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on June 4, 2012
Nokia picked the appropriate name 'Lumia' (Art with Light, coined by Thomas Wilfried, 20th century artist) for this phone. It is a beautiful piece of hardware wrapped around a very smart, slick and lightning fast operating system (Windows Phone). Highly personable (live tiles, people hubs), consistent user interface (across all apps), unique features (FM radio, Tethering, Office/Social-media integration, Nokia Maps works offline) make it at minimum competitive to the iPhone in those aspects but what makes it distinguishable is the superior PHONE/NETWORK functionality and quality (clear calls, no drops, great speakerphone, superior compliance to network speeds and bandwidth), which was always meant to be the primary characteristic of any cell-phone. Don't tell that to an iPhone or Android customer, sshhhh...

Nokia and Microsoft are onto something here, blending their strengths to create a magical device. And the price itself is unanimous invitation. I dared to get the Cyan (Blue) color and I feel like someone who drives a new uber-styled sports car in a town dulled by uninspiring boxy lookalikes.
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on April 18, 2012
I'm not much of a power user when it comes to phones. However, I do use it to somewhat most of its capabilities. Initially starting off with an iphone for its simplicity, I opted for an Android for the more customizability. After using these different mobile OSs, some glaring issues pop out, namely the OSs being on the extremes of simplicity and customizability. For my own personal uses, the Windows Phone OS fits a happy median between the other OSs. With Palm being out of the picture, there are no other major competitors that fill that middle ground.

As for the hardware itself, the phone is sleek and simple. It is bigger than I expected, being larger than any previous phone I've owned. Although its a single core, it performs like a champ and I haven't had any issues with crashes or freezes. From a moderate user's standpoint, the OS and phone is visually appealing while being aesthetically and operationally simple. If you're tired of iphones and androids, take a stroll with a Windows Phone, particularly the Lumia 900 and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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on April 9, 2012
As many reviews have been written today, I don't want to repeat a lot (and can spend more time with the Lumia 900, which I got two days ago). ;)

Let me start by saying that I already owned a lot of Android devices (Samsung & LG), iPhones (3 & 4s) and also Nokia devices (e. g. E71, E7/N8 and now for one month the Lumia 800 which - in contrast to the Lumia 900 - has a 3,7' display, no front-facing cam and does not support LTE).

The Lumia 900 is the best device I ever had due to
-> a fantastic and very sexy hardware (curved body, impressive display with enormous colors and great resolution)
-> LTE!!! (now I browse the web a lot faster than with my iPhone)
-> very intuitive and fast operating system
-> nice exclusive Nokia apps (I can recommend ESPN & CNN [and am wondering why there is only a beta version of Skype?)
-> good battery
-> great Carl Zeiss 8MP-camera

I don't think that there is a better smartphone out there...definitively not for $100.

Great to have you back in the ring, Nokia. Keep on going!
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on May 6, 2012
Great phone all around, the user interface is perfect. Not to messy or cluttered, wicked easy to use. The amount of apps are fine, the majority of apps on Android is impressive yet wouldn't use 75% of them, this gets the job done in a new and sleak way. Really am happy I stuck with it past the first day.
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on April 9, 2012
Coming from an HTC Trophy on Verizon, i have already had experience with Windows Phone. I love the OS and feel it brings a lot of new ideas to how a smartphone should operate.

The phone is incredibly fast, feels great, and looks incredible. The brightness of the screen in the daylight is the best on any smartphones i've owned by far.

My wife switched from a Droid and has had this phone for about 4 days and she loves it as well. The biggest thing for her is getting use to the Windows Phone OS, as she came from a droid. So far it has been very easy for her, and she hasn't had to ask me too many questions.

If i had to pick a con for this phone, it would be the 8MP camera. It takes great pictures in good lighting, but isn't that great in darker settings. The auto-adjust feature works well, it takes nice pictures, but it isn't the best camera on a smartphone that there is.
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on April 10, 2012
I've had this phone for about two days now and I am amazed by the capabilities of this phone. Talk about smooth. And I love how seamless opening Office documents is. I just downloaded my first video, via Windows Phone Connector for OS X, and I'm very happy with the quality.
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on April 12, 2012
Got my Lumia 900 Saturday and love it. Internet browsing is lightening fast, faster than my home FIOS connection. The organization, layout and ease of use is remarkable. This is the sexiest tech product I have seen in a very long time and I go back to Commodore 64's.
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on May 3, 2012
I really like this phone. It's not perfect but its worth checking out. Has a premium look and feel. After update have not run into any real problems with usage. aware that your hotmail password CAN NOT be a long one. I had a 17 character password and was prevented from getting into hotmail or syncing. I'm currently using a 9 character password. If you are getting a message that says "your e-mail or password is not correct", and you SURE it is, suggest making sure its not more than 9 or so characters long. Unfortuneatly Microsoft neglects to mention this!!! Spent hour on phone with tech support and 2 hours with salesman at ATT store, before the salesman stumbled across this little tidbit on the internet!
Still I highly recommend this phone!!!!!!!
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on April 11, 2012
I picked up a black Lumia 900 at an AT&T store today because they were sold out of blue. AT&T is crediting my first bill by $100 to make up for a networking issue that's already fixed on the phone I just got, so the device ends up being free on a 2-yr contract and works great. It's an amazing deal, this phone seems much nicer than my wife's iPhone 4S. Big clear screen, nice look and feel, really fast, super fast 4G LTE, great email, and nearly all of the apps I want. I couldn't find Pandora or Wells Fargo apps, but aside from that I don't understand the big fuss about there "only" being 50,000 apps for this phone.
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on April 12, 2012
I am an AT&T customer since 2002. I was due for an upgrade for at least a year, and I was holding on to it as I was not impressed with anything out there..until Nokia Lumia 900 showed up. I pre ordered it on 4/2 from AT&T and received mine on 4/6. I have been using this phone heavily for the last one week, and here are my impressions:


- Excellent build quality, it feels solid in your hand. The polycarbonate shell is just amazing. It feels real premium in your hand, you have to hold it in person to understand what I am trying to convey.
- Signal strength on this phone is absolutely amazing. If you have trouble with getting adequate signal in places that matter, I will absolutely recommend this phone. Nokia pedigree shows.
- Great battery life. With above average use, 3 email accounts, bluetooth on, WiFi on, I have 20% or more juice left by the time I go to sleep.
- I am on conference calls often, and the speakerphone on this phone is real good.
- I am not a blind follower of any OS, but Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is very intuitive, easy to use and real fluid. It is designed in a way to reach your most used tasks in 2 to 3 clicks. This takes away some of the extreme customizations you can do on some other OSes, but for most users, this will be a nonissue.
- The data speeds on LTE is blindingly fast. If you are in an LTE area, and use data on the go, this is the phone to get. It works well on AT&T HSPA+ network also, so don't hesitate to try if you are not in LTE area.
- Nokia provides a free turn by turn Navigation on this phone with downloadable maps. This is pretty cool as you don't need a data connection to use this. Very helpful for people who travel to Europe.

Edit: Another reviewer just reminded me of another pro. The circular polarising ClearBlack display helps you read better in direct sunlight.


The cons on this phone are very minor from my perspective. However to bring some balance to my review, here are some:

- The camera is great for outdoor shots, but not that great indoors. A lot of this I believe is due to user error, ie. getting used to the 2 step camera button. If you can get into the manual settings and tweak, you can get much better shots. Normally, Nokia issues software updates for their phones to improve the camera over time, I hope this would be the case.
- The piece of metal around the camera scratches pretty easily. There are some gel cases that snugly fit without taking away the beauty of this phone that could help ease this.
- Screen attracts finger print easily, but I guess that is the case for all touchscreen phones.
- App store for Windows is still in a growth stage. There are some 80000+ apps in there, but a lot of them are poor quality (same with other OSes too). I found most of the 20+ apps I need, but if you are looking for a lot of apps, please check Microsoft Windows Phone webpage if your favorite app is available.

PS: Did I say this is an absolute beauty? The word stunning will be an understatement in my opinion. I mean there is nothing like it, and if you are looking to stand out of the crowd, this is the one to pick. Once you hold it, everything else looks so boring.
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