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on January 12, 2013
These shoes are by far my favorite I have run in. I run typically 35 to 45 miles a week and annually participate in half marathons and marathons. I had run for the past 4 years in the Mizuno Wave Creations and had been very satisfied. When the Prophecy 1 came out I thought they looked really cool but didn't see the need to stay away from something that had been working for so many years. WELL LET ME TELL YOU! STRAY AWAY FROM WHATEVER IS ON YOUR FEET AND INVEST IN YOURSELF! These shoes provide the most lightweight and supportive shoe I have ever ran in. On top of those great features the way the full wave technology works compared to the Wave creation is night and day. You feel like the shoe lightly propels you forward while absorbing shock and almost having a spring to them. The fact the shoe also incorporates the X-10 rubber on the sole means this shoe is going to last (mileage wise) much longer than any other shoe on the market. So 200 might seem like a lot but when there was X-10 on my creations they were lasting 1.5 to 2 times longer than my Asic Nimbus series I ran in prior to my Mizuno conversion. If you are a serious runner that wants a supportive, long lasting shoe that has the technology to literally reduce impact on joints that has never been seen before in a shoe like this before than take the hit on the wallet. It could save you big bucks at the doctor later if your running as much as I do and refuse to slow down!
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on August 6, 2013
I have a few runs in these shoes so far so I can offer only my initial impressions to date. My longest run has been about 14 miles, I am training for a marathon in October and plan to run it with these shoes.

The first time I wore them I was pleasantly surprised at how cushy yet stable they were. I didn't know until I got them that the sole in the heel is basically an open "spring" that crushed and springs back with each stride. I tend to land on the ball of my foot, but sometimes the heel when I am getting tired, or when the terrain dictates it.

My runs sometimes force me along the gravel edge of a busy highway. I was cringing a bit when I knew I'd step on chunks of gravel, some as big as grapes. While I could tell I stepped on something, it was cushioned enough that I stopped worrying about it and just ran.

On smooth pavement the shoe feels like it's propelling you forward due to the design of it. The shoes did not make me faster from the effect, but my stride seems to like the way the shoes work.

Overall I am happy with the purchase of these shoes. If they fit your running style I think you could do worse than to give these a try.
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on June 13, 2013
Are the best shoes ever!

I started running in them and fell in love!

They're like Zig's in that they propel you forward, but you can feel the difference in support! These shoes are quality, and if you're looking for something to make running a little more comfortable, the extra money goes a long way!
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on December 31, 2012
I recently began running again a few months back. Starting at a mile a day, quickly progressing to 4-5 miles every other day. During my rise in distance, i began feeling pain in different areas of my body, so i went out and bought a pair of Newton Distance S shoes, (great shoes) and the pains went away, but shortly after the pains left and i increased my speed, i started getting a very dull/deep horrible pain in my right shin/calf muscle. It would not go away, and running was becoming a chore. After much research, i purchased the Mizuno Prophecy 2, they are hands down, the most amazing shoe i have ever worn. I have only run in them 3 times, since i just bought them, and the shin/calf pain is not gone, but it does go away while i run, and even lessens when i do my daily job, etc... while i'm wearing them. I highly recommend them, for comfort, running and style.
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on December 5, 2013
I know that most folks give these shoes rave reviews. I am not quite as satisfied. Now, please bear in mind that shoes are very individualized. What I love you might hate and so on. However, my assessment of these shoes as a neutral runner is that they are nothing special. They seem a little stiff and do not have an exceptionally plush ride. I also feel that they tend to provide a little stability, which I neither need or want. The price point on these shoes is a little high as well. I believe that a better choice is the Asics Gel Nimbus, Brooks Glycerin, or Brooks Ghost. The NB 1080 is a good shoes also.

My two cents worth, I hope you find it helpful.

I log about 25 miles per week and am about to run my third half marathon.

Run in good health.
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on April 29, 2013
I use this shoe on an eliptical trainer. I do 70 minutes a day, 6 days a week. I have 2 other pairs of really good sneakers. This is the only pair in which my toes do not get numb.

Although expensive, well worth the money.
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on October 19, 2013
They're very well-built and cushioned. I'm a larger runner that has sustained some injuries over the past couple years. I switched to these from more minimalist shoes to these while things heal up. So far, so good. Absolutely no foot pain or numbness after my runs, which was becoming a major problem in other shoes. I'm a size 12 with a fairly wide foot, and these are true to size with plenty of room in the toebox.

I've only put about 40 miles on them, curious to see how well they hold up given the price. There's a plastic lattice in the heel that seems sturdy, but it's thin and I'm wondering if it could be damaged by a sharp rock or the like.

They seem lighter than a lot of reviews suggested. I do feel pretty elevated in them, but never smushy or unstable. I've kept them away from rough trails so far, partly because of the elevated footing and partly because of all the open space in the sole that would trap mud and sand. I'll try that once I've gotten some more use out of them.

The anthracite (black) color has yellow accents that are a darker gold color than it looks in the photos, where they look neon yellow. I like it.
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on March 21, 2013
I purchased the Mizuno Wave Prophecy (First edition) & the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 2 and tried them on and walked around in them for a few days and this is what I noticed.

Prophecy 1's had crisscrossed bands on the outer surface of the shoe, located next to the joint where your pinky toe meets the ball of your foot. I have thin feet, so my issue wasn't having too wide of a foot; after about 30 minutes of wearing the Prophecy 1's, I would begin to feel pain or a hot spot forming due to pressure preventing my feet from relaxing at that point. Because I liked the shoe and other features about it much more, I thought I could get a shoe spreader to fix that, but I never ended up trying after receiving the Prophecy 2's, which removed that stitched band that made the toebox of the Prophecy 1's too tight.

One thing I did like about the Prophecy 1's over the Prophecy 2's was how your foot rolled forward naturally, as if you were falling forward as you run or walk. This gave you a nice natural propelling motion forward that simply used your own body's momentum to keep you moving forward. I checked the curve on the front of each shoe's sole and the Prophecy 1's & 2's are the same, but for some reason, I don't feel that feeling of being propelled forward in the Prophecy 2's. It's tough to explain, but if you could imagine, as you are running someone pushes you forward as you roll off your toe, without having to feel that shoving motion, but just the forward propulsion, then you may understand why I thought that was a nice feature. It definitely makes me not want to go back to a flat-bottom shoe. I believe the Prophecy 2's absorb more impact near the ball of your foot, so you feel less rolling or falling forward.

As for the price, I bought the Prophecy 1's for about $145 on Amazon and the Prophecy 2's for about $175 and for the quality of the shoe and what it has to offer, I'd say neither shoe is worth more than $110-$120, definitely not the $179 & $199 prices, for the Prophecy 1 & Prophecy 2 respectively, that you find in stores today.

Another issue is the DynaFit insole provided with the Prophecy 2's, not on the arch, but more so on the bridge between my heal and ball of my foot, I feel a lot of pressure pushing up in that region of my foot and feels more and more uncomfortable as I wear it. I did not notice that pain or concern with the Prophecy 1's.
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on February 6, 2016
I've used Mizuno's Wave Creation and now Wave Prophecy shoes for walking and general all day use for many years. The Creation models were great but the newer Prophecy line are like walking on a wave of suspension, absorbing shock and providing a cushioning support above the surface you are walking on. I have chronic back pain and my only activity to use for exercise is walking and yet while walking I must eliminate the threat of shock so as to stay pain free during my walk. These shoes do that better than all the rest, and I've tried every brand and "spring" suspension shoe out there. The cushioning of Mizuno's unique sole design can not be matched by any type of foam/rubber sole I've tried.
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on June 9, 2014
Like a few here I'm getting back into running. Being on the heavier side a few years ago I worked to reduce my weight by 45 lbs. Currently,I'm still sitting just a pound shy of 200lbs. I was doing biking on some days for exercise, but where I have to ride just never got my heart rate up like when I use to run. I've survived this long without knee surgery and my fear was running might break this string. I started reading more about older runners and the newer shoes helping protect the knees and joints. I decided to go out and get two pairs of new runners and see how they worked out. After a lot of trying I settled on a pair of these and a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 15's which have two different profiles since I was very unclear what I needed. I really thought the ASICS would win out based on how they felt in the store since they felt more cushiony. The first thing I learned was that when I walk I'm a toe striker. When I run I transition to a reasonably heavy heal striker. I knew I pronated heavier to the inside of my heal and that I have low arches. My weight and my misconception of where my foot strike was made me believe the Asics would be clouds for me, but that didn't happen. After two 3 mile break in walks with each pair I tried my first run in the Asics. My heals where very painful after 3 miles of combined walk/runs. The next day in the Mizunos for 3.5 miles I had no pain what so ever. Tried the Asics again and the pain was back. If your less than 170lbs or a toe/mid striker the Asics would probably be better. Heavier runners and/or heal strikers will most likely prefer the Mizuno. Now that I understand my stride and foot mechanics better, when I plug them into the Runner World shoe selector tool the Mizuno Wave Prophacy (2 and 3) and the Wave Creation 13-15 come back as recommendation with no ASICS in the group of 5 recommended shoes (4 out of 5 are Mizuno). Seems to be a decent tool if you truly understand your stride and foot mechanics.

I did buy a pair of the Mizuno Wave creation 13's also which are preforming very close to Prophacy 2. These may be a more economical option for some.

One last note, I run on a paved course in a park with many tight left and right turns in each lap. Just wanted to include that to assist others when choosing a shoe to compare apples to apples.
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