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on January 10, 2013
I found out about these while doing research on good heaphones with remote. Folks at head-fi were raving about it, so I had to find out what all the fuss was about.

I'm glad to say that these are exactly the headphones that I was looking for. Unlike the 'made for iPhone' headphones, all buttons (volume up, volume down, pause/play/call) on the remote work flawlessly with my Galaxy S 3 (albeit the SmartKey which seems to be reserved for Sony phones.) I previously had a Klipsch S5i, and only the play/pause would work on my Galaxy Nexus, but would refuse to work at all with my Galaxy S 3.

The sound quality is very good as well. I get a good balance of highs and lows, with the base leaning more towards neutral. I also like that is has flat cables so I don't worry about having to untangle them all the time.

The only thing I could see being improved is the remote/mic placement. It would have been better if it was placed further down.

Definitely recommend this to all Android users.
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on September 29, 2014
Out of the box impressions: Energetic sound signature, little unsettled in presentation with trace of upper mid sibilance. Requires some burn-in before any "critical" listening.

Pros: Hard hitting bass, with very good sub-bass extension. Pleasing mid range and very good extension to treble. Expansive sound stage. Musical/ "fun" sound signature and seems to cope with any genre with aplomb. Quality build/ feel. Incredible value for such "audio hobbyist/ phile" sound.

Cons: Decent sensitivity/impedance, but requires amplification to really make it shine (Should be experienced!). Minimal cable microphonics if worn the intended way.

I have owned top-tier IEMS such as the TF10, the Radius DDM and ATH M50 are my daily use for portable listening and have sampled other budget offerings from manufacturers like Sennheiser/ MEE and JVC. This particular IEM offers stunning sound quality, more when you consider its intended purpose and bulk price package. It has yet to see usage on a compatible phone, and this is a post 12 hour burn-in impression but from the looks of it I'm sure it can get only better! That said, YMMV.

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on May 17, 2013
All exterior noise is eliminated and sound is great. Design is nice because the headset doesn't get tangled. Very clear when talking on the smartphone.
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on June 2, 2012
The headset is great, it has a supper, clear output. And the design is nice. This headset works perfect with my xperia s.
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on November 2, 2015
I got these off ebay, shipped from HK, for something like $20 shipped in bulk packaging. The other earbuds I currently own are klipsch s5i rugged, urbeats by dre, and harmon kardon ae. Because of how narrow the drivers on these are, they're by far the most comfortable in my ears. Sound quality wise, they're similar to my klipsch, but with more bass and volume. My urbeats, and HK AE both have more bass, and can get louder. But the urbeats mids and highs are really muddy compared to these. The HK AE overall do sound better than any of my other buds. But the HK AE has a really large metal driver body, that's box shaped, and it's really uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.The HK AE also get loud enough I feel like I'm damaging my hearing. These get loud, but are at the borderline of uncomfortable. The klipsch leaves me wanting for a bit more volume, especially in a busy gym, or on a plane. These are my first choice for plane use since I can fall asleep with them on, and not wake up with sore ears (The HK AE would be my choice if they were more comfortable long term).

The controls on these all work on my Nexus 5, except the back button. But volume, play/pause, and next track is all I can really ask for. On the HK AE, urbeats, and klipsch volume on the remotes don't work, only play/pause (next track by double pressing). The klipsch remote is so large it often gets pressed accidentally. These have buttons that are raised quite a bit, so it happens sometimes. But the buttons are small enough that it's a rare occurrence.

The cable is a big difficult to manage after storage, along with the HK AE, there's a lot of cable memory, that takes awhile to go away. The klipsch and urbeats cables are a lot more easy to straighten out. I like the angled connector on these. It has a much lower profile, and there's less leverage to damage it while it's plugged in. My urbeats, and klipsch have connectors that inspire the least bit of confidence. In fact, my klipsch started having issues with the connector a month before warranty ended. My replacement only has a 1 year warranty (AW-11 rugged), as opposed to a 2 year. Klipsch warranty was a bit difficult to figure out how to claim, but they did pull through in the end.

The shirt clip was a nice touch, it's been very sturdy and stable so far. The klipsch one would often fall off, until I finally lost it, urbeats came with the same type, so I'm guessing only a matter of time. My HK AE didn't even come with a clip, and I always wished they did.

The only knocks I have against these are the lack of a carrying pouch, or case, and warranty. But considering the bargain basement price I paid compared to my other buds I can overlook that. Especially considering I paid 50% or more off retail for my other buds. I'm currently looking for a case for these, since I like them enough I want them to last a long time. If anyone cares about which included cases I liked best. The klipsch by far. It's semi rigid, opens clamshell so it's really easy to stuff the buds in, has netted bungee pockets. The HK AE has the toughest case, but it's shape is awkward, and it's not easy to stuff the buds back in, a little better if you remove the foam protectors for the buds. The urbeats have a simple pouch with a squeeze opening. It's the easiest to use, but doesn't offer much protection. The lack of a warranty has me contemplating purchasing a backup set to store away in case these are no longer available in the future. They're that good!
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on September 2, 2014
For the price I paid for this, I was expecting a cheap feel from this, but it actually surpass my expectation. totally buying this again for other people!
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on October 22, 2015
I stopped looking for the ideal pair of headphones after finding these. I was searching for something that was durable, provided excellent noise isolation, could accommodate eartips that inserted deep enough to minimize occlusion effect, emitted minimal cord noise/feedback, included a microphone, and had good sound quality. These paired with Shure olive tips include all of the features I was looking for in a pair of headphones. I regularly stock up on MH1Cs to pass on to friends, many of whom also appreciate their utility and durability.

I have gone through one pair so far in about three years--they hold up much better than most in-ear headphones I have tried. Their weak point appears to be the strain relief near the connector, which can eventually be the location of a short from one too many falls of a music player from one’s pocket while connected. I suppose their weak point would be weaker without the strain relief, but could also be stronger with an improved strain relief design.

I believe they are very intelligently designed wear-wise. When I wear them as they are supposed to be worn, and run the cable under my shirt, the microphone is situated very close to my mouth and therefore in an ideal location for talking, and stays in place there because the reinforced section where the cable splits hooks onto my shirt collar. The cable produces very little cord noise/feedback, especially when it is run under a shirt, and is tangle-free. Also, I think the cable design prevents strain on the connection between the cable and monitors when worn under a shirt, since hooking the reinforced section where the cable splits on a shirt collar prevents strain on the cable sections connected to the monitors. The lack of strain between the cables and monitors probably helps add to the lifespan of the headphones.

The design of the monitors allows for retrofit of Shure olives, for deep insertion of eartips (see for instructions for retrofitting olives to the MH1Cs). Paired with olives, the headphones probably provide upwards of 30 dB of isolation, unaccompanied by occlusion effect (e.g. noises of your swallowing/talking/etc. due to bone conduction) when inserted deep into the ear canal, similar to Etymotics but without the terribly loud cable noise (which more than makes up for the lack of occlusion effect for Etymotic headphones in terms of unwanted noises). I would rather wear MH1Cs paired with olives than noise cancelling headphones for blocking noise, as they do almost as well and probably sometimes better on their own, but without the hissing noise or silly need for batteries. If I really want to block out external noises, I can pair them with earmuffs (e.g., 3M Peltors) and probably outdo most noise-cancelling headphones, again minus hissing or batteries.

Also, I use them with the microphone side eartip only while driving, to talk on the phone or listen to audiobooks; they make it much easier to hear phone conversations due to their ability to block out road noise. I think using these for talking in the car bests holding a phone up to one’s head; connecting to car speakers to talk on the phone; or wearing a Bluetooth headset that may not block out road noise as well, generate occlusion effect, and has a battery that has to be recharged. They are less distracting, much easier to hear, and don’t excessively suck or require the recharging of batteries like other alternatives for car phoning.

When I compared the MH1Cs with a few other headphones I bought at the behest of recommendations in forums (ranging from $10-200, and many of which broke within a few weeks or months), I much preferred the MH1Cs sound-wise. I never hear sibilance with them, and though a little recessed the treble is very clear. Bass is adequate for my wants without an amp, and mids are prominent. When listening to music I use them with a Cowon J3 or my iPhone with the CanOpener app. Paired with a headphone amplifier (Fiio F11 and Digizoid ZO 2), their sound quality didn't seem to improve much, although the sound signature included more bass when listening to bass-heavy music (I don’t use the amps much, too lazy to charge their batteries). There are probably many headphones out there that sound better, but the MH1Cs sound pretty good to my ears, which is good enough for me.

My only complaint is that the microphone doesn't consistently work with my iPhone. When it isn't working, I either have to press the bottom button repeatedly or do a hard reset on my phone to get it to work again. If Sony revised the MH1Cs to work more consistently with iPhones, they’d be just about perfect in my book (although they’re pretty close as-is). Overall, these headphones are pretty darn good, and have caused me to stop a largely wasteful consumer quest for the holy grail of head gear (thus hopefully avoiding my fate as another Patrick Bateman).
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on March 30, 2013
Excellent bass
Very good dynamic range
I use it with my Samsung Galaxy S3 with Poweramp player. With the right equalizer settings, it just blows your mind.
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on August 20, 2012
High quality materials used, very easy to untangle them. Very good sound, I am using them for my Iphone (even though mic doesn't work on this phone- there is a way around for this, you have to keep the smartkey pressed to use mic).
I didn't use on any Sony or other Android phones and I am not sure of smartkey functionality.
The mic piece is really bulky and you may want to use the clip to not put more weight on ear buds so that they don't fall off from your ears.
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on February 4, 2014
First off, these are asymmetrical earbuds, which I did not learn from any of my researching of the product. This means that the cord for the right earbud is longer than the one for the left. Not a huge problem, just something you may want to know before purchasing.

Pros: Sound great
Untangle easily

Cons: If you plan on using these earbuds on a bumpy road, good luck. It might just be that mine are somewhat defective, but anytime I go over a bump, the sound cuts out a few seconds later and then comes back after a second. This is very annoying.

All in all, they sound amazing, but I would return these if I could. Unfortunately, I have lost the original packaging, meaning I am stuck with them. If not for the problem of the sound cutting out, I would recommend them. As it is, I would suggest you look elsewhere in order to avoid the chance of having such a problem.
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