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on May 30, 2012
I purchased the Samsung E7000 a few weeks ago and am extremely happy with the picture quality and features of this TV. I had recently purchased the Panasonic ST50 but had issues and Amazon quickly and painless exchanged and took care of for me...they are outstanding. I am not a fanboy of either brand and with the ST50, couldn't get comfortable, even with the great reviews it gets. I went with the E7000 over the E8000 as the 8000 had many gadgets/apps that I wouldn't use and didnt warrant the extra cost.

From reading the AVS and High Def Junkies forums, I will try to give some of my opinions on common issues/thoughts etc.

- Buzzing - I have no significant buzzing or humming. All plasma's make a buzz sound from what I have read but mine does not have anything that is bothersome to myself or that my family has commented on. I have heard of some people having issues with this but I have not. I have seen/heard 3 sets (2 e7000 and 1 e6500) and none have had issues.

- I have had no image retention/burn in. I do not watch something for 8 hours straight or game the day away however. I have played Call of Duty for a few hours - no issue. Family member left DVR paused for few hours - no issue. I did run the 4 day slides to break in the tv. I have read that you should so I did. Why not try to deter problems and maximize the TV?! It's a pain to wait but worth it.

- Reflections from screen. The glass panel does have reflections when comparing to matte finish of LCD/LED. Thats just how it goes. This TV definitively has easily manageable glare however. In my den I have 2 sliding doors to the rear of the room which are directly opposite of the TV - about 20 feet away. It gets morning light. The sliders have built in blinds which I generally keep closed. If I didn't have the blinds, I would possibly consider drapes. With TV off, seems reflective IMO. Once I turn it one, picture masks the reflection well and I seldom have any issue. About 4 feet from the tv on the ceiling I have a fan and light. Same thing, when the TV is on, looks fine. To the left front of TV (TV mounted kitty corner) there is a window that I keep open and it doesnt affect anything

- Picture - OUTSTANDING - sharp, crisp, clear, lots of adjustment, dark levels can be adjusted, brightness is there and it just right for me! Blu-ray is amazing. I enjoyed my 3 year old Sharp Aquos 52" and Samsung LCD but this TV night and day. The viewing angle is also much better than my Sharp and my Samsung. Motion blur - whats that? This is so much nicer watching fast motion than my other tvs.

I watch a lot of TWC high def. tv and stream Netflix. Streaming in Smart Hub works great - very responsive and picture quality is great. I havent tried many other apps but they are plentiful. I also havent tried 3D yet.

I would highly recommend this TV to friends and family with the caveat that it is a plasma, so there are some preparations and precautions that you should research a little on and be aware of. They are easily found at the two forums I mentioned above. I should also mention that after I broke in the TV, I followed some recommended settings found on CNET and then adjusted with the Disney WoW disk I bought here at Amazon. Really helped bring out the picture with some fine tuning.

The cons - well, maybe there is another plasma out there that gives you a little better darks but IMHO, that doesnt make up for the clarity and sharpness of this plasma. Sound is pretty good in itself but I am used to hooking up to surround system. Every TV is going to have some weaknesses to each person, so expect something - from any brand.

Hope this helps in some peoples decisions - I am no videophile but have researched and educated myself somewhat in purchasing a plasma and this one in particular.

Also - be sure to register at Samsung's website for an extra 3 months warranty.

Amazon delivery - out of this world. Ordered on weekend - delivered via Pilot and local carrier Thursday.
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on August 1, 2012
I was looking for something to replace my 52" Sharp LCD, as I moved it into a secondary room, and spent a lot of time trying to decide between the e7000 and the Panasonic VIERA TC-P60GT50 60-Inch 1080p 120Hz Full HD 3D Plasma TV. After seeing a great deal on the e7000, $1800 with a free Samsung HW-E450 Wireless AirTrack Sound Bar, I was pushed to make that my purchase.

After getting the TV setup I immediately noticed the buzzing. Some buzzing in plasmas is normal but, the buzzing of the e7000 was loud enough to be distracting when sitting 10'+ away with the volume at a medium low level, although the buzzing is significantly reduced if sitting off center (>~40 degrees) of the TV. I did some searching online to see what might alleviate the issue and found a few suggestions such as lowering contrast, brightness, and cell light settings, but none of those things worked. I thought I might be able to deal with the buzz and was able to watch a blu ray version of WALL-E, which looked amazing, with the sound turned up to drown it out. After a few more days and trying a few more things I decided the buzzing was too much and called Amazon about getting a replacement, the process was quick and easy. I boxed up the e7000 and within two days they sent someone out to drop off the replacement and to take away the original. Upon powering it up, I again immediately noticed the buzz on the replacement and it is the same if not worse than on the original.

Reports I've seen online indicate some people have had to go through 4 or 5 replacements before getting one with an acceptable level of buzz. So at this point I'm not sure if I want to try for yet another e7000 replacement or if I should go ahead and get the Panasonic GT50 which at the moment is priced lower than the e7000.

A few notes about my TV setup:
I have the TV sitting on its stand, so when sitting on the couch my head is aligned almost dead center with the TV. The buzzing is less noticeable if I stand, crouch down low, or I am off to the side. So for those of you that plan on wall mounting the TV at a height above your head the buzzing may not be an issue for you. I've also been using the sound bar through ARC(HDMI Audio Return Channel) which sounds much better than the built in speakers, but the buzz is present with or without an external speaker connected.

Some other things I tried to reduce buzzing with no success:
- Unplug other items from power strip
- Plug TV directly into wall outlet
- Move TV further away from/closer to the wall
- Tried various input sources, DVR through HDMI, PS3 through HDMI, analog cable, XBOX 360 through component, and no sources connected at all

UPDATE (8/8/2012):
I ended up returning the E7000 and going with the GT50. Finally no buzzing! I wasn't able to compare the units side by side but the pictures seem very comparable. I will say I preferred the Samsung stand, as it swivels for the 60" while the Panasonic does not, and menus but after a few hours of use I am satisfied with the GT50 its performance and the fact that it does not have an audible buzz at viewing distance.
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on May 6, 2012
I have to give this one 5 stars. I am very reserved when it comes to 5 stars. I inserted the WOW disney bluray to calibrate the TV on movie mode. It really did not need much tweeking right out of the box.

Living room TV is PN59D7000 which I have used everyday for over a year now and is still working like brand new! The price of the 2012 models have dropped and improved quality so I went with the PN51E7000 for much cheaper than ALL THE MARKET. I really liked the fact that I can use my 2011 3D glasses and it came with 2 new 2012 glasses. That was the real deal breaker for me.

Pros: 1) Sexy TV 2) Handles HD perfectly 3) Barely changed anything from Calibration CD 4) Much faster start-up from my 2011 model

Cons: 1) struggles to play old movies that are not converted to HD, to be more clear, that is when the buzzing sound appears. It is faint but you can feel the TV does not like anything that is not HD. 2) The wires are very difficult to get to from the Wall Mount. I used the cheap Cheetah mount and TV could care less. It looks beautiful. 3) Can't think of any other cons... I really am trying too.

I have to talk about buzzing. My 2011 model does not buzz unless I put some really low end standard TV, old movies in. During extreme HD content, it is whisper quiet. It is plasma and they run hotter. I stand minimum 10 feet away from both TV's.

The new 2012 model did BUZZ out of the box. I turned down the lamp power from max 20 to 15 and have not heard anything since. Also, I plugged in all the HD content and it handles HD perfectly, only when I put on HBO and they playing old movies from the 90s, I do hear some struggle. It is as if the TV struggles to handle the lower quality of color.

Sorry for the ADD review of 2011 and 2012 models. I own both and did not write a review for the old one, but this one made me have to write one.
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on November 21, 2012
I will make this short and sweet.
1) Plasma picture is gorgeous the best in its class,right out of the box. Set up extremely easy,no buzz from TV.
2) Amazon service was impeccable, this is how I will shop in the future for any big items.
3) Delivery was on time, got my tracking e-mails that day when i ordered it excellent service.
I got this 3 days after I ordered it.

Amazon has secured themselves as the best online seller in my book.

Thanks for a stress free purchase and a top of the line product.
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on April 7, 2012
Just received my PN51E7000. I was surprised that the Amazon shipping through CEVA also included "white glove" setup. The driver brought the unit into the house, removed it from the box, attached it to the stand, and powered it up to verify operation. He offered to remove the box and packaging, but I wanted to keep it just in case I need to return. This service was included in the free shipping.
As for the TV itself - the picture is stunning, but I'll have to play with it for a few days.
Note that it does NOT have a VGA port for connecting a computer - only HDMI. On the plus side, it does have one HDMI port that support audio return channel (ARC) to send sound from the TV apps (e.g. Pandora) back to the A/V receiver without using the digital audio output. Also, Samsung doesn't seem to have an Amazon app for streaming video.
Four stars for now, but I may upgrade to five after I've had more time to judge the picture quality.
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on June 5, 2012
After 6 televisions I finally got a keeper. A brief summary of those televisions:

1) Samsung PN59D8000 - Excellent TV except for the intolerable buzz
2) Samsung UN55D7000 - Screen uniformity, edgelighting, choppy motion at times
3) LG 60PM9700 - Physically damaged
4) LG 60PM9700 - Horrendous video processor, even HD Dish signals pixelated
5) Samsung UN60D7000 - A bright Orange vertical band of pixels
6) Samsung PN60E7000 - See #1 but without the buzz

If I knew ahead of time the grief I would go through with #3, #4 and #5 I would have stayed with #2. In a sense #5 was a I'll settle for a Samsung LED but since this unit was defective I thought I would give a Samsung plasma another chance despite the continued complaints of loud buzzing from the 2012 models. I don't know how fortunate I was but the E7000 isn't a buzzer (just the normal buzz inherent to plasmas).

I love the styling and workmanship of the high-end models from Samsung - both plasma and LED. The lack of easily scratchable glossy black plastic is much appreciated. I know some don't care for the chrome quad stand but it's more preferable to a monolithic slab of plastic that's a dust magnet.

As far as internal TV speakers go the sound is fine but I'm utilizing a sound bar and subwoofer.

Picture Performance:
I'm very smitten with Samsung's video processor as it does an excellent job of providing a crisp picture. The colors look rich and natural, no motion issues and solid black levels. STD content is as good as can be expected. And there are the positive attributes of plasma technology such as screen uniformity and wide viewing angles.

Smart TV:
I only care about Netflix and VUDU and they both perform wonderfully. You get the latest version of Netflix. I expect great picture quality from VUDU HDX offerings but was pleasantly surprised how well some HD content from Netflix looked.

The dual processors apparently improve response times as Netflix is much more responsive. You no longer need to count on a Blu-ray player or some other media streaming device for reliable steaming services.

I imagine the web browser still doesn't work nearly as well as it does on your computer but that is probably the furthest of my priorities in a television.

Side note: 99% of the time any buffering issues is not with the TV.

Comparison to Panasonic plasmas:
The 2012 plasma offerings from Panasonic have been getting rave reviews and I'm sure they are great TVs. But I'm willing to give up any advantages in shadow detail for a sharper picture which really comes into play with STD signals. And though the design of Panasonics have much improved I feel they still use too much cheap plastic.

This is the best TV for me. It doesn't have the peek whites of a LED but you sacrifice too much in other areas of picture quality IMO. The lone exception may be the Sharp Elite LED.

UPDATE (6/22): This model has to be one of the best kept secrets out there as I still have the most recent review. It has all the performance features of the higher model but without the useless interaction features. I still think the picture is excellent, noticeably better than any of Samsung's LEDs in my opinion. I get a personal comparison almost every day as my bedroom TV is a Samsung LED UN46D7000 unit.
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on August 13, 2012
We have an older Samsung 50 plasma from several years ago so I wanted to get another Samsung to replace our Panasonic 40" LCD. I wasn't sure if I needed all the bells and whistles of the 7000 but decided to get it anyway. I'm glad I went up in class. The WiFi is great and interfaces seamlessly with my Apple Airport, Apple TV, Windows 8 desktop (preview edition). First, for the non-traditional features. I can select a picture from my Windows desktop and it will play it on the TV. That is awesome! Makes sharing travel pictures and videos so much easier to view. I also like the Netflix interface on the TV as I don't have to go to my desktop to queue up a movie or TV show. In retrospect, I'm happy that I got a TV with all the bells and whistles as I usually just get the plain Jane models. The 3D is something I could have probably passed on as my kids are all in college but it's nice to have for those occasions when we want to view something in 3D. 3D is great - no problems at all. The 2D to 3D conversion is also not bad. We got the Samsung just in time for the Summer Olympics and the TV really got to show off it's stuff. The picture was so crisp/clear and life like - almost 3D in its self. We have it hooked up to a Time Warner cable box via a HDMI cable. There is some glare issues as we have a window behind us that causes reflections to appear on the TV but that has been a problem with all of our TVs in this room. This Samsung is amazingly well built and solid. Event he "X" pattern feet / stand looks sturdy and expensive. The screen is also very thin and swivels which is convenient. I believe the screen generates less heat than the older Samsung 50" plasma or the Panasonic LCD. There's no fan so it's also quiet. The sound is pretty good and the best that I have experienced so far. No buzzing issue like some others have noted. Delivery was a breeze - we scheduled the day when I purchased it. Two guys delivered it and set it up - much like the old days when you bought something from a dedicated TV store. All in all, a great purchase!
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on July 23, 2012
So most important thing first, the picture quality is phenomenal, it is every bit as good as every review I have seen says. And I don't have the eye of a videophile so it is just fantastic and I have absolutely no complaints.
When I first hooked up this tv I had a slight ghosting problem, 2D images would skew to the left, and menues would change the color of the picture behind it going off to the left of the screen. This greatly concerned me but as soon as I put the included ferrite core on the power cord this issues was resolved. They give you those cores for a reason, don't forget to use them!!!

I have had absolutely no buzzing sound from this tv as some other reviewers have mentioned and that was my biggest worry when making this purchase. I thought maybe my ears were too old and it was just a buzz I couldn't hear, but my 9 year old cousin was over and she didn't hear any buzzing either so I'm confident that my unit has no buzzing.

Apps are overwhelming. I have never used a smart tv before this one, and I found the apps to be a bit overwhelming(granted everything is extremely fast thanks to the dual core processor) and it took several days of exploring to get the hang of the smart hub, I don't think that it is quite as useful as samsung is trying to make it out to seem but I do love that you can stream 3D movies from VUDU and Cinema Now. One problem with the smart tv is the app marketplace, since this tv does not have the video camera or come with the touch remote there are many, many apps that are not usable for this tv, however they still show up in the market place and you can even install them and won't find out that you can't use them till you've already downloaded or bought them, so be very aware when making app purchases and make sure you can use them with this TV.

Playback of content off of a USB stick is very smooth, there is no stuttering of video as I had on my previous samsung TV and there is no video lagging behind the audio, you can even play 3D movies off of a usb stick.
Sound quality from the built in speakers is pretty good, a little bit hollow sounding but they are tv speakers so it doesn't really bother me, and when I bought the tv Amazon gave me a free speaker bar and subwoofer with it and it sounds absolutely fantastic. The virtual 3D surround sound actually works quite well and sounds fantastic.

The stand is flimsy, just walking past the tv it bounces quite a lot, a problem I have never had with any other tv, and with how big this tv is I worry that the bouncing could become a little extreme, so I have made sure to ancor it.

I wish there were a couple more HDMI ports, I have a lot of devices and 3 ports just isn't cutting it for me.

Lastly, yes plasma screens have a greater risk of burn in, at least in the first 100 to 200 hours of use, then they have about the same risk for burn in as a LCD/LED tv, and samsung has included some great burn in protection features in the menu, including pixel orbiting to help protect against still pictures and menues, time outs, and a grey scale scrolling, where there is a vertical gradient that scrolls across the screen that can help reverse mild burn in. I have been using it when ever I am just in the room but not using the tv just to get the screen up to that 100 to 200 hour mark where it becomes less sensitive.

TL; DR: Summing up, absolutely top notch picture quality, great features and great sound, but navigating and the apps take some getting used to and you need to make sure to use the ferrite cores that come with the tv. Also there is a built in user manual which is pretty helpful and you can get to it very easily since there is a Support button right on the remote. The stand is a little flimsy and makes the tv bounce a bit too much. No buzzing.
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on July 11, 2012
So, I am going from a 28" Sanyo tube TV. I did a lot of research before buying this TV. When it went on sale and two days before Texas started to have to pay sales tax on Amazon purchases, and about a week before I convinced my wife that I could spend $1300 on a TV, I ordered it.
Did not get the white glove delivery service some people have raved about. The delivery person was resistant to opening the box and refused to remove the product from the box for inspection. No problem, the TV was fine. And honestly, I did not have the location prepared for it anyway.
Now, one of my concerns with my old TV was that so much stuff now days seems to be filmed in dark settings. And all I see are black screens with shadows moving around. Can not say that this new TV has solved that. The color does pop, but dark scenes are still pitch black with no way of know what is going on as far as I can see.
I plan on giving the TV some time to settle in and my bank account to recover, then will see about getting a calibration tech out here to adjust the TV.
Only disappointment was the sound from the TV. Please, it was very disappointing for a $1300 TV.
But, wait, two days after I ordered the TV, Best Buy runs a special: buy one of these TVs and get a sound bar and sub woofer for free. So, I call Amazon customer service. The sound bar arrived four days later and is now hooked up. Totally happy.
Now the best part for me. We have a lot of VCR tapes (those things that look like overgrown music tapes.... oh.. forget it. that old technology stuff like punch cards) anyway, we are cheap and have put together a large collection of VCR tapes for the kids to watch from garage sales. I was concerned that non of them would play on this newfangled TV. Not to worry. Hooked up ten year old VCR/DVD player to AV input and off an running. Some color shifting on an old Tweety and Sylvester tape, but nothing that the boy complained about.
Netflix set up amazingly easy. It is great.
Setup was easy.
Totally happy.
Can not wait to save up for a blue ray with 3-D and look for something to watch.
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on July 27, 2012
This was my first flatscreen TV -- I just switched from my old CRT. I'm very happy with it.

I chose plasma because of the dark blacks. I watch a lot of old black and white movies and didn't want to lose that. I've been happy with this unit except sometimes the dark grays show up as complete black, so there's a small distortion there from what you'd see on a theatre screen.

I also chose plasma because you can view it from any angle without it washing out.

I haven't had any problems with burn-in, or problems from reflections while watching in a room during the daytime. After reading some of the other review here that was a pleasant surprise.

The color and HD capabilities are spectacular. The remote is set up logically and the screens are fairly intuitive, not a steep learning curve at all.

The software links to YouTube and the Web are cumbersome but they do work. I chose this TV because it could be used with my laptop as an additional monitor. That all works seamlessly via HDMI cable, so I can watch streaming videos easily. Also Samsung doesn't support Amazon online in its app packages, but that's OK since I can stream it from my computer, works fine.

The E8000 is the flagship Samsung plasma this year. It has features I had no use for, like facial recognition and some sort of enhanced remote control. The E7000 has almost all the features of the E8000 for about $250 less. The only other differences I can find is that the E8000 has something called 600Hz Subfield Motion. I'm not sure what that does. It's supposed to make fast sporting events look better but I'm been perfectly happy watching sporting events on my E7000. Also, I'm not sure whether the E7000 will support upgrades via the Samsung Evolution Kit. Apparently no upgrades will be released until 2013, I guess I'll find out then.

Amazon has a great grid chart for comparing Samsung Plasmas, I relied on that in making my choice. But I ended up buying from Best Buy in order to use their Geek Squad service to hook it up to all my devices. That was worth it to me, but if you don't have numerous devices like I do, I'm sure purchasing from Amazon makes sense.

UPDATE 7/31/12

Commenter JB has pointed out the E7000 does have 600Hz subfield motion and the Evolution Kit. So the only differences I can find now between the E8000 and E7000 have to do with the interface. The E8000 has facial recognition, a fancy remote, an extra USB port, and provision for the Samsung wireless keyboard. None of these were really important to me, so I think the E7000 is the sweet spot in the Samsung lineup.
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