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Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The market for small Bluetooth speakers is surprising large. In the video portion of this review I show three - the Philips SB7300 (the product I am reviewing), the Philips SB7200, and the Monster iClarity. Another option (while I am not reviewing it is the Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black Diamond - Retail Packaging ) - however, in my opinion the SB7300 is superior.

Notes on the SB7300

- The SB 7300 offers 12 watts of power, and while that may not sound too impressive it is more than enough to fill a room.

- The speaker features 4 neodymium speakers - combined with the 12 watts of power the SB7300 will completely fill a room with sound.

- Sound quality - very impressive especially considering the size of the speaker. The SB7300 offers very clean and smooth performance across the entire frequency range. As you might expect due to the size the bass response is not overly deep or booming.

- Battery life is impressive - at full volume you may not get the full 8 hours

- Has the ability to be pared to another SB7300, although (and obviously) it does require a second speaker, so the expensive may be prohibitive.

- Motion sensor - depending on how you use it you may love it or hate it. While there are times that it comes in handy, it can be triggered on accident. I find that I often disable the motion control. For me, I find that it is easier to just control the speaker using my iPad, iPhone, or iPod..

- The speaker is easily pared and had a range of about 30ft.

Final Verdict - The Philips SB7300 Bluetooth is a bit expensive, but it does offer best-in-class sound performance. I am not completely sold on its ability to pare with another SB7300 in order to get stereo sound ( I am not sure if the cost is worth it) or its ability to be controlled by motion, but I am completely sold on its sound performance.

4 1/2 Stars (based on solid quality and sound volume)
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VINE VOICEon July 7, 2012
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
With Bluetooth devices becoming more and more popular, Bluetooth compatible portable speakers will become more essential, especially if you are using your device to access music, movies, television shows, or other forms of entertainment where sound is important.

The Philips ShoqBox SB7300 Bluetooth Portable Speaker, coming in at a little over seven inches high and weighing about one pound, is universal, so pairing it with any Bluetooth device is quick and easy. I paired an iPod Touch, my Dell computer, and my Android phone in about two minutes. A female voice lets you know when it's ready for pairing, and then tells you when your device has paired with the speaker. Press the little button on top of the speaker and she tells you how much power is left in the battery.

The ShoqBox is solidly built, with an aluminum finish. It seems likely that the ShoqBox can easily survive business trips, vacations, and a daily commute. My only concern is the top on/off button, which feels less than solid and may fail over time. The button is pushed in when the speaker is off however, so that may help protect it.

Sound-wise, the ShoqBox has four speakers, and 12 watts of total power. The ShoqBox gets loud, and its sound can easily fill a room. Not a big room, but an average sized bedroom, kitchen, or office. The unit sounds fine outside, as long as you stick relatively close. I did turn the unit up as high as it goes and sound does not distort. I would describe the sound as very balanced, with mids very dominant. Highs do not misrepresent, and bass is apparent, but not overwhelming. The speaker does thump when you turn the sound up, but with four speakers, I was a bit disappointed with the richness or fullness of the sound.

I have three other Bluetooth speakers, the Monster Clarity HD Precision Micro Portable, the iHome iDM8B, and the Philips AS111/37 Fidelio Docking Speaker for Android. All three are considerably less expensive than the ShoqBox, which is in the same price range as the Jawbone Jambox. Of the Bluetooth speakers I have, the ShoqBox definitely gets the loudest, but the Philips AS111/37 Fidelio Docking Speaker for Android provides a fuller, deeper sound. I use the Philips Docking Speaker basically as a Bluetooth speaker, as it's docking feature leaves much to be desired.

The ShoqBox doesn't really have external controls. Instead, you can control your music by swiping your hand over a motion sensor, which allows you to skip a track, pause, or resume a track. Instructions that Philips provides are somewhat sparse, and it take a bit of practice to figure out which gesture does what, but once you get the hang of it it's a nice feature. You also can use the swiping feature to connect two ShoqBox speakers.

Another nice feature is the rechargeable battery, which is advertised as lasting eight hours. I seem to be getting more than eight hours by playing the ShoqBox at mid-level loudness. Philips also provides a 3.5-millimeter line-in auxiliary cable, AC power cord, and a dual USB cable for charging.

Retailing at $199, the ShoqBox is pricy. But the speaker is very easy to use, is rugged, and produces a very balanced sound. I like the way it looks as well. It looks well-made and feels substantial. It also can be positioned to stand straight up or on its side, so it will fit into small spaces.

Overall, I would recommend the ShoqBox. The speaker does get relatively loud, however, with four speakers, I expected a deeper, fuller sound. I tried the ShoqBox with different genres of music, and the sound it produces is very true and even.
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VINE VOICEon June 26, 2012
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Now that its summer, I like to listen to my music while out on the deck enjoying the nice weather. This speaker system will be perfect for that. The design is small and lightweight. It can easily be packed in a bag to carry with you for use just about anyplace. This would be something easy for travel and for the beach or park (permitting you can play music there). The speaker is mostly made up of metal so while its sturdy, it may get a few dings, scratches or dents. There is another version with a rubber casing so some people may want to go for that one if its going to be used outdoors.

I love that it is bluetooth and I don't have to plug anything into it like my old dock style speakers. This speaker also has the mini jack input so if you don't have or want to use bluetooth you can just plug in. You can connect it to just about any device. The speaker comes with the mini jack plug, ac adapter and a dual plug usb cable for all your charging situations. There is also the capability to connect a second SHOQBOX to get stereo sound. There are voice announcements to let you know when you are paired with your device and also tones when you turn on and shut off the speakers.

The volume dial is also the on off button that you push in and turns blue. I uploaded photos of the back of the unit showing that the top and bottom caps of the aluminum case do not line up properly and this causes the push in on/off button to have problems popping up and down. I also noticed that it takes a bit more than you expect to turn the volume up. I twisted the volume knob quite a bit to get it loud enough when I was outside. There is no # levels so its kind of like your car stereo you just keep spinning it to get the level you want.

The overall sound was good in my opinion. I could hear the bass and just enough treble that it wasn't tinny sounding. It was interesting holding the speaker and feeling the deep thump of the bass in my hands. You can position the speaker to be either vertical or horizontal.

There's a smart sensor button that activates a plastic proximity sensor that you use hand movements to play, pause, fast forward and go back. Since there are no buttons on the speakers, this is the only way other than your device to control your music. This swipe movement worked pretty good, although, it takes a little practice and you need to remember the gestures to get the correct result. if you want to pause you swipe downwards, but if you accidentally do it wrong you may forward the track or go backwards. But again, you'll have to get used to it and its kind of cool.

There's a pop up cap on the bottom and that is where you plug in the micro mini usb to charge it up. While charging the line on the volume knob light red.

As for how long the speaker battery lasts, it doesn't say in the instructions but on Amazon, the details say 8 hours. I used it for an hour and it was fine. i'm going to use it over the next few days without charging and add up the time till it dies out and update the review.

bluetooth connectivity
mini jack line in connectivity
comes with cables and A/C adapter
Cool design
sound is good

wasn't put together correctly (photos)
no buttons to control music on unit only the smart sensor swipe bar
takes a while to fully charge
metal design may get dents
review image review image
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VINE VOICEon July 18, 2012
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am writing this review in comparison to my experience with the Soundmatters FoxLv2 portable bluetooth speaker, which has a slightly higher MSRP/MAP. Which one should you get? I'll break it down by various features in terms of my priorities when looking for a portable audio device.

1. Sound Quality - Fox Lv2 Wins

The Fox Lv2 produces a much superior sound with less distortion at high volume, while the bass output and midrange are a bit crisper on the ShoqBox at normal volume levels. Overall quality is a tossup, but for listening in a room, I found the FoxLv2 to be the superior device, across pretty much all genres with the exception of deep house/drum n bass type music. I also noticed a huge increase in sound quality when using an aux cable with the Fox vs. ShoqBox, which sounded identical to the quality of audio derived from a bluetooth connection. That was surprising.

That said, if you find the performance of the FoxLv2 lackluster, there is going to be a bluetooth subwoofer released to pair with it sometime in Summer 2012 for another $150, a small price to pay for superior sound.

2. Sound Output - Shoqbox Wins

The Fox2L can fill a room with sound, the ShoqBox can fill a whole amphitheater with sound. If you're looking for portable personal audio, the FoxLv2 will give you better sound until you crank the volume even with the aux cable plugged in, but if you're looking for portable party, the ShoqBox delivers. I've used it to play "theme" music at my adult league softball games, and the players on the field can all jam out. That's pretty impressive. The Fox couldn't come close to pumping out the wattage.

3. Bluetooth Features - Fox Lv2 Wins

ShoqBox comes with a neat concept - The "Smart Sensor". Unfortunately like most new technology, the kinks have not yet been worked out. I found it to be overly sensitive and threw off songs even just when passing by. ShoqBox also has no built in mic if you're pairing with a smartphone that combines music and phone use. That's a big oversight, because most users will be pairing with such phones and it really messes things up when a call comes in. I would need to hang up, disconnect the device, and then wait for the call back. Pain in the rear. Also, there is no way to turn Bluetooth Off/On on the Shoqbox when you use an Aux Cable. FoxLv2 allows you to toggle. Even though the built in mic in the FoxLv2 is tinny and very sensitive, it's better than no mic at all.

NOTE: BlueTooth signals interfere with other radio signal devices--namely my wireless cyclocomputer. So when I bought that fancy Soundmatters bike mount and started jamming tunes on my commute with the Fox, my computer was all wacky and inaccurate. Something to consider if you plan on using this for such a purpose!

4. Portability - Fox Lv2 Wins

The Fox 2L is sleek enough to fit in a pocket, comes with a wrist/neck strap, and also has some mounting features such as optional bike/car mounts, etc. Its dimensions are about 40% smaller than the ShoqBox, which means it's easier to move around for -personal- audio use. The ShoqBox is also portable in the sense you can put it in a backpack, purse, or other carry sack, but doesn't have the same versatility. Basically there are two mounting options: horizontal and vertical based on the rubber stoppers. No carry straps, no optional attachments for mounting to other things like your car.

5. Battery Life - Tossup

ShoqBox advertises up to 8 hours of battery life. I found that even using it at low volumes the battery runs out after 5 or 6 hours. The battery life on the Fox2L was actually similar, but I got MUCH better life and sound quality out of the device when plugging the aux cable in and turning off bluetooth. Plugging in an aux cable doesn't help with the Shoqbox because the device is still putting out the bluetooth signal. If you're using it for short bursts of time away from a power source, this is not a big deal. If you're planning on an all day outing with personal and portable audio, it's something to consider.

The bottom line: you're not going to get audiophile quality sound on ANY bluetooth speaker, it's just the limitation of technology. However, if you are plugging in via Auxiliary Cable, the FoxLv2 will provide superior sound quality by far. That said, if you're looking for a portable boom box to bring a party with you and blast out your favorite tunes the ShoqBox will definitely outshine the Fox. You just have to decide what's more important: Quality or Quantity.
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on August 4, 2012
I bought the Philips Shoqbox 7300 a few weeks ago for a long car ride cross country. I was a little worried that the speaker would get drowned out by the ambient noise that accompanies any highway trip. Gladly, the Shoqbox handles the challenge no problem. Music and Video is heard perfectly (dialogue especially is heard well), and as a result, easily understandable for the car ride. An added bonus is that the ease of the bluetooth pairing makes having an audio cable unnecessary. What's more is, being a concert pianist, I am very attuned to discrepancies in sound, and the Shoqbox exceeds my expectations of what a relatively small speaker can deliver. The 1 criticism I would have is the bass can be slightly under-supported. Apart from that, however, this speaker is a must have.
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VINE VOICEon July 13, 2012
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Right off the bat, you should know that I'm not someone who gets overly excited about a lot of electronics. These speakers, however, deserve some love because they are awesome.

These Philips ShoqBox SB7300 Bluetooth Portable Speakers are designed with space management in mind! The speakers look very streamline. The battery lasts about 8 hours and comes with a wall outlet charger or USB for those moments when you need more power. The device has an on switch and volume control, but everything else is controlled by motion. There is a motion detector, with certain movements, controls your bluetooth device (ie: forward, backward, pause, play). This speaker isn't heavy at all. It's actually just under a pound.

The 7300 connected easily to my computer (iMac) and played my bluetooth less iPod very well with a connecting cord. You can set the sound (from a computer, at least) to play mono or stereo. You get very good sound from the four 4-watt neodymium speakers. This unit has double the speakers of the 7200 model.

I admit, I did have trouble in the beginning. The instructions were not very helpful and I had to learn many things by just playing with the device. The volume control and on/off switch, for example. I had no idea that silver portion on the top was anything but decoration until I accidentally turned it and heard the volume go up! Another problem I had (and still do) is pairing two speakers together. I have this and the 7200 and just can't get them to pair. With better instructions, I could have probably figured this bit out, but alas...

Personally, I really like this speaker. I've used it repeatably since receiving it. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a smaller, but powerful speaker for their electronics.
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VINE VOICEon September 7, 2012
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have used and reviewed numerous Philips products designed as iPod / Smartphone docks and speakers, and this is the first time I've been able to rate one 5 stars without hesitation.

+ Compact Size -- this is about the size of a Zephyrhills water bottle. It'll easily fit into a cupholder, backpack, bike basket, or large purse. You can take it anywhere you go.
+ Battery Life -- have never had this die on me. I've used it intermittently throughout a weekend at the beach and it was fine the whole time.
+ USB Charger -- universal USB charger port means you can charge this using the same plug that goes in your Android phone or many of your computer accessories.
+ Bluetooth -- one of my biggest pet peeves is when these modern speakers don't come with Bluetooth. In today's tech market, Bluetooth really should be standard on all these kinds of devices.
+ Ease-of-use -- All you have to do it push the big button on top; it pops out (functions as a volume knob) and once you pair the device (as easy as my phone auto-detecting and then pairing), you're good to go. It will also announce its battery life to you.
+ AUDIO QUALITY -- the sound on this little thing is AMAZING, given its small size. Supposedly there are four speakers nestled inside of here. For such a tiny unit, this is really impressive. Clear treble, deep rich bass, nicely balanced. Definitely enough volume to work as a stereo for your grilling party or beach day.

:: I really don't care about the hand-sensor to 'swipe' between songs. I couldn't get it to work, anyway, so...

CONS: can't really think of any at the moment.

BOTTOM LINE: I've used this a bunch -- at the beach, on a boat, in a hotel, on my back porch. It's a handy, well-made, functional, great-sounding little device. Its portability and quality definitely make up for its sorta-high price point. This is well worth it. If you only have one 'smartphone speaker' device, this could definitely be it. Unless you're looking to blow the roof off for a serious house party, this little unit will satisfy all your audio needs. Unreservedly give this 5 stars.
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VINE VOICEon July 13, 2012
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The hardest part of setting this speaker up was getting it out of the box. USB charger and "wall-wart" charger. Easy to "pair". All of the technical details are given on the product page so I don't know what I can add to that. The sound is fantastic for such a tiny speaker. Voice command tells you when you are paired and amount of charge left. I LOVE the speakerphone feature. I'm really not a big fan of "waving" to change the track. Much easier to do from your device. Warning: never let a five-year-old find out about this feature or you'll never hear a complete track again.

If you're trying to make a decision between the SB7200 and the SB7300, it will depend on how you plan to use the unit. The SB7300 has four speakers and, in my opinion, has a little better sound. The SB7200 has two speakers but is "splash-proof" and more shock-proof. It has a little ring to attach it to a belt etc. to make it more portable. If you want the speaker for hiking, biking, boating or general outdoor travel your better choice would probably be the SB7200.

The "instruction manual" is a one page pamphlet but maybe it's so simple that is all you will need. Two pages of countries listed for their "world-wide guarantee". Made in China (no big surprise there).
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on July 29, 2013
The Philips ShoqBox SB7300 is a nice little bluetooth speaker, but certainly not great. Even though I opted for the more expensive Philips SB7300 that has 4 speakers, it still didn't have a full sound compared to Logitech's Ultimate Ears BOOM bluetooth speaker. I can't imagine how bad the Philips ShoqBox with only 2 speakers must sound.

When I purchased this speaker, I bought the Logitech for myself and the less expensive Philips ShoqBox SB7300 for my 97 year old father in law. I figured he couldn't hear very well anyway and he would never notice the difference, so I might as well save a few bucks. And...I was actually right. My father in law loves his ShoqBox speaker. But I HATE it! Why? Because I know what a really GREAT sounding bluetooth speaker can sound like....and it sounds like the Logitech UE BOOM speaker. If I could do it over again, I would have bought two of the Logitech speakers.

If you're considering getting a bluetooth speaker, I would highly recommend spending a little extra and getting the Logitech UE BOOM speaker. When you listen to the speaker side by side with the good, but less expensive ones, there's a night and day difference. The decision of which one to get becomes immediately clear! There is NEVER a good time to have less than optimal sound. For a few dollars more, opt for great sound every time you use it. What's that worth? Don't be satisfied with mediocrity unless you have to. If you want just OK sound, buy the Philips SB7300. If you want great sound, get the Logitech UE BOOM.
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VINE VOICEon July 19, 2012
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As part of my participation in the Amazon Vines program, I received one for review.

The ShoqBox provides an excellent boost to the quality of sound coming from my wife's Iphone (via the bluetooth connection) and my kindle fire (via the direct connection). We've been using it for several weeks now and are impressed by the battery duration. Have used it out on the deck while we are grilling, but haven't seen anything in the manufactuer's paperwork about it being waterproof, so I take it back inside if it looks like rain.

The cost is up there at $199, but if you can afford one (or two since they can be linked together), it can become a nice portable music system with good sound quality.
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