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on May 28, 2012
My first and only flat-screen was a 40' Samsung LN40A550P3F before purchasing the 55' Sony Bravia HX750. The reviews were pretty lacking so I've decided to make this review detailed as possible from a consumer's point of view.

The main features that sold me on this set was the 55' size, 3D capability, picture quality, and built in Wi-Fi. Three lived up to and surpassed expectations while one is a disappointment.

Size upgrade makes a world of difference but hinders streaming experience

The 55 inch HX750 dwarfs the old 40 inch Samsung. The television doubles as living room PC monitor and I was constantly having to squint and crank up the font sizes in order to read while sitting on the couch. The 55 inch screen size allows me to sit back and relax with a wireless keyboard as if I'm seated at the desk.

Blurays look phenomenal on the large screen and bigger is better when it comes to immersing yourself in the 3D experience. I recently axed cable from our household as I was beginning to believe HD streaming was providing good enough quality to watch on the big screen. However, the artifacts present in the compressed streaming video is magnified greatly. Pixelation and banding that was only slightly visible on the 40 inch Samsung is now a distraction while watching on the large 55 inch screen.

While watching on the larger screen makes for a cinematic experience, it also exposes flaws of streaming video compression. Looks like I'll be switching back to multiple Netflix rentals, Redbox, and Cable if boosting my internet bandwidth doesn't improve streaming quality.

Is this 3D thing going to die fast?

I've watched several movies in the theater and thought 3D added to the experience. I had my doubts an in-home television could deliver experiences anywhere close to cinema quality. I also purchased the Sony 3D Bundle/Narnia Glasses (wish glasses were included for the price).

I popped in "Chronicles of Narnia Legend of the Dawn Treader", A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (Two-Disc Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / UltraViolet Digital Copy), and Batman: Arkham City for Playstation 3.

Playing my fist video game in 3D was like listening to a CD for the first time. The Narnia movie, something I normally wouldn't give a chance, had me completely immersed. The imagery looked beautiful, added so much punch, I never wanted to take my eyes off the screen. One of the drawback of young technology is there are barely any titles available. Was really disappointed that I couldn't purchase Avatar 3D without buying a Panasonic BD player.

Another surprise was the Simulated 3D setting that tries to emulate the stereo depth on normal footage. While not perfect, or anywhere close to a 3D movie, the Simulated 3D added pop to the picture. I actually preferred wearing glasses, because the colors on the Standard setting looked more natural. It also helped to direct the eye to focal points, especially when shallow depth of field was utilized.

I don't believe 3D is going away folks so "adapt or die" (quote stolen from "Moneyball" which looked great on the HX750)


Can't complain, sounds great in comparison to the old Samsung which has mediocre sound quality. Was really loud with the bar cranked a little over half way.

Picture Quality

Overall I believe the picture looks great with a couple of tweaks from the default settings. One of the first things I did was disabled the Motion Flow and Cinema Flow settings. The 240Hz frame interpolation gag that i am not a big fan of. Colors are vibrant and the image is sharp.

Since this is an LED, there is some visible light vignetting around the corners and a light leak running along the bottom of the frame. It's most noticeable while watching in a dark room. I'm not sure if this issue creeps up in plasmas or higher end LED models, but it's definitely not a plus. I can live with it though.

Default `Standard' color calibrated for 3D

I was really on the fence about buying the HX750 given the reviews on extremely poor black-levels. Now, I am no expert when it comes to judging picture quality, but here is my take.

On many of the low-lit scenes, dark areas do appear lifted and have a bluish magenta cast over it. However, there are still deep black to be found. I've noticed throughout viewing and on certain end title sequences, the blacks almost match the surrounding frame. It seems to me that the values are gamma'd up, essentially crushing the dark shadow valued details. Anything that isn't quite pure black. This is problematic because it's somewhat of a golden rule in color correction not to go complete 0 black.
3D glasses alleviate black level and magenta cast issues

It's my impression that Sony decided to calibrate the default color to look best while the glasses are on. I'm viewing through 3D Active Glasses. When powered up, the overall picture value gets knocked down around a full stop, making the `darks' richer. Also, the bluish magenta color is completely neutralized.

Considering the fact Sony has so much invested in Blu Ray and 3D televisions, it only makes sense that they would tailor the best experience to that viewing mode. People love the 3D, they tell their friends, and their friends buy a Sony 3D TV.

What I didn't like so much Apps and Wi-Fi

Netflix, Amazon On-Demand, Hulu, Youtube, and more. These pre-installed apps were a draw when shopping for a new flatscreen, and I was in particularly excited that the HX750 included built in Wi-Fi and Youtube. Most of the Apps are contained in a Sony wrapper layout design and look very similar. No flashy animations like competitors (even under the same brand) much more utilitarian.

Sadly, these are lacking implementations of Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, and Youtube. Really scratching my head as to why they didn't employ similar navigation and style the PS3 counterparts. I assume it was to unify the apps more, but it is much less intuitive, and makes for a somewhat painful user experience.

Observations of Apps

No ratings displayed by media icons
Cannot rate media
No search memory or smart search

Amazon On Demand

No watch recently list (huge bummer)
No search memory or smart search


Subscriptions buried in menu
Subscription pages don't always display with latest first (really?)
I like how videos play in small view while searching


Cannot log into existing accounts


Not bad but the layout is a bit wasteful. Only displays a few posts.


Cannot follow links

Wi-Fi signal is slower than other devices

My current setup includes the HX750 on a wall mount, PS3, and a Dell PC all within a couple feet of one and other. The speed of the connection on the HX750 is about 1/4 to 1/2 that of the other devices. The internet speed of my ISP is anywhere from 6.5-10 Mbps. Also, the entertainment center is a pretty far distance from the router.

Not a racehorse setup by any stretch, but streaming video content on the Sony HX750 is UNWATCHABLE 9 times out of 10 with long and constant loading icons or Network Timeout errors. What adds to the aggravation, is it completely freezes if one attempts to navigate away from the `loading' page. Controller button clicks will not respond until the internet searching finally errors out or finishes thinking.

Other devices in the vicinity work fine and load HD most of the time. I'm wondering if there is a hardware issue or if the mount is somehow blocking the internal antennae, but I doubt that. It would be such a pain to box this big thing up and return it because of bad Wi-Fi connection issues, and considering I already have the PC and PS3 connected, it might not be completely necessary. I will wait to see if others are having similar issues and contact Technical Support before lugging it back to the store. Also, plan to upgrade ISP to FIOS and will update if this helps the issues.

Let's hope Sony corrects the App and Wi-Fi issues via firmware updates because it would be a shame releasing unpolished extras in a device that costs around $2000. Especially when similar applications already have a strong foundation on the PS3. Dealing with anything Wi-Fi related on the HX750, reminds me of working on a 5 year old computer that doesn't quite have the juice to keep up with the technology. However, I'll withhold judgement until I see it operate with faster internet.

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on June 14, 2012
Well, we bought this t.v. in early April and by the end of May, it stopped working. It was wonderful when it worked, but died within 2 months. Quick calls to Sony revealed this is a common problem they're having with this t.v. and they said we need to replace the circuit board. We waited a couple days before a person from their local service facility called. That person informed us they didn't have the board in-stock and it would be 4-7 days. Well, we're still waiting. They have not been in-touch, we don't know what the hold up is. We have to chase them constantly to find out what's going on. Meanwhile, our t.v. still doesn't work. (When we try to turn it on, it goes immediately to standby mode.) Soooo disappointed that we shelled out this kind of money for a t.v. that is faulty and Sony isn't particularly motivated to get us up and running again.
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on May 28, 2012
You are not going to get a MIT review from me. I waited for a few months for the release and then purchased the 55 inch when it became available. All I did was plug in the TV without making one adjustment. Every friend that watches this TV with me rates it a 5. The 3D is perfect for the living room - don't expect IMAX 3D. The TV is now $200 cheaper to buy and I really don't care because I am more than pleased with the quality. HD viewing on this TV is fantastic. The picture on some of my weekly episodes is so clear that it appears you are sitting next to the actors. It is a very strange experience to describe because the picture is so amazing. For the price, pony up - you won't be sorry.

P.S. Bought TV from Amazon. Not one complaint. The delivery guys setup the TV and took the box with them. Also bought the 4 year warranty because of my past experiences with other TVs.
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on October 10, 2012
Firstly, I must say that I am looking for a very good LED TV since I am one of those unfortunate few that can see Plasma flicker a mile away. I bought this TV after having returned a Panasonic GT50. This set's picture is not as good as the GT50 but I expected as much. The TV actually performed better than I expected with BluRay Movies as well as normal content from DirecTV etc etc. My big issue came with sports. I have to say watching football was horrible on this set. I tried all kinds of settings to no avail. Although I actually like the soap opera effect, I know to turn it off when watching fast action sports like soccer and football. Tried it with every setting on and off. Just very disappointing and downright embarrassing. I ended up returning this set and will purchase the HX850 and am hoping sports viewing will be better. All reviews indicate that the HX850 is much much better - just wish I didn't have to spend so much more. Wish me luck!

As for Amazon - I purchase everything from Amazon and will continue to do so. Being able to return a TV within the 30 day period gives you the ability to seek perfection. Amazon gets 5 stars!
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on October 12, 2012
I bought this tv for relatively cheap at $1200 shipped to the door including taxes, so my review takes that into account as well.

1. The good: This TV has a lot to offer, like the LGs and Samsungs it also has the 2d to 3D button that will give some depth to 2D picture. The TV is light, and thin...plenty bright for a living room with lots of windows. Sound is awesome. It supports HDMI ARC which allows it to control certain home theater equipment automatically which is totally awesome. However you do need to buy a special HDMI 1.4b cable Mediabridge Ultra Series - High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 6 Feet Category 2 Certified - Supports 3D and Audio Return Channel <-- this one worked great for me, and it was cheap. Sound wise the TV is great but i still paired it up with a small system.

Mounting: the TV that I got did not include the base in the box, sony swore up and down to get it to me, but had a back order of 1-2 weeks. I chose to just get a wall mount and mount the TV. The OmniBasics wall mount i got that had a swivel arm, does not fit the TV perfectly because the TV's VESA mounts are made for rails to handle TILT stands, but its ok It fits with the arms showing a little bit on the bottom. But I thought Oh well it can swivel in and out and I am happy.

The 3D glasses look awesome, they are almost stylish... and 5 minutes of charge is all it needs for a whole 3 hour movie.

2. The bad: The Sony Entertainment Network or all the apps that make this TV fun is a very sluggish interface. I ended up just attaching my old ROKU XD which works a lot better. It says Motionflow XR 480. but NO its not a 480hz tv, its only 240hz but still is better than most 120hz and with the price I got, I am happy.

Additional 3D active shutter glasses are very expensive. The Menu system is not easy like my Philips TVs or LG TVs. Sony makes great hardware but besides PS3 they don't have good software or GUI development folks.

Tech support for Sony is off-shore, hence, not very good. While I don't mind someone in any part of the world helping me, I do take issue when I have to repeat my issues, name and phone number over 4 times to get the rep to understand me on top of when I am already frustrated with a missing part in the box (the stand or base of TV).

3. The ugly: There really is isn't any so far.

Other thoughts: The energy label says the TV uses $14 of electricity in the US for a whole year, which is awesome.

UPDATE: 1-month later still no stand from Sony after being promised overnight shipping several times. I just ended up mounting tv on the wall. Tv is awesome for gaming on my PS3 as well. Blu-rays look awesome!
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on April 30, 2014
I bought my Sony Bravo in 2005, happy with my purchase and thinking it would entertain my children and I for years to come. I paid $2400.00 for it – a huge expense for me but I thought it was a good investment at the time.
In January of 2013, my TV developed the now infamous “blue blob”. Unfortunately for me, I missed the boat as Sony had cut off their offer to extend warranties on the flawed Bravos due to the overwhelming response from unhappy consumers. I pursued my case and the best Sony would offer me was a discount on a Sony Bravo, a “smart” TV. My cost was less than retail, but more than I felt that I should be expected to contribute, given the “blue blob” was admittedly a Sony defect.
I loved my new TV!! Great picture- best I had ever seen. I bragged to anyone who would listen about my awesome TV. Sadly, 14 months later (shortly after my one year warranty expired), my Bravo quit working. All I had was a dark screen and a red light, flashing 6 times. I tried all of the trouble shooting techniques. I called Sony and was told , “sorry, you are no longer under warranty”.
I did the research on the internet and spoke to my local Sony repairman. I found out that the blinking red light is a real problem. And it seems to occur with Sony Bravias that are 13- 16 months old. The good reviews that I have read are recent reviews. I personally wrote one of those good reviews a few weeks after I made the purchase. To make a major purchase like this and have it quit on you in such a short time is not acceptable.
I am taking my Bravo to the repair shop tomorrow to find out the cost to fix it. My gut tells me I will be buying a new television. It won’t be a Sony.
I’ll follow the repairman’s advice and buy a Samsung or another brand. Beyond the shoddy workmanship and lack of integrity, the customer service is bad beyond description. I have never felt so frustrated in my life. These are not the people that I want to do business with. These are not the people you want to do business with. I have never before written a negative review on a product that I have purchased. My goal is to let Sony and everyone else know that their product is inferior and their response to customers is unacceptable. Do yourself a favor. DON’T buy a Sony.
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on May 22, 2012
I came from a 2006 LG 42" LCD, so I'm impressed with this Sony. I never had any problems with the old LG, which had an excellent viewing angle. Being one of the earlier LCDs, it had very poor black levels in anything less than a brightly lit room. The Sony has a very faint blue/purple/gray glow during very dark scenes in a very dark room, but it's more than acceptable and orders or magnitude better than my old LG - not as good as plasma, but very acceptable for an LCD. The backlighting is very even with only a hint of vignetting at the very top during solid white backgrounds. I left all settings at factory default except I turned off all the "trick" video processing features such as MotionFlow. It's very smooth and lifelike -- almost like looking through a 55" window, but I don't like the artificial "soap opera" effect. The 3D performance is good, but not excellent. Like most current 3D TVs, there is a bit of flicker that I am very sensitive to. Good effect, though. I didn't buy the TV for 3D - I bought it based on screen size, price, brand, and LED backlighting. There are TONS of built-in goodies like a web browser (that doesn't seem to work very well), which I don't use. So far, I'm satisfied with my purchase. I could have got it cheaper through, but ended up picking one up at a local retailer since it came with a free Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-Ray player at the time.
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on December 27, 2012
I am a probably a Sony lifer, simply because of the picture quality, and this flat screen is no exception. Although I could have lived without it, the 3D is pretty amazing and the unit was $200 less expensive then the internet flatscreen TV I was looking at. I can't believe I had to pay extra for the glasses. And they aren't cheap!
However, had I known that the wireless and internet would be so lame, I would have bought a cheaper flatscreen.

The unit has major weirdness snycing up with the wireless connection. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes it's right away. This is a mystery because it's not my connection speed. Once it wakes up, streaming Netflix is fine because the service buffers the stream, but YouTube balks continously if you don't reset the picture quality to standard delivery. I gave up on Hulu Plus. I'm not sure if this is a wireless issue, and haven't tried a direct connection yet, but I have two wireless LG blu-ray players with these apps on other TV's and this problem does not manifest itself on either unit. As other users have indicated, the apps are not the same, but they are also different on the blu-ray units. The on-screen keypad and search functions for the apps is really cumbersome and frustrating. I am going to download Media Remote - perhaps that will fix some of the usability issues.

My biggest disapointment is with the internet "feature". The internet home page is the Sony home page and the tv takes forever to load all the photos. The only way I can get to the internet is through the little Google icon at the top of the page and then I always get an error message before it loads. Worst of all, once again, it loads super slooooow. It may be that there is a secret setup and that I am not in on the secret. Coupled with the problems with using the onscreen keyboard, I usually end up using my laptop or my tablet.
They advertise the Sony Entertainment network, but I have tried to sign up a couple of times, and the system is always down.

Finally, the remote keys that you use most are squashed together in two concentric circles. I am constantly pressing the home button instead of the down button.
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on December 22, 2012
TV was easy to set up and has an awesome picture. The quality is worth paying for as you will be amazed by the clarity and colors
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on September 19, 2012
I purchased this TV direct from Sony as a discounted replacement for a Wega with an optical block issue. The picture is amazing - shows well in both dark and bright room conditions, scene choices (cinema, sports, etc) made it easy to set up TV based on content. There's calibration settings out on the web, but there's really very little adjustments needed out of the box for a great picture.

Only complaint is that the wi-fi receiver is very weak. I have a Sony Bluray under the TV that is on my wireless network, but the TV couldn't find it or connect. I have Ethernet going to my Directv box, I just added a $20 Ethernet switch/hub to get another port and connected via the LAN jack in the back of the TV. Netflix streaming is HD quality now, what an improvement over the Wi service I had before.

I was concerned about sound quality since the thin LED edge lit sets have small speakers, but it's fine for everyday use. I have a home theater system for films. If you don't have one, you might consider a sound bar for some bass response just be aware the TV sits low on the stand and most sound bars will block the bottom of the screen. If its wall mounted, no problem.

Lastly, the 3-d quality is excellent, only complaint is that no 3d glasses come with the set - they are about $50 each.
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