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on March 30, 2012
Very impressive picture but I have a few comments concerning the voltage and the setup menu. The power requirement is 12VDC not 120VAC. The converter that came with it will have to be replaced at some point and if outside the warranty period, you will be out of pocket a considerable amount of money. The Amazon site was silent on this. The $6/yr operating cost is a great sales pitch but where was the specification on the DC power and the converter requirements or information on price and availability of the converter. I surmise the reason it is not dual voltage is because LG wanted to cut cost and not include a power supply within the TV. Ok, fine, but be upfront about it. In general, the manual is not very detailed. The setup operation asks for either antenna or cable. However, when you choose cable and run the channel scan it scans all available channels including the off the air channels and imprints them in memory. Then you have to delete the unwanted channels. The deleting process is tedious and frustrating because after each deletion it takes you back to live tv and the process starts all over again. I am on the fence on whether to return the tv primarily for the power requirement feature and the hassle of replacing a major part in the future not to mention the cost.
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on March 28, 2012
I purchased this to replace a 23" Samsung LCD TV. The Samsung was top of the line in 2005 and the LG shines in comparison. The Screen is 3" bigger at 26" but actually takes up slightly less real estate on my wall. I needed a smaller simple set with excellent picture and this one does it for me. It doesn't have the inputs and outputs that my Samsung has but it is mounted on the wall in my bedroom and is not part of a home theater system so all of those features weren't needed anyhow. It has 2 HDMI inputs, 1 Component and 1 Composite.... really all one would need however it does not have audio out.

The picture is quite impressive. I have the larger LG 55" 3D TV in my family room and the picture on the smaller one looks almost as good. The fact that it is only 720p is meaningless in anything under 40" unless you are right up close.

Best of all for my needs is the fact that it is one of the most energy efficient for its size. The estimated annual cost is $6. Yep 6 BUCKS! I have a solar home so every watt I save helps justify the cost of the system. All in all a great TV.
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on July 4, 2012
I'm using this LG in my kitchen area. Although I have cable, I do not have the cable box, so I receive just the standard 70-or-so channels available and no HD. I have no complaints about the picture or sound - quite capable and all I need in a kitchen TV.

However there are two things about this TV I find irritating.

One is the channel selection procedure. Let's say you want to punch in channel 53. Pressing the '5' displays the "Similar Channel List", a drop down list of every channel that begins with '5'. Press '3' and a full five seconds later, the channel changes. If the TV was already on channel 53 when it was turned on (and you didn't know it), pressing '53' displays the typical off-channel snow activity with an incredibly loud static hiss.

What is this thing thinking about that takes it five seconds to switch channels? My cable box on another TV doesn't take that long and it's slow at most everything.

BTW - Using the channel settings, I deleted all the TV channels, all the CADTV channels, and all the CATV channels I do not watch.

The other irritant is the remote's physical design - it's about as stable as a canoe. When working in the kitchen, I often want to quickly hit a single button (mute usually), but that flips the remote over. It was an irritant easily remedied by replacing it with a Radio Shack remote I had hanging around the house.
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on September 20, 2012
I bought this as a replacement set for a 18mo old set that went dark. This set is the same size as our previous one, mounted in the same manner.

The mount is an approved device with the proper spacing and mounting holes, etc. This is a mount that allows for a lot of movement and since we are watching this set in a room that is not very deep but wide the mount allows you to angle the TV in the direction you need.
I was struck by the FLIMSINESS of the mount point within the set itself. We often grab the set by the edge to swing it left or right and the whole frame flexes easily. Now this may last forever, being designed to bend and not break, but it doesn't give me that feeling when I move it. I have had no other set flex so much once mounted. Most are VERY rigid.

For a low power unit, I am satisfied with the brightness, contrast, and various settings, all arranged in an EASY to use interface. The sharpness of the picture is great. At this size, a 720 resolution is perfectly fine and I have no complaints.
I had a hard time adjusting the color however because I was standing off to the side while doing so. My wife kept telling me it looked funny and she was right.
You can easily see LARGE color and contrast shifts in the picture just by moving a small distance left or right from the center of the screen. Sitting 7 to 10 feet away, a family of four sitting side by side will see different color especially affecting the flesh tones of faces. ( The last set I bought, I specifically looked for a wide viewing angle ) The NARROW viewing angle of THIS SET, is the biggest disappointment I have.

The audio quality is decent. We have our set mounted from a wall, and the speakers point down on this particular set. That saves room around the frame, but may affect your audio response depending on your particular mounting options.
I have a running joke about television speakers, because I enjoy and try to obtain Hi-fidelity from most all devices, and by design, televisions rarely can deliver. So I'm looking for weather or not I can hear the voices clearly. Weather or not surround audio programs, result in a strange listening experience due to improper processing, IE very loud background noises when you cant hear the main character in the middle of the screen. Sports programming and the commercials will often provide good tests for these kinds of problems. All in all the audio from this set performs well. There is even a special adjustment to help pull the "talking" out in front, called clear voice.
Biggest disappoint with the audio- THERE IS NO HEADPHONE or ANY OTHER AUDIO OUTPUT.

The remote is easy to use and powerful enough that you do not have to aim precisely at the set. That's good because you will likely have to hold the remote to use it. It does not sit well on a flat surface as you push the buttons on top. It'd be nice to have buttons that glowed or were back-lit, but at this price point you won't find that anywhere. Overall the remote is perfect for the product.

The overall flimsiness does not instill confidence.
If you are bothered by what I consider a more NARROW viewing angle than the average LCD set, then keep looking.
If you have a longer room then this problem is less of an issue, but you are likely looking for a larger screen anyways.
If you are watching from a bed or other type arrangement, this may work for you.
I'm hoping that the low power consumption will help this last a good long time. I expect TV's should last 7+ years. My previous history with back lights going dark on my devices ( Westinghouse - 24mo, Samsung - 13mo, VIZIO - 18mo ) has troubled me.

** UPDATE ** Television Antenna input came off from the back of the set, making it impossible to watch OTA ( Over The Air ) signals. It appears that good sets at this size and price are hard to come by. Based on my earlier review I am struggling to simply return it for a direct replacement. Amazon is Amazing in support for whatever choice I make, taking the fear out of purchasing on-line!
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on March 17, 2012
I purchased this tv to replace a Samsung which was about two years old that was plagued with an ongoing problem that the manufacturer has encountered with several of their sets. I am not dissapointed. It was easy to setup and the picture clarity is awesome. I am hoping for a longer life than the Samsung and if that is the case it would be the idea tv. It was also priced right.
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on May 16, 2012
Bought this LED TV for our bedroom and it only took 20 minutes to unpack, connect, and program all channels. The HD channels are ridiculously clear and look outstanding on this 26" screen. The light-sensing technology and automatic brightness adjustment work extremely well, as the TV lowers the brightness during nighttime viewing with the lights off. Takes up a small amount of space on the dresser, so TV size has not hampered dresser-top use at all. I've read reviews about the sound being a bit of an issue, but haven't noticed any sound loss or difficulty hearing the audio to this point. Throw in the fact that Amazon had this TV on my doorstep 1.5 days after I purchased it, and the overall experience and quality have been top-notch! Highly recommend this LED TV!
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on June 2, 2012
Like most, I searched high and low for the best quality(and bang for the buck) TV I could find. The LG did not disappoint! Sharp picture, easy set-up, and LED technology make it a no-brainer for someone looking for a smaller TV for a bedroom, beach-cottage, or dorm room. Highly recommend-enjoy the LG!
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on August 6, 2012
I am an idiot technically, and I rely on the judgment and opinion of others, especially my son, alex. I only wanted to spend about $150, but he researched and said to spend the extra $'s on this TV.. So glad I did..It's beautiful and perfect for my bedroom.
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on April 28, 2012
Very sharp picture, good sound, easy menu. Only slight negative I can think of is narrow viewing angle. I would buy this item again.
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on June 12, 2012
Just received this tv yesterday. It is replacing a 4:3 15" Sony in the kitchen. The picture looks nice so far, but I'm only able to get letterbox view when I set the screen format to 16:9. As background, I have this tv connected to a FIOS HD box in the great room via coax output of the box. I also drive my 65" lg tv from this same box via its hdmi output. I have the box set to 16:9 format. HD pictures fill the screen on by big lg tv, but only display in letterbox format on this new 22" tv. Wondering if hooking to coax is the problem. The FIOS box only has one hdmi output. So far the only way I can fill the screen is to change the tv format to zoom. Update: Problem solved by getting an HD box from Verizon and using HDMI cable. Fantastic picture!!
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