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on February 22, 2012
The latest addition to the Dynasty Warriors series is a mix of the traditional game and the "Empires" series. It comes with a Campaign (story) mode and a Conquest mode for single players, as well as a Coalition Mode which uses the Vita's ad-hoc feature to set up games between other vita players. You will also receive bonuses for your characters if people on your friends' list have the game and are playing it, even in single player modes.

The action is pretty similar to Dynasty Warriors 6 & 7, with a few additions. The Vita's touchscreen can be used to perform Musou or Break attacks as well as deflect arrows or cut enemies during cut scenes, Duels are also done entirely with the touchscreen. In order to increase the power and range of some Musou attacks you'll need to shake the Vita, which is my only annoyance so far. I'm not a big fan of shaking consoles or controllers, especially when it's something this expensive. Thankfully you can turn it off in the Control settings by setting "Motion Sensor Functions" on "No".

For a release date title, I'd say it's very polished and fun. The graphics are amazing for a portable game, the music is surprisingly good and I haven't had any frame rate issues so far. There's a fully functional character creator but I haven't had the time to test all of it yet. The controls are easy and the camera is not as bad as it has been in the past.

I'm not sure if Japanese voices are an option later in the game or through DLC, but I would appreciate if Techmo-KOEI added them since the English voice acting has always been rather cringe worthy.

If you're a fan of the Dynasty Warriors series and you own a Vita you will definitely want this title. For those who are unfamiliar with the series I can honestly say this is one of the best titles currently available for the Vita and worth getting if you're into action games.
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on February 24, 2012
If you're a gamer who's been playing for the last fifteen years or so, there's a good chance at some point, you played a Dynasty Warriors game.

Living by the old adage "If it ain't broke, add motion and touch controls," Dynasty Warriors NEXT takes the tried and true formula of slashing thousands of soldiers to ribbons on your way to world domination to the next level by adding superfluous touch features and curious motion controls, the latter which can thankfully be turned off.

It may seem I'm being overtly cynical, and that's because I get a kick out of how many times Koei can release virtually the same title, but that doesn't detract from what's important: Dynasty Warriors NEXT is a lot of fun, and surprisingly polished.

The graphics are impressive, the controls are excellent, and the gameplay is fun. NEXT has elements of Empires and its base is Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends. NEXT also includes some quick-time elements and has a few other gameplay additions that inject some new blood in the series.

The Vita has one of the most impressive launch line-ups I've seen and it is easy for a title such as this to be ignored, and that's understandable considering the saturation of the Dynasty Warriors series, though that shouldn't discourage you from picking this game up if you enjoy the gameplay these titles deliver. This is solid entry with a lot of content and it doesn't feel slapped together to get it out the door for the launch window. If you enjoy murdering thousands of soldiers I recommend picking up Dynasty Warriors NEXT.
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on June 2, 2012
Being an avid fan of all the Warriors games (Samurai, Dynasty and Orochi) this game is a great addition to the series. For fans like myself, you'll be able to appreciate it, however, if you've never been keen on the hack-and-slash style of DW, you probably will want to stay away.

It has all the DW7 characters PLUS the ones from Xtreme Legends, in addition to also having a create-a-character (Edit Mode). This is a major plus for me, as I only had the regular DW7 since the Xbox 360 always gets hosed on the Xtreme Legends expansions.

If you've played DW7, the character models are the same, as are the weapons. There is no 4th level weapon per se, in the sense there's no particular battle/difficulty to obtain it, you just pick them up from defeating generals/opening boxes. The weapons have different buffers on them, like +12 Strong Attack and such. The higher the difficulty you play, the better your chances are of obtaining more powerful weapons, as is the standard practice of the series.

As far as character growth goes, there isn't any. The way you beef up your character is through obtaining items, which are the same as back in DW5 (Tiger Amulet, Way of Musou, Wind Scroll, etc.). Items have levels from 1-20, with 20 being the best and most effective. These are obtained the same way as weapons (defeating generals/opening boxes). Also, they've added Character Cards, which offer certain abilities, depending on whose card you select. For example, if you play Liu Bei's character card, it increases the defense of your main camp and bases, and Guan Suo's double the amount of EXP you earn. You can select up to 4 cards to play before every battle, and the cards are paid for with the gold you accumulate from the territories you own. There is a rank system, though as far as I can tell, all it does is unlock clothing items for the create-a-character and nothing else. You rank up based on the amount of EXP you gain from every battle. It does seem a bit lame to have the ranks, yet not allow the characters to actually level up, but it's certainly not a dealbreaker.

Gameplay is basically the same as every other Dynasty Warriors game, you and your generals take on massive amounts of enemy troops and cut them down. The main strategy is to take over all the bases, and either defeat all the troops in the enemy main camp and/or defeat a major general. Something else that was added to Next, is the Direct Break. There is a green gauge on the bottom left of the screen that builds up based on the length of your combos, so it behooves you to extend a combo as much as possible to maximize the bar as quick as possible. Once it's full, you then tap the screen, and your character performs his/her base clearing move, then you will automatically capture the base. Bases captured in this manner CANNOT be retaken by the enemy.

Musou moves are as they are in DW7 and XL, though you know have a Speed Musou as well. It is activated by tapping both sides of the screen at the same time, bringing up an interactive Musou ability. For instance, Ma Chao's Speed Musou is him twirling his spear above his head, creating a whirlwind, and this is achieved by moving your finger in a circular motion on the screen. The larger and faster your motion, the more powerful the whirlwind becomes. There are I believe 6 or 7 different Speed Musous, which are all very cool and welcome addition to the game. I honestly do not even use regular Musou at all because of this.

There is a new duel system, which utilizes the touch screen. The duels place your character against a general, and it's up close and personal. You swipe your finger across, up and/or down on the screen to attack. Holding your finger down will cause your character to charge up and then attack, though be careful, as the charge attack is easily broken by just a simple hit. Sometimes a message pops up and an arrow indicates a direction to flick your finger across to block an attack. Time it right, and it leaves your opponent open to a good 2-4 hit attack. When there is a weapon deadlock, circles appear onscreen in random areas for you to touch, do this fast enough to win the deadlock and again your opponent is open to several attacks. It seems people are experiencing frustration with this new system, and I did too, though now I can offer some advice. Do nothing. By that I mean wait for your opponent to make a move. If they start charging up (it makes a charging up sound, and an aura appears on their weapon) then hit them to disrupt it, and one more time to land an attack. The computer is pretty easy to beat once you have it down like this, as there's not really any way you can lose unless you don't disrupt their charge or don't time a flick right. When the computer is just blocking normally, don't do anything. Either they'll attack, to which you'll flick your finger in whatever direction, or they'll charge up, to which you'll just disrupt it. Once their life bar is down so far, it will say NOW onscreen you just quickly swipe to attack and you'll finish off with your character's musou attack for the win.

Apologies for this being a bit winded, just tried to hit all the new features, as the rest of the game is the same as your typical Dynasty Warriors experience. Wish I could go into detail more, but I don't want to make you read a novel on here! Overall, excellent game, great addition to the series, highly recommend if you can appreciate the Warriors games.
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on March 30, 2012
Note: The titles statement is just my opinion.

I know most people would prefer the mainstream games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Which i find completely and utterly boring, not bad or anything just boring and way over priced!) but i for one like some others around it seems prefer to be original and not fl0w with the crowd.

This is by far the best game on the PSVita and the best DW Title i've ever played (Thats not saying much as i've only played Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires), it's still not the perfect action tactical rpg hack n' slash hybrid i've dreamed of, but it is however the closet its ever gotten!

On to the review, as i have much to say about this gem and will most likely update this review once or twice later.

Note: As im still playing the game, this review will only be a gist and will barely scratch the surface, as this game has A LOT of game content, i mean A LOT! also those noted with a "*" are aimed towards a certain group of people who have artistic minds and like creating characters. and yes this fantastic games has character creation, a good one to. while

Story: It's about china more or less, but i don't care for the actual story to much as i dislike games based on real life events and history, however i will say this... the CGI cut scenes Rival that of the Sengoku Basara and Final Fantasy games, it's beautiful! and on the PSVita's large OLED screen it really is something epic.

Design: The way this game is designed is odd, it's not quite a action game, but neither is it an RPG or RTS, it has a lot of hack n' slash for sure, but it isn't really all hack n' slash either, for the sake of keeping this review into a long wall o' text, let me just say this games genre should be classified as "Unique" if anything. and in this case, Unique is a good thing, a very good thing.

Gameplay: Hack n' Slash, Tactics, Touchscreen, Touchpad, Motion Sense, Ad-Hoc, Online (Note: Limited and under some circumstances only), and many other things, you name it, anything the PSVita can do, Dynasty Warriors: NEXT does it, and does it well about 90% of the time with few actions being slightly annoying to enraging but for the most part its fun and innovative and keeps things going nicely without gameplay becoming boring, there are always new surprises.

Presentation: By far one of the most graphically stunning games on the PSVita and this gen of gaming in general, i never thought i'd play such a beautiful game on a handheld ever, simply amazing. and art design from the cards and artwork are wonderful to, the UI (User Interface) is really sleek and stylish, the sound effects are incredible and the music is cool albeit kind of irritating after awhile, but due to a new patch you can now for the first time play your own custom music in the backround that is assuming you have any room left on your PSVita's proprietary memory card, eh even still its a feature i wanted back in DW6: Empires that we never got so that face that you can battle it out to your own tunes is awesome!

Value: Extremely High i would rate this, i simply cannot even properly describe the amount of content this game has, it's insane! more on this later as its A LOT.

*EXtras/DLC: There is DLC on PSN, i haven't downloaded any but from what people say its wroth it! TBUL. (To be updated later)

*Character Creation: This is the true feature that was the deciding factor to buying this game, i really like games with a Character Creation System (SoulCalibur V, White Knight Chronicles II and Odyssey Ragnarok, Phantasy Star Online II among a few others being the most recent examples of such a feature) and Dynasty Warriors: NEXT has this feature almost completely hidden as its almost never spoken of throughout many reviews i've read and watched, and if it is mentioned it is for only a second like its just some meaningless extra, well to me its a system seller and im sure other creative people think the same to.

For the record the mode in question is called "Edit Mode" very... misleading is it doesn't state "Edit what?" when i first heard of the mode i thought it was for weapons or maybe making your own maps (Which would have been cool to and would love to see this added to the franchise later or some other game franchise.)

It's also the only reason i bought Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires and skipped the original Dynasty Warriors 6 itself and also skipped DW7 and DW7: XL, since 3 of those 4 most recent Dynasty Warriors games lacked character creation mode. and its finally back in Dynasty Warriors: NEXT!

Granted though for the most part if your still reading this and very interested, your most likely wondering "Whats New?" well let me tell you, not much, its almost an exact copy of Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Character Creation mode, however there are more then a few noticeable changes, some negative but most positive.


1. New outfits, there are at least 5 new sets of armor/clothing that DW6: Empires did not have for your original chaos makers, rest assured you'll be looking stylish when bringing the chaos.

2. Stats, customizable stats, as there no true leveling system this time other then the "Rank System" meaning you can make your own original characters unique un' to them selves by altering the way they'll behave in general from a status standpoint. The classes or "Roles"/whatever there called are as follows...

*Leader ~ AoE Class, best against taking out Legions of enemies quickly,
*Military ~ DPS Class, best against taking out enemy officers. Note: Im not sure if this effects duels yet, will look into this more later.
*intellectual ~ Stealth Class, best choice for those who want to ignore the frontlines in general and just go straight for enemy territory and bases, captures bases the quickest compared to the other two, but lacks the extra benefits in combat the other two have as a result.

Conclusion: Coming Soon...

Final Thoughts: Coming Soon...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 12, 2012
It's flawed. And let me stress the flaws first, because to me they're flaws, to you they might not be.

As an aside Dynasty Warriors NEXT is not a new game. It was one of the launch titles for Vita. I wanted to try it but the Vita is and was severely overpriced. Fortunately, I found hundreds of dollars of games I had no intention of playing, and it negated the cost of the hardware. I did see plenty of reviews about the game that all said the same thing, which is the #1 flaw of the game: the duel system.

Duels were introduced in Dynasty Warriors 4, I believe, with a one-on-one battle with an enemy general that was obscenely overpowered. They were dropped temporarily in Dynasty Warriors 5, but KOEI kept toying with the concept. In NEXT they went too far to the right. Instead of an optional, selectable activity that might just cost you morale, it's now a mandatory activity that the enemy can trigger whenever they please. This is made even worse by the fact that the duel can disrupt anything; combos, musou, horseback, anything. It would have been much better - and more authentic - to be challenged to the duel and be offered the opportunity to accept or reject it.

But let's say for the moment that the auto-accept is fine. The dueling itself is not a fun exercise, and it's made worse by the weapon system and stat system flaws (later). This is a flick-spam event similar to paper-rock-scissors where you have to counter your opponent's move and attack. You don't really have total control over the experience, and some characters are not implemented well. The Qiao sisters, for example, don't register every flick, so you might on the verge of a fantastic counter, only to have your character stand there and get plowed. Also, you might connect with hits that do no damage, or if the enemy hits you with a strong blow, you get staggered enough that they can spam that attack, rendering you defenseless and incapable of countering. Lastly, your enemy can take way more damage than you can, every time, due to the flawed energy/life system (later).

In previous Dynasty Warriors games, your exploits cause you to level up by gaining experience on the battle field. This was a staple of Dynasty Warriors since Dynasty Warriors 3, and to see it essentially removed completely was disheartening. Repeated battles get you little more than the slim chance of getting stronger weapons, which are really the only way to get anywhere in the game. Even the widely panned Dynasty Warriors 6 and the entertaining-yet-late Dynasty Warriors 7 had this capability. Unfortunately, NEXT seems to have fallen prey to some mythical preference of "fast and furious" in lieu of proper leveling and control of the gaming experience. Since you don't and can't level, you honestly don't have full control of the experience at all.

Speaking of the "fast and furious", I read an article that the developer saw the popularity of certain first person shooters and games of the sort where there is no energy bar, but rather a regen system and a reddening of the screen to display damage. The problem with this approach, faulty as it is, lies with the fact that this is not (A) a first person game, (B) a shooter game, or (C) the same experience as the past 7 games and their various offshoots. It made absolutely no sense to implement such a system and it's clear they tacked it on, since the meat buns, weapons, items, and stats all clearly show a numeric representation of energy remaining. It reminds me of what they did with DW6 where they just had an endless combo type system instead of the usual regular/strong custom combo system. The new energy/life system makes it seem like even peons are stronger than they should, rendering you red after 2-3 hits on Hard mode no matter how high your health level is. That's not what should be happening. Also, if you go red in a duel, it stays red and you don't recover even if your opponent isn't hitting you. After you leave the duel, you're vulnerable, so if you're surrounded, one peon hit can kill you. WAY unbalanced.

Weapons no longer have a defined escalation path. Instead of collecting various weapons progressively stronger until you get Green Dragon (Guan Yu) or whatever, you get stronger weapons that may or may not be what you want, and you're stuck with a bunch of weapons that you can't then use. In some cases, weak weapons give you 6 hits where strong ones give you 4 or 5, or weaker weapons give you stat bonuses that the stronger ones do not. Unlike Warriors Orochi, you can't just combine stats and skills from weapons to make your ultimate weapon either. Another example of not being able to control your gaming experience the way you want to.

The final flaw has to do with KOEI's compulsion to use every single one of the Vita's various gimmicks, in some cases unnecessarily so. If there's a feature, it's here. Whether it's flicking, shaking, swiping the back screen (which is clunky), swiping the front screen...pretty much everything EXCEPT button pressing, it's here. There's something to be said about the simplicity of just using buttons to get the point across. As with duels, this should be an optional activity that has normal buttons as an alternative for those who want a conventional experience. The sheer amount of clunky gimmick thrown in here is enough to be detracting because, just like duels, you're thrown into these events with a very jarring experience. They wouldn't be so bad if you could opt out of them in favor of some decreased morale, or even slight damage.

I'm hoping that as was the case with DW6, KOEI realizes the error of this experiment and goes back to the formula that works. In fact DW7's formula was on a perfect track by freshening things up a bit. All they really need to do is fix the fundamental flaws in the core application - flaws that have gotten worse over time yet can no longer be excused with the power of the hardware we're working with. Enemies still pop in and there's a low number of total enemies that can be on the screen, which makes no sense. Ninety-Nine Nights proved that such a limitation is a myth when properly executed and it's beyond me why KOEI refuses to address this one significant issue that has plagued them for years. Also, the graphics are great in the duels, but still not up to par on the regular battlefield. By now we should be seeing an experience like Kessen III and yet, we don't.
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on February 23, 2012
the game has amazing graphics i was blown by the graphic for the ps vita as it is but dynasty warriors showed off the vita amazing ability. the game play is pretty much similar to all dynasty warriors games so if you were previously a fan then hands down it a good buy, and it also would be a good purchase if you are new to the series as well. it utilizes pretty much all of the ps vita features, sometime not at the best time but it is a good first game for the vita....what i would like to see is more online co-op play since the only co-op ioption is for ad-hoc and it kinda hard finding someone else wit a psvita and a dynasty warriors as of right now
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on January 5, 2014
I am a DW series fan, been playing since the 2nd one until now.
I'm just going to be honest and tell you the things I don't like about DW Next.
The dual system is REALLY annoying coz you can't turn it off. The other reviews already mention why it's annoying so I'm not going to say why but yea it pisses me off sometimes.
There is no health bar for your character. Every DW series has it but not this one so I feel that's its kinda odd.
I know that psvita has a touchscreen but the game doesn't always have to add that feature in. I don't think DW is suit for touchscreen. I think the only ok thing about using touchscreen in this game is when there is an ambush, feels like playing fruit ninja... Lol.
In conclusion I'm quite disappointed. To be frank I think this game is getting worse. I like DW3 the best.
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on November 22, 2012
Hey if you love Dynasty Warriors you can try it at your own risk. However, I am going to be frank with you. The touch screen battles ruin the game for me. Every time you fight the main officer in the battle you are forced to have a touch screen duel. If the touch screen battle where not in the game the game would have been 100 percent better. Why did koei forced people to have touch screen duels? I want to slap the mess out of the person that forced everyone to have touch screen duels.
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on September 24, 2012
Cons: 1)cant turn off duels or any other touch screen mini games
-Chaos mode- almost impossible to win Duels especially when they have 2 full health bars and take you out in 5-7 hits
2)capturing bases can be a chore especially when your officers get owned alot and its up to you to save their asses AND capture the bases because they usually go straight to the enemie's main base and try to capture it but they cant because they need to capture almost all of theirs first.
3)Network online is pretty useless, gives like 100 gold a level, and sometimes lets you go Duel random AI controlled people
4)cant play coalition mode to get some items because they are hard and require some people to play with you unless you actually have friends who have this game. (the chances of you running into somone who has this game is low and we do not have a game station like they do in japan)
5)Character customization limited (not the armor)

Pros: 1)Intruiging story line, each empire has their own story of how it would be if they won and conqured the other 2 kingdoms, and more!
2)Speed musou? a fast way to build up your Break Gauge to fast and easily to conquor bases, also fun, uses touch screen
3) can get all weapons in any difficulty
4) many types of armor to make your own character (of course you have to level up to unlock armor)
5)feel like a beast wiping out those hordes of troops comming at you
6) can tell your troops to go somewhere and they will go.
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on March 18, 2012
I got "Dynasty Warriors Next" as my first Vita game. I was planning on getting a couple of downloadable games as well, and seeing as I was going to be flying on some long flights for vacation, I kind of wanted a fairly mindless button masher to pass the time.

"Next" fit that bill to a "T."

It's got great graphics and the way it controls is great. I love the way that the developers utilized a lot of the features of the Vita to do things in the games. The sounds are good, but as is typical for a "Dynasty Warriors" game, the English voice acting leaves a bit to be desired.

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing the game on the airplane. I could play for an hour or so, then relax for a bit, and then go back to playing.

I've been a casual "Dynasty Warriors" fan since back in the PS2 days, and I haven't played one in a while so the changes in this game were relatively fresh to me.

However, I don't think the game does anything that would make someone who does NOT like "DW" games enjoy them. Likewise, if you are a fan of the series, this game does nothing that would turn you off to it.
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