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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars74
Color: RedStyle: with 10-30mm VR LensChange
Price:$385.00 - $599.00
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on August 24, 2013
What do tires have in common with cameras? They are specialized. Want to go fast around corners? Then use soft sticky rubber to make them; but they will ware quickly as a result. You say you have a luxury car and want a tire that offers a nice ride and long life; it’s a hard rubber for you. So what’s the point to all of this? All of the commercials I have seen advertising this camera do so as a snap shot camera. A small, nicely designed snap shot camera with interchangeable lenses capable of quickly capturing a moment. A purpose built product.

Then as advertised this camera is on point: It is a nice looking camera. In your hand it is heavier than you would expect. The fit and finish are excellent; the machining of high quality. High quality, this is the impression it gives in your hand. Pull it out, rotate the lens and it is on instantly. Press the shutter button half way and focus is almost instant…the rest of the way and done. This camera is fast. It is also accurate; focus is sharp almost every time. You will rarely miss a moment; as quickly as you can pull this thing out you can take a picture. And Nikon continues to release lenses for it…Nikon if you are listening thanks and how about a fish eye.

As for the photographic quality of the images I am very pleased. I have a 35mm / full frame DSLR with several lenses in excess of $2500.00 each. I did not buy this camera for exceptional image quality. I bought it for its size and speed; I bought it to take kayaking. Before I can capture a moment [kayaking] I need to get the camera out of a dry box which requires time. That big buck will not stand and pose while I wait for the camera to turn on and focus. I get most of my shots; and that is what I bought it for. I find myself using it for more than just kayaking. Of course I want good image quality…if I didn’t care about image quality I would have gotten myself a waterproof point and shoot. I find the image color and quality of this camera pleasing [obviously much better than a waterproof point and shoot]. The files print nicely. Of course that is an opinion. From someone who is demanding enough to spend almost 3K on a lens. You might like knowing my other camera is not a Nikon. Because this point and shoot camera has the good looks, speed, and spontaneity as advertised with good image quality, I give it 5 stars.
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- portable compared to DSLR cameras;
- take really good pictures ( the capture is amazing) and also the 10-30 mm lenses
- easy to use
- can adapt lenses from others manufactures (just in manual mode)
- can switch lenses from nikon 1 type or use adapter for f-mount and keep all the automatic modes
- make videos in 400 fps and 1200 fps that are amazing!
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on January 30, 2013
This camera is just what I was looking for. I have a larger camera but wanted one easy to take along for those surprise photo ops. This one is light enough to take anywhere, takes great pictures and I love the ease of use, just turn the lens and it's ready. The pop up flash is another feature I like. I've been using it for two months and the battery is still going!
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on September 18, 2013
My Background:
20 years plus Nikon lover, from F4, D100, D200, D300, D90,D3S, D3200, D5100, D7000, D7100. Lens F1.4 prime to F2.8 zoom Nikon lens.

Why I buy this Nikon 1 J2:
I always have the situation that "I wish I bring my Camera with me). So, I really dream of a camera, so small that I can bring with me everyday, much better image quality than my Samsung Galaxy Note II, and smarter than P&S camera. So, when Amazon have this for $249 Deal-of-the-day, I grab the deal.

Nikon 1 design:
* Mirror-les: meaning less bulky than DSLR but can have much better lens option.
* 2.9 crop factor, great! That means more DOF, so 90% of the time, I will get In-focus picture. If you need shallow DOF, use full-frame with F2.8 lens or larger.
* 10-30mm lens, great! They focus more on image quality than flexibility. I think 3X zoom is the maximum design compromise between IQ - Size - Price.
* 10mp sensor. Another great decision! Meaning they aim this little toy for Low-light performance. Besides, 99% of our needs are sufficient for 10mp anyway.
* Focusing is snap and accurate.
* Image Quality: I just amazed how sharp and detail the image. Perfect combination of design and engineering.
* In field operation: Snappy and accurate!

* Better lens cap. I decide not to use the lens cap, afraid of loosing it. Just put a Tiffen Filter, and HN-N101 lens hood and I am always ready to go.
* PSAM, wish that they include the PSAM in the rotary dial, rather than menu.
* Built quality: I am not sure, the front element of the lens will survive. It is plastic and as I use it everyday without any case/bag/protector (only Filter and Hood) time will tell...
* I wish they make a 20mm F2.8 wide angle prime lens (35mm equivalent pancake), and this is really a to-go dream camera.
* Nice to have: GPS, WIFI, CLS commander mode for the built-in flash, Stereo external Mic jack with Audio Level meter, Waterproof (and sell it for $249!).

* FT-1 adapter is really nice to have (to use my premium glass), but why $269? If you sell it for $26.9 I bet you will sell it as many as the camera itself! (Economic of scale Nikon, c'mon..). And by then, there is a new horizon for this camera. Imagine using the 50mm F1.4 AF-S for portrait? wow...! Or at least the $199 35mm F1.8 AF-S DX....

* This is a day-to-day candid camera that serve BEST image quality ever offered by camera of this size
* Do not expect BOKEH, or professional look portrait! Use your full frame, or at least APS-C DSLR and shoot with at least 70mm F2.8
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on July 14, 2013
I wanted to upgrade my camera from a simple point and shoot camera and narrowed it down to this one and the sony nex 3. I chose this one mainly because of the price and because the Nex 3 had a flip screen I thought I'd break. So far this exceeds my expectations. The pictures are clear and sharp especially "active" photos with movement. I'm no expert photographer and just needed something for hiking, kayaking, and many other events. The main suggestion I have is PURCHASE THE 110mm lens! The stock lens DOES NOT zoom very far at all! So for a simple camera and someone looking to upgrade from a point and shoot I highly suggest this!
review image review image review image
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on July 11, 2013
nice camera, good lenses, many features but easy to use, light weight, fast, sufficient flash light, good manual, typical Nikon so to say
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on November 19, 2013
I've considered myself an iPhone photography nut for a little over a year now: I'm not just taking snapshots with my iPhone, but really learning about the digital limits of the phone and editing significantly to get great results. I knew I was always going to keep being an iPhotographer, but I wanted to have something in my arsenal for higher quality images as well. I immediately considered DSLRs and purchased a Canon Rebel. I hated it! After spending so much time photographing scenes with my quiet and stealthy phone I couldn't stand the bulk and noise of the DSLR (even though Canons are known for their smaller size and sound). I returned the Canon within days and began my search over again.

I found the Nikon 1 series after reading Steve Huff's reviews on his blog and I was sold. When it arrived I knew within a few minutes that it was the product for me. It is so light, absolutely silent (not a sound. seriously.) and the images are BEAUTIFUL. I take a mix of portraits and landscapes and my amateur opinion is that this camera is best suited for landscapes -- it doesn't give portraits that buttery/floating-on-cloud feeling. That being said, I've recently started taking portraits as part of a personal photo project with this camera and I'm getting great results - they just have a different style than you see on so many portrait blogs these days.

This camera is also great for kids/dogs: it's so fast that it can capture quick motion and once again it's quiet (my dog was terrified of the noise the Canon made and ran around the corner which sort of defeated the point). It is also excellent in low light. I've only used my flash to test the flash, but I've never had to deploy it in a real situation yet.

The kit lens is okay. It does particularly well for landscapes. If I could do over again, though, I'd probably purchase the body only and then buy the 1.8 and 2.8 and be done with it. I hate zoom lenses and those two tiny, but powerful, lenses are all I need.

To summarize, I love this camera. The sensor size is a big drawback for a lot of people, but I have a feeling that 90% of amateur photographers wouldn't mind this sensor size a bit.
review image review image review image
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on June 24, 2013
I'm very happy with the camera. I am a professional photographer and needed a camera that is not heavy or big, to capture our family everyday, so it doesn't feel like work )) It is always by me and I just snap away without heavy thinking about editing etc. It is very easy to use (once you get used to the fact that everything screws the wrong way ;)) It is very light sensitive and I managed to take pictures in rather darkish rooms and they turned out just fine (better than eyes could see!) One of the best purchases I've made for some time. Oh, and I loooove those mini-videos in slow-mos that it does. Adorable!
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on September 9, 2013
Although the Memory Card that came with this camera seemed to have caused major issues (my photos would just "vanish" off the camera and I would receive a message stating "Memory Card has not been formatted - format memory card now?" and all photos I had taken would be gone. I phoned Nikon and they explained the Transcend memory card is not "approved" for this camera. I then purchased a SanDisk memory card and have had not problems since. Camera takes great photos (I bought it because my son is a runner and I needed a camera that would capture action photos without them being out of focus or blurry) and color is incredible. I love that it is small in size, but can purchase additional Nikon lenses for it (although I have not done so yet).
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VINE VOICEon May 19, 2014
I have had this camera for nearly a year. Yes, there are some "silly," "gimmicky" features, but outside of that, this can produce some truly lovely photos.

I wanted a light, simple camera for travel. This is small enough that I can literally wear it diagonally (from my shoulder to hip) and then zip my jacket tightly to still go on The Tower of Terror at Disney. This isn't one of those cameras that makes you the "photographer" of the group who can't participate because it always "gets in the way." That's why this is now my go-to camera for all vacations. (And, it is super resilient! It has definitely taken some "throwing around" and general abuse ... and, it looks the same as it did on day-one).

When we travel, I love going to new bakeries/patisseries/chocolateries and capturing tons of photos of delightful little treats. This camera is sensitive enough to make all the little sugar granules and artistry crisp and beautiful. Now, it isn't perfect for close-up work (you will need to purchase the other lens for that), but it is entirely adequate (if you have a little patience with it).

Likewise, this Nikon has a few simple "unnecessary" features that I can make "work." The spot-color is fun (when used extremely sparingly), the miniature feature is a neat little gimmick (but the only time I really made this worthwhile was at Fenway Park), and the panorama feature can produce some pretty interesting pictures if you go slow and move evenly. Still, we have never used these pictures for anything other than our own amusement.

The battery has a surprisingly long charge. Usually, I do not need to even bring my charger with me on vacation (my average between charges is about a week).

If you already have a "nice" camera but want a smaller one to make your family trips more about the family (and not trying to find a locker for the camera), this could be it.

Now, it's crucial to know that I am not looking to take photos beyond cataloging our adventures for my family (or to publish on Yelp/Urbanspoon). If you are an artist, this will certainly not be an appropriate camera for you. (There are some great posts here to walk you through that choice ... rely on some of these excellent reviews for that).

Umm, and yeah, it's as sleek and awesome as it looks. I have received more compliments on it than I can even count. Last summer, I was in a huge line at Flour + Bakery in Boston's Back Bay and the guy behind the counter stopped the whole procession to ask me about it. So, yep, it's pretty cool, too.

Good luck!
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