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on May 15, 2012
I originally bought the Samsung 60 inch model 7050 from Costco and I was very impressed with the picture and overall quality; I did have issues with the Samsung; like I could not get the Audio Return Channel to work. Since I bought the Samsung we remodeled our theater room and the new arrangement allowed for a bigger display. I have been eyeing the 70 inch sharp I was hesitant to get the larger Sharp because I did not feel I would keep the beautiful picture the Samsung offered right out of the box. When I exercised the incredible Costco return policy I came home with the Sharp Aquos LC-70C8470U and wall mounted this beast on to a brilliant articulating wall mount. To say the least, the entire family was impressed with the size of this thing. It was not that hard to see that the picture was not the quality of the Samsung. The picture looked a bit soft and the color uniformity seemed less than inspiring. Knowing that I had 90 days to test out this new monster I did not waste any time calibrating the set with my copy of the Digital Video Essentials (DVE) HD Basic Blu-Ray disc. I spent a night and the next morning trying to dial this TV in to give it a fair chance of surviving in my home. The following are the values I came up with after calibrating with the DVE Blu-ray disc. I use a PS3 Slim for my Blu-ray player and the video signal goes through my Onkyo 709 receiver. I am not sure if all Sharp displays come from the factory with the same video quality, but if they do, people who buy this TV should try the settings I found to work pretty good. In the end, the picture quality improved. The softness and color was brought back closer to what the Samsung was. I still think the Samsung offered an overall better picture but for now I am close with the Sharp 70 inch and the Audio Return Channel works as it should. The internet apps all work really near perfect. I have stopped using the PS3 and Xbox to access any of the things the Sharp offers. 3D content of the Samsung was superior and the Sharp is not bad either. For those looking for size the sharp will work well after adjusting the picture quality. If 60 inches is big enough than go with the Samsung.

Sharp Aquos LC-70C8470U
Calibration settings:
OPC: off
Backlight: +10
Contrast: +30
Brightness: +3
Color: -2
Tint: +8
Sharpness: 0
C.M.S. -Hue:
R- +6
Y- -1
G- 0
C- +16
B- -14
M- -7
C.M.S. -Saturation
R- -3
Y- 0
G- -4
C- +14
B- -4
M- -6
C.M.S. -Value
R- 0
Y- +5
G- +5
C- +7
B- 0
M- -2
Color Temp: Med-High
R Gain (hi): -30
G Gain (hi): -3
B Gain (hi): +3
Motion Enhancement: AquoMotion240
Quad Pixel Plus 2 (advanced)
Active contrast (off)
Gamma Adjustment: 0
Film mode (advanced)
Digital Noise Reduction (Middle)
Monochrome (off)
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on May 31, 2012
The Sharp LC70C8470U 70in 1080p Quattron 3D LED LCD TV w/ 3D Compatibility delivers a jaw dropping Picture and Theater quality 3D. I really have never been a fan of 3D films. I thought "Hmm... headaches poor picture quality, etc." After seeing Capt. Eo and Honey I Shrunk The Audience at the Kodak Theatre in Disneyland, I wasn't impressed and got headaches from both films which are short in length." This is what I figured would have the same or worse results from a TV and poor 3D effects because of the small screen when compared to a proper theater. All I have to say is that I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of the Sharp LC70C8470U 70in 1080p Quattron 3D LED LCD TV.

I have read complaints about this TV because of the "Soap oprah" effect on the picture when you watch it. Yes when you have all of the enhancements enabled it is going to cause the effect. All you have to do is turn these features off and voila all of these picture problems are gone. There is a reason the TV features multiple image modes.

Insulting the PQ of the TV because you do not know how to setup the picture modes is cheap, read the manual before you give a poor rating to the TV. And if you dislike the TV that much keep in mind that Amazon has a liberal return policy. Here is my personal setup: Bluray and HD channels on my cable box need all enhancements turned off, 480i SD is appropriate for turning on the enhanced modes. A hybrid works well for me when I play PS3

Avatar in 3D, and all of the IMAX films are simply breathtaking. Even Micheal Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon looks fab. As a matter of fact only a few Bluray's look bad in 3D, namely Harry Potter 7 part 1, a film that was filmed in 2D and converted to 3D. If you have the cash, buy the Sharp LC70C8470U 70in 1080p Quattron 3D LED LCD TV, you will not be disappointed. My only suggestion is that if you are a Costco member, order it from their website. It is $3199 minus $400 online discount, and free shipping.

As a final note: buy a TV screen protector at least 1/4" Lucite. My 3 year old cratered my last LCD Flatscreen TV by throwing a toy into the screen HARD. I also have read of many people doing the same when they have lost control of their Wii controllers or PS3 Move controllers embedding them into their poor TVs. A 2-3 hundred dollar investment in a TV protector will pay you back in spades if you have a hard object hit the TV. I learned the hard way.
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on April 13, 2012
I was waiting for this 2012 model TV since I saw it at CES expo, because this 80 inch is the largest 240hz 3d TV so far. I didn't expected this TV to release in March, 2012.

Anyways I bought it from Amazon via Paul's TV for $4472+tax (Los angeles tax=8.75%). Cost me total of $4863.57 with free "white glove" fast delivery. Ordered on Saturday March 31st, and got it delivered on Monday April 2nd, barely just like next day delivery.

Considering myself a smart shopper, I actually did some research for the price check. All other places were $1000 or more even at my favorite Frys electronics store, but I still went to Frys electronics to see this TV in action, but Frys personnel said it hasn't been put on display yet, as it's been barely 3 days since they recieved this model. Anyhow I told them at Amazon it's cheaper price, and they were just amazed! to see the price difference. The have to call their manager to match it up. Finally they were able to match it up but they came up with delivery fee of $75.00. I still wanted to go with it but somehow I just remembered that being a Chase freedom credit card customer, I get an additional 5% cash back on purchases made from for the first quarter of 2012. So I end up buying at for bigger savings and free shipping with white glove delivery.

Next day amazon bumped up the price for this TV. Lucky enough, I saved ridiculously $1000 just in overnight. I bet you they realized that they were selling the TV for a cheaper price than any other competitors.

Let's get to the point of Cons and Pros of this TV discussing some key features and comparing with my other Samsung 55inch 8000 led series of 2010 model.

Pros: It plays MKV format out of the box. Built in WiFi. Web browser. Dedicated button for Netflix on remote. Hulu plus,YouTube with HD feature, Vudu, etc. Active 3D not like other 3D TV manufacturers which use passive technology. It's 240hz and motion plus to 480Hz, with contrast Ratio of 1:10 million. DLNA certified. More speaker output power of an additional 15 Watts of Bass as compared to all other LED TV manufacturers.

Cons: It won't connect to portable Hard drive via USB. It only connects to electric powered hard drive and flash memory sticks (as written in instruction manual). When watching over the air channels via HD antenna, it won't give you detailed description of the TV program you are watching except the name of the program. It won't give you any info of the TV episode program in advance, that what is going to come next unlike my Samsung TV does. When using DLNA networking, it won't play MKV files. It only plays MKV files via when using USB port but not with portable hard drive as I said above.

Rest if you want to buy any HDMI cables, or wall mount brackets, then I suggest you to buy at [...]. They are simply the cheapest.

Any suggestions or questions are most welcomed.
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on November 16, 2012
My previous TV was a Samsung 50" DLP that served us quite well, but I was ready for an upgrade to a bigger 3DTV. So we pre-shopped TV's in electronics stores before buying the LC70LE847U through Amazon. We were looking for another Samsung when we started out, but it was easy to see which were the Sharp Aquos HDTV's on display, even from a distance. Comparable Samsung TV's simply could not match the picture quality of this Sharp Aquos Quattron and were loaded with (what many reviewers call) unsatisfactorily implemented and frustrating Kinect-like gadgetry. (Voice recognition, motion detection, etc.) That alone made me look elsewhere. Color, dark levels, clarity, smoothness of motion on this Sharp were simply unmatched in my opinion. I won't bore you with paragraphs of technical data - this TV is just, well, amazing. From regular cable TV programming (Verizon Fios) to streaming video (Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Crackle) the picture is incredible. Even 3D content on Youtube accessed via the built-in app was great. 3D content on Blu-Ray was so good as to be startling. We've been amazed by content in venues like iMax-3D at Kennedy Space Center, and I never thought such quality could be had in my own living room.

Don't expect a bundle of cheap pairs of 3D glasses with this Sharp TV. We bought a couple pairs of the Sharp AN3DG20B 3D Glasses ( when they were on sale for $46 and change. Very well built and comfortable USB-rechargeable active shutter glasses and they work like a charm. Trust me, they're worth it.

There is no "app store" for Sharp web apps, what you see is what you get - but what you get is incredible. No Amazon Instant (yet) but there is a fine selection of apps. And along with VUDU an app called "Vudu Apps" which adds many more streaming apps. (FYI, VUDU now has streaming 3D titles for rent and purchase.) Interesting: Netflix HD streaming is very noticeably better using the built-in Sharp app than that via XBox. Perhaps XBox's Netflix is streaming in 720 rather than 1080p? And speaking of Sharp's web interface, the WiFi connection has been outstanding and flawless for me. I've had troubles with WiFi enabled Blu-Ray players and even Roku - not so with my Sharp TV.

I also find XBox and PS3 gaming on the LC70 to be so good as to be...I hate to wear it out...startlingly good. But it's true. Halo4 and Mass Effect 3 are breathtaking.

Although setup and installation was extremely easy and trouble free, I have contacted Sharp tech support a couple of times to register my TV and to ask questions about settings and features I didn't fully understand (I'm a card carrying geek and gadget-guy, but 3D at home was totally new to me). They are very easy to contact by phone, very pleasant and responsive. I couldn't ask for more.

Delivery was fast; it arrived in perfect condition; the lift-gate truck pulled right up to my door and the driver brought it right into the house. And I got a great price from the seller "Your Deal" ( The TV is somewhat heavy (96 pounds I think) so I had some friends remove it from the box and put it on my TV stand. I also bought a wall-mount kit in case I decide to mount it on the wall. (

Be warned - if you choose to look for one in your local big box store check the model #. Our local store wanted nearly $1000 more for the LC70LE (ON SALE), and it was the step-down model of the 847u. Another note: I usually don't buy extended warranties for electronics. "Usually" if they work out of the box they're good to go for many years. Certain things I believe are an exception simply because if something does go wrong out-of-warranty, they are very expensive to fix - almost the price of a new one (like laptops and large LCD TV's). So I purchased a 5-Year Warranty from Square Trade to go with it. (
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on July 21, 2012
I had invested in 60" big screen rear projection TV when I built my home on Long Island and moved in here in 1995. And, despite being a gadget lover, I ended up not buying an HDTV until 2012. Even though I did not buy this at Amazon as I originally planned (love their service), I am posting this review to help encourage others to make the decision to buy this awesome TV.

Among other reasons, knowing of my addiction to TV viewing once I sit down in front of it (Panasonic massage chair helps LOL), and pump up the Onkyo sound system (also now nearly 20 years old), I can while away the nights.... So, the longer I delayed an HDTV, the less likely I was to waste time... Which of course is better spent writing reviews instead of doing real work. :-)

In any case, when I did go looking to buy an HDTV, I decided I wanted something that would also be a step up in SIZE, not just picture quality, from my Pioneer 60" that has served me well. When the 70" TVs came out, I went looking but did not find something I really desired.

I finally did narrow down my choice to the Sharp 80" in size and brand, but decided to wait for the 3D and Quattron version of it which was already available in the 70" model. As soon as it became available, I added it to my cart and looked into ordering it on Amazon. But then I decided to pay my local Best Buy (Patchogue) a visit. I was delighted for several months with the no-pressure and VERY knowledgeable salesperson I got connected to earlier and told him how I truly believe in spending money locally, but not at the cost of hundreds of dollars in price difference. And, he got to work and was able to literally not just match the price I got on Amazon, he was able to get me 2 free 3D glasses that were not in the package. The hundreds he and his manager saved me, I showed loyalty to Best Buy with and bought other stuff for right then.

The TV was delivered, and the delivery was great. The TV worked flawlessly out of the box. (Optimum's HD service, it turns out, however, had NOT been properly provisioned and they had to send someone over besides the time I wasted going 40 miles roundtrip to swap out my cable box for the digital one.) But I also decided to buy the newer version of the SHARP Blu Ray media player (older versions had reviews talking about its slow network features) which was a great choice too. Both the TV and the player have enough apps built on them that I decided for now I will not invest in an Apple TV... even more so as I have decided the Yamaha A-3020 (forthcoming soon) receiver that I will buy to replace my Onkyo set up has Air Play etc. more than I need or have time for.

Back to the TV, it truly is gorgeous, and optimal in weight and size. It is heavy enough to be sturdy but light enough to be placed on a merely $50 but surprisingly sleek and stylish TV table I bought at IKEA. Do make sure to have 2 people to install the TV, as it is not a one person job.

Even in a well lit room (I live on the water in a windows filled home) the TV is easy to view in the day, and awesome at night. The 3D is spectacular - though, among the dumb things companies like SHARP do, I believe the 3D glasses are an older technology and will only work with SHARP's TV, and so I cannot use or swap other brands more up to date versions. I will look into this some more.

The number of apps built in to the TV is impressive, and NetFlix (that I cancelled on their 60% price increase for mailed disks) has its own button. Several other programmable buttons allow you to add other apps.

The quirks are in the typical things where one wishes Steve Jobs had kicked the butts of the people who design the user interfaces in things like entering usernames or on-screen keyboards. I also find the remotes on both devices both great and annoying. There is very little DETAILED thought to human interface design. e.g. The Review/Forward buttons would make more sense to have the Stop/Play buttons under them, e.g. You press Forward to jump ahead quickly and then press the button under it to get Play again... Instead, on the SHARP remote that is the STOP button. The PLAY button is closer under the Rewind(Review) button. In time I will get used to it but it is small things that show attention to detail, or lack thereof, in human interface design.

Another annoying quirk is how little time the menu of Inputs to choose from stays visible after you press Input button.. .By the time I get to the up/down button to choose which Input a particular device is on (among the plentiful HDMI inputs) the menu disappears. In the meantime much less relevant menus stay visible seemingly longer.

I have to say the audio on the TV is decent, but could use a little more oomph out of the box to enjoy TV or movies before one has hooked up or bought a new home theater sound system.

In general, the only reason I am mentioning the quirks is to ensure people understand nothing is perfect, but I did not find these bad enough to not give it five stars.

The one thing that is confounding is why several TV manufacturers are building Skype (now a Microsoft company) into their TVs but making it impossible to use. You cannot use any external USB camera except a $150 model from only one company that seems to make them for SHARP, Panasonic, etc. But, as I found out almost as I was about to buy that camera, you can then only Skype with Skype WINDOWS users, NOT with any other Skype platform, like Mac or smartphones of different types. I do not know if that is something being forced by Microsoft or the developer, but it was a definite show stopper for me on buying the Skype camera for this TV. Hopefully, whoever is behind that decision will come to their senses.

Hope this helps you make a decision to purchase this great TV. I love it, and at the price of less than half of the newly available 90" model, I have no regrets.

Imran Anwar
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on August 22, 2012
I was looking to upgrade from sony SXRD 60XBR2, which has been spectacular since 2006. I just felt it was time to upgrade to a large LED Flat screen with 3D (for my grandson :)). Ever since the2012 CES, I had been waiting for the new Samsung UN65ES8000. However, between the horrible reviews of the 60" version and the whole ES line for that matter as well as the fact that a best buy magnolia rep called it their "worst" TV, I gave up on the ES despite how nice I thought it looked aesthetically. That said the Sharp look is also very attractive, encased in a classic black enclosure which looks great with my black Omni mirage speakers.

In my search for the very best, I also came across the Sharp Pioneer Elite. I have seen great reviews of the Sharp Elite TV. I saw it at Best Buy, but they had its own special HD Blu Ray running in a separate area so it was difficult to compare to the others on display. Since I have noticed that the quality of the input makes a tremendous difference in the picture quality it made me feel that they didn't want a direct comparison. I am sure that it is a great TV as the reviews are great, but at a rather exorbitant price. While I could afford the $7000+, I simply couldn't justify the 3X cost vs the lc-70le847u. In fact, the other day I noticed that CNET had reduced the rating of the Sharp Elite from a 5 to a 4 star due to its excessive price and poor value. I'd be willing to pay 50-100% or so more for the ultimate picture, but not 3X. As I was finishing this review, Samsung just announced their UN75ES9000, a 75inch set selling for $9-10K. Looks very cool, but again at what price? Compare that to the top of the line 80 inch sharp (lc-80le844u) with outstanding reviews for under $5K. $9-10K for 5 inches less and shabby reviews for the ES line; are they serious?

Back to the lc-70le847u. All in all, this TV is quite impressive at 70 inches. I have found that the quality of the TV picture is directly related to the quality of broadcast. There are scenes that are as sharp as you could possibly imagine and others where the resolution is simply poor due to the broadcast/camera quality and no TV can make up for that. Blu Ray DVDs are fantastic. Even normal tv looks 3D. On the other hand, I can see the "softness" factor referred to in other reviews, but not enough to affect my overall rating. I bought the Disney WOW Picture calibration disc and have adjusted the picture to a very satisfactory setting. In addition, another reviewer on Amazon provided some very helpful calibration settings which we were much better than the factory settings. I highly recommend you try his settings.

I am extremely satisfied with this TV. I ended up buying this on for $2,400 from a Bountii price alert. You gotta love some of the Sears sale prices. I am really glad that I got the extra 5 inches vs. Samsung 65ES8000 and for about $1400 less. If anything, I'd go bigger next time. The sharp has plenty of apps, and I thought that apps would be really useful. We use the Skype app but oddly enough I find that I spend most of my time watching TV programs and Blu Rays on what is after all, a TV. The 3D is great, but some 3D movies are much better than others(Journey to the Center of the Earth is amazing!). One reason I went with the extraordinary value of the sharp was that it didn't obligate me to amortize the value of a much more expensive set over 5-10 years to justify the investment. So I'll monitor the market over the next couple of years, and can buy another set if I choose as technology gets better and cheaper with the money left over. In the meantime I remain very satisfied with this set!
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on July 18, 2012
I waited and waited until I saw a BIG screen T.V that just blew me away. I saw this at ABC and I was in love, lol. I had a 65 inch DLP and I wanted BIGGER! I looked at the Sharp 70 inch model and I also looked at the Mitsibishi 92 inch DLP. 1 was still too small for me and I really didn't want another DLP. I did see the Sharp 80 inch without the 3D, loved the size but wanted 3D with all the bells and whistles. This T.V is all I had hoped it would be. Watched my 1st 3D movie a few days ago and I couldn't be happier. For the size of this T.V the picture is amazing! I looked for about a week trying to find the best price. I found them on Amazon for about 4,800. I went to ABC, they had these marked 5,699. Told the salesman I could get it for 4,800 with no tax. He matched the price including the tax plus it came with 2 pair of the Sharp 3D glasses so i think i did very well. I said you got a deal and a few days later this beast was in my living room.i have seen them as low as 4,500, 4,600 for a few days here on Amazon, now I don't see those low prices for some reason. I bought the Samsung HT-6730W BD surround sound system and a beautiful black glass stand for it, I couldn't be happier. I like the T.V on a stand because I have the room, I can angle it nicely for where I sit, and the view is perfect. Don't put any T.V too high on your wall. I see some people put them up way too high. Best viewing is your eye level to the center of the screen, closest to that will give you the best picture. If you are looking for a big screen and can afford 5,000 bucks, I'd recommend this beautiful Sharp. You won't want to leave the house, lol. If you want BIG but can't spend 5,000 on a T.V I think the Mitsibishi's DLP's are a nice second choice. I have 1 in my bedroom and it is pretty nice. I am adding this next part to my original review---- Had my Sharp set up for over a week now and I just realized I can have both of my window shades open on a sunny day and it still has an amazing picture! This is awesome, I always felt so shut in having to have all the shades closed to see my other T.V. I am amazed!--------------- Well I've had it for 6-7 months now and I'm still as pleased as could be. Watching the N.F.L playoffs right now and all I can say is WOW! This T.V still amazes me with how crystal clear the picture is on this huge screen. I seen someone was selling them for 3,800 now through Amazon. That is a great price! Pick 1 up if you have the money, you won't be disappointed.
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on May 2, 2012
Purchased this TV in April, 2012. The high def picture quality is outstanding. Regular TV watching on non-hi def is ok...but where this TV really shines is watching movies on Blue-Rey.
The images are so crisp and sharp, you feel like you are looking at a live has to be seen to be believed. The WIFI was a snap to get going and the apps work well. Surfing the web can be tedious, the remote does have a smart feature, but it does take some time to get familiar with it. Sound quality is good (not great) and the TV does swival which is a nice added feature. Depending on what you are watching over the web, the picture quality is good to outstanding depending on the feed. Overall, this TV is amazing even my bride, who is not much of a TV buff was blown away by how great movies look on blue-rey. Setting the TV up was quick and easy (less than 30 minutes.)

I would highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a large energy efficent TV who loves watching movies.
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on December 9, 2012
I started my search for a 60"+ LED with a pretty open mind. I've had a work horse 55" Sony rear projection for 7 years which hasn't needed anything but one replacement bulb and have been a passive observer of all the wonderful technological improvements in the interim. I finally decided to do something after moving to a new place and wanted to keep the floor space open by wall mounting. I had no predilection for any brand in particular and wanted to select the overall best bang for the buck. In my opinion, if you're going to spend more than $2 grand on a big screen, you don't want to compromise much on picture quality, and you've got the space, you're not going to get a better value than the Sharp 847u. Full disclosure, I've only had the TV mounted for about 28 hours but I am very pleased with it. It really is Sunday Night Football like I've never seen it before. I'm still reveling in the fact that the viewing area is a full 62% larger than my 55". If you're shopping in this category then how can bigger NOT be better? Obviously you can take this logic out to the absurd, but what's relevant here is that there are many competing 60-65" sets that cost the same or more as the Sharp 847u; 80" and 90" sets are still very much a novelty and you will pay a lot more to get there so I consider it an apples to apples comparison to competing 55-65" options.

This model has a 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 240 hz refresh rate which is a major step up for me and compares favorably with lots of smaller TVs with a much higher price tag. Some people have a problem with 240 hz because the picture "doesn't look like a tv" or has a "soap opera quality" where it looks like close-up shots of people / faces appear as if they're actually in the room with you versus on a screen. Isn't that supposed to be the point? I haven't experienced any of the lag or jerkiness that some observers have - I will update if I do.

I first started checking these out when they scored very high in the low-glare, high ambient light environment as I have a large window array in the family room. This set does not lack in its ability to put out a lot of light and still had a very bright picture in the middle of the day.
What's more, this beast is an energy sipper; the energy guide sticker is off the bottom of the chart with an estimated annual energy cost of $19. It also is true AQUOS Quattron - beware some of the older models in this family are not. This adds a yellow sub-pixel to the typical red, blue, green mix and allows for much more brilliant, metallic golds and a larger, smoother color range.

I will be adding a Blu-ray player and active 3D glasses to the fold soon so I can't comment on the 3D as of yet.

CONS (only applies to hardcore videophiles):

LEDs in general can't compete with plasmas on black levels. For me, I would rather not have all that excess heat being produced in my house (live in the South) to get marginal, incrementally more black blacks.

This is an edge-lit LED whereas you can get a previous model that is full-array. I wish it was full-array, but I assume it's a production cost thing from a manufacturing standpoint. Again, to me it is a marginal, incremental difference I don't want to pay more for in exchange for the higher contrast ratio, increased hz, and full 3D capability on this version vs. previous.

The remote control itself isn't overly elaborate (or lighted) and using the browser is cumbersome because you have to scroll around to select every letter. I did input a few websites and did some live streaming that I was okay with.

Bottom line: If you want to have one of the larger LEDs currently on the market that does quite well in all areas and you don't want to pay an exotic price, you should seriously consider this 70 incher.

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on May 17, 2012
I love almost everything about this tv. The picture is beautiful. Everything worked great out of the box. 3D is just as good as movie theaters. I highly recommend it.

My only complaint is that built in internet is just OK. It works well with several built in sites such as Netflix. However, I hoped I could use it like a built-in omputer. Maybe I expected too much. Browsing is difficult without a wireless keyboard/mouse input. Browsing is possible but a lot of content can't be displayed. The good news is that I attached a computer to the HDMI input and it works great. I'm using it now as my monitor. Everything is displayed beautifully.
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