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on April 9, 2012
I want to start off my review by stating that I am a HUGE Windows Phone fan and already own both the original Samsung Focus and the first HTC Titan (both which are great phones). I felt compelled to upgrade to Nokia's Lumia 900 to experience Nokia's build quality and ATT's LTE speeds.

The Lumia 900 is absolutely gorgeous and has a huge screen measuring 4.3 inches. The phone feels great in my hand and can be operated easily with just one hand. My HTC Titan with its 4.7 inch screen was a little difficult to use one handed so I really think Nokia hit the sweet spot at 4.3 inches. I do wish the screen sat flush with the bezel like the Lumia 800 because the 900's screen does protrude slightly which isn't as aesthetically pleasing to me. This is just my opinion and doesn't impact the functionality of the phone one bit. Overall this phone is gorgeous!

The Windows Phone OS restricts the screen resolution to 800x480 which by today's standard is a bit low but as with most Windows Phones you will be hard pressed to even realize this during everyday use. The Lumia 900's screen will melt your eyes with its beauty. I don't know what magic technology Nokia uses for this screen but everything looks AWESOME on it. The colors and text jump right off the screen and is very readable even in direct sunlight. I really feel this is the best screen I have ever seen on a smartphone.

The Lumia 900 is powered by a 1.4 GHz single core processor with 512 MB of RAM which is more than enough power as the Windows Phone OS runs sooooo smoothly on this phone. Nothing slows this phone down and everything responds instantaneously.

You get 16 GB of storage which may not sound like a lot to some folks but I already have a ton of apps, games, music and videos on my phone and still have 8 GB's free. Unfortunately there is no memory card slot so the 16 GB is all this phone will ever have. You do get access to 25 GB of free storage on Microsoft's SkyDrive which is integrated well in to the OS so you can always store your pics and docs in the cloud if you run low on storage.

This is the first 4G LTE Windows Phone (the new HTC Titan that came out yesterday is also LTE) and ATT's speed in the Boston area has been superb! I am averaging a little over 10 Mbps in and around Boston with peaks going up as high as 17 Mbps. This phone flies on the internet which makes it feel even faster. I cant get over just how fast the data speeds are on this phone.

I have only had the phone for 2 days but the battery seems to be very good. I went through the entire day yesterday using my phone quite a bit without having to recharge. I bet this thing will easily last through an entire work day on LTE. As the week progresses and I get a better idea of the battery life I will update my review.

The call quality so far has been fine but I don't make many calls. The people that I have spoke to on this phone stated that I sounded very good.

The 8 megapixel camera on the Lumia 900 takes great photos but some of the pics did come out a little oversaturated. They still look really nice though and it could be just where and how I was taking the pics.

While the app store is not nearly as large as Apples or Googles it does have over 70,000 apps now and I have found that almost every app I used on my past phones has a counterpart on Windows Phone. You will also find the Windows Phone versions of your favorite apps look, feel and operate better than the ones on iOS and Android. Just wait to you open apps like USA Today or IMDB. They are truly magnificent. If you are a gamer and own an XBOX 360 then you really should be on Windows Phone as XBOX Live is integrated right in the OS and compatible XBOX Live games on Windows Phone include achievements so even on the go you can get those glorious little achievement notifications that some people have become addicted to!

If you are first time smartphone buyer or looking for something better than iOS or Android then you cant go wrong with the Lumia 900. For the price what you get is amazing. I highly recommend this phone!

UPDATE 04/13/2012: As you may have heard a limited number of the Lumia 900's had a bug that messed up its LTE connection. My unit did not have this issue but there were some out there that do. The good news is that Nokia release a software update last night that fixes this issue completely so you can buy a new Lumia worry free now!

Also, remember that if you purchase a Lumia 900 before April 21st on ATT you will receive a 100 dollar credit on your bill!!! So if you are eligible for an upgrade at this time you essentially get the Lumia 900 for FREE if you purchase before April 21st!! This also applies to anyone that has already purchased the phone as well. Awesome!!!
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on April 9, 2012

That was my first impression of the Nokia 900 when I turned it on. The design of the phone itself is obviously well thought out, but when you get it up and running it really becomes a work of art. The "clearblack" screen Nokia has developed puts my old HTC phone to shame (and I never really thought it was bad until I put it next to the 900's screen). The colors are crisp, the black levels are very deep black, and the text pops and is very easy to read.

Everything in the WP7 OS feels snappy. People may argue that windows phones don't have the latest and greatest specs, but the reality is they don't need them. The OS never lags, and navigating through various apps always feels natural.

As for the apps themselves, there's still obviously a long way to go for the marketplace to catch up to the volume of apps in the Android and iOS markets, but the major players are mostly all there and the apps all feel like a unique experience designed around the WP7 metro interface.

All in all, this is the first phone I've really been impressed by since the original iPhone. It's a great alternative in the smartphone market and really puts the spotlight on Microsoft's well designed Windows Phone operating system.

Highly recommended.
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on April 19, 2012
got my Lumia 900 1 week back and i am really happy to say the least....

i already used an iphone and android with ICS..

OS: its fluid...thats the best term i can come up with to describe it...WP7 is i think in the usability perspective on par with iOS and even better in facebook integration...and way ahead of Android...

Hardware: agreed its a single core...but trust me..keeping all the marketing dual core stuff aside, the phone is fasst..and more than sufficient for our use...

Price: its a steal...

and its a beauty...i got a black one...i love it...also the cyan ....really want both ;)

Apps: good collection...sufficient for most of our needs...

conclusion: Phone's a winner...worth trying...give it a shot...i am sure you will love it...
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on April 9, 2012
I have had the iPhone 2, 3g, 4s. I like Apple phones, but i wanted a change.

So I recently got the Samsung Note. I figured I would check out all the hype. Android is good, lets me do what I need to do. Play my movies, apps, chat, email, web. But wow it is very laggy. Im pretty fed up with pressing buttons and waiting 3 seconds before there is a reaction from my phone.

I got this Lumia 900 today and its snappy. Finally when I press a button my phone reacts almost instantly. That was my main concern with switching.

As for my other requirements like web surfing, apps, email, media playing. It gets the job done.

Its still early, but so far i'm happy. The software is a win. The hardware is attractive. But i was more concerned about the SW.

Overall very happy. Will update later as I use it more.
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on April 8, 2012
I've been using this baby for a few hours now and I've got to say, it's just fantastic. My little brother has an android and that's the direction I was going in last week, but great reviews and my friends told me otherwise. This phone looks like the future os, and it's just slick and fast, even running on one core!! That's how great the os is with the lumia 900. The marketplace has all the apps I need, though the apps are sure to increase as more users adopt this phone and future windows phones. I just can't believe this is a windows phone! It's awesome and the hardware seems as though it was crafted by the hand of god.

Seriously, for $100, this phone is a steal!!!
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on April 11, 2012
I have had my Lumia 900 since Monday and I absolutely love it.

Just as background, I have been waiting for months for a phone that would make me upgrade from an old Samsung I was using. My girlfriend is a Mac user and swears by her iPhone but I just couldn't get into the interface. I like things really clean and organized and all the icons on the iPhone really turn me off. The Android interface just looks like a hot mess to me. I use a Blackberry for work and still love the physical keyboard but the lack of software features really affects my productivity. So, Windows Phone was my last hope.

I fell in love with the interface of Windows Phone the first time I tried it out but all the hardware out there was pretty weak. So, I waited to see if Samsung or Nokia would deliver something new that I would like.

Three days in and I can honestly say that the Lumia 900 is fantastic. I am so glad I waited. I am surprised by how much I love this phone.

Everyone I have talked to over the phone comments that they can hear me so clearly...a vast improvement in call quality over my previous phone. The press was right about the build quality and design of the phone too. It just looks so sleek and clean.

The layout and interface of the phone is amazing, beautiful even. Texting is awesome on this device. The screen is gorgeous and bright, very smooth and responsive. I get great battery life too, even when I have made heavy use of the LTE connection.

I have only installed a few apps so far but the apps I have used all look and work great. I particularly like the navigation capabilities of Nokia Drive...I believe they are even better than those dedicated GPS systems.

There are some apps that my girlfriend uses on her iPhone that are not in the Windows Phone Marketplace. But I suspect those apps will come in time.

Honestly, I am more focused on what a phone can do out of the box. I own a Kindle Fire as well and I am not really sure what all the app craziness is about. I maybe showing my age but the lack of apps is not a big issue despite what the press says.

As for negatives, I really only have three quibbles:

1. I don't have particularly large hands so the size of the phone is a little bit of an issue. The iPhone is too small for me but if this phone were just a few inches smaller, I think I would love it even more. 3.9 or 4.0 inches seems to be the sweet spot for me. However, I think this is just something I have to get used to because I upgraded from a fairly small 3.5 inch phone. The Lumia still fits fine in my front pocket and the upside is that the screen is so readable. But just something to keep in mind during your own search.

2. The camera is a huge upgrade from the 3MP cam on my old phone. The pictures I have taken outside during the day all look great. But, I have noticed a very subtle bluish tint when taking pictures at night and at dusk. Not sure if it is the lens, the software or the user. ;) But, just something I have noticed.

3. This last one is really minor but I have to say that I don't like the "vibrate" setting. The vibration is very abrupt. Not an earth shaking rattle by any means. It is just that Nokia should have been a little more subtle with the feature. Honestly, the spastic, super quick vibration has made me chuckle more than a few times already.

To sum up, a real fantastic experience thus far and I would absolutely recommend this phone to anyone looking for an upgrade from a regular phone or if you are someone who prefers a smartphone with a very clean interface and not all those crazy icons.
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on April 19, 2012
I have had various cellphones over the years. Because of the lousy call quality of most cellphones, I never used them unless I had no other choice for making a call. And I would seriously mumble under my breathe when someone would call me from their cell because their voice was often pretty garbled. Well, this phone has changed my perception of cellphones. The call quality is very good. There are a few reasons why I will probably not give up my landline, but this is the first cellphone I have ever had that makes me at least think about the possibility.

And then there is the smarthphone aspect of this phone. I had an Android device prior to this that quite frankly I stuck with primarily because it was a cheap date and I didn't see any better prospects out there. But then on Easter Sunday, I wandered into a store and saw the Lumia 900. It was love at first sight. The screen was so bright and vivid and the Windows OS was a breathe of fresh air. Unlike my quirky Android, this phone was a pleasure to use, and the things I care most about, my friends and email, were one click away. Sold. I walked out the door that very day with my new love.

And after a week and half, the honeymoon has not worn off either. This past weekend, I downloaded Nokia Drive and my husband and I used it to get to a restaurant we had never been to. Just as good as the NAV system built into my car. And it even gave me a gentle alert when I was exceeding the speed limit.

Thanks to Nokia and Microsoft for making a product that was so good I felt compelled to write what I am pretty sure is my first product review on Amazon.
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on May 3, 2012
An app called TouchDevelop by Microsoft Research won me over!!! It does multi-step dialing to enter access number, followed by the pin code. I can now safely dial into conference calls while driving. Could not do that on iPhone!
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on April 10, 2012
Things about me:
- I'm a former AT&T employee
- I worked for a mobile app company in Silicon Valley
- I'm a tech geek with a love for phones and switch mine out every few months, at full cost
- I have been an Android and iOS user for the last 3 years (both job and personal use)

Things that I love about this phone:
- W7.5 is pretty impressive. It is clean, neat and minimalistic. I have worked with dev in iOS and Android OS. I was a Nokia fan since the 90's (Snake anyone!?) and have always felt that I had a good experience with their Symbian OS phones.
- This phone is solid. It does not feel cheap. When I tell people it's $99, they're shocked.
- Easy to navigate. Whether you're a smartphone newb or a tech geek like myself, you'll be surprised at the ease of use of this phone.
- Screen is clean to read and use. Although I'm young, I hate small screens and this screen is not small. It's small enough to go out in my wristlets but big enough to find in my purse.
- Texting/typing on this phone is amazing! I always had to get aftermarket keyboard programs for Android bc the native keyboard blows. This types very intuitively and is not over-intrusive like iOS's keyboard/tying.
- Office365/Outlook integration. I work for a MS partner and everything I use is neatly accessible from this phone. It makes my life so much easier to see everything threaded and in the appropriate spaces.
- Live Tiles! This is so cool! I can see all the new updates as they come through about a particular person if I have them as a live title on my screen.
- Everyone is griping about Pandora not being on W7 phones, but I'm a Spotify gal and it works flawlessly on this phone.
- Works great with my Scion's in-car controls... Allows me to drive to SF without worrying about looking at my phone to change the music.
- Love the volume/speakers on this thing. Granted it's not the best, I appreciate the loudness of it and it sounds clear.
- Camera quality is insane! I took a photo of a busy intersection and it caught a moving car in perfectly clear photo. The car must have been moving at 35-40 MPH! The photo was taken during the day time with plenty of sunlight.
- The navigation on this phone is AMAZING! Wow... I will never go back to Google Maps or any other mobile map as the "Maps" native app gives really precise directions that most navi-systems costing hundreds of dollars also do. My bf is a former audio installer and he is impressed at the quality in which the directions were given as they are truly turn-by-turn directions.
- Sky Drive is neat but I still installed a 3rd party app to access Dropbox. I prefer Dropbox as I have all my stuff on there already and Sky Drive's login is tied to your Windows Live account.

Things that I'm meh about this phone:
- Battery life. I was expecting Nokia phones to last like no other but this one is average. With the "battery saving" feature, I can go 15 hours before it beeps that it needs to be recharged. I consider myself a heavy user and I feel that the battery life is adequate for the average user.
- I miss some of the touch-and-go features that Android had (brightness controls, on/off wifi/bluetooth, etc.) but realistically, I never used them enough to really care.
- The position of the buttons. The volume rocker is at a nice point in the phone and doesn't require me to hold the phone with two hands (I have really small hands!) to turn the volume up or down. The power button is in the middle which totally erks me. And the camera toggle is placed at the bottom which I naturally want to hit as the power button.
- The charger being placed at the top. I guess I'm so used to the Android-based phones having the charger at the bottom that I just need to get used to it.
- Sometimes, I will double click on the screen during camera mode and the photo won't snap. It's annoying to only have to press the button at the top of the phone to take a photo.
- I've done the "hold camera button while your phone is in sleep mode to active camera mode without unlocking your phone" and it seems tricky. Maybe the gel case on my phone makes the responsiveness of the camera button slow but it only works some of the time.
- When I turn down the all the way to zero for the ringer, it doesn't go into a silent mode. I have to go and manually turn off the vibration in order for it to be a true silent mode. Lame!
- I formerly worked for a mobile phone ringtone company and tried to send the phone a custom ringtone through text message. There's no option to download the ringtone directly from the message. This is sad that you have to download the ringtone onto your desktop, load it up with Zune then sync. (Sound familiar Apple?)
- No task killer. I opened up Zune to play a podcast and it wouldn't close completely until much later. My thought: is it still running in the background? Kind of hard to say when there's no way to view what tasks are actually still going.
- No removable battery. I'm on the fence about this as I feel that in the long run, this could be a problem which causes you to have to replace the phone if the battery is bad. But at the $99 price point, it's not going to be too big of an issue. I would have preferred to have a removable battery versus the pinhole reset button at the top.
- No SD card slot. C'mon now, this should have been a given. I understand that it comes with Sky Drive but not to be able to use my 16GB class 10 card is a waste.

Overall, I had to give this phone 4-stars only because I feel there are better OS improvements that should be made in order to make this a good phone.
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on April 8, 2012
The most stylish smartphone in the market! Along with the brilliant design, comes with lightening fast LTE. Impressive. Liked the scratch resistant screen that had sharp and crispy display. With $50 tag for this beauty,I am sold.
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