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on March 22, 2012
You know how it seems every year there's always this really great movie that flies under pretty much everyones radar and then finally gets lots of notice and recognition? Yeah, a sleeper hit. I suspect this beautiful plasma may fall in that catergory and for a couple of reasons. First, this Samsung is targeted towards the budget minded crowd. Even in this crappy economy people will still go out and pay boatloads of money for the latest tv technology, no matter the expense. Those good old credit cards and lines of credit. Nothing but trouble I tell ya! Secondly, most people who research a tv before buying one will read that you shouldn't buy a 720p television(this Samsung is) if it't 50 inches or bigger because the picture will not look that great. That may be true in the past, but not with this model. 720p looks stunning on this television from any viewing distance or angle. Lastly, when I stumbled across this plasma on ebay several weeks ago I knew zero about it. So I researched it and researched it and could find very little on it, including reviews. I don't know whether it's on there now, but Samsung didn't even have this awesome plasma listed on their website at the time. That is POOR marketing! So, yeah, possible sleeper hit.

This television, as other reviewers have probably already noted on the net(not many reviews yet), is the stepup E model that replaces last year's very fine D class 450 and 490 models(check the reviews). I was actually considering buying a 43" D490 model until I found this one. I had previously owned a 47" LG progressive 3D television(LW6500 model) and it conked out in two months, so I knew I wanted another 3D tv and decided to try a Samsung since I'd always heard mostly great things about them. I was leery at first about the whole active 3D vs. progressive 3D debate. When I bought the 47 inch progressive 3D LG most of what I read said that progressive was the future of 3D and that it was the way to go. So, this is why I was skeptical of buying an active 3D plasma, like this Samsung model. Lay that skepticism and those fears aside! I've watched Avatar, RE:Afterlife, Tron, and Piranha on 3D and they all look mindblowingly magnificent. Crystal clear and lots of depth. No fluttering, ghosting images that I've read about. I don't know how active 3D fairs on other tv's, but the 3D on this model blows away the progressive 3D I had on the LG. There is absolutely nothing negative to say about the 3D picture. It's that good. Don't listen to the negativity about active 3D and 720p on bigger size plasmas. This tv plants those allegations on their face!

Even right out of the box the picture looked really good on standard cable. Not visually stunning like the blu-ray picture it produces, but still darn good. It didn't really take much more than 5 minutes of tweaking with the remote to get the picture how I wanted it. I like that the remote is relatively small and not some big refrigerator with legs:) The only negative I can say about the remote, and it's a small one, is that when you change a channel, increase volume etc. you have to double press the button. The first time merely "lights on" the remote. Kind of annoying if you are not used to it. And not just the picture set up is easy either. Removing the tv from the box and installing the stand and hooking everything up took no more than 15 to 20 minutes.

The sound on this Samsung is surprisingly good. Pretty much every tv I've bought has had crappy factory sound. I can't remember if it was Panasonic or Sharp that always seemed to have really good sound out of the box. Too many tv's to remember! In a small room(say 12x12) the sound from this tv is more than adequate. One much bigger and you may want to add a surround sound system of some sort, even if it's just a speaker bar system. The sound options are the one thing I haven't played with yet during the 12 days I've owned it. I guess that says a lot about the sound being fine. I will probably eventually tweak around with it and see if there is any mesmerizing bass waiting to be unlocked. Not likely;)

The black levels are the best I've seen on a plasma with the exception of some the high-end $3000 jobs they have on display at Best Buy. And then the blacks were only noticeably better. Not $3000 better! From all I've researched on plasmas over the years, the major consensus on the best thing about plasma picture quality is the black levels. I have to disagree. The colors(reds, blues etc) that come out in Avatar and Tron are ridiculously surreal and ultra vivid! Even on standard dvd the colors are outstanding. I can't really comment on how the picture looks in a lighted room b/c I have mine in a small unlit room(one small lamp). Ninety-five percent of my viewing on this tv has been in the dark. The other 5% was with the lamp on. I can't tell any difference in the pic with the light on or off, except for maybe a slight glare.

I guess my only "real complaint" with this tv is the fact that it only has 2 HDMI inputs. For me, though, this is a very minor complaint since I only need two and probably will for a while. I have a Playstation 3(doubles as my blu-ray player) and Xbox 360 hooked to it. I guess in the future if they release another gaming system that I have to have to go with aforementioned two then it might be a problem. I know some people will have a problem with this because for some reason they have to have 5 HDMI inputs! Also, I can't comment on anything internet related with this tv because I don't mess with that stuff. I couldn't(without looking it up) tell you whether this tv even has any kind of internet connectivity.

Speaking of video games: they look visually gorgeous with zero framerate issues. Most recently I played Kingdoms of Amalur and Uncharted 3 and they look insanely beautiful with fantastic sound! I've used this plasma roughly 50 hours and so far have had no image retention issues(screen burn-in) and don't believe I will. This is my 4th plasma and I've played video games on all of 'em and had zero issues with burn-in. I believe this problem only rears it's ugly head when people don't use their ugly heads:) and go off and leave a movie or game paused for long periods of time. For crying out loud people! Turn the tv off if you're going to be away from it for an exteneded period of time.

The bottom line: Get in on this tv early, so you can say you were there at the beginning when it reaches "sleep hit" status. Seriously, kidding aside. Buy this sweet little Samsung plasma because you WILL NOT find a better tv for the price that can produce this kind of picture, sound, looks, and features. This is an unbelievable price for a 3D tv this size. Especially one that has a picture this amazing. Sure you can go out and spend another $1500 or $$2000 fir a higher end tv, but you'll only get something marginally better. Be smart. Save your money. Buy this tv. Now! Thank you. This Sammy is everything I could ask for in a tv and more. I give it an overall score of 4.75 out of 5 or a 9.5 out of 10. If you miss out on this Samsung you'll missing out on a lot. Samsung makes excellent televisions. Proof of that couldn't be anymore evident than here...


Forgot to mention that, the tv, when bought new, comes with 2 free pair of 3D plasses right in the box. That makes an amazingly sweet deal even sweeter!
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on July 15, 2012
I have this TV in my sunroom and I generally watch at night. Watched 3D stuff through VUDU trailers and it is great.
This is a 2012 model which can use the new and lighter 3d glasses.

720p - Unless you watch tv at a distance of less than 10 feet, 1080p or 720p does not matter.
I connected the tv to my sony bluray player with wifi and love it.

Channels on my cable look great.
Took couple of days to adjust to the size but like it now.

Plasma - My biggest concern before buying this tv was about image issues with plasma tvs. Did not do anything special in the first week.
Pausing the tv for 10 to 15 mintues did not cause any issue.
While streaming online stuff like netflix, the black bars are there but watching tv with those bars for hours did not cause any problems

For the price of the tv, you will get a lot more.
- New model
- 3D tv and a pair of glasses
- Good plasma tv
- Samsung
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on September 3, 2012
This Plasma will not disappoint. The picture blows away any LCD LED for less money. Screen burn in is not an issue with the burn protection activeated. It even has a scrolling burn in removel screen that really works if you notice a faint line or image when you turn on the set just goto that menu and it wipes away the marks. I have a HTPC connected so when I have the pc on a long time I have noticed the start button on the screen but the removal takes care of it like magic. After I set the protection correctly it doesn't even get the marks from the start button anymore.

It's a great Plasma
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on March 17, 2013
I had the 2011 D model until my kids broke the screen with an XBOX controller. This 2012 E model is better and has a beautiful picture that makes you forget all about the fact that you are watching a 720P TV. Truthfully, I can't tell that there's that much difference at all.

Likes: everything. remote is smaller and easier to use. screen is outstanding. picture is flawless. sound is great. etc.

Dislikes: the only dislike that I have between the two models is the screen zoom feature. The 2011 model had a three stage zoom for eliminating the black lines and this 2012 model doesn't. It simply has a 16.9 and widescreen which is full zoom. The full zoom is good for movies but bad for cable tv because it spreads where you can't see the channel or page info.

Other than that this TV is a steal at $700 and I would recommend it o anyone!
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on July 16, 2013
I have only had this TV for a very short while but am entirely satisfied. Samsung is tops. Packaging was great. Assembly not difficult. Instructions adequate and overall I would recommend this product and mfr.highly.
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on June 7, 2013
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on March 18, 2013
Very happy with this tv and the 3D is great. Just the right size for my room, not too big.
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on November 5, 2013
I purchased this set about 18 months ago and now the TV will not power on anymore. I called Samsung and they will not back up there product. Its going to cost me $250 to repair. My Sony lasted over 10 years. I will never buy another Samsung product again! It doesn't even deserve 1 star.
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on August 16, 2014
Love it, nice pic quality, bought over a year ago.
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on December 29, 2012
This is the first 3D TV I've bought and this set works very well in 3D or regular TV viewing. The picture is very sharp and clear and the small extra cost for the 3D feature makes this a great buy. The grand kids get a kick out of the 3D so I purchessed 3 more sets of glasses for them and we all watch 3D shows together.
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