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on April 9, 2012
This is an objective review. I have owned all four major operating systems (blackberry, iOS, android, and now, windows phone) so I am drawing from that experience.

-first off, price point is a steal. $100 for a new phone is almost unheard of
-call quality is nice, clear and loud
-the screen, although low resolution, is very colorful and nice to look at
-the OS seems fluid. Setup was definitely easy.
-having a dedicated camera button is nice.
-comes with office but.....(see below)
-build quality of the phone is nice and solid. Don't think I will need a case
-the Facebook and twitter integration are well done. It makes it seamless to do a quick update on your status.
-4g is really fast

-app market Most that I use are there but a few are missing
-battery life. I have noticed my battery does not make it through a whole day with just moderate use. This is my first 4g phone so I will have to make sure I have a charger nearby.
-The power button is on the side of the phone. I have already hit it a couple times accidentally while making calls. I wish it were placed on the top of the phone.
-....Windows phone 7 office is not compatible with all versions of desktop office. For example, I cannot edit a word document that was saved as an Office 2003 word doc.
-the touchscreen is really prone to fingerprints. More so than any other android or iOS device I have owned.
-there is a small gap around the touchscreen that will no doubt collect with debris (like lint from your pocket). I foresee it driving me crazy when it needs cleaned.

I may add more as I continue to test the phone. These are initial observations as I have only used the phone for two days.

Update 5/26: after over a month of use, I still like the phone and can recommend it. I will add a couple more pros and cons below.

Pros- I retract my battery life statement. After a couple charging cycles (and an update) the battery lasts all day.
Con-pictures in emails have a hard time downloading. Usually says "download error".
Pro-love the offline GPS functionality. There are lots of offline mapping apps available.
Con-the marketplace is still anemic. I visit it about once every 3 days and sometimes find that nothing changed.
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on April 12, 2012
The Lumia 900 is the best little device I have ever owned and I have had everything from the iPhone to BlackBerry, Palm Pre/WebOS and multiple Android devices. WP7 is a clean and clear os that is fluid and smooth and fun to use. The GPS locks on more waving my phone in the air in circles looking for a GPS lock(I'm looking at YOU Samsung and HTC)...Call quality is clear and I have yet to drop a call. The speaker is loud and clear enough for me to listen to music or old radio shows and hear everything clearly. The Lumia 900 is well built with a fantastic screen. I have never felt any kind of brand loyalty toward a cell phone.....until now. Nokia is my new favorite company that has created my all time favorite phone. I seriously don't want to put the thing down. Great work Nokia.
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on April 14, 2012
My wife's contract had expired so, this was a great opportunity to replace her phone (iPhone 3GS). I bought my Lumia 900 at an AT&T store in Seattle. My preferred color was Cyan, but unfortunately it was sold out. Since Nokia credits $100, the phone is effectively free. An absolute steal. I am not a gamer, and the apps I care about are all available (in my case some aviation, and NOAA and FAA related apps). Strange, the excellent Nokia apps are not preinstalled. Instead some mediocre AT&T apps are pre-installed. I deleted all of them.

Beautiful phone.
Very fluid, intuitive and fast Windows Phone user interface.
Beautiful crisp screen with vibrant colors.

Battery live just average.
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on April 9, 2012
I switched from Sprint to AT&T to get this phone, and I couldn't be happier. AT&T coverage and speed have been much better at my house than Sprint was (LTE is insanely fast), and the phone itself is outstanding. The screen is gorgeous and the perfect size for me, and the Windows Phone OS is stable (never crashes or needs to be rebooted), smooth and easy to use. The hotspot functionality has been great, too. The camera isn't perfect, but it's better than most other phone cameras I've used. The battery lasts about a day and a half for me. I bought the Cyan model and it came with a special Nokia Blue theme which matches the color and gives the phone a "complete" feeling. Highly recommended!
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on May 5, 2012
I bought the black one at first, and loved it. Feels solid, balanced, and of course has the elegant windows phone UI. But then the white one came along...the "StormTrooper" as they call it, and I couldn't resist and traded in for it. Then went and bought my son one as well. You won't be disappointed...not one bit.
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on June 11, 2012
I've had my Nokia 900 for a few months now and this is an update to another review I did giving it 5 stars then. Since then it's a perfect 5 stars and this review also speaks of the huge gain in apps at Marketplace. The apps are so beautiful and so much thought of quality I must give Nokia and Microsoft a thumbs up on keeping such a high standard. If you move from Apple or Android, you will be shocked how beautiful the apps are on the Nokia. Nokia has their own section in Marketplace and you will be very happy with the apps there. I love the Nokia Pulse app through NokiaBetaLabs, that is like a private social media for family and friends and you can add pictures as well to send to each other. Everything about this phone is easy, beautiful and quality. Nokia is also adding more apps and those are especially apps to grab. If you have apps on iphones or android you like, those may appear on better different apps at the Marketplace. BUY THIS PHONE....YOU'LL LUV IT. This is the best smartphone ever.
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on May 11, 2012
The thing that struck me about the Nokia Lumia 900 was how solid it feels in your hand. A real quality product, weighty but not so heavy that it's fatiguing. It just looks great and not cookie cutter like the others. I have had no experience with Windows Phone before so I was a little nervous but once again, i am gobsmacked at how silky smooth, how intuitive and convenient the whole OS works. I am not constantly burying my head looking at apps to give me the information I want. Everything is right there in front of me and it's almost lifelike as the tiles seemingly move on their own. Also, battery life? No contest I can go a couple of days on the same charge. Definitely can last me a whole day. I couldn't say that about my Samsung Captivate.
I guess in short the whole user experience with the Nokia has been a real joy. Excellent job Nokia, you keep producing great products like this and i will definitely come back. But not until i get my fill of the Lumia this thing!
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on April 18, 2012
Bought this phone for my wife and sure glad I did. It took her less than a day and she was all about it, it was better in this way and better in that way... It's been extremely easy for her to up to speed and she hasn't missed a beat (moving from her iPhone to this Windows phone).

The Zune software has been so much easier to deal with than itunes ever had been - so much so she's already putting stuff on her phone by herself whereas I was still having to help her from time to time when dealing with itunes.

From start to finish this is by far an impressive phone.
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on April 20, 2012
I got the phone from Amazon wireless 1 week ago and I like it more and more.

1. Solid build (totally Nokia style)
2. Nice interface, at least I feel happy when using it.
3. Fast speed. Very smooth when opening apps and browsing webpage.
4. A lot of free apps. I downloaded 30+ useful apps, all free. And the built-in Nokia drive and transit are very useful to me.
5. Satisfactory battery life (1-2 days normal use).
6. Price (really, Nokia gave me money for having it).

1. Apps are a bit less. I know Windows Phone has 80k+ apps in total. But still, popular apps like Paypal and Draw Something etc. are missing. I really hope I can have those popular apps on my phone.

Overall I think it is a great phone. And I am impressed by the good faith from Nokia/Microsoft. Get one when it is still cheap :D
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on April 10, 2012
Now through April 21st, any AT&T customer who purchases a Lumia 900 will receive a $100 rebate from Nokia -- effectively making the device free.
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