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on September 4, 2012
I bought this after deciding I wanted a smartphone again... I mean... I like my Brand New Sidekick LX 2009 SHARP PV300 GSM Unlocked - T-Mobile Retail Box (Carbon Black). This phone does not have internet capabilities., but I feel I need more from my phone... Not much more, just a little more.
I needed a phone that was reliable, had a battery that didn't drain in 12 hours even just sitting in my pocket, was physically small(literally, who wants a brick in their pocket?) and had a nice physical keyboard.

This is a great phone for those who just need a smartphone that excels in messaging and social media, especially Twitter. Yeah, it's not the biggest screen(2.44 inches) or the fastest processor(806MHz), but you're not going to find a smartphone nicer than this at this price.

The music player is great. You can use the volume and mute keys to pause and skip tracks. No more having to whip your phone
*9/9/12- There is a glitch where the bass drops out when you unplug and replug your headphones. Pausing before unplugging prevents this issue. It doesn't affect the speakerphone.

The camera is fast as hell... press the right convenience key and you can have a photo in 4 seconds.

The battery will easily last you a day. It's 1450 mAh, so you don't have to worry about it running out at a critical moment. Mine easily lasts two days.

If you do buy this phone, there is only one app I recommend you download, and that's Advance OS and LED. It's free(as of now), and allows you to customize lots of aspects about your new Berry, such as the LED notification for each app, or even each person who calls, multicolored LEDs, flashlight, screenshots, device reset, quick launch, and changing wallpapers(I have mine set up so that every time the screen goes off, the wallpaper changes.). I will forewarn you about battery drainage issues. If you have a long, multicolored LED, and lots of them going off at the same time, expect a sharp drop in battery life.

Overall this is a great device. I haven't activated mine yet, but I will come back and update with call quality, texting, and BBM when I do. If you're looking for LOTS of apps(Appworld has some, but it's not as big as the Play Store or iTunes), go pick up an Android or an iPhone device. I've already been down that road. I don't miss it.

9/9/12- I must add: a lot of apps that use data service will only work over BIS, meaning they work AFTER you activate the phone.
So far, I have tried:

*Google Talk
*WindowsLive Messenger
*Yahoo! Messenger
*Google Maps
*Google Voice(can't make calls)

Twitter works fine over Wi-Fi. So does Hookt. While Facebook is preinstalled on the phone, I deleted it(I don't have a Facebook, hence, no need for the app) and can't attest to it working over Wi-Fi.
IDK if the mentioned apps will work with Wi-Fi AFTER activation, but, I'll keep you posted.

9/29/12 I activated my phone today. I ported from GoPhone after a quick call to Customer Service(You'll need the account number of the number you want to port.) Call quality is fine, speakerphone is great. Texts and emails are speedy to send and receive. Web could be a bit faster, but nothing to make you want to cry.

10/4/12 I'm not sure if it's fault of the network or the phone, but every once in a while, I'll lose all signal and I have to wait to re-register on 1X, then 3G and BIS.
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on August 18, 2012
I just purchased this Blackberry 9310 two days ago and let me tell u this! By far its the best blackberry I purchased. The service is fast as heck! And the battery life is second to none. The youtube videos are clear as heck! The email is messages going out and coming in are fast. I love this phone! The os7 is smooth. I had androids and an iphone 4! The os blackberry has is smooth. Oh, and the keypad is great! And I have big hands. This phone is well worth the money.
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on July 23, 2012
I am a business oriented individual who has gone through both an iPhone for one year and a droid razor for about 4 months. I am so not into applications and anything else that will drain my battery! I love this phone!!!
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on November 4, 2012
Verified Purchase
If you are looking for a good solid basic phone with good extra features, then this is the phone for you. Texting is good with the qwerty board and the tracking pad is easy to use. The calls are nice and clear. I love getting my e-mails on the phone which it does very quickly.

Now, it doesn't have a lot of memory so be prepared to buy a card for that which I did because I wanted to download music to my phone. I love the music player on this phone. I'm always listening to it when I can. I also bought a aux cable to connect my phone to my car stereo to listen to all my songs. When you are listening to music and a call comes through, it temporarily pauses music until call is taken care of so you don't miss calls. The music sounds great! I also downloaded the app Pandora which I listen to at home a lot.

I love the calendar/date planner. You can set it to give you reminders before appointments.

This phone is only 3g but it is faster than you would think it would be. I have no problems bringing up info on the internet. It comes with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, already ready to use for searches which I use all the time! Now, this phone is not for the hardcore folk who live to play games, watch videos, and download apps all day. The small screen size is good for those light users of internet which is me..:)

It has TeleNav GPS Navigator on it which I love. I've used a few times already and it easy to use and has pointed me to the right direction each time.

For those business oriented people or students, it has spreadsheet, presentation, document software. I tried the word doc and I was pleased with it.

I've been impressed with this phone. It's not all high end like the others but it does get the job done for basic needs. Also, it has a great battery life and you can turn the battery saving mode on to save battery life.

I definitely recommend buying it and giving it a try.. ;)
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on April 30, 2013
I really want to like this phone -Blackberry has a pretty good phone reputation, but 3 weeks with this phone has left me underwhelmed. I'm not interested in having an iPhone and I'm not an Android fan, so I thought this would be a good option for me. With that said, I'm used to an HTC Windows Phone that I only stopped using due to service provider issues. I'm used to having an awesome phone that's basically a mini-computer. Even though I'm used to my high performance WP, this Blackberry Curve *should* meet my needs in theory, but it's not looking so good at this point.

It's a smartphone, so you've got email access, social media access, web, etc.

It's got a pretty good camera. I've been able to get some great shots of my fast-moving toddler with no blurring!

It's pretty user friendly and setup is painless.

Lots of good "accessory" apps like memo pad, voice dialing, lists, etc. that come installed.

It freezes up frequently. I don't have tons of apps on this thing (3 to be exact) and I haven't had it a month yet, but it freezes to the point of needing to remove the battery at least once every two or three days. I haven't had this thing long enough to be dealing with this!

It takes a long time to reboot, which wouldn't be a huge issue if I didn't have to deal with the freezing issue, but I've had it take as long as 10 minutes. What's up with that?

The camera may be good, but the storage capacity isn't. I've never had more than 15 pictures on here at one time without it telling me to use an SD card. That's fine, but 15 unedited pictures on a device like this shouldn't be a problem, especially when I look and have tons of available storage. Even after deleting down to 7 pictures, it tells me that I have only enough memory for 1 more photo and that I'll need to delete more or insert the SD card. That's ridiculous.

If you're used to doing certain types of reading by phone, this isn't the phone for you. For example, I use a Bible app to keep up with my daily reading. The screen is so small that it's hard reading longer verses. If a verse (or any type of sentence) takes up 4 or 5 lines, it's hard to read the whole sentence. I scroll down to read the next line and it goes too far, I go back up to find it and it's back at the beginning of that verse. It's really difficult to get back to the spot I'm looking for and sometimes I can't get to it at all.

I'm also not impressed with the Blackberry App World, but that's not really a phone issue unless you're really into different apps.

It's kind of cheap-looking and feeling. I'm not a phone diva, but it honestly doesn't even feel like a $130 phone when I'm holding it (what I paid for it new in the box).

So, in summary, it does the job - or some of the jobs (for now), but it comes with several nuisances that I'm just not used to having.
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on November 20, 2012
Verified Purchase
I loved that it is so fast. I love Blackberry. I find it easier to use than the touch things. And the Plan for unlimited everything shrinking things is such a good deal.
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on November 16, 2012
I bought this phone last month and it has really impressed me. I got tired of the Android/iphone app frenzy and decided to go prepaid after my contract finally ended with Verizon. I really love the BlackBerry keyboard, especially on the Curve. I think they have perfected the physical keyboard. I actually never wanted to lose the physical keyboard and as convenient as touchscreen keyboards are, they always seemed to crash at annoying times and make me use the terrible stock keyboard. This one works great, even with gargantuan thumbs like mine.

For those that need a million apps to get you through the day, you might want to stick with your Android. The sheer volume of apps for Android is amazing, so it can seem a bit lacking when you first explore the BlackBerry App World. I have found, however, that they have basically everything I could need. One of the reasons for letting go of the Android was because I wanted to get back to a simpler phone. Consequently, I have downloaded far fewer apps for the BlackBerry, but my productivity has gone up.

The email system on the BlackBerry is FAR superior to what the Android/iphone has to offer. All of my emails push immediately from both accounts (Yahoo and Gmail) and the navigation through the messages is simple. I have had a MUCH easier time keeping up with my email accounts with this phone than any of my previous smartphones.

Alot of people rave about the BlackBerry Messenger. I haven't really gotten into it. I generally text and use Twitter for my e-conversing, but the Messenger seems to work fine. The Twitter apps are fine. UberSocial and Tweetcaster, which I feel are the best two twitter applications for smart phones, are both available in the AppWorld.

The web browser works fine. It doesn't seem to have any problems. You can open multiple windows and the stacking interface looks pretty much like the Android Browser.

The GPS works fantastic. It is superior to the terrible iphone GPS navigation and is on par with the voice-guided Android Navigator (which is the best money can buy, honestly). Anyway, it works perfectly. The voice navigator worked fine, and was basically as good as the Android voice navigator for full hands-free attention on the road.

The battery life is spectacular. It is even better than the iphone battery. I get twice as long on this phone as I did on my Extended Life battery with my HTC Incredible. Android batteries suck. That is one thing I will not miss.

The music player is loud and clear.

The camera is lacking. My last one was 8MP and this one is a lowly 3.2, so it works for basic photos, but nothing Instagram quality. Oh, and there is no Instagram app for Blackberry. That is one of the few I miss.

The phone itself is gorgeous. It just looks like a business phone, and that is pretty much what I wanted. It does everything I hoped it would, and if BlackBerry keeps releasing fine products like this, they've pretty much won me over for life.

I would definitely say that I got more quality for my buck with this than any of the phones I have used prior. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you are looking to be more productive.
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on January 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
This phone is great! I use it with my playbook and my blue tooth device. The phone is fast, I can make conference calls and voice chat on BBM messenger. I can also use the power saver app to reserve the long lasting battery in the phone. I am pleased with this product and its service. I don't have a contract, my bill shrinks from $60 to $35 which includes unlimited talk, text, internet. and caller id, voice mail and up to 10 email accounts. I am satisfied!
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on May 22, 2013
(Disclaimer)...Since there are no separate reviews for this phone on the Straight Talk network here on Amazon, I decided to put one here.

We do offer Boost Mobile in Nebraska but it is limited to the large cities so this review does apply to the phone and less to the provider.

I've had my Straight Talk Blackberry 9310 for about two weeks now and am pretty happy with it. My previous BB was a Javelin 8900 which was on a different carrier but I used it for two years. Switched to a Samsung B2710 but recently went to Straight Talk when I saw the 9310 show up on the scene.

Overall, I would say the user experience is similar to the 8900, all of the usual BB features are there. While I haven't tried to connect it to my Playbook with BB Bridge, I've read that Straight Talk blocks this. While I don't agree with this, I could see how it might cause you to start using data like crazy which the company doesn't want.

Battery wise, I would say that I get the same life per charge as I did on my 8900. I can use it off and on all day and I'm down to about 75% at the end of the night. Should be able to get about two days of general use. The battery on this thing is massive but when I compare the 9310 to the 8900 side by side, the 9310 is much sleeker but the weight feels about the same. The buttons are a bit sleeker on the 9310 and sealed with a plastic/rubber covering. There is one feature of the 8900 that I would give anything to have on my 9310 and that is the screen. I can't quote the resolution off the top my my head but the 8900 is much sharper in a side by comparison and I'm sure it packs more pixels overall.

Call quality is pretty good and is on par with my 8900 even though I am now technically using Verizon's antennas and with a different carrier. There are some times where the voice quality can get a bit garbled but I blame the carrier and not the phone because in general the voice quality is fine.

I do love the fact that my accessories such as headset and power charger are compatible from the 8900 but one thing I would like to do, simply so I wouldn't have to pack an extra charger when I travel is use my Playbook charger with my 9310. While I've read this is possible, I have also heard some horror stories about how this fried or messed up the batteries of certain BB phones so for now, I wont be using the PB charger on the Curve.

For $45 for the unlimited minute, text and data plan, I really can't complain and Straight Talk has been around long enough that I don't think it is going away any time soon. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to have kept using my 8900 but at $90 per month that just was not going to happen.

Minor annoyances...the screen not being as sharp on the 9310 as the 8900, no included headset with the ST package but other than that, the phone has been a piece of cake to use and is holding up nicely. Some people complain that the back of the phone is too slick or looks cheap as it is a shiny gloss plastic, but I keep my 9310 in a case/cover at all times so that isn't an issue with me. I actually liked going back to BB OS and after a few hours was completely comfortable with the phone. I do wish the phone would continue to ring as I retrieve it from by pocket as you can mute the ringer accidentally (or intentionally) by brushing the sensor pad so there are times when I take a second look at the phone to make sure I didn't accidentally end the car. Last thing, the keys are spaced in a way that I haven't totally adapted to using them or being able to type quickly but I will get here. I loved the slightly slanted keys of the 8900 as my fingers could grip them just right.

Out of pocket, I paid $129 and $45 for the data plan but I was ready to switch phones anyway and after a month or two, i would have recovered my losses. I'm pretty happy and think it is a solid purchase and in my area, one of the few options out there for getting a prepaid BB plan. Yeah, I could have gone with Straight Talks monthly prepaid SIM plan and continued using my 8900 for only $45 per month but with no AT&T home coverage that wouldn't be possible.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
I've had this phone for a day now. I like its performance up to date; Battery life is fair, it doen't drop any calls. It's a good phone. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
review image review image
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