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on April 4, 2012
I agree with the previous reviews regarding the picture quality: great right out of the box. And I use it with coax cable (antenna), not HDMI. Sound is decent. I haven't had it for long to comment on other features, but I think it is a great TV set for a small room. And very light indeed! I also tried the 32-inch Panasonic Viera, and the Sony has a much better image quality (to my liking, at least). It is definitely brighter, more vivid, and with more accurate color reproduction in its standard settings (the Viera has darker and duller image out of the box). The Sony also auto-detected many more analog and digital channels over the air. HD is great, I can't really tell the difference between 720p and 1080p in 32 inches, viewing angle is not as wide as the Viera, but doesn't disappoint. Finally, I connected my Lenovo media center PC via HDMI and the screen was recognized immediately, the resolution was set correctly, everything worked right out of box. Painless! (Of course the PC may have more to do with it than the TV, but anyway). And by the way, it works perfectly fine as a PC screen. Color is accurate, text is crisp, etc. I did not adjust anything :) Of course, from 10 feet away, text is too small to read due to the size of the screen being 32in, but from 3 feet away or so, everything looks sweet! To avoid any misunderstandings, the TV has the following connections: coaxial cable/antenna, 2 HDMI in, RGB and stereo mini (3.5mm) jack, composite and component video in, USB, optical audio out (S/PDIF), and an analog audio out. The latter can be used to hook it up to your stereo system or A/V receiver or alike via analog connection. I am not sure if it can be used with just your headphones, but if that is also true, that would be another big winner for this Sony. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with it.

Update 1: The analog audio out can be used to hook up your headphones :) And I tried it with the simplest headphones I had on hand (I am talking about my 3.5mm jack MP3 earplugs, without any type of amp!). Worked like a charm. On the default setting, you get sound from both the TV speakers and the analog audio out. Through the Menu/Sound you can select only the analog, so you can listen to it as loud as you want without disturbing anybody! An amazing feature for a TV at this price!

Update 2: I purchased a pair of wireless headphones and everything worked like a charm. Just make a note that the audio out is FIXED, not variable, so your headphones MUST have their own volume control (the remote's volume control works with the TV speakers only).
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on April 4, 2012
As the reviewer before me said, this set has the best picture quality! I made the bad mistake of connecting coax initially but the images were not too sharp so I thought I'd give HDMI a try.. eureka! It auto-detected and even auto-sized the screen so I'm using wide-screen format which takes up the entire screen (no black bars on the top or bottom). TV is very light too so won't worry about it falling and hurting kids. :-)

It has heaps of HDMI ports and even a VGA port where you can connect your laptop/computer (use it as a dual-monitor, etc.) Great for streaming sports from your computer to the TV/LCD.

I am impressed with the picture quality, especially HD obviously - the images are sharp, clear and life-like. In fact, I'll be shopping for a larger cousin of this model for my living room.

Still sticking with Sony after all these years...
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on April 1, 2012
We have two other, more expensive, Sony
HDTV's.We think they are great.The 32BX330 has the best picture I have ever seen...period! I adjusted nothing.
Perfect right out of the box.
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on July 5, 2012
The Sony Bravia KDL32BX330 looks great when you use an HDMI cable. It has 1366 x 768 pixels, but it can receive & display 1080p. I primarily use it for gaming on my PS3, which looks beautiful. The HDTV actually runs at 1080/24p when you watch bluray movies and it looks amazing. The HDTV does have a little motion blur, but it's hardly noticeable to the average viewer. The speakers are weak which is expected for any HDTV today. I use an Astro A40 headset for sound so it's no problem for me. I spent many hours researching which HDTV to buy for my room and I am happy I choose this 32-inch Sony. I highly recommend it, if you are looking for a small quality HDTV, with plenty of connections. This LCD does not match the picture of a Plasma, but it's still above average for the price.

My Settings (Brighter, Sharper, Contrast)

Pic - Max
Brightness - 40
Color - 70
Hue - 0
Color Temp. - Warm 1
Sharpness - 16
Noise Reduction - Low
Live Color - Low
Advance Contrast - High
Power Saving: Low

Other Settings (Smoother, Less Contrast, Less Brightness)

Pic - 57
Brightness - 47
Color - 50
Hue - 0
Color Temp. - Neutral
Sharpness - 9
Noise Reduction - Medium
Live Color - Off
Advance Contrast - Low
Power Saving: Off
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on October 19, 2012
I had a older 32" LCD TV from Sony. While it was the lower end of their lineup when I bought it, it had lots of things going for it. The colors were very good, blacks were much blacker than this one, and input/outputs had more options.

What this version has going for it is the extremely light weight. But besides that, this TV isn't much different than any of the other basic TVs out there (from other brands like Panasonic).

One thing I can't stand about this TV is the Audio Out. Its only 1 port (like headphone jack) and when hooked to a older receiver, the TV can correctly push out both channels all the time. As I write, I notice that it flucuates between pushing sound and cutting sound in the left speaker. I've tried different cables and different speakers and no dice. My older Sony LCD never had this problem because it had both Right and Left sound outputs.
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on July 10, 2012
This is a clean-looking, lightweight TV set probably best used as a second TV for bedroom or den.

We marked it down to 4* for three reasons:

-The sound from the built-in speakers is adequate at best. Bass is weak. There are limited adjustments. The best alternative for us (options - sound mode) was "dynamic" which gives the clearest speech.

-The blacks aren't as deep as they might be.

-There is significant picture decline as the viewer moves off dead center.

That being said, this seems to be a well-built set at an attractive price and is recommended with reservations as noted.
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on June 6, 2012
Just like my quest for a perfect razor blade. This is a TV I just bought about 2 weeks ago.
I have always been a big fan of Sony as a brand and the quality where they never compromise. On occasion though I have had to disagree: viz my mild disappointment buying Sony noise cancelling headphones. Anyhow coming back to this 32" Bravia. I read the reviews for this TV and seeing that 3 people have given it 1 star sort of bothered me. Then I went through the reviews and they were sort of personal/equipment complaints. This TV at close to 300 bucks is the best thing that amount of money can provide. I can say that with even more conviction as I have tried a Vizio and a Samsung before. But head to head, this TV though 720 as compared to 1080 on both the other brands, just make this comparison even a non-comparison. The picture quality is amazing. Just out of the box, no need to adjust any of the settings, this TV just blew me away. The only limiting factor could be what your source is. If you buy this and feel like the picture quality is not like my review I would say go ahead and watch a blu-ray, or Dish HD. I am sure it will amaze all your senses.
Sound: is a problem as noted by many other reviewers if you want to just listen to the TV speakers. It's sound does not do justice to the picture, and I did not expect it to ( so no disappointment for me). I already have a Sony home-theater system, and all I can say is: I am mesmerized. Guys in terms of picture quality nobody beats Sony ( my experience after being a Sony CRT owner and then trying to switch to other brands), as you can see after trying for about 2 years, I am back to my favorite brand and do not have any complaints.
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on April 22, 2012
I love the picture quality of this smaller screen, though I would not go much bigger than it and stay at 720. With this TV 720p is not a openly noticeable downgrade from 1080. Also for a budget screen this TV is fairly small and light making a great unit to for moving around. I use it in my home gym, but then sometime move it to the back patio for a game day outside. I do have to keep it in the shade though I it is by no means a anti glare screen. I wouldn't recommend this unit as the living room focal point, but as a good secondary unit it does succeed.
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on August 25, 2012
After a lot of comparison shopping, this was the best of the 32" LCDs I could find. Better features than comparable Samsung and LG models, and Amazon's price beats WalMart's for the same model number. When you include the savings on tax and Amazon's Super Saver Shipping, they beat WalMart by about $50. I used the Super Saver Shipping, as I usually do, and it still arrived in two days! Amazon has always been so great with the shipping.

I'm was very happy with the picture right out of the box, and love the Auto-adjustment of the picture size for HD and non-HD broadcast material. My LG doesn't do that for 16:9 formats on the SD channels. And the sound for the Sony is better than my LG set, although I still will primarily listen to it through my Sony AV receiver, as no LCD TV has great sound. It is helpful that this Sony has two audio outputs, something often absent on comparably priced sets.

The only feature I sacrificed in choosing this model was LED, but you can't get anywhere near this price with a Sony LED model.
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on September 17, 2012
I bought this Tv when it was 399.99 and I thought it was a steal of a deal back then. Now at about 250 bucks people who can go wrong. I had a Toshiba 24 inch Anchor before this and you dont just move them around but this Sony only weighs 30 pounds. The Picture is just as beautiful as the day I bought it and have not a lick of trouble with it. The only complaint I do have is although the sound from the TV SPEAKERS are not bad, they are not great either. So I got a Vizio Soundbar without the woofer... this is a neet lil item also. It helps give this tv a better sound. I recommend that if you do buy this you secure it to the stand it is setting on. I bought an L BRACKET and screwed it into the stand and ran picture wire from the back of the tv to the stand to keep it from leaning foward... The remote is nice and big and feel comfy in your hand. I hooked mine up with the HDMI CABLE because the sound was better than through the Composite Cables.... get these while they are still around because manufactures pull great priced items because they want you to buy the bigger priced ones instead.
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