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on August 22, 2012
I purchased this as an upgrade package so please check what you are getting before you buy. Mine came complete with the user guide which although X6 has comprehensive on line help I still like a guide that I can browse and Serif is one of the few companies that still do a comprehensive user guide.
I normally buy an upgrade when it comes out more by habit than anything else but sometimes it is worth jumping an version or two, Serif have changed their upgrade policy recently so that you need to have bought the previous version to benefit from the upgrade pricing (however they are quite flexible so negotiate).
If you are not going the upgrade route this is a comprehensive web publishing programme that needs no code knowledge whatever, in fact it is not too easy to get to the code if you want to tweak something at code level.
For a starter there are numerous web templates that are easily customised so if there is a template you like you can have your site up and running very quickly. (There are other template packages available) If there is no suitable template, designing from scratch is easy but you need to spend some time thinking about the layout you want before you start.
It is easy to publish on the Web using either your existing site or one hosted on the Serif server. Serif no longer provides limited free hosting but do have a number of packages if you want to go that way. There are cheaper ways of going about this but it is certainly easy to set up using Serif.
So these are the reasons I upgraded from the previous version:-
* To develop sites / pages that are intended to view from phones etc.
* Because of the "Site Structure View" which allows a graphical display of the site layout, I have often lost track of what page links to what and this helps you track where everything is and move pages about.
* To allow the use of "Social Media" easily with built in support for "Facebook", Twitter etc.
* The ability to verify ownership of your site on Google or Bing (this allows the use of site analysis tools.
The other new features are perhaps not so useful to me but are updates, however someone upgrading will notice quite a change of appearance Serif call it "User Interface Improvements" I quite liked it but it felt strange initially, no problems for new users but the Serif interface is not quite the standard windows layout and it does take a little getting used to.
In Summary a very comprehensive web design tool which covers anything you would need for web design and publishing.
* Comprehensive Templates
* The ability to import from various word-processing packages (unfortunately you can't import tables.
* E-commerce (PayPal etc)
* Social Media
* Video
* Forms
etc etc
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on July 18, 2012
I'm using a lot of Serif products, and I am very happy with them. They are all easy to use and extremely functional. They are trouble free, however there may be some glitches at times; but then again show me the perfect product. No, in all honesty, I'd never discourage anyone from buying Serif products. The support is also of very high standard, quick and very efficient.

However, with that being said, let me just warn you about the hosting services: if you're looking for something very basic, then you can use Serif hosting without a problem, but if you're looking into a host that offers you free sub domains and databases, STAY AWAY! I had the golden package which offered me nothing more than space and bandwidth, so I decided to change to another host, at a lower cost and with exceptional extras that you simply don't get from Serif Webhosting. And, to transfer my domain from them to my new host would cost me more than registering a brand new domain, so that's what I did.
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on April 21, 2013
WebPlus uses fixed, not dynamic, page sizes. This means that your site won't, for example, adjust the page width when the user changes the size of their browser window. It also means that when you add new content, you'll most likely be fiddling with page size and frame size by hand.

To quote from the online forum, "webplus uses absolute postioning and will not automatically stretch the page to fit what ever screen resolution the site is being viewed on, html software such as dreamweaver does however support fluid pages."
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on October 30, 2012
Today I called Serif wanting customer support for WebPlus X4, which, unfortunately, they do not support any more. The reason I was calling for support was to get a few small code changes I had made to a website (Hosted by Hostmonster) imported into my WebPlus software on my local machine. Since I didn't have the X6 version I was not able to get through to an acutal support tech, but instead was patched through to a salesperson.

The salesperson assured me that if I upgraded to X6 there would be no problem recieving technical support to get help for this issue. I was skeptical. I asked if there was a way that he could make sure this was something that I could be helped with. The salesperson said, "OK, let me put you on hold and speak to our lead technical person." I said great. When the salesperson came back on the phone he said that the lead tech (Martin Sporrs) had just told him that this was a very easy task and there would be no problem importing from a webpage to the program. So, I bought the new version - WebPlus X6.

About an hour later I was ready to call back and ask, "OK, how do I do this?" Now just to be perfectly clear about the situation:
This was a website that I had previously created with WebPlus X4
I was the owner of the website
I wanted to copy two webpages that I made changes to from the webserver downloaded to the WebPlus program on my local machine

Back to the story, So the tech tells me, "Unfortunately, that's just not possible to do." I was like, "What? How can that be? I see import existing websites advertised all over the place for the new version." Not to mention I was apparently just lied to by the salesperson. The guy tells me, "You can import webpages from a published site but you won't see it in the program. It just doesn't work like that. You can't download a page and then view or make changes to it within WebPlus." So of course I was like, "What? What kind of import is that? How does that work? How can you import something and never be able to see or work with it?" Needless to say it was the most bizzare conversation I've ever had with Serif.

I then asked for a refund. And they are now reviewing the conversation with the salesperson to see if I'm eligible for one. Now this part is really strange too. Why would they need to listen to the conversation when the product has a 30 day money back garuntee? Either way, they will unquestionably find the salesperson in the wrong when they review the conversation. I think I'm ready to try something a little more functional. However, as many websites reviews say all over the internet, Serif WebPlus X products are very good for simple websites and simple functions - regardless of what they advertise.
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on January 1, 2013
I am a businessman and not a techie. I need to get my tasks done quickly and move on. For years I struggled with Dreamweaver and MS Expression Web. If I would have known about WebPlus X6 sooner, I would not have procrastinated with posting a website myself. This software and their technical support are a refreshing relief and exceeded my expectations! I can do just about whatever I want with this software. If I want to quickly put up a website with one of their many templates, I can. If I want to publish a custom web site by changing shapes or colors or adding graphics, I can ... easily. The software company Serif is in England and they have the friendliest and most knowledgeable people in tech support I have dealt with in 20 years and it is nearly unlimited and free. I created a custom site by myself using WebPlus X6 within about three hours (refinements and creating the wording takes longer of course).

Serif also has an outstanding money back guarantee.
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on November 20, 2012
This product, while easy to learn in general, can be complex. The update in January improved its capabilities.

1. Can build large, fully-featured websites.

2. The user forum members are very helpful.

1. It insists on sending email forms through its own server.
You must sign up for this, although it is free. WebPlus is used to promote the Serif website hosting business in the UK, although you do not need to use them except for email forms.

2. Its power requires a lot of knowledge once you get past the basics. Subtle things, like forcing a line break without doing a return to keep one hyperlink on two lines, are possible but not in the manual. It follows PagePlus rules of formatting rather than those of Microsoft Word, leading to possible errors of font size variations when you modify a word ending.

3. It does a poor job of importing and translating html from an existing website. The import translation from hand-coded html and css is so bad, you have to recreate the website manually using WebPlus as if the website did not exist.
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on January 30, 2013
I own just about all of the design software this company makes. I am a freelance writer and novelist and need do-it-yourself software for desktop publishing, web publishing, photo images, videos and basic art design work. But I can't afford the Adobe products, which cost hundreds of dollars each and are imcredibly difficult to learn to use. I started with Web Plus X5 in 2011 and with patience I found I could use it to make pretty decent web sites. The program comes with a bunch of site templates and themes that didn't do what I wanted, but I like to design from scratch starting with a blank page anyway. I have used the buttons and navigation bars, which I liked. I have since upgraded to the X6 version and found it superior to X5.

I saw a review that faulted them for the hard-sell you get from Serif customer support. I guess that's a problemn is you have no impulse control and can't turn down a salesperson. Personally, I don't find it a problem. For some of the programs, I purchased the Resource Guide in addition to the User Guide (instruction manual) because I felt the Resource Guide might tell me things about what the software does that wouldn't occur to me otherwise.

One of the best things about these programs is that they are easier to learn and use than the more professional, more expensive programs. I'm just a normal person with no special computer acumen. It is still a struggle, but a manageable one. If you're like me, try one of these programs and see how it goes. It worked well for me.
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on August 27, 2013
I have been a WebPlus user for many years now.
My x4 version finally hit the 'will not update to FTP wall'.
Downloaded x6 and all started working again.
Interface is still the same as x4 and generally ok. No major new learning curve to conquer.
No so crazy about the spam email from Serif now. They are peppering my email for their other products.
-1 star for that.
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on February 25, 2013
I've use Serif WebPlus X2 for a number of years and just upgraded directly to X6. It was mostly painless EXCEPT that the web site acted really weird and/or disappeared no matter what I did. I'm pretty handy at debugging things and noticed that some of the page names were lower case (from X2 and what my host, IpowerWeb uses {IPowerWeb, by the way, is really great--I've used them for a number of years for a number of sites}). X6 for some unknown reason changed the page names to initial upper case--for example, index.html became Index.html and the site disappeared. I deleted the entire public_html directory from the host, changed the name of the home page from Index.html to index.html (Edit|Page Properties| then scroll down to "File name:" in X6 and change the initial capital letter to lower case).

This software is intuitive and made an easy transition with no translation from X2 to X6. I bought the software for the mobile device capability but the social media/printing/e-mail feature alone is worth the price--look at my site to see at the top of the page the neat implementation of the social media feature--literally takes one click and it's there--unbelievable!

I've been doing this kind of work since the beginning of time (actually, 1964) and this software is incredibly easy, bulletproof, and bargain priced--I paid about $50 for it from Amazon an it's worth much more--buy it and don't look back!
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on May 28, 2013
I used WebPlus x4 for my company website. It was good but there was one issue where I would sometimes lose my site. It would appear to be corrupt and I would have to revert to a backup. I lost quite a bit of work this way a couple times when I wasn't backing up a lot. It wasn't as bad once I started backing up the file every half hour or least I didn't lose my work.

I have not had the same problem with x6. It's been great. I used to use Frontpage years ago and switched to Dreamweaver for awhile. Dreamweaver was really way more than I needed so I started looking for a simple WYSIWYG software. (What you see is what you get) I tried several demos and trials. WebPlus x4 really blew the others away for the money.

x6 continues to deliver and I'm happy to be using it. I can make quick changes and update my site within a couple minutes. I'd recommend this software to anyone. I also use MoviePlus x5 for my video editing and it's great too. I own DrawPlus x5 because it was on sale for really cheap too but haven't really used it much yet. I've been really impressed with all the Serif products thus far though so I wouldn't hesitate to buy any of them...especially with the $20 sales for the previous versions they run often. Great deal.
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