Customer Reviews: ViewSonic PRO8300 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater Projector
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Price:$1,000.00 - $1,499.07
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on March 21, 2013
After 2 months of researching for a projector I finally chose this one.
Reasons: 1080p. Many projectors under $1,000 claim to be 1080p, but read the fine print and requirements and learn they're really not. I saw one for around $425, but says only if you use a certain cable or equipment you get the 1080p. Warranty... 2 years vs 1 year with the Optoma brand. Replacement lamp.. avg $175 vs over $250 for the Optoma. I've read if you want a versatile projector that does good with some outside light, you need at least 3,000 lumens. This one has it. Overall, when comparing with it's competitors, you just can't beat the quality, warranty, specs, reviews for the same price range. If you need a HDMI 1080p cable longer than 30 feet, go with Redmere technology from Monoprice dot com. I tried 2 different brands at 50feet and nothing came through. A bit pricy at around $65.00 for 40feet, but hey if you're gonna spend big bucks for a good quality projector, why not spend a bit more for cables that actually work!

Nov 1 2013, follow up.
What's just as good as the watching the Seattle Seahawks win? Answer: Watching it from my Viewsonic Pro 8300! AMAZING! Clear, crisp as would expect, simply awesome. Even IF the Hawks were a losing team this year, this projector is still a winner! No regrets.
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on August 8, 2014
As the box says, this is a "Business Projector" - not exactly fitting for a Home Theater application in my experience.
Pros: Bright enough for a boardroom, well-lit classroom, etc with solid colors and picture clarity. It's a nice projector.
Cons: Automatic overscan on HDMI. Cuts off the edges of your image. Forget about computer pushing 1080p over HDMI.
That Con is a total dealbreaker for me. Maybe it can be turned off. Previous reviews indicate it can't though.
I'm sure it's a fine projector, just not what I was looking for here.
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on May 28, 2013
i use this as my home theater device. have 30 ft of hdmi from the receiver to the projector, i can use it in a well lit
room and it works great. Only odd thing was I had to set the volume down to zero rather than mute so I could not have
my theater speakers and the internall speakers both on.
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on March 9, 2013
It seems only yesterday that I bought an XGA projector.. But when it came time to use it, the 800 x 600 format just didn't work. I could only display about 1/4 of my laptop's screen.

I looked a bit - there are plenty of "1080P" projectors out there. But if you read the fine print on many, they only accept that input and down-scale to a much lower resolution. I even found an old XGA which claimed to be HD 1080.

This is the real deal. Its native resolution is 1920x1080. I hooked it up to my laptop's DisplayPort and fired it up. Windows 7 knew about the projector - the projector found the HDMI input and came right up.

The picture quality is very good.. But viewing complex spreadsheets is still tough, even on the big screen. A small detail, such as a period, isn't quite as crisp as it is on a new LCD Display. (To be fair, I am projecting on a white wall, I expect this to improve when I hang a screen)

PowerPoint displays look amazing.. The color is very good. We briefly tried a movie, but the only content we could find around work were web trailers - not necessarily 1080p. We liked the quality we saw and wrote most of the artifacts off to content - not the projector. I am interested in seeing how this projector would do for home theater.. While ViewSonic doesn't seem to be positioning it for home theater, I suspect it would do a reasonable job. It certainly is a very cheap way of getting a 10' screen.

The controls are fairly simple. I quickly gravitated to using the remote. With other projectors, I have tossed the remote very early - finding them cumbersome. But the ViewSonic remote works well. First, it isn't picky about where you point it - anywhere in the general vicinity of the projector seems to work. Secondly, the software seems to have been designed around the remote, not the front panel. Navigating menus is easier with the remote.

The quoted bulb life is incredible at 4000 hours.. That is likely to be longer than I will use the projector. That is 2 full years of 8 hour work days. I tend to use the projector a couple days a month for presentations. But even in an busy office environment with daily use, bulb changes will be infrequent.

I live at high altitude. I was surprised to find a "High Altitude" setting. I set that and the fan picked up speed to move more air to compensate for the thinner air.. Noise picked up a little, but was about "normal" for a projector. When making my first presentation to a customer at sea level, I turned that setting off. The noise virtually disappeared. This is the quietest projector I have heard. Shutdown is also very fast.. The fan rarely runs after the bulb is turned off.

The projector comes with all of the needed accessories - a pleasant surprise. It included a great carrying case, with a pocket for the included VGA and HDMI cables, power cord and drivers CD. The carrying case is padded against the normal bumps you might encounter carrying the system with the shoulder strap. It is much lighter than my laptop. Clearly, they have target this at the mobile worker

My only objection is in the video interface. My laptop outputs DisplayPort or VGA... I prefer DisplayPort's digital feed. So I bought a nice thin 15' DisplayPort to HDMI cable. When displaying windows full-screen, I found that part of the menu bar was missing. The issue is the display turns on "Over Scan" to discard the first few lines of the display, the last few lines and the first few and last pixels of the displayed lines. This is to avoid displaying digital control data that is sometimes embedded in satellite and cable video feeds. On my ViewSonic LED/LCD computer displays, this is the default setting, but it may be turned off.

I contacted ViewSonic Chat. They were very prompt and knowledgeable and confirmed my diagnosis. But... In this unit, there is no way to turn off Overscan.

After a little fiddling, I was able to use my NVidia display controller to resize the display 2% on each edge. This got my window menus back. But, this may be part of the issue with the "." not being as crisp as I want - the NVidia Controller may be interpolating the pixel and injecting fuzziness. I need to go back and try this again.

The ViewSonic Chat Agent suggested using VGA instead, as they do not assume overscan. (Ironically, they do let you control overscan for most modes - just not HDMI, which they seem to assume should favor plug-and-play over fidelity).

This has been a wonderful purchase.. It has improved meeting quality and greatly reduced my frustration during detailed work-sessions where we need to dig into the dreaded fine-print spread sheet. And, the Amazon price is at least $100 less than everyone else I have seen.
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on July 20, 2013
I wanted a really good video projector and I wanted a good price. This was the best deal that I found that truly supported 1080 HD. I was not disappointed. The picture is awesome. The color is fantastic. Construction seems solid and it comes with a nice, canvas carry bag.
I have one minor criticism: the audio is weak. I wasn't really looking for a projector with built-in audio but I noticed that this claims 2x10 watts. That's a lot of audio power for such a little unit. Now, I'm wondering if they meant 2x1.0 watts. There are two dinky little speakers in there. I've seen speakers that size in hand-held transistor radios. I'm skeptical that they could handle 10 watts each. I don't need the internal speakers so I'm fine with it. And they are handy for troubleshooting your audio connections. If you can hear it in the little speakers, you know your audio is getting to the projector.
Overall, it is a superb video projector. You're going to like this.
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on May 19, 2013
The image quality is incredible. I realize this brand is not the gold standard, but the image quality is incredible. We use this projector for lectures, PPT presentations and to show artwork presentations and the images are undeniable. The device is well enough made to be satisfied but the final image is incredible, truly.
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on May 20, 2015
Spend the extra money and get one of these. I'm using it in our church's coffee shoppe where we often have gatherings and meetings. This has the front and rear infrared sensors for remote control (not all do). I ran an cables from a wall plate on the stage (HDMI, RCA, 1/8" audio) as well as and HDMI cable from the rear of the room connected to a surround sound player. To get the audio from the HDMI coming from the stage, and ran an 1/8" audio cable from the projector audio out to the surround sound player. The room holds 80 people (comfortably) and the surround sound system has enough volume to easily hear. I also have a amplified mixer that we use for the 1/8" audio from the stage that sends the audio to ceiling speakers which is sufficient for a computer or other devices.
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on April 9, 2013
Posted a video, It's not the greatest but hopefully helps.


Bought this to replace an old Sanyo pro-xtra x lcd 3,000 lumen 780 p. What a difference! The brightness is great and the picture quality is outstanding. No rainbow effect that I have seen yet and so much more quiet running than my old one. Mainly used for sports and general tv viewing. I haven't watched any action movies on it yet.

Update 1 Year later: Still very glad about this purchase. We enjoyed many saturdays of football, nights of movies and plenty of Wii competitions. I couldn't be happier! I would recommend this to anyone not wanting to break the bank on a projector but still get a quality experience.
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on October 30, 2014
This is a solid project. I've had some issues with switching over to different devices with an hdmi switch. Which could be because of the switch itself.

The other issue we've had reoccurring is it has a very long downtime after you shut it off if you want to turn it back on.
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on January 18, 2014
I got this for what I thought was a great deal. I was not looking for the highest quality but really the best bang for my $. I use this everyday in business for demoing my software. I also use it on the weekends for showing movies on the side of the house. It is very bright in the office. It is not bright enough for daytime outdoor viewing at long throws but what projector really is? None really... The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I cannot get it to ficus consistently from edge to edge. When viewing high res computer output this is noticeable on smaller text. Not a killer issue but does kill one star
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