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on October 13, 2012
This is a reply to Sarah. I just got this phone, so I haven't completely tested everything about the phone. A small disclaimer I've upgraded from a blackberry so I'm not really qualified to go in depth with the apps, htc or smart phones in general.

Its sleek, sexy & very couture. I find the white version more aesthetically appealing, that its black counterpart. The 4.7" screen is enormous with a very crisp display! The 1.5 dual core snapdragon is extremely fast & can run any of the latest games available in google play & is preloaded with ICS. Its smooth, responsive & very accurate with texting(big plus)! One thing that's particularly attractive is the weather app, its really immersive when you switch to full screen & I get lost staring at the animations it plays.

Voice commands are responsive as long as you don't eat your words. One thing car mode! Now I must get a dock for this, it changes the GUI for ease of use when driving. The 8 megapixel camera takes, stunning photos with a couple of customizations for your photos. Video recording at Full HD 1080p, 1.3 megapixel front facing camera & beats audio! Not that I'm a big fan, but that extra addition adds a lot of value to a phone that's already packed with a ton of features & it also comes with an extremely sturdy kickstand.

For all its pluses, there are two quirks about the phone. The first being to get to the micro sd slot you need to remove the back paneling (seems that htc had put this late in the phone's design). The second is the inability to battery swap.

Aside from those two quirks, the phone will do everything you want it to, while looking good at doing it. I bought this phone primarily for aesthetic reasons, though it was a difficult decision at first; I had considered the galaxy s3 & the photon q (qwerty keyboard) as well. But I'm really happy I got this, after I saw the the s3 & the q in store, I wasn't overly impressed by both.

I have ordered a ballistic case, since the phone looks way too good to get dings & scratches on it.

Edit* The reason why it's so cheap is because the promotional campaign for the one x over shadowed it & not enough interest was generated for it (forgot where I read that fact). Turns out that this is the better phone of the two. Also its $29.99 only for new sprint customers, I paid $99.99 since I'm an existing customer(still a great deal!).
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on December 15, 2012
I'm what some would call an android purist. I like stock android, i think its gorgeous, works well, and flows nicely. However, sticking with stock devices (i'm also one of those who feels like getting updates from google is a pro, not something to work around) means compromising certain the case of my last phone? The camera and so so battery life (verizon galaxy nexus)

when i made the jump to sprint i was taken by the striking look of the evo 4g lte, a phone that in black/red, never stood out to me (aside from the screen and knowing it basically a one x with some makeup on.)

Ill go into what i feel are the good and bad, and hopefully it'll help inform your decision as to if this handset is worth your time.

first, lets start with the bad, or rather, the just not all that good.

1.Non removable battery. Honestly, this means very little to me, as this seems to be the way of most phones going forward. but it may matter to someone who stays away from a charger more than me

2.two tone back. i personally think the htc oneX feels slightly nicer than this handeset...but only in this very specific aspect: it feels like a single solid piece of something (which it is) whereas the evo is a mishmash of different textures. The plastic top is a fingerprint magnet but if you get the white, you wont ever see it.

3. Lte support: honestly, as someone who spends most of his time in wifi areas this matters less to me than it does folks on the go, and since all i use my data for is foursquare checkins and google music, even sprints paltry 3g does me good.

4.sense: being an android purist shows my bias, and i still think htc offers the best 'skin' of any oem android device. it may be overwrought but it still is the best. however, i cant help but feel what this device would be like with stock android

ok, now for the good.

1. Screen. seriously. its amazing. colors are rich but not oversaturated, response is grand. its probably the best screen on ANY device right now, overshadowed only by the droid dna's 1080p screen (which i'll say is only 'better' because of the resolution and ppi, though side by side comparisons dont reveal too much. except for maybe that the dna cant get as bright.)an the iphone5's retina display is another standout that may beat this has a cooler temperature to the screen, but hangs with the evo.

2. performance. the chip in this phone is speedy. and def future proof. i've not noticed many hiccups, and if there have been, they are minor.

3. looks: this applies more to the white version, but this phone gets looks and questions everywhere i take it. depending on who you are, you may or may not find that appealing. i personally love the sleek, modern look to it. htc does hardware well and seems to be the only android oem that puts apple-esque effort into their devices design.

4. feel in hand/quality: this phone feels fanastic. it isnt iphone5 light, but its lighter than it looks. the soft touch back feels like aluminum, and it has a nice metal band running around the edges of the device. its superb and feels wonderfully high-end

5. camera. i'd put this camera on par with the iphone4 and in most cases 4s, and the galaxy s3. the lense isnt outstanding, but its very decent, and the camera software is phenomenal, which is what makes this such a standout smartphone shooter. you wont be disappointed.

6.jellybean: yup! you'll be on the latest android build. maybe not to the version number (4.2 is techincally already out) but for a skinned device, it runs fantastically. time will tell if the next version of android will be available for it, but for now, you wont miss too much on jb 4.1 compared to the later versions.

7.battery. this has proven to be more or less 'okay' rather than 'good'. on a typical day with about 3 1/2 hours of screen time and streaming a bit of music on the road over 3g and being in a wifi only zone for most of the day, i get about 13-17 hours easily. so it will last you all day easily, depending on your work day.

all in all, this handset is great, and i wouldnt mind paying for it again...if i had paid anything. for the price, there is not better phone on sprint, and even if it was 199 i'd have no issues reccomending it.

*****************update 4/23/13*********************88
hopefully some folks come back to read this review....

after nearly 6 months with my evo lte, i dont think i can recommend it any longer.

while my pros are still pros (screen, hardware, sd expandability) some bugs have ruined the experience for me.

the biggest one? reception. which is huge. i know sprints network isnt the greatest, in fact its far from it, but i live in an LTE-lit area...and even here, i'm having issues. what kind? well, for one, this phone usually requires an airplane mode refresh to finally find lte signal. the iphone5, galaxy s3 and galaxy note2 dont seem to have these same issues in the same exact areas. also, the data speeds from each handset usually handidly leave the evo lte a significant margin. Literally. You could stand next to someone with an s3 or iphone5 and watch how they have better signal and data reception.

its become so frustrating and outstanding despite my sympathy for sprints network coverage i'm considering switching as thats cheaper than forking out money for a new unlocked (on their network) device. I'm a heavy foursquare user and even folks running older 3-g only phones on sprint are able to pinpoint their location and check in substantially faster than i am. This isnt a software related has already rolled out at least 2 of those. its a hardware issue, which means it wont get addressed. especially not with htc's efforts focused on the htc one, which for the sake of its owners, i hope has less reception issues.

and as a final note, jellybean on this device, while it does add great functionality, seems to be laggier in places than it would be on an s3 running the same SOC (processor) and especially when compared with a stock google device like the nexus4. its not the hardware...its htc's sense interface. It introduces lag into android where there previously was none.

try it. open a link in chrome or the browser, surf for a bit and then randomly hit the home button.

behold, as the evo lte does its best to re-write all your folders, apps and widgets on the home screen....because you'll be greeted with a screen with folders and no icons inside them. These are issues that plagued android back in the gingerbread days...they should be a none issue.

really stinks. i wanted to love this phone. and like I said...the pros are still good...but the cons have gotten bad enough to where i can see why some lesser informed folks would assume getting an iphone would be the only answer. (it isnt. but that would be a massively better choice than this device as it taints so much thats good about android in its current form.)
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on May 29, 2013
I have been using it for about a month and I love it! Not sure how in the world I made it without a smart phone before now. I love the voice text feature and the camera/video is great. No complaints!!
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on May 13, 2013
I ordered this phone with contract extension as an upgrade from my first Evo. I have to admit I was scared because the upgrade price was so awesome, and the spotty reviews made me nervous. I was looking at this model, as well as the latest Samsung Galaxy and Note models (which, I will add were both more than four times what this one cost). I researched here and elsewhere, and the main issue with this model seemed to be the very new, often inaccessible LTE network. I'm in metro Atlanta, and LTE has slowly become more available since the first (not so great) reviews I read from mid 2012. I called Sprint to see if they could give me some assurance about LTE before purchasing, and their answer was vague, at best. But since they had an established LTE tower in Atlanta, I decided to take the plunge. So far service has ranged from standard to super fast. I use a lot of data on my phone to check email, facebook, monitor my online stores, and now Instagram, and I haven't had a lot of problems.

Part of the reason I was willing to take the risk with this phone was because of my experience with my first Evo- it proved to be a dependable, quality, durable, fun to use device that met my needs. This new Evo did not disappoint. Didn't see where much improvement could happen from the original, but they managed it. Love the lighter body, additional front facing camera, tweaked kickstand, and sleeker interface. I was worried I wouldn't like the changes to the screens, but they are just better, with more room for app widgets, and options for setup.

I LOVE that I this really did turn out to be an overall improvement to Evo while staying true to what I love about Evo. The only thing I miss from the old model is something trivial: the power port is now on the side instead of the bottom, making it a little more awkward to prop it safely while charging.

I'm glad I went through with this one!
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Any review of a smart phone must also consider other factors contribute to the smart phone user experience. These include:
(1) the hardware...the phone itself
(2) operating system software
(3) installed applications
(4) the network (overall, and where you happen to be using the phone at a particular time)
(5) the service provider.

These factors create serial dependencies, since many phones are tied to specific operating systems or service providers. Even if you make a great phone choice can be diminished by deficiencies in the service provider, the apps you choose and the state of the network where the phone is used most often.

Make your move to your next (or first) smart phone only after researching these choices. Which provider? Which mobile operating system? Who offers the best service, or the best combination of value and service? The rest of this review assumes you've already figured out why a phone with the Android operating system might be a better choice for you than an iPhone, a Blackberry or a Windows-based smart phone solution.

Every provider --including Sprint-- has a variety of pricing options. If you're a Sprint customer with two years on your current hardware and are ready to re-up: many phones are available at a deep discount (and Amazon's pricing for this model was better than Sprints by about ninety nine comparison shop. For me, the difference between one cent and 99 dollars was a pretty easy decision point when it came from who to get the phone from).

The HTC EVO LTE 4G phone is thinner and lighter (a full ounce lighter) than its EVO 4G predecessor. The user interface has changed slightly: three soft keys now populate the bottom of the display (down from four on the earlier model). The current Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" interface has slightly changed the method for placing/removing apps from the scrolling home pages. If you are new to smart phones, you'll have this learning curve, but even users upgrading from an earlier model/operating system version, can still expect to invest a few minutes in the relatively easy process of the new phone-human interface tricks to customize your home screens. Otherwise, most of the interface features will be familiar.

This phone accommodates a microSD storage device (up to 32GB capacity). The install slot for this us under the top rear cover, which --unlike the EVO 4G-- does not have an obvious "pry point" for removing the cover. Work around the USB/charging port with a thin, flat tool and the cover will snap right off. The separate HDMI port present on the EVO 4G has left the 4G LTE, leaving this phone with just two ports: the USB/charging port (on the side) and a standard aux output. In addition to an on/off button (top), volume controls (right side), there is now a physical camera button on the lower right side of the phone.

Video capture is in the .mp4 format, and was crisp and clear even in dim lighting. The 4G LTE has two cameras: one full 1080p HD, the other a front facing 1.3 MP camera. Still images..which can be captured even as the HD is recording are also crisp and clear. Audio output from the Beats software is as good as any I've heard being put out from a phone.

In addition to the OS interface changes, the "kickstand" for this 'Droid has been repositioned more towards the center of the phone's back.

So far the only issue that has emerged with this phone is an inability to fully run Amazon's own music app. Content on the phone plays fine, but my cloud-stored music never loads in the app's cloud tab. I would have also had the "kickstand" hinge from the opposite side, so that it could be used when a USB cable is plugged in.

Finally, even though Sprint has an activation web site for phones you purchase outside of a Sprint store, if you are you will have to call a toll free number to complete activation if you have more than one phone on a shared data plan. While the call center's hours are long, they are NOT 24/7, so re-think activating the new phone as a project for a sleepless night:-)
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on March 27, 2014
Best "free with contract" phone at sprint. My wife uses this phone while I have the (about to be upgraded) Samsung Galaxy S3. This HTC is the better phone. It is quicker, has much better reception, and astronomically clearer voice calls. She chose it for two reasons: 1) She thought it was beautiful - more so than the iphone, and 2) She wanted to have a different phone than me so that we didn't look dorky and so that it was easier to tell whose phone it was.

This phone holds up well. Smartphones have been plateauing as of recent with only marginally improvements from year to year. As such this phone can do pretty much whatever you want it too. In fact, my wife can upgrade soon, but she doesn't want to - she likes it too much! Also, as she is pretty bad with technology, she was shocked at how easy this phone it to use.

Nice bones features that this phone has:
- Big but not too big. It is a great phone for those of you that want something bigger than an iphone, but have hands that are too small to easily accommodate the current crop of marquis phones such as the Galaxy S5 and HTC One.
- Kick stand: It has a nice built in kick stand in case you want the phone propped up to watch a movie or whatever.
- Micro SD Card slot: You can add in additional memory unlike the apple phones or the HTC One (G7)
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on May 1, 2013
Have had mine since March and must say that I am truely happy about this purchase. I was looking very hard at the Galaxy but went with the HTC EVO LTE 4G. Camera is outstanding, size is great, and the phone does all that and more. My only complaint is the volume on the ringer could and should be louder. The beats audio when activated is simply awesome. Also the price on Amazon for a customer like me who was upgrading was better than anywere else. As soon as I turned in on it went right to the lastest Android update and even with spotty LTE coverage in my area the speeds on Wi-Fi are superior to any phone I've ever owned. This phone is a keep and if you don't want something that everyone has but still want a phone that performs like everyone wishes this is the phone for you. Highly recommend this phone to anyone on thinking about an upgrade or stepping in to the smartphone world.
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on December 8, 2013
I purchased this phone second-hand for use under Ting's "Bring Your Sprint Device" program. Upon receipt, I discovered that the Bluetooth stack does not function, the accelerometers function intermittently (they occasionally work when you squeeze the top of the phone case), and the wifi stops and refuses to connect to any network about once a week.

Upon checking with HTC support regarding these hardware problems, I was told that the device was still in the warranty period, but as I was not the original purchaser, they couldn't help me. Support suggested returning the phone to the original buyer so that they could submit a warranty claim.

A terrible device, poor customer service (your device is still under warranty, but we won't take it?) and I'm never buying an HTC product again.
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on April 12, 2013
I love, love, love, love, LOVE this HTC EVO LTE 4G!!! My new cell is uber sleek, beautiful, lightening fast, and very hi-Tech! I was already infatuated with HTC because my old cell was an EVO Shift 4G. So I was already familiar with some of the programs.

I adore the Android 4.0 upgrade (Ice Cream Sandwich) and of course, HTC Sense...the look, the feel, and the fluidity in which I can switch from one task, page, function or application to another is truly fantastic. My old cellphone was a dinosaur compared to this one. I call the EVO LTE my new baby and I dress her up in new clothes (cases) as much as!!! She's gorgeous!
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on August 25, 2013
As sprint service representative describe the phone to me it is what he ans say it is. I was previous owner of sprint evo then galaxy. Kinks has been worked out of evo. It works faster and pretty durbale. I had a choice between the lg optimism and evo lte. Due to previous experiences with my teens and others I know dropping the lg opt phone one time and cracked the screen. The lg was even faster but more sensitive to dropping. The evo lte is more durable to dropping. Light weight cool features sound quality awesome etched. I love it. If not available to but htc 1is just like it to me a little different features that all. :)
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