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on March 13, 2012
Rented this movie simply because I thought there is no way that it is so bad it warranted over 200 one star reviews. I would watch it again. My husband and I both liked this movie (as far as little kid movies go), and all 3 of my kids loved this movie!
Mumble is grown up in this movie and now has a baby of his own. Songs and dancing galore! I plan on buying it now since my kids liked it. Still don't understand the hate against this movie,but whatever. Everyone has an opinion.
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on March 15, 2012
To all those writing false negative reviews (yes, all 250+ one-star reviews here are fake, orchestrated by a conspiracy blogger named Mike Mozart), get your facts straight. The film was not produced by the MPAA or Warner. It's an Australian production that happens to be distributed by Warner. If you want to slam the MPAA, please do so elsewhere. Don't slam an otherwise highly enjoyable kids flick that, ironically enough, is about the balance of nature and the enduring strength of a few.
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on March 3, 2012
Honestly, I am a bit surprised by all the negative reviews. This cartoon is probably one of the most philosophically complex cartoons ever made. My kids and I loved it. The humor is sharp, and the themes are very deep. If you are looking for a dumb "Sponge Bob" type of entertainment, this is not the movie for you. If you are looking for a film that introduces complex and philosophical topics to your children every scene, this is a great film. My daughter, 11, and I had great discussions that were driven by this film. We talked about topics like "what makes a good leader", "popularity", "loneliness", "love", "feeling lost", "being part of the whole", etc. Yes, this cartoon is a bit too complex for most children.... but that is what parents are for. Its beautifully drawn, with excellent music, and it just may introduce philosophy to your child. Also, my 5 year old son loved it just for its entertaining scenes.
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on March 13, 2012
There is one reason and one reason only for all the negative reviews, right wing trolls. For all I know it's just one guy who has spent several days doing this. If you click on "my other reviews" next to the negative reviews, almost all of them have never reviewed anything else. That is because that account was created for the SOLE reason of marking down Happy Feet Two. Why? Because of a very vague environmental message you really have to search for to even see. They're doing the same thing to The Lorax right now and that type of behavior is really dispicable.

Rest assured, Happy Feet Two is a great kid's movie. It's at least as good as the first one with Matt Damon and Brad Pitt adding a whole new dimension to the story and causing me to laugh out loud several times. The CGI is beautiful, the characters are fun and there's just as much singing and dancing as the first film. the 3D is also fantastic if you get that version.
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on March 15, 2012
I absolutely loved this movie and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Blu-ray. Visually stunning, with a fantastic story, characters, animation, and visual effects, this movie was enjoyable to watch and the music is absolutely wonderful.

If you loved the first movie you will definitely love the sequel. Might be a little slow for younger children but is sure to delight older kids and adults.

This movie was made in Australia and is a great example of the work that can be produced and the skill of industry professionals in this country.
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on February 19, 2012
First let me say, I liked the original movie Happy Feet. Both of these movies were made for children. That means most of the people who view Happy Feet 2 are taking their children to see it.

This is basically a cartoon about a dancing penguin. What is causing all the ANGRY reviews about this movie? Nothing. I think these are FAKE reviews. These are not written as if coming from a parent. A parent would want to help other parents and tell them in more detail what was wrong with the movie. Almost ALL of the NEGATIVE reviews are strange and hostile in nature. They have such an extreme over-the-top message.

There are several RED flags to prove my statement. Almost ALL of these reviews use words like HATE, SUCK, DON'T BUY, etc. There are just too many copycat reviews. They actually seem like they were all written by the same person. One review was written that stated they did not like the FIRST Happy Feet. REALLY? Then WHY would they even be interested in going to see the sequel? One review said he wished he were deaf and blind. REALLY? Because of a children's animated movie? This is not a statement a "parent" or an intelligent person would make. Do not believe the negative reviews. I think they are bogus. Read the positive reviews and take from them what advice you need to decide about Happy Feet 2.
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on March 1, 2012
I saw this movie in an IMAX theater in 3-D and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm 58 and I went with my daughter, my 5 year old grandson, my fiancee and her 14 year old son. Everyone enjoyed it. I liked it better than the first one and I liked the first. I'm not sure what people are expecting but it is a great family movie. No cynics need see this.
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on May 13, 2012
Mr. Miller is one of my favorite directors but I was a little hesitant about watching this movie after seeing such a low rating for this. Then I read the reviews and realized that there was something fishy about the bad reviews. After watching the movie twice (in one day) I think I can guess which gang wrote those bad reviews. I will reveal that at the end. (SPOILER warning towards the end.)

I will not cover the story line but will say that the cast is full of lively characters, all with different accents and different musical tastes, and never putting down any one. This movie is a celebration of diversity. There was even one line by a penguin in an Indian accent and it was delivered naturally and surprise surprise it was not for some comic effect as I have come to expect in a typical Hollywood movie.

The tunes were catchy - even the opera-based number by the little penguin praising his dad, which nearly brought to my eyes, and the movie ended with a song based on wonderful Janelle Monae's Tightrope.

Talking of diversity - Will and Bill (voiced by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon) are two tiny krills who make a difference in their own way. Their dialogue will be fun for smart grown-up kids.

SPOILER ALERT - Please stop now if you don't want to know the spoiler.
The movie maker added one more piece of diversity - about 2-3 lines between the two krills, which will be caught only by mature kids or grown-ups, indirectly alluded to attraction felt by one of the krills. My guess is that's where haters, the ones writing one star reviews jumped in. On orders of some Christian-fundamentalist group the reviews were written perhaps without ever watched the movie.
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on March 13, 2012
Whats wrong with feeling good? This is a 'feel good' movie to it's roots, the music had me tapping foot in time with the beat, and the 'all over the place' plot added to the fun.

I don't understand the folks who gave this movie one star. Someone must have organized a 'hate in'.

I call this movie 'great fun for kids of all ages'!
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on March 24, 2012
Before I write my review, I should point out the the reason this movie has such a disproportionate number of 1-star reviews is because blogger Mike Mozart orchestrated a protest in support of killing the overreaching SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) bills that were introduced by Representative Lamar S. Smith (R-TX) and Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), respectively in 2011. Not sure anyone seeing those reviews will connect the dots and realize that all those 1-star reviews have nothing to do with Happy Feet 2, and it's a shame this movie was targeted. Glad SOPA and PIPA were killed, but the collateral damage done to this movie was a real shame.

Is it a 5-star movie? No, but it's a 4-star movie for sure. Just the comedy bits with Bill the Krill and Will the Krill are worth it - they have the absolute best lines in the movie. (Example: when Bill and Will leave the "swarm," Bill cries, "Goodbye, Krill world!")

If you liked the first Happy Feet movie, you'll like this one almost as much. (Or, if you felt there was too much of an environmental message in the first one, you might like this sequel better since the preaching is toned down significantly.)

The music is fun and as professionally performed as the first Happy Feet, and the graphics are stunning. There are a few scenes where real people are inserted, just like in the first move, but they're a lot better integrated than the first film. (The sailor who plays the guitar riffs for "We are the Champions" is just amazing to watch.)

The 2D Blu-ray is flawless with no discernible flaws in the picture, and the sound is just as good. This disc is about as close to reference as you'll get these days.

However, the 3D Blu-ray has least on my television, a Sharp 70" Elite (PRO-70X5FD) which is one of the absolute best 3D TV out today. The amount of crosstalk (ghosting) makes the 3D version unwatchable, IMHO. Perhaps other TVs render the 3D of this disc better, but considering that Avatar, Hubble 3D, Immortals, Hugo, and many other recent 3D Blu-rays look almost flawless on this TV makes me think this 3D disc has an authoring problem. Hopefully other reviewers will chime in to specifically discuss this disc's 3D on their respective TVs to confirm or disprove that this is a problem.

One last note - for those of you who hate that Blu-rays from still come with hard-to-remove stickers on the outer slip cases, this disc is no different. However, because of the more resilient holographic cover on the slip case, the stickers come off a little easier than they would on a matte slip case.
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