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on September 5, 2012
I'm very happy with this purchase.

Background, I use these on my daily commute. 40 minute walk through the hills of San Francisco. Windy, check. Wanted for both listening to music/podcasts as well as making phone calls. Primarily using with an android phone.

I was worried about a couple things when I bought these:
- Read peoples ears got sweaty
- Had some mixed reviews for phone calls
- Some said they didn't stay on head extremely well

Passed those, I had read all positives on these for the price-point. And in my opinion, none of these were an issue for me. They stay on my head just fine. I've even jogged with them and they maintained their position. Ears get a little sweaty on really sunny days. If you live in a hot climate, have the sun pounding on you while using -- you may want to consider that. For me here in SF, not an issue at all. Even on sunny days, with a cool breeze, no issue whatsoever. Phone calls have been wonderful as well. Was on a busy street earlier, they could still hear me loud and clear. So much so that I was happily surprised. I thought for sure with the wind ripping past, people honking etc, there's no way this is going to be a good experience. I was so wrong.

First impressions:

- They were a little smaller/thinner than I was expecting. Not sure why, they look jsut as they do in the image. But to my delight, still fit me beautifully.
- Because it's all plastic, it doesn't look quite as cool as the new monster phones, but then again they are not $300 and they are sooo light because of it. I could literally wear these all day without really noticing.
- Actually, they look pretty cool.
- Bluetooth is painless, easily connected to pc and phone.
- The sound quality is great. I'm no audiophile, but i've used much more expensive headphones and these are on par with a pair more expensive. Bluetooth you always take a hit as far as sound quality, but still sounds beautiful. And plugged in, even better.
- Comfortable, so damn comfortable.
- Having buttons on the headphone makes life so easy.
- Easy to adjust
- Huge one for me, sound does not leak. I hate hearing other peoples music blaring in public places. These leak so little, was impressed by this. And there's no active noise cancellation, but they still hold sound pretty well, you'll feel like you're in your own little world. Without feeling like you're in a sauna or listening to yourself chew. Win win.
- Good battery life
- Easy to turn on/off

I've had a fantastic experience so far. If I had to pick anything apart. It's annoying you can't listen to them while charging. At least not plugged in, actually not sure--you may be able to via bluetooth. I'll update later. But if they die, you definitely have to wait a little before using again. The buttons on the headphone are a little stiff if i'm being extremely critical, but they are so convenient hasn't hurt my experience one bit.

Happy customer, and definitely recommend these to anyone looking in the bluetooth headphone market, or even just for anyone looking for a new pair of headphones and willing to accept extra perks of having bluetooth at your fingertips. Beware you warm climate people, but other than that, happy listening.

UPDATE: I have been using these for months now, every single day. I still love them. I feel like I never charge them, they just work. Thinking about it now, I've had absolutely no problems. No dropped calls. No random cut outs, or weird bluetooth issues. Charge once a month, maybe. Have never been somewhere where they died on me, only charge because I figure they have to be getting low. In the summer the leather after a long walk or jog would cause my ears to get a little sweaty after awhile. Wasn't an immediate issue, but something worth noting as there are plenty of warmer climates than that of the bay area. But adding to that, they've been the perfect companion for the winter months. When it's below 60 and windy, these provide the perfect amount of protection from the elements. For the price tag, I could not imagine being happier with a different pair.
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on May 22, 2012
I have a a Sony DR-BT22 headset and these are way more comfortable and sound way more better. For the money you pay for this thing, you are getting a very high quality sound reproduction (for a bluetooth headset). Everyone keeps saying 'for a bluetooth headset', but face it, BT is just not quite there yet.

As for sound quality on phone calls, it is very good. I was outside and the wind was blowing a bit with cars driving by and my wife said that she could hear me loud and clear. Which is so weird to me because I'm not used to using the headset that way. But it's good to know it works and that it works well.

Also, I have listened to my co-workers Wireless BT Headset from Dre Beats, and I was totally knocked for a loop when a $50-$75 dollar headset sound just as good, if not better then a $299.99 headset! Also, these headphones are so much lighter and are way more comfortable then the Dre Beats ones. I was actually contemplating on getting the BT Dre Beats, but thankfully I got a rare opportunity to listen to and compare them with what I already have (these and the Sony's). Needless to say, I'm glad I didn't dish out the cashola for the Dre Beats ones.

Another advantage this set has is that you can use it wirelessly or with a wire (which is included).

I give this device a 4 out of 5 because the flaws are that it can make your ears sweat a little bit and that the charging cord is unique in that you have to plug the cord into your earphone jack of the headphones, thus preventing you from using them while they charge.

Hope this helps. But for now, this is the least expensive to quality sound reproduction headset ratio you are going to find on the market.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 30, 2015
These were good headphones. They were easy to pair up with various electronics, they were comfortable (I wear mine almost all day at work), and they have great sound—loud, clear, balanced. I only have two complaints:

1. At times I had difficulty connecting up with already-paired devices. I typically paired it with my laptop and my Samsung, and sometimes (mostly with the Samsung) it just wouldn't connect. I don't know if this was an issue with the phone or the headphones or the laptop, but the headphones were the common denominator. Not enough for me to subtract the two stars that I did, but I'm mentioning it anyway. Might just be Bluetooth technology (disclaimer: this is the first pair of Bluetooth headphones I've ever owned)

2. This is a big one, and the reason for less than 5 stars. Almost a year to the date they are cracked and not long for this world. There are what appear to be stress cracks/breaks on both sides of the headphone. They're exactly at the place that the cuffs fold in. They didn't break at the same time either. You can clearly see the exposed wires behind one of the cracks, so I imagine it's only a matter of time before one of those wires get stretched/comes loose/breaks. Real bummer, but for now they still work.

Other than that I loved these headphones. Unfortunately I'm gonna look at another brand for my next pair due to the breakage problem.
review image
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear about the issue are having with your earphones. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Your earphones are covered by a 1-year replacement warranty and we'd be more than happy to replace them with a new unit - please email us at and we'll help you through the exchange process.

Thanks for taking the time to read my response and sorry again for any inconvenience this has caused. Our customer service staff is always happy to answer any questions about your MEElectronics products so please don't hesitate to drop us a line for any reason.

-MEElectronics Customer Care
on June 2, 2012
I ordered these headphones after being totally disappointed in the ARCTIC Sound ORACO-ERM28-GBA01 Headphones P311 (Black and Gray), which I had ordered and returned earlier. See the 1-star reviews for the Arctic headphones here -

Unlike those, these started and paired up with my iPad and iPod right out of the gate, once I had charged them to full as recommended at startup. Since then, I have used them in all kinds of situations and find that they work excellently everywhere, without skipping. I have used them on long walks, on my commute through NYC's subway system, and at home. Mostly pros in the headphone. The only con (and this is true of all wireless headphones) is that the bass is not as deep or booming as on a wired headphone.

Pros - instant connection with my various Bluetooth devices; good battery life; no skipping while walking or in the gym; clear music streaming; great comfort and fit; good sound isolation - not active noise cancelation, but this sound isolation enables one to listen to music or talks at volumes that are not too high even in a NYC subway; while listening to music, even people standing next to you cannot overhear it (which is a HUGE thing for me, as I detest having to listen to other people's screeching music while commuting); controls for volume, skipping tracks and pairing on the headphones are easy to use and logically placed.

I would have liked the ability to turn my iPod or iPad on or off from the headset itself, but maybe that is not technologically feasible, I don't know.

Highly recommend these headphones for purchase.
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on November 11, 2012
UPDATE 12/14/13: After more than a year of near-continuous use, these headphones are now starting to wear out. Audio quality remains consistent (which means they still sound great), but the plastic is starting to wear. The headphones feel like they're about to break; all the joints feel loose, the soft rubber coating is peeling off, and the headband cushioning is starting to lose its shape. I still feel like I got my money's worth, considering these are some of the cheapest Bluetooth headphones on the market, but I think it's time I upgraded to something with a better build quality.

I've owned a few wired and wireless headphones over the years, and though I'm no audiophile, I'm confident I can tell a quality pair of headphones from some crap ones. And these I can comfortably place in the "quality" list. My opinions of this headset are based on comparisons with the wired headphones I use on a regular basis: a pair of Sennheiser HD202's that I use at work and for general music listening, a pair of Astro A30's for gaming, and a pair of JBuds J5M earbuds that I use when I'm out and about and don't want to carry headphones with me.

Because the Air-Fi AF32's can be used both wired and wireless, I have to give two opinions on each of these modes, because they're not equal. In wireless bluetooth mode, sound quality is decent. There's a decent amount of bass (but certainly not on the same ear-thumping level of an entry pair of Beats by Dre) and mid-level frequencies come through nicely. High-frequency sounds, like hi-hats or orchestral strings, however, have some distortion in them. It's almost as if the song I'm playing is being sampled at a lower bitrate when used in bluetooth mode.

Wired, these headsets are quite good. They're just as good as any entry-level wired headphones. Bass is good, mid- and high-frequency sound is crisp.

These don't press against my head like other headphones do. And since I wear glasses, I have no problem wearing these for hours at a time. The cushioning is soft and because they don't envelop my entire ear, the sides of my head don't get super hot. The downside is that this means the cans have practically no sound isolation, so at high volumes, everyone around you will know what you're listening to.

Build quality
I've only had them a week, but they've taken some abuse and have survived the week inside my backpack. No scratches yet. The speakers themselves haven't blown out or anything, and I try to keep the volume fairly high just to stress test the speakers' membranes.

Call quality
I've taken a few calls with these via my phone, and call quality was pretty good. On the other end, people can hear me clearly enough, but just as w/most headsets, the mic picks up a lot of ambient noise. I wouldn't recommend these for taking a call in a crowded or noisy environment.

Battery life
Not sure how long these are supposed to last on a single charge, but I received and charged them on a Monday and it's now the following Sunday and these cans are still kicking. I use them with bluetooth for about an hour every day (give or take) and so far they've held that first charge. If charging once a week is what I have to do, that's fine by me.

Bluetooth headphones still don't sound as good as wired ones, but at least with this set you get a lot of bang for your buck. Bluetooth, media controls, call functionality, folding design for storing in a bag; you get a lot for under $100. And if the batteries do go, you can still use them wired (and they'll sound a little better, too). For those that need a wireless, fairly hassle-free audio experience, these are great.
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on January 24, 2013
I just received these headphones in the mail today, with very speedy delivery might I add. Out of the box there was a lot of anticipation because you're required to charge the battery completely, which can take up to four hours, before you start powering it on and pairing it with devices. Three hours later, I get the signal that the battery is charged and I get to work.

Pairing the headphones to my mobile device was a breeze as I read the instruction manual prior and followed each step correctly. The instructions were pretty much what you assume you would need to do to get something like this paired and was fairly simple.

When I finally got some music playing, I was blown away initially by just the quality of audio. I was a little bit hesitant to get bluetooth headphones because I didn't know where the technology was at and it would have been a complete waste if the audio quality was garbage. Fortunately for me, these things produce great sound on par with more well known brands that are much more expensive.

The next test I performed to validate a good purchase was playing music from my mobile device and walking around my house in order to see what kind of range I'll be working with. Bluetooth connectivity is rated at up to 30 feet and these things definitely were able to fulfill that standard. I was able to go to the other side of my house and still have clear, full audio before I got maybe 40 feet and there would be little drops in playback. Although, You don't get as much range if there are walls between you and your device. I went outside and the concrete walls gave me maybe 25 feet max and I found that if I moved around, it affected the signal.

It is worth noting how intuitively designed the control panel is on these headphones. Over your right ear, you have the ability to answer and end phone calls, play / pause playback, skip forward and back, and adjust volume up or down all in a simple layout. If your phone is compatible, you even have the option to use the microphone to give your phone voice commands (i.e. call someone, compose text messages, launch applications).

All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase. I'll be using these headphones to have music playing from my computer while I got outside to smoke cigarettes and other things, listen to music on my mobile while riding bike and public transportation without the worry of wires, AND, they have a built-in microphone so you can make calls with them! If anyone is looking for a pair of outstanding and convenient headphones, I highly urge you to pick up a pair of these. For such an affordable price, these can really help you enjoy your day to day life a little more with some music and no wires.
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on August 5, 2012
I think some users are over rating the headphones. Charge lasts a long time but it also takes a while to charge. They fold up nicely. But the real thing I purchased them for is the sound. The sound is good but not great. You can't put these on the same level as wired headphones. The fit is tight and the base is fair with a little distortion, mid range is OK. Like most products there is a price range that defines it. I would like to have paid another $20 and got better sound. For the price I would have to say the quality is the best you could expect. They are not the worst headphones but they are not great either. I would rate them about a 3.5 out of 5 for sound. The bluetooth sync's quickly but it has a tendency to skip and break up with my Jabra transmitter. Of course the color could be better, what is the point of the blaze orange? Also some complained that the size is large, yes but they could try tilting them forward or backward. And at least they fit tight enought to give a firm seal around the ear to some what block outside sound and give good base.
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on January 9, 2013
For the money, these are a great pair of bluetooth headphones. The sound is great, they are light and comfortable and having the option of plugging them in via a standard 3.5mm headphone jack is a huge bonus.

The only thing that kept me from giving them 5 stars was that they don't hold your head very tightly and as a result will slip off quite easily. They're fine if you're just hanging out and listening to some tunes but if you start moving around a little you might run into trouble. These are definitely not being pitched as sport headphones so maybe this won't be an issue for most people but it got a little annoying for me.
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on November 18, 2012
When I first got these headphones I was a little appalled by how small they were. I didn't like them and on top of that they were uncomfortable (too tight of a fit). However, I gave them a chance because frankly I don't like dealing with returns.

The best selling or non-returning point of the headphones quickly became the Bluetooth feature. They pretty much sound the same wireless or wired. Wireless headphones are underrated (for instance, wearing them while cleaning you're room or wearing them outside while listening to you're bulky tablets music stored in your backpack).
The headphones have an exceptional battery life. There are two downsides. You cannot charge them while listening to them and the track may skip a beat here and there when the battery is low. Officially, I do not ever think it has run out (maybe they charge a little while plugged into a device). Protip: you can save battery by holding the pause/power button for a few seconds to turn them off. Though keeping them fully charged will keep them from skipping a beat. There are also buttons for volume, seeking, and pausing directly on the headphones which are a nice touch.

I am no audiophile but they do sound significantly better than my MEElectronics sport headphones and I have gone through about three pairs of those. I have worn them since getting these cans and noticed a big difference. I wondered how I ever listened to music on those as I my ears were spoiled by these. The sound is crystal clear and has good enough bass. My eardrums actually had to adjust to the headphones because I listen to music loudly and these have more bass than I am used to (ouch). After a few weeks it went away though. The wireless and wired sound nearly identical, with maybe a 10% increase in sound quality when wired at most, but I digress.

Tl, dr; the headphones were tight, smaller than expected, but the Bluetooth and sound quality won me over. I bought the black ones for about 72. 60-70 dollars is a good range. Also I can't give 5 stars because they feel tight on my ears and they could be more comfortable/bigger. Any questions? Ask.

Edit: will update for sound leaking because that is also something to take into account. From what I know now I do not believe they leak that much.

Leaking Update: The design of the headphones prevents a lot of leaking.

One year update:

These headphones are still booming after much wear (even after breaking). I have been using them for running and even though they get really sweaty, they seem to take anything. They have some wear and tear that I fixed with gorilla glue but the sound was not affected. I even ran with them in the rain to the point they stopped working (they work well in light rain). After putting them in rice they started up again no problem. Changing to 5 stars. Take care of them if you get them. Or don't. They actually loosened up from cracking at the hinges and feel better now. The battery life is still insanely good and I feel badass answering calls on the Bluetooth. Will probably buy another pair once my current ones give out as these are pretty ahead of their time.
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on May 17, 2012
1. The over all sound from lows to high is really good. I did not expect Bluetooth headphones to sound so good. In the past when I tried Bluetooth, I always heard static or a hum. These headphones do not have any of those issues. I would compare these to the Klipsch image one, since these are the headphones that are replacing it. The sound quality compared to my prior headset is just as good.
2. No wires!
3. Works with the iPhone and I use Slacker Radio and the Bluetooth works with the controls in Slacker. I can skip a track or increase the sound and I can answer phone calls. The controls are easy to learn. You have three rows. The bottom row is the volume, the middle row allows you to skip tracks and the top row is the power and answer phone calls.
4. Wearing the headphones is a pleasure. They are light and I can hardly feel they are on my head.

1. It does not come with a hard case. Just a sleeve and since these headphones do not fold flat, I am worried that I may damage them when I travel.
2. The padding on the headphones do not isolate the sound and if you like listening to music loud, they may disturb other people around you. Listening to music outside is fine, but since the padding on the headphones do not cover your ear, you will hear ambient noise.
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