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on October 17, 2012
One of the most interesting features of this camera would have been a direct upload of photos via WI-FI to Picasa or other services. Unfortunately, you can effectively do it only one picture at the time. As soon as the screen goes off to standby, it loses the WiFi connection and the uploads stop.

So, if you are buying this camera for that feature - then don't. It is much faster to pull out the memory card, plug it into your computer and upload the photos then re-establishing WI-FI connection after every uploaded photo. There are really no other advantages of this camera. The fact that it has Android system doesn't add much to the overall functionality.

In addition to that - the battery time is pathetic.

****** UPDATE after 2 months of use
By now other reviewers described all the issues with this camera. After 2 months of use, I can confirm that the camera is just not ready for prime-time. In fact, after working with camera for a while, taking it on couple of holiday trips, I am considering ditching it and getting a different model. Things that I have issues with (some more, some less important)

* Wi-Fi continues to be dysfunctional. In addition to losing connection when in standby mode, the reception is just pathetic. You need to be in the same room as the hot-spot. Forget about uploading photos as the end of the day on hotel (for example) Wi-Fi network. The whole experience is so frustrating and takes such a long time, that having extra memory cards and uploading photos later with PC is so much quicker and easier.

* Battery time is quite bad. Battery won't take you through the day, which is really a shame when you are traveling and you want snap pictures. And, I was very careful, all the connectivity was off, wasn't keeping the screen on, etc

* Boot time is just plain annoying. The camera turns on and you can snap a photo, but if you want to use other functions, you will have to wait a bit. Not a deal breaker, but just a bit annoying.

* Charger plug; in the era of standardizing charger plugs to micro-b USB standard, it is just plain annoying that this camera has its own version of the plug so you need to carry an extra cable, as you cannot use the same USB cable of your android phone.

* You cannot charge the camera and do anything else at the same time.

* Yes, you can install apps to edit and manipulate photos. But, it is likely that you won't do this while outside shooting pictures as you will want to save the battery and you won't be able to do it at the end of the day as your battery will be dead and you won't be able to do it while charging the camera.

So, if you are traveling and taking pictures, forget about coming back home (hotel) at the end of the day and simply uploading the photos.
You will likely have to recharge your camera first (as you've probably used up the battery), then turn off the sleep mode so that you can upload multiple photos instead one photo at the time and reconnecting wi-fi after every upload(if you have good wi-fi reception at all) and then you will have to recharge the camera again to have it ready for the next day photo session.
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on October 13, 2012
With the only review available, it was a little bit tough in making a decision buying the s800c, with it being the first phone with an Android operating system inside. Even though it is only running android version 2.3 (Gingerbread), it's smooth as hell, and sometimes you will forget that this was originally a camera. I caught myself treating it like my Samsung Epic Touch 4G, and with that note, taking pictures is so easy and once you take a picture, you can run any photo editing app (Instagram for one), and do whatever you gotta do right there on the spot. Why didn't they think of this sooner??? I think that cameras are deserving of an operating system, and in this case, the s800c runnign Android is a match made in Heaven!

Now that I have the camera, I do not know why the above reviewer got a 'grey market' item. makes a big fuss about how they DO NOT sell grey/gray market items, and this Nikon was up for sale on their site. So I took the plunge here on Amazon, and could not been happier. I was researching cameras for about a year before actually buying one, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. I heard that the Galaxy Camera will come out soon, but I believe that it will be tied to a carrier.

In any case, as long as you are not an elitist photographer, this sexy little beast (mines white) will satisfy. Picture quality is good and especially in low light conditions. Lot's of fun modes, but now this is moot because now you have access to the Google Play store, in which a lot of photo editing apps are available. I really recommend Picsay Pro though. It reminds me more of photoshop than the actual photoshop app does lol!

October1 16, 2012 - I can't leave this cammera alone!!! First time ever that I spend or put so much attention into a camera lol! This camera is a GO! Go get it!
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on October 26, 2012
We bought this camera for a trip to Italy. We were super excited about having maps on the camera instead of having to carry around the paper map. We also wanted to be able to do email while gone without bringing a ton of devices that we would have to keep track of. I added the places we wanted to go to my google places before we left, which you can layer over the maps. Unfortunately, you need wifi to pull those up. You can view the maps offline, but you have to be zoomed in on where you are going before you leave wifi if you want it to be at the level you need to not get lost. Even though it has a few drawbacks, overall, it is a very nifty little camera.

- Even though the mobile upload is slow, it works, which was nice when abroad since we only had 1 device.
- Amazing picture clarity even when moving the camera. The clarity when zooming is better than most as well. As a camera it is better than most.
- Touch capture is awesome (focuses where you touch instead of having to hold down the button which always makes me move the camera like crazy)
- Nice to have one device instead of two, especially when traveling internationally where my phone won't work for calls anyway

- Battery life drains fast when using wifi
- You can't use the camera while it charges. I found this extremely annoying. We would come back from a day out and want to plug the camera in to charge while using the internet, but you can't use it while it is charging. I've never had a phone/computer/tablet that you couldn't use while charging so I'm not sure why this one won't, but it is extremely annoying. This is the biggest drawback by far. I hope it can be fixed with a software update.
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on December 21, 2012
I researched cameras for about a year preparing for our family trip to Maui. I was so tired of looking at specifications and reading reviews. My wife wanted a compact, I wanted quality and we both worried about over paying for a item that will sit ideal for 95% of the time. Coolpix camera and Nikon delivered and while the negative reviews items may be a concern to some, the camera features are awesome. Took 1100+ pictures in 5 days and only 8 deletes, due to the fact I forgot the feature of touching the viewer snaps a picture. Wireless upload to phone cool, battery life accurately described but never was an issue. Thanks for saving me $500+ on a purchase and about 5+ lbs of luggage. Nikon Rocks.
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on November 8, 2012
I have used this camera for 3 weeks by now. Overall the camera is outstanding. Android functionality, lots of android photo apps that can be used with the camera. Images are fine with the point and shoot shortcomings. Having a CMOS sensor helps. I have used many GPS equipment before and like a smartphone, you turn it on in Android Location Services. When in camera mode, you also turn GPS On the Nikon Software settings. So far so good. Now the bad part. When taking the picture with a very good satellite reception with 5 - 6 satellites above your head, the camera does write the correct Latitude, but the Longitude that it records in the photo EXIF data is just plain wrong. I take pictures in Florida, USA, and when I put the photos on google map or google earth, it shows me I took the picture in CHINA ????, on all photos it never fails !!!!,
While in the Android Mode of the camera, when connected to wifi also, I do get a correct position on the map.
I sent for a replacement from Amazon, which was prompt, and the second camera also has the same issue. I will keep the camera for all the other good features, but definetely the is a Let Down
coming out from NIKON.
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on November 4, 2012
UPDATE: Apparently a review can't be left without people complaining that they don't agree and want me to change it. I will upgrade it to three stars, but will again say that the touch screen is pathetic. If anybody wants me to change it again to more stars, too bad:) Merry Christmas!

I gave this review one star to grab attention so others don't have the same frustration I am having right now.

I bought this adorable camera less than 24 hours ago. The LCD screen is scratched already! I am a professional photographer that wanted a little point and shoot to grab snapshots here and there. I also own the Nikon D700 and a few other Nikon bodies and lenses. I love Nikon, (not too thrilled with them right now) and have always recommended them to people who asked me about what brand they should buy. I treat my cameras with great care! My camera's, iPods and iPads all have screens in perfect condition. I do not have callused hands or any other problem that would have cause the LCD on this camera to scratch so quickly.

I bought the camera yesterday, took it out of the box, charged it,..... while handling it with kid gloves, set it up via the touch screen, took a few photographs, put it away. This morning I get it out to play with it a bit. I notice what looks like messed up pixels on the screen. I back out of camera mode to see if it's a lens or sensor thing but it's still there. I open up a browser, still there. I get up and go to a window to see it better...SCRATCHES ALL OVER THE SCREEN....!!!! Most of them were on the right as I'm right handed. I get my lens cloth and gently rub them. No good. They're there to stay!

I am so disappointed! My brand new toy that I had thought about for weeks before buying, is messed up already! And that's with me being very careful! I had ordered a screen protector within an hour of coming home too! It never occurred to me that I'd better not even lay one single finger on it in the meantime. Can you imagine what it will look like a week, a month, a year??

Of course it's Sunday so I am stuck wondering if the local store I bought it from will exchange it for another one or if I'm stuck with this junky screen.

Nikon, shame on you for putting such a piece of garbage screen on your camera! You must have noticed it getting scratched in the lab and in beta!

Other than that, this camera is a gem! I completely love it and hope to get an exchange. I won't even take it out of the box till the screen protector is on hand and ready to install though.

Update: I took it back to the store and they exchanged it for another one. I took it right to the mall and had a Zagg shield put on it. Now I'm happy as punch!

If you shoot at ISO 125 you can get amazingly clean files that are close to some pro cameras! Be sure to expose correctly though as under exposure creates noise.
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on November 7, 2012
Just got the camera yesterday so this review is based on very limited experience (about 2 hours of playing). I'm not super tech savy but generally don't have problems with my iPad, Blackberry, and thinkpad. Overall, the camera has a lot of potential, but there are so many frustrations/limitations that I'm not sure how much I will use it:

*Beautiful screen
*Android operating system (which is fairly easy to use)
*low light pictures and zoom stabilization looked good on first few attempts
*potential to quickly email/upload pictures without cables, laptops, etc

*Wifi is temperamental. Couldn't figure out why Wifi kept dropping, but just read a review that said that Wifi drops when the camera goes to standby. That would explain it! Also, I couldn't get the Wifi to connect at all today (~5 attempts and turned camera on and off twice) until I took the battery out, pressed the start button a few times, then replaced the battery and booted back up.
*Short battery life - already described in other reviews
*Uploading pictures: Downloaded snapfish app, but couldn't get the app to work at all after multiple attempts. App said it was uploading the picture but never finished (even after waiting for > 5 minutes). Picasa app puts me in a loop I can't get out of (Sign in/You are already logged in/Please sign in). Google Plus seems to work but I'm not a google person so I don't particularly want to set-up all the contacts, "circles", etc.
*Can't use camera while charging. When combined with the short battery life, this is REALLY irritating.

Unfortunately I have a feeling that this camera is so much more difficult to use than my wife's iphone that it will end up being recycled without a huge amount of use. (glad it was a "reward" from my company and not something I spent a bunch of money on) Also guessing that Nikon or someone else will fix all of the problems eventually and this version will just be a painful memory.

Unless you are very device savvy or super patient, be prepared for some frustration!
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on November 15, 2012
This camera is a real novelty. You can download some really awesome Android apps and make some high quality images - much better than cell phones. I have to say, though, that there are not as many controls as I thought a camera of this price point should have. You can adjust the exposure some (+/-), but you cannot change color balance, flash intensity/output, etc. that you can with even a sub $200 non-Android Nikon. It's good, but I'll wait till generation 2 or generation 3 or generation 4 before I re-invest in this technology. Also, the touch screen is EXTREEEEEMELY sensitive to scratches - no matter how careful you are, so I recommend a screen protector B4 you even put the battery in.
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I am preparing to return my second S800c. It has two major issues, same as the first one I purchased, which are:

Wifi functionality: The wifi just doesn't work half the time on this thing. It will say I'm out of range from my home network when I'm in the room with my router and the wifi will just randomly shut itself off. The only way to get it to reconnect is to restart the camera, even then it won't resume connection after being woken out of standby.

SD card functionality: The camera randomly tells me the SD card is "Unable to be used" in camera mode or "Contains nothing or is not formatted" in Android mode. I've tried two cards, a Sandisk and a Samsung that work fine in both my other cameras. Even after formatting the card, the camera will still randomly reject it.

I really wanted this thing to work. I think the idea is great, but it is essentially nonfunctional.

* Looks like the 1.1 firmware update will fix the issues I had.
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on October 21, 2012
This is a perfect gadget camera inspiring me with Android OS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth function.
I tried to use this as Digital camera and MP3 player during my jogging with my Bluetooth headphone because there is no headphone plug in.
First 20 minutes it was working perfectly as I wanted. I shoot many impressive images on the street while I was listening to music but the battery started to weakning so fast and died within 1 hour.
Maybe, it is not designed using such way I attempted. But thanks to tons of application software, I can't resist to try many ways to enjoy this
Wi-Fi function is very convenient as this camera alone can upload new photos to SNS without using PC or Smartphone, which is convenience.
There is no doubt that quality of photo image is amazing and it is much better than those taken by Smartphone embedded camera as this is real digital camera.
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