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on July 12, 2012
I ordered up 3 of these, and have had a chance to play all three. Two were the older white versions, and one the newer version in black. All come pre-rooted, allowing the owner to do things with them that you can't on a standard Android device. Each was combined with a wireless keyboard and mouse, 32GB SD card, 1080p TV, wifi, and the included power plug. Two out of three worked excellent out of the box, while the third died 20 minutes after starting up. Performance is what one should expect from a cheap device like this - it's not bad but it's not great either. Plenty of little hesitations system and app wide. Streaming over Netflix gets slightly jittery now and then, depending on the movie. XFinity, HBO GO, and Max GO apps all installed ok from Google Play but won't stream anything. Streaming from Google Music works excellent, as does Pandora and Amazon MP3. Games are hit an miss, most working well but some not so much. It will be good to remember that not all games are going to work well in this setup, being intended for multi-touch screens rather than keyboards or mice. I was able to eek out a bit more performance by use the SetCPU app to change some of the system settings, such as the minimum clock speed and I/O. One has moved on to using Linux, specifically Ubuntu 10.04, and I'm still tinkering with that one. The other is still linked up to my TV for some casual gaming, music, and videos. At it's price, I found it to be an excellent value, even if it's not the fastest thing in the world.
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on June 6, 2012
My Android 4.0 Mini PC did not include a power supply, but all the appropriate USB and HDMI cables. Easily used an old smart phone 5V/1A AC adapter for power. This PC has no ON/OFF switch, so it powers up on plug-in. Heat may be a factor, long term, since it gets quite hot, but only time will tell if this will affect its service life. USB mouse operation is seamless, as is wireless network setup and connection. Video quality and playback were excellent on my 47" Vizio LED LCD, as was sound, via HDMI input. The Android 4.0 Mini PC won't set any speed records, but I've yet to see a fast platform on this OS. Speed approximates what I experience with my ASUS Transformer 101 and lag is acceptable. This is a "fun" platform to use and experiment with, and the first in what will be a series of mini and micro personal computers with ever increasing power. Love it.
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on October 10, 2012
after seeing this product on amazon and reading the sketchy reviews of the product, i decided for the money even if it was a complete failure it wouldn't be to bad.

I was surprised at how fast it got here... a day before they said it would. Unfortunately, when i opened it i realized some of the other posters were right and this company has some pretty serious quality control issues as both the power supply, and the SD card were missing. Initially I tried to power the unit by connecting it to my Sony PS3 USB port, but it didn't work and simply kept restarting. I tested it by connecting it to a laptop and it did start right up. It did come with HDMI & USB cables though. I wound up going to Best Buy and buying a replacement SD card and a small DC power adapter for USB.

When i put the replacement SD card in, and powered it up... it came right up and connected to my TV fine. Connecting to my wi-fi was easy, and i downloaded a couple app's from google play store and they ran with no problems. As of now, i haven't seen any heat issue the other posters have mentioned.

one poster mentioned there was no on/off switch. i'm assuming they have since figured it out but this unit can be powered on and off. there's a button on the user interface on the screen that can be clicked to shut the unit down when not in use. i bought the logitech wireless keyboard to work with it, and all i have to do is press the enter key and the unit turns back on.

Overall i think the product itself is good... but the company selling it really should work on its quality control when shipping the product. i spent approximately $35 in replacement parts to get the thing up and running. if it works without a problem from now on i'd say even with the addition costs this was work it but the company didn't meet my expectations of it being a simple process of ordering the product

i wanted to follow up on my initial review... after i got the unit running i started seeing file system full errors when i would download into what i thought was the external SD card. after going to the settings panel i saw the SD card was not mounted. after spending a considerable amount of time trying to make the system recognize/mount the external SD card... i started playing with the card itself for a bit... after a couple minutes i started getting "damaged external card" errors as i watched the settings panel... and i was about to give up and see about getting my money back... when the system recognized the external SD card and said it was mounted.

The spring loaded SD card insert is finicky and the SD card has to be inserted all the way in so its flush with the exterior. as small as the device is it seems sort of fragile, but if applied with care it went in and the system formatted it fine. one last thing for anyone wishing to download to the SD card... the SD Card itself is known as /mnt/ext_sd... i wrongly thought /mnt/sdcard was it and was downloading things to it and filling the file system. do not download to /mnt/sdcard as that's an internal file system and only has 2 Gb available.

The concept of this device is a good one, and when it works it's an awesome media device. Unfortunately, it's simply poorly designed, flaky, and doesn't function well. The device was odd with what app's it would & wouldn't start up. After a reboot it would start some app's and at times start completely different apps after a second reboot. App's that worked worked fine one day would choke or hang at other times depending on what was running in the background. At times some app's were well behaved, while at other times they would run away and gobble up CPU time.

The straw that broke the camels back was the fact the device is now halting and shutting down after running several minutes. I filled up my 32GB external SD card pretty quickly and went to add a 1T external hard drive. Which turned into more work that I expected, as the USB expansion port is a Mini-b and not a Micro as advertised, and I bought the wrong cable. Once I had the correct cable the unit failed to recognize and mount the drive. It simply made tinking noises as it started up. I then attempted to try and transfer files off the SD card to make room by creating a remote mount of a Windows share on a different machine via CIFS. I discovered this Android device is not root'ed as I had understood it to be before purchasing it. As this device is suppose to come root'ed, there is very little documentation on how to do this. I was forced to download a SMB app to transfer files. I left the unit on all night as I started to transfer two large files that would take several hours and went to bed. When I woke up, the device was acting flakier than usual, and after I restarted it, it simply would shutdown after several minutes.

Obviously from the reviews, many people are getting working units with no problems, but I'd say caveat emptor and buyer beware. The price of the unit doesn't make a failure of this product a massive loss, but the frustration level experienced due to the time and additional money spent in an attempt to make it work makes this an unreliable purchase to say the least. This device might be ok for someone with a high degree of patience and technical skill, but it is far from a plug & play device and I will be sending the unit back and requesting a refund.
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on August 31, 2012
This was purchased with the hope it would work for one specific purpose. We have an old home that does not have cable on the 3rd floor (attic converted to master bedroom). We wanted to have cable up there but can't push cable behind plaster walls or through a roof so I have been looking at slingbox type cable servers. I ended up going with the Belkin @TV Plus, purchased from Amazon. Now we just needed a smart TV or set-top box capable of using the @TV Player app, after reading some reviews of this thing it looked like it might work.

61$ with free shipping, didn't get mine from amazon but from a daily deal site. Was surprised that it arrived in less than a week because other reviewers reported a 3 week wait on shipping from China. Also was surprised by the quality of packaging. Nice un-boxing experience and mine included power supply (but I plan to use USB to power), hdmi cable, USB cable, and USB adapter (mini to standard USB). Took only a few minutes to plug into the TV, connect a keyboard/mouse and connect power. Was nervous at first because it took a couple minutes for the TV to recognize then I remembered reading these take a couple minutes to boot.

Then magically my big screen LCD was droid'ed. In ICS elegance Android OS was in landscape orientation on the TV. Was unable to find Chrome in the google app store (still not sure why) so I tried the stock browser and was able to navigate to Amazon and download their App Store app (the @TV Player app is free from amazon vs 13$ from google). Then downloaded and installed the @TV Player app. Logged in and in less than 20 minutes was watching live TV streamed across my home network (the Belkin took a bit longer to set-up but had already done that the previous day). Worked great and even less picture artifacts and jitter then when streamed to my EVO 3D.

In general this device does exactly what I hoped it would, and appears to have multiple more uses to make my TV smart (youtube, facebook, email, netflix, music services).

Update: Have been using for about a month now. It works great other than it freezing a couple of times if left on for long periods of time. I am starting to unplug it when I am done using it to prevent overheating/freezing. Have added many more of my favorite apps including ES File Explorer which also will access network drives and allow streaming of content on my mac. All the apps I have tried thus far work including Netflix, Google Music, ES File Explorer, Chrome, Dolphin Browser (works better for Flash content), MX Player. Also the Gmail app is pre-installed and works perfect. I also bought a remote/air mouse that works great with the miniPC.
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on June 28, 2012
1.5 GHZ = 1GHZ CPU + 500MHZ GPU.
A little deceiving since 1.5 GHZ CPU would have definitely helped with the lag.
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on July 1, 2012
I sell cell phones for a living and I'm always up to date of the latest and greatest Android/WP7/BB/Whatever. I wanted a multi media device without the hefty price tag like the Mac Mini or various other mini PC's. The device runs on google's 4.0 Ice cream sandwich. The software is primarily designed to be a light weight, mobile OS. Don't expect to be creating documents or power point presentations. The software is meant for consumption such as watching movies, showing off pictures, and posting on facebook.

The device itself is relatively small. It comes with an HDMI cable, A/C adapter, power cable, and Mini USB to Regular USB adapter. I ended up using a Logitech all in one Keyboard/Touch pad to use with this. I have used this on both a monitor and a TV and it works perfectly.

In terms of expectation, this is not going to run games all that great. You can play some basic stuff (IE: Angry Birds), but games with multi touch or 3-D graphics, it's going to struggle a bit.

Speaking of struggle, there are hiccups at times. They're pretty minor, but noticeable. This is mainly when transitioning between different home screens or going into the app drawer. I also noticed that there are times where the video output goes out for a split second, but I blame this on the actual HDMI cable, not the device. Beyond that it plays Netflix like a champ.

The device can get pretty hot when using it for prolonged periods of time, much like a smart phone. I tend to unplug it when not in use.

The biggest issue I have is not with the actual device, but the A/C adapter that comes with it. Why would you put a bright, red LED light on it? I know I can just twist the power strip around so it doesn't face me. Minor nuance.

The bottom line most people want to know is: Is this device worth the money? For the present moment, yes. It's an inexpensive method of having a home multi-media device that I can easily bring to my friend's house. There's going to be more of these that will be stronger and better in the future, but right now this thing is awesome.
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on February 7, 2014
ok. i already have a Gbox Midnight MX2 and technically don't need anything like this. But I am looking for a cheap alternative that I can take with me and use when I'm at a friends house. I could have bought one of the more expensive ones and I still might. But I figured what the hell. I have used this thing and pushed it's limits to see what it's capable of just for giggles. I know it's low powered. But what I found was pretty interesting.

The good: Video quality. I don't know why or how but the video quality of this device at 720p is better than my Gbox MX2. I can't figure it out. Youtube is ridiculously crisp and steams well. I was able to install a copy of XBMC on it and use 1channel. It will play the videos but it loses and gains sync regularly. Its nothing major and the video is watchable but if you are a hardcore video lover it's not going to be good for you. But.....................I wanted to see how it would play files that were already downloaded. I installed Ttorrent and downloaded an episode of the Blacklist. Ttorrent bogs this thing down massively and you won't be able to do anything else on it while it's downloading. But once it's done downloading it goes back to normal speed. The video playback was astonishing. I didn't have to install any media player as it had it's own, although it was in a chinese language. The device played the video smooth and crisp just like the youtube videos i tried before. This thing plays videos better than my Gbox MX2.

So, if you want to install XBMC it will work, but it's a little jittery. But if you want to watch youtube videos or download torrents and watch them, this thing has great video even though it only has one processor and is very low on horsepower. What this means for me is that I had better download a movie or show before I go to my friends house, but I can take the video with me and it will play it very well.

The bad: It requires a power cable to run. if you try and run the power cable into the usb port on your tv it may or may not work. It didn't work on mine and I had to use the supplied power module. To me this defeats the purpose of having a media player that is portable enough to stick in your pocket and take with you. This you have to have a special hdmi cable they provide and the power cable and module. Not so portable with all those cables.

This unit doesn't come with a controller, so you have to have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo with a usb dongle. Luckily I already had some. There is a regular sized usb port and a mini usb port. If you had a favi mini keyboard with a touchpad it would make it better.

Overall: It's a very underpowered, single core media player with no remote control that requires two cables to operate. But it allows you to surf the internet, play youtube videos, play xbmc at reduced quality, download torrents and play them and it's farely small (except for needing two cables to operate and needing a separate wireless keyboard and mouse combo.)

It is what it is. It's not something I would choose to use long term, but it plays great videos on youtube or from downloaded torrent files.
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on May 1, 2014
This little computer is not too bad for the price. I have netflix and hulu and when streaming video from either of those the picture quality isn't great. I can access my drop box from it which is nice, as well as print and do basic word processing. Now I just keep it in my bag and use it when I travel by hooking it up to the hotel tv.
Fast forward a couple of weeks...This product no longer works at all. I am 10 days past the return date policy so I can't even get it replaced.

So in a nutshell, this product is great if it works, which in my situation is no longer the case. Don't waste your money...
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on June 28, 2012
Arrived promptly from Hong Kong. Documentation and cords (including AC adapter) were all there. Plugged it in, attached to TV and mouse, configured WiFi connection, and was up and running.
Haven't spent hours watching HD video from it yet, but heat is not an issue so far.
Looking forward to seeing how I actually use it and whether it will be much of an improvement over taking my laptop with me while I travel since I will need to pack along a keyboard and mouse.
review image
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on April 23, 2014
You're ok with this item as long as you don't want to connect it to a computer via USB. That includes trying to debug via USB. Setting the MTP option in Storage settings immediately crashes Android. It just doesn't work. If that's not important to you then I suppose it's usable considering the price.
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