Customer Reviews: Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard for Business
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on August 22, 2012
Style Name: Retail|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a fairly small and portable keyboard that's been specifically designed to work with Windows 8 Tablets. I tested this with various products including Notebooks, Tablets, and phones. It will pretty much work with anything that is happy with Bluetooth keyboards. Although it's quite obvious this was geared towards Windows 8, so I'm doing my testing with something none other than a Dell ST tablet running, Windows 8 RTM (Final).


First, the build quality is excellent. If this is any indication of how Microsoft's tablet is going to be, I'm very interested. The smooth aluminum bezel is machined and polished to a mirror finish. There is a long vertical rubber strip on the bottom to keep things in place. And of course, the rubber "wedge" that puts the keyboard at an angle for easier typing. This is also where the batteries hide. The keys are shallow, similar to some smaller notebooks, but still feel very solid.

This won't be a replacement for a full size notebook keyboard, but I can already type considerably faster and more accurate than using the touchscreen keyboard on this tablet. Although as a traveling companion with your tablet, the stand and build quality does have one slight negative. Which is weight. At just over 2 lbs with the keyboard and cover, that makes this heavier than many tablets. Most of the weight is due to the stand, which is necessary to support a tablet


In fact, as I'm writing this review on the wedge, I can easily type at a fast rate without even glancing at the keyboard. Everything feel natural and there really aren't any keys that have been shrunk to the point of being useless. Speaking of keys, the Function keys have been relegated to a "secondary function." In other words, if you press the F1-F12 keys by themselves, they'll do something else. Such as play, next, volume, search, home, end, pgup/dn, etc. They also have shortcuts for accessing the Windows 8 charms menu items.

If you want to use the F1-F12 keys, you'll need to press FN first. And as originally noted, this really is a Windows 8 keyboard. There aren't any shortcuts for accessing anything in any other non-microsoft operating system. Although since I'm using this on a Windows 8 tablet, those shortcut keys are very handy. If you press FN+ESC, you can turn the device on/off; although the cover does this as well.


One unique feature is this cover / stand. In "stand mode" it will support the keyboard and prop up your tablet so you can use both together. When it's not being a stand, it serves as a protective cover for the keyboard. If that wasn't handy enough, it even turns the keyboard off when you put the cover on. While it looks like a cheap piece of plastic in the pictures, I can assure you it is not. It has a very solid hard rubber-like feel to it and the hinge has no problem supporting a larger tablet 10" tablet.

I've already tried covering the keyboard and removing it repeatedly and there were no issues with the keyboard powering on and establishing a connection right away.


As noted before, there have been no issues pairing to anything that uses Bluetooth so far. Although if you don't use the keyboard for a few seconds, there will be a slight delay as it resumes from it's power saving mode. Nothing new there, but that is a bit more aggressive than some I've used. At least that should help these 2 AAA batteries last a bit longer. And it doesn't miss any keys pressed, it just types them all at once.

There are also 2 LED, green/red to let you know what's going on. Range has been the expected 30+ feet for most Bluetooth devices. Not that you'll ever use this more than a few inches from your tablet, it's good to know it can do it.

+ Excellent build quality
+ Windows 8 hot keys
+ Compact design
+ Stand / Cover combo
+ Keyboard layout
+ Good range

- Expensive
- Microsoft only hot-keys
- Occasional input delay (when pausing)
- Tad heavy with the cover


This keyboard is of such good build quality, I'd almost recommend this for any tablet out there. Although if you use it for what it's been designed for, which is Windows 8 tablets, I think you'll be much happier with this product. I'm also not giving a lot of weight to the "cons" as most are necessary or expected for it's intended purpose. So with that taken into consideration, I consider this item highly recommended.
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on January 5, 2013
Likes: Very portable, nice key action, sleek styling, actually looks more sleek than the Apple keyboard, one piece metal body looks great, has wonderful heft and feels very solid under fingers, build quality rivaling the Apple although it's a just a very slight bit "shoddier".

Dislikes: Definitely too small for serious typing for all but smaller of hands. The black plastic "wedge" housing on bottom has VERY slightly irregular gap where it meets the metal body (being very nit picky here). Battery tray, while a REALLY ingenious idea with the push-to-pop-out design, makes it hard to remove the batteries. Needs some sort of ribbon or something to aid battery removal. Possibly a very easy thing to address in design. And it needs rubber feet for the plastic "wedge". Bluetooth powers off too quickly to save battery. After 5-10 min or so of idle it goes to sleep and takes about a second after an initial key press to wake up. Annoying. The Apple keyboard does not have this problem and still gets outstanding battery life.

Recommended to: Those with large hands would definitely find this cramped. Or for someone who, for instance, writes for a living. It took some time for me to get used to the close key spacing. I like that it takes up very little room on the table and looks good in the livingroom where it's used. The build quality and industrial design, finally something as cool as an Apple product that's not an Apple!

Highly recommended!

1/23/2013 Update

The annoying problem of it going to sleep is proving to be increasingly annoying. Once it went nuts and typed an endless string of a single letter when it wakes up, I have to move the focus somewhere else by clicking on the desktop background or something that has no typing input and go back to the input field in a little while when the keyboard's done throwing its fit. It only happened once. But it's got other quirks, like the battery indicator blinks to indicate the batteries are out except if you take them out and put them right back, the same batteries, the keyboard works on happily. This happened 4 or 5 times. At first it was exasperating that all these fresh batteries I put in would run out so quickly, in a matter of days, I thought they were all stale from the store.
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on November 5, 2012
After looking for quite some time, I finally found a keyboard that fits my needs perfectly! The overall size is great without sacrificing key size and the feel of the keys is excellent as well! It was worth paying a little more to get what I wanted. NOTE: I bought the "Business" version which is less than the "Retail" version-- only difference is the packaging.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon August 22, 2012
Style Name: Retail|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Small isn't necessarily bad, and for someone with the right sized hands and fingertips and/or anyone who has no problem using very small keyboards regardless (such as hunt-and-peck typers), the Wedge's diminutive size may be most welcome, for it makes for the ultimate combination of portability plus function. I took a couple of photos of the Wedge next to my first generation Apple Wireless Keyboard to show the size difference, but there does not appear to be a way to upload images for this particular product at this time. So in lieu of a photo I'll use a 5-second long shaky video to show the keyboards together (the Wedge is the keyboard on top).

Most of the keys on each keyboard are the same size; The Tab and Caps Lock keys and the left-hand Shift key are shorter in width on the Wedge, and there is no space between keys on the Wedge, unlike on the Apple. The result is a keyboard that is wonderfully compact or overly small, depending on your needs, preferences and taste. When traveling with the Apple Wireless Keyboard I often found myself wishing it was more compact (because that would make it easier to pack and carry around), but because I have big hands and fat fingers and prefer touch-typing to the hunt-and-peck method, I need a keyboard at least as big as the Apple if I am to touch type comfortably and efficiently. (I can touch type on the Wedge, but not without feeling cramped and not without making many more mistakes then I make on the Apple keyboard and full size keyboards.) However, when I use the Wedge with my first generation iPad, I prefer it for hunt-and-peck typing (which suffices for note-taking) to the iPad's on-screen digital keyboard. (My iPad recognized the Wedge immediately and all that was required for set up was typing in a number that appeared on the iPad screen.)

The Wedge uses 2 AAA batteries (not 3 as one reviewer states), in contrast to the 2 AA batteries that power the Apple Wireless Keyboard. On Microsoft's page for Wedge, we are told that it is designed for Windows 7 & 8 tablet users, and only parenthetically does it say that "It also works with iPad and Android devices." The cover is a nice touch (Apple Wireless Keyboards don't come with covers), especially as it folds to be used as a stand. If you are in the market for a very compact portable wireless keyboard, the Wedge would be a good choice.
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on September 3, 2014
I'm writing this review with the keyboard on my Surface Pro 2.
Okay, anyone who had syncing issues with this had to have been doing something wrong. I've not once used a bluetooth device (PS3 controllers withstanding) so I've never paired devices or did I have any prior knowledge to doing so. You go into the windows settings with a swipe, go to change PC settings and then add the blue tooth devices by typing the number and it's synced instantly.
I've not seen any errors in typing that a few others have described like repeating keys or whatever.
The keyboard feels solid, the keys have little travel which I enjoy myself. It's the perfect size for me and the Surface Pro 2 as it's practically the same width. Infact if you're getting a surface, this may be the better keyboard option especially vs the type cover. While that keyboard is good it must be linked to the surface physically leaving you at the mercy of angles. This has all the functions of that keyboard but you can have it anywhere you want up to 20 feet (so the instructions say).
I got this to help with me having to hunch a bit over my Surface while I was painting which doesn't sound like an issue till you factor in I do it for a many hours.

The keyboard cover is awesome, I have it holding up my surface at a different angle at the moment. I didn't think I'd get the use out of the cover as...oh I didn't explain the cover. Okay the cover is a hinged thing that acts as a stand for your device. It's rubberized to have grip and hinged with a resistive hinge, it acts as a cover for the keyboard that'll power it off and keep it clean as well. So yes, surface on an angle to my left, keyboard infront as I type this out. Really nice. It's also far cheaper than the type covers, well at the time of writing this is 45 vs when I got my type cover which was 130. Though the type cover DOES act as a protective cover so it very much has it's perks.

This is the 3rd review I've typed in a row with this keyboard and not one keystroke has been flubbed. This thing is worth it if you're looking for a keyboard that doesn't eat up a USB port know you have bluetooth on your device.

Edit: Ah-hah! I got a disconnect and it refused to connect for about 45 minutes, I found out what the issue is and it's not with the keyboard. It's to do with drivers for windows, the bluetooth drivers. Go to your device manager and find bluetooth for me it was called a bluetooth radio adapter. Right click on it, go to properties then select power management. Disable it's ability to turn off to save power and it sorted it right up.

Hope this helps anyone who has any disconnect issue.
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on March 27, 2013
I bought the Wedge to use with a Surface RT. I intend to get the dedicated cover keyboards at some point, but haven't yet. The Wedge is cheaper and fit my most urgent use for a keyboard, using the Surface as a secondary device while sitting in my loft bed. I got mine in the retail packaging, which was cheaper at the time of order, and the packaging is quite nice (as was the packaging on the Surface), MS has been upping their game in this department. Overall, the fit and finish of the keyboard is great. I can compare it to the small Apple wireless keyboard, which is the keyboard I use on my main computer. As far as build quality and overall design (disregarding function including key feel), I think the two are on par. I had a spacer (or something) fall out of my Apple keyboard when I went to charge the batteries once, Apple is clever but not infallible in the design department. The Wedge is one piece as far as changing batteries is concerned - the compartment is a spring-loaded drawer that can't be detached (well, I'm sure it could with force - it isn't intended to be, however) and thus can't be lost.

To me, the more 'classic,' tapered, non-chiclet design of the Wedge makes it feel more cramped, as well as being more of a visual punch to the face vs the airy appearance of the Apple keyboard. Apple tucks their connectivity/power LED 'behind' the aluminum (it's more complicated than that, of course, but when the LED is off it's basically invisible and when it's on it feels like magic), whereas the Wedge just sort of sticks it between some function keys. It's an ugly solution but it's not like the LED is always on or a real key element.

Aside from feeling more cramped, I think the Wedge actually -is- more cramped. Touch typing is quick and reliable for me, but occasionally I do feel a little puzzled or lost. It's not that bad, but it clearly shows its diminutive form at times. The keys feel very mushy. They're not fun to type on, they just don't have any life, any vigor. They resist okay, but once they reach that point they just kind of fizzle down. But they don't stick, I remember the keyboards Apple shipped around the G5 era, those things were awful. Had to hit the keys dead on or they just wouldn't go down. I still have nightmares. We don't have that problem here with the Wedge, keypresses will... press. They just don't feel particularly great.

I haven't tried the cover. Not as a stand, not as a cover. I played with it a bit, I can see the utility. But the keyboard will sleep itself anyway, so the sleepy cover aspect isn't that useful, and without using it as a travel item I don't really want to cover/uncover my keyboard all the time.

Others have had connectivity issues, it seems. I have not.

All in all, I consider this purchase a success. Microsoft is still very Microsoft about... a lot of things. But it's clear they're getting better at, well, being better.
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on December 2, 2014
I don't have a bad thing to say about this keyboard. It's lightweight and works PERFECTLY with my Surface Pro 3 (best tablet laptop ever made) With the cover on it automatically shuts the device off so it does not waste the battery. I never have any pairing issues. It's a simple process that I did once and have never had to do it again.

Initially I though it was a little too heavy but after using it I realize the the weight keeps the keyboard firmly in place when you are typing regardless of the surface it's on. It's the perfect size for my man hands. I have no trouble typing.

We just rolled out 22 of these with the new Surface Pro 3 tablets for a client. The stand is a FANTASTIC additional feature for smaller tablets that do not come with integrated kickstands.

For $50 it's well worth the price.
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on March 26, 2014
First off, this is a really well engineered product. I have always been very happy with Microsoft accessories and this did not let me down.

I got this keyboard to do some coding on my phone (Nexus 4). I also plan on buying either an android tablet or really leaning towards a Dell Venue 8 Pro or the Lenovo Miix 2 8" both are Windows 8.1 (non RT) tablets. This review will be my experience using it with an android device and if/when I find myself with a tablet I'll update.

The setup I currently use this keyboard for is python coding using DroidEdit and JuiceSSH on my Nexus 4. I was going to get the Logitech Tablet keyboard but upon looking at it's dimensions it's a almost a full 2" longer and wider. The keys were spaced out more though if that's what you need.

* Weight - some have said how heavy this is with the cover/stand. Yes the cover is a little weighty but nothing to write home about. If you're packing for a trek to Mt. Everest and have to save every little ounce then yeah it's an issue. Otherwise it's negligible.
* Keys - very responsive and good tactile feedback. I am able to touch type nearly 100% of the time. Only keys that have tripped me up a little teeny tiny bit are the arrow keys and I'm getting a bit used to them. I LOVE having my home and end keys. Maybe in a bit different place but I've seen some keyboards have them but only activated with the FN combo. As a programmer and ssh junkie home/end are fairly essential (even though ctrl + a , etc. can do the same, not all programs recognize this)
* Bluetooth - Works perfect, haven't had one single issue. I've began using it and walked away for 20+ minutes, come back and gone right back to typing. Maybe a one second or so delay to reconnect I'm not sure, it's worked like magic, which is the best kind of technology.

* Hotkeys - It supports basic media controls. Play/Pause & Volume. Alt + Tab will switch apps just like windows in android. This is a non issue for windows devices I'm sure. Read the NOTES section for a fix for this on android though.
* Doesn't make my coffee in the morning, I'm kind of out of cons really. It's partially personal taste. I have fairly large hands and haven't had trouble with this keyboard. I wouldn't want to write a 5000 word dissertation on it but If I did it wouldn't be the end of the world either.
* Oh the cover is a pet hair magnet. I don't much like taking it out at home with the huskies around. I don't really need it much at home though. Or leave the cover/stand in my backpack.

I have carpal tunnel and can get numbness and pain when typing, especially on poor keyboards. It takes a pretty long time before I notice anything with this keyboard, which is great for me. It's something that happens no matter what, but happens faster the poorer the keyboard.

So you want your hot keys in android with this keyboard. Well there is an app called "External Keyboard Helper" in the google play store for which there is a demo. You can remap keys to other functions. I remapped the Windows key as the home key for android. But you can make it do whatever you want as the app has a list of all the little hot key functions in android that you can assign, which is great because I don't have to search google for them. One caveat though, I haven't figured out how to get the four top hotkeys right of the volume keys mapped. Their keycode is weird and I just haven't put all my energy to getting them working, I'll update this with a fix if I find one. But the keyboards main functions work so well. Rebinding windows key to home was really the most important one. I have a Bluetooth mouse too for my laptop that I occasionally use with the keyboard and Nexus 4 but I'm a keyboard junkie and like the mouse to be relegated to it's sparse use.
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on December 18, 2015
Along with this keyboard I also own the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. They're very similar. The wedge in my opinion is better due to the following.

1) It's MUCH easier to pair. I use a lot of Bluetooth devices and can't stand how Apple supports pairing with non-Apple devices. The Wedge can pair with iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X easily while the Apple Bluetooth can be a pain in the rear to get paired with Windows if you had previously paired it with OS X, for example.

2) It's quite a bit more compact while still being comfortable to type on. I use this as my "second keyboard" on my desk and switch it between a work laptop and desktop.

Odd little note about the finish. It has a nice metal ring around the outside that is polished. My desk lamp which is a goose neck that shines from right above the keyboard causes a reflection on my ceiling from the metal edge. And if the angle is just right it'll catch me in my eye. I had to adjust my lighting just a little bit to make sure that does not happen.
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on November 12, 2013
The keyboard itself is fine and dandy and does not fail on the physical aspect. The keys are solid and have a decent feel to them, although they are flush together, so you will have to get used to that if you are not already. The arrow keys are small and oddly placed, but that is okay for they are not really of primary use for this sort of keyboard.

The main downfall of this keyboard is its blatant connection issues. If I left it unattended for even 10 seconds it would disconnect and take about 2-5 seconds to reconnect. Sometimes mid-typing it would drop and regain connection, causing the letters to typed during that time to splurge out, often missing keystrokes. This renders this keyboard not usable for me as it is a distraction when taking notes in class.
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