take for example the games Kinectimals and Fable Coin Golf. Those games allow you to transfer game info into the Xbox 360! You can also transfer your Xbox 360 Kinectimals to the Windows Phones. What I love about Xbox Live on the Phone is that you can see all the games your friends are playing via their Avatar and compare and compete. I don't have to for example load Angry birds to check out the leader boards; Xbox Live shows me the achievements for all the games! As a bonus you can watch your friend's avatars get upset when you have something they don't! The Avatars also perform some fun displays in Windows Phones. For example you can shake the phone and watch your avatar fall down. Lol. =)

3: Vision button! I love this feature. Go to a store such as Wal-Mart and press the vision button to find the item on the internet. You can then compare prices and or read reviews. It works as a barcode reader as well. The vision thing works great for games locked up behind glass that doesn't give access to a bar code.

4: Music button! Hear a song on the radio or at a club and press the button to have it found. You can then download it if you would like. Works like Shazam which you can also purchase in the app store if you would like.

5: Local Scouts! Now this is handy! Press the local scouts button to see what's around you. You can find places to eat and drink, see things to do, shop, and find highlights. Click on something and find all the information you need including phone numbers and directions. Directions can also be read aloud.

6: Speech: A lot of talk has been around Iphones Siri but let me tell you that Windows Phones have awesome built in voice features too. Hold down the speech button for example and say weather or weather in .... And it will show you either the 5 day weather forecast in your area or the city you asked for. Say text or call someone in your contacts and it will call or text them what you say. Say Open .... And it will launch the application with that name. When you receive text messages you have the option to have them read aloud too. It's simple works great.

7: People Hub: I love this feature as well. All of your contacts will list every possible way for you to contact someone in your hub. You can text, call, email, tweet, facebook etc. You can see have addresses, web pages, and more listed in the people hub.

8: Threads: Threads are cool. You could be texting someone on Facebook, then switch to texting their phone if you would like.

9: Groups: Group your friends in the people hub you would like. Create a family group, club group, golf group etc.

10: MS email: Create a email and have all your contacts and Xbox live information displayed on your pc. You can then from there locate your phone, make it ring, lock it, or even erase it. You can also check out your skydrive and Xbox Live information.

11: Calendar: Have your facebook and work calendar placed on your phone. Quickly let everyone know that you are going to be late for a meeting if need be. See what's going on even on your lock screen.

12: Zune: I love Zune. Yes you can use spotify if you would like, but I find Zune so much better. If you choose to pay a monthly fee you can listen to all the music you want. If not, that's ok because it will still play all the songs and videos you placed on your phone with ease. Just plug your phone into your PC and you can transfer all the music, pictures, and videos to and from your pc you want. When playing music you can see the artist, bio, and sort in a variety of ways. You can even play a playlist with the artist pictures on the lockscreen. =)

13: MS Office: This was better than I thought. OneNote is cool in that you have the ability to record a voice message, place pictures, text, and a subject line on a tile and pin it to your start screen if you would like. PowerPoint works perfect too. I could view stuff from my work on my phone. Word and Excel are not too bad either. =)

14: Search: I love the search button using Bing on the phone. I can use voice and talk away and find what I'm looking for if I would like. I can see images, web pages, connect with local scouts, see a mall in detail etc. Bing interacts with all the features of the phone. I can't see myself ever needing to use Google again.

15: Maps: I love the maps feature of this phone as well. I can get directions to practically anywhere and have it read to me if I wanted. The Map detail is amazing and it also displays traffic. As mentioned earlier, Bing has maps for malls as well.

16: Apps: This phone has plenty of apps now (over 40,000!) that can match most of what you can get on the older iphones and androids now. You can choose from just about anything including a contact barcode maker that someone can scan and import into their contacts for example. You will have plenty of free apps as well.

17: Picture albums: FB and Skydrive albums automatically load to your phone. You can also load your friends FB pictures to your phone as well. This is so much better than loading pictures every time I use FB.

18: Cards: Hold the back key and see the last 5 things you were in.

19: at&t: One of the cool things about this network is that you can place someone on speaker phone and use your phone at the same time. Your text messages are not broken up into 160 letter paragraphs either. =)

20: Camera: I love the 8mp camera on this phone. It takes good pictures and best of all you can access it when the screen is locked.

In conclusion this phone is a great and I'm sure will make any previous Iphone or Android user happy. It does so much more than what I briefly wrote about. This phone doesn't really lock up either; something I hear is very common with Androids. I hope this review helps whoever is interested in buying this phone or a Windows phone in general. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
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on November 23, 2011
Excellent phone all around. From build quality to performance to the OS.
What reall sets it apart, however is the screen.
- The screen large and gorgeous - it changes the way in which I use the phone - email is a delight, both reading and writing.
- Games are incredible.
- The office suite is extremely usable at that size.
- Readling is delightful, the screen is large, but the phone is light, and the overall dimensions are not out of control due to the impressively small bezel.
- In some ways, it serves many of the functions that a tabelet does, but it is much lighter and it is easily pocketable.
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on December 1, 2011
I received my HTC Titan a couple of days ago as a result of upgrading from my iPhone. I was taken aback at the unexpectedly fresh (I know, the term is overused) experience. The phone's operation is smooth as butter as I navigate my way through the menus and applications. There are many nice touches that come with the new "Mango" version of Windows Phone operating system. Most of these niceties are in the form of tight integration of social apps into the phone's ecosystem. Coming from the lackluster facebook app available on the iPhone, I was plesantly surprised at how easy it is to contextually share things with my social network.

As a little disclaimer, in my house we have an iPhone 4S, two iPhone 3Gs', four iPods, a Blackberry Curve, a Samsung Infuse Android phone, and obviously, this phone. That said, I am quite experienced with a variety of smart phones and i-devices. I also develop apps for Android, iOS, and soon Windows Phone 7x. I believe this puts me in a unique position to objectively compare each device in a day-by-day usage context. Having used the Titan for a couple of days now, I find it difficult to imagine going back to the iPhone or switching to an Android-based phone anytime soon, despite how charming Siri is :) With the Mango version of the O/S, I see a level of innovation that I've not seen for a while (apart from XBox Live) from Microsoft in a very long time. It is obvious that they've taken their declining smartphone marketshare to heart and have poured a lot of time and expense in coming up with something truly special.

As far as apps go, all the apps that I regularly used on my iPhone are available for this phone. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. And if I am, I'll just build my own!

I have to admit, when I ordered this phone online, I was a little concerned about how large this phone would feel, crammed into my pocket. As I mentioned, I also own the Samsung Infuse Android phone, which has a screen size of 4.5 inches (just 0.2 inches short of the Titan's). However, the Titan feels more sturdy, thanks to the metal body, and is equivalent in body size. It also feels fine in my pocket, thanks to its thin profile and curved edges.

In conclusion, I am very happy with my decision of switching from my iPhone to this phone, despite my initial trepidation. I highly recommend anyone considering Windows Phone 7x to give this phone a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
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on December 26, 2011
After conducting an inner fight for several days I decided to return this phone.
As the title says, this phone is great (I did not mean size wise).
The phone is well built. Does not feel cheap at all. The display is excellent. I was hard pressed to see character pixelation regardless it 4.7 inch size. My hands are big and the phone did not feel big at all. Even so, it is just slightly larger than my current phone, HTC Inspire 4G which has a 4.3 inch screen. And it is also slightly lighter, or at least it feels that way when holding it. The operation is very smooth. Scrolls are fluid and the only lag I encountered was when typing the first character on the keyboard. That was a minor lag, not enough to annoy me.
I was able to find most of the apps that I use with my HTC Inspire 4G (Android). Those that I did not find I was able to transition to One Note and Excel.
Wi-Fi connections are established quickly.
Now comes the downside. The glass appears to have a greater affinity for finger prints than the HTC Inspire 4G. It didn't get more of them, they weren't more visible but it took more effort to clean them. They just seemed to hang on the glass longer.
While Mango fixed a lot of things that irked me in the initial release of Windows Phone (copy/paste, hidden network support, multiple calendars from Windows Live and Google, saved camera settings and more) there are still a few things that slightly annoyed me but in all honesty I could have lived with them:
- it does not allow the user to change how pictures are sent via MMS, email or uploaded to SkyDrive. When I sent pictures thru MMS the recipients received them in a smaller size, sometimes too small. Pictures I sent thru email were also reduced for smaller attachment size, as were the ones uploaded to SkyDrive either manually or automatically. Die hard Windows Phone users argue this as savings on the data plan. But I think the user should have a say in this instead of Microsoft dictating how pictures are handled. The only way to get the full resolution, full quality picture is to sync the phone using the Zune software. Unfortunately, when I am my friend's house in LA, he does not have Zune on his computers so I cannot leave any of the pictures in their original format. I cannot even use Wi-Fi to connect to a network share to copy the pictures there. I have to return home to NJ and then email the pictures or send a CD/DVD.
- not all apps provide means to save the data entered. This data is not saved via the Zune software either. So, if I have to perform factory reset on the phone (an AT&T Support favorite) I will have to manually re-enter that data.
- even though in Contacts (People) settings you can filter out contacts based on the service, it does not always work properly. I have all my current contacts from Google. I have a much smaller list of contacts in Windows Live. Even though I filtered out the Windows Live contacts and the list seem to only contain Google contacts I did make several calls to old numbers that were listed in the Windows Live.
- Not all Google Contacts field are handled properly. For example, in Google Contacts I have people with a second Home address. Windows Phone does not show this second Home address.
- Wi-Fi connections seem somewhat slower than the Wi-Fi connections I get with the HTC Inspire 4G at the same locations.
- And finally... ... this was the deal breaker for me. The voice quality during a call as perceived by the people at the other end. Everybody I called claimed that the voice volume was lower and my voice sounded muffled. This issue is mentioned many times in the forums at ([...]). I even contacted HTC Support regarding the voice quality issue and their response made me decide in favor of returning the phone:
Thank you John for contacting HTC Technical Support. I'm sorry to hear that your HTC Titan does not function as intended. I am more than happy to be able to provide some clarity to the situation at hand.

We have had some reports of the muffled sound on the HTC Titan. Currently we do not have any information if/when a hotfix will resolve your isssue. I recommend performing a factory data reset on your device. After a factory reset, the phone is restored to its default settings--the way it was when you first purchased it and turned it on. You will lose any programs you installed, data you entered, and settings you customized on your phone, and only Windows Mobile software and other pre-installed programs will remain. It is recommended you back up any personal information before performing a reset.
Hopefully the new TITAN like device rumored for a February 5, 2012 release will have this issue fixed.

Update 12/28/2011
A job posting at Microsoft indicates that the next version of Windows Phone will have a phone backup feature. Hopefully phones running Mango will get that version.
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on December 4, 2011
Calling all Windows Phone fans, the iPhone of Windows Phones has landed. The Titan is undoubtedly the best Windows Phone on the market right now, with greased lightning operation, top of the line camera, and absolutely GORGEOUS screen. Build quality on this behemoth is superb, with its wonderfully designed and machined unibody means this god-threatener is ultra slim and feels great in your hand. All together, this phone is THE Windows Phone to have.

For those who are wondering about how that single core processor runs, the answer is fast. Way fast. Considering that my old Trophy ran WP7 on par with the iPhone running iOS, the Titan takes it to a whole new level. The boost from 1 GHz to 1.5 really allows WP7 to shine. In the 6 months that I had my Trophy, not ONCE did I have freeze-ups or even stutters in operation and so far neither has my Titan. That is more that Android can certainly say. The thing is, Windows Phone doesn't need dual core power to run like butter. Battery life is great which is probably due to the single core; after a day of moderate use I can still make it home and have 50% life remaining. If i use WP7s battery saver feature, end of day battery life is around 60%. The OS has a smoothness that not even the iPhone has, and all together a million bazillion times prettier than either of them.

For those of you worried about the low resolution, stop. Can you see pixels? Yes, but the beauty of this phone is that 1, Windows Phone's interface looks just as good blown up as it does shrunk down, and 2, there is no need to hold the phone 3 inches from my face. In fact, i can hold the phone at arms length and still be able to comfortably use it. Web pages look great in the the browser, and apps that utilize Metro put any and all well designed Android apps to shame. The screen is on par if not better than the Focus S, considering that whites on the Focus S's Super AMOLED Plus screen has a bluish hue. Contrast is almost as good as the Focus S, and direct sunlight is no problem for the 4.7 inch panel. If you get a chance, I encourage you to check out both phones at an AT&T store, you will be surprised at how great the Titan screen really is. As a bonus, despite its titanic screen, the bezel around the screen is ultra slim, giving the phone a surprisingly smaller profile than one would initially assume.

I was worried that the size of this phone would be a downside, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that its not an issue at all, and my hands are not really all that "big." The massive slab of sexy fits in my pocket fine, although i cant make any promises for those who wear skinny jeans. The benefits to the big size is that while it gives you a generous amount of canvas to play on, it doesn't look so ridiculous to hold up to you face. And showing off pictures and video is actually enjoyable; no worries about poor viewing angles, and the phone can be held back far enough for everyone to see.

The camera really shines in indoor shots, and is really astounding how much light it is able to draw in from limited light sources. Macro shots are great, panorama mode is AWESOME and makes really good wide angle shots, and video at 720p is top notch. The 1.3 megapixel front camera takes good shots (good for a front facing secondary camera that is.) One disappointment is the lack of Skype in the Marketplace, but with Microsoft's recent acquisition of Skype I'm sure an app will be showing up soon, or better yet built in to the OS itself just like Facetime is built into iOS.

So to wrap up, this is one of the best phones available PERIOD. Great build quality, superb performance, and a rich and well rounded ecosystem (ie. Office, Zune, Xbox, and Exchange,) make this an imposing threat to the smartphone gods. So ready your lightning bolts iPhone 4S, gather your vast armies Android elite, because HTC and Microsoft has just released your challenger from Tartarus, and this time your fate doesn't look to good.
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on December 1, 2011
I was a long time iPhone user, then I bought my wife an LG Quantum WP7 and played with the OS for a while, well to say the least i was impressed with the OS, easy to use the intergration with linkedIn, facebook and twitter was awsome. It even combined her or should i say linked her duplicate contacts from facebook and linkedIn and outlook toghter and gave you one card to view for that person (Very nice).
So I decided to give it a shot with this phone and i am extremly happy, this thing is fast way faster than my iPhone 4 and the screen well at my age im grateful for the additional size (no more squinting to read emails). The app store may not be in the millions yet but it had everything i needed and I'm an IT prefessional so i have all the network scan apps that I need. To say the least I'm in love with the HTC TITAN and WP7 Mango!!!!
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on November 30, 2011
No Words for this phone. Best X'mas gift this year. Phone of the year for sure. I personally bought it. Windows 7.5 rocks.Battery runs more than 1 day.Keyboard is so smooth , display resolution is so nice, Camera is fantastic, Sound is great too. OS is amazing.Screen is big , its fun watching videos and playing games.

Cons. Not many apps as iPhone but its on its way. It will rock soon.

My personal Opinion after using this phone is quite positive.
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