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on December 4, 2012
I recently purchased a Dell XPS desktop PC from Amazon, which came with Windows 8. Knowing that this OS is optimized for TOUCH, I researched several TOUCH monitors, and for me, they were WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! Like everything else, in a few years, they will be much more affordable for some average guy like myself. But for now, this Touchpad is not only far more affordable for whatever monitor your are using, but it is FAR MORE PRACTICAL than a touchscreen. Rather than having to reach forward to your monitor, which may be 2 or more feet away from where you are sitting, this wireless Touchpad can be right next to your keyboard and mouse. While this device makes the mouse somewhat redundant for average user, some users, such as gamers, or those with more expensive, specialized mice, would not want to give them up, which is why I love this compatibility of this Touchpad. Not only that, but it works flawlessly with my 7 YEAR OLD Logitech MX3000 keyboard and mouse combo, which I still LOVE. I can't tell you how happy I am that they all play together so nicely, along with Windows 8. Just do yourself a favor, don't install the software, think you know it all, and then be frustrated when it doesn't do everything. It only takes a few minutes to read the very straight forward manual. Plus, the Touchpad CAN be customized for certain functions. A lesser known feature is that when you depress the bottom corners of the Touchpad, they provide additional functions which you would probably not be aware of unless you read the directions.

Pros: Works wonderfully. I wish I invented it.

Cons: A minor con which I will turn into a tip for you. Nowhere with the "Setpoint" software, which is where you can review shortcuts and customize settings, did I see the following information... so I will share with you something I learned on my own. The Touchpad rests on four cushions, one at each corner. The LOWER LEFT and LOWER RIGHT cushions also function as a mouse's left and right click buttons by pressing down on them. So, for example, you can press down on the left corner with your thumb, and use your finger to highlight text, or drag a document or an app, etc. This is only a "con" because Logitech doesn't show you how to do this, an oversight on their part, but this "tip" does work.

MY BOTTON LINE: This is far more cost effective, as well as practical, than getting a touch screen. It is cordless, has a USB recharger and can be used while charging, and it does not take up much space. I usually have it to the left of my mouse pad, or sometimes, since it's cordless, I'll occasionally have it resting on my right knee. So go ahead, recline in your chair, kick your feet up, and keep this cordless wonder on your arm rest, leg, knee, beer belly, whatever. And if it's freedom of placement and ease of use isn't enough, it also comes with a 3 year warranty.

I hope this review was helpful to you. If so, please let me and Amazon know my clicking the YES tab. If not, please let me know what I can do to make this and future reviews more helpful to you and other readers. And if you have any further questions, feel free to ask me, and I'll do my best to help you. Thanks.
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on October 16, 2012
Verified Purchase
This touchpad has great response and works really well. The multiple finger gestures work great. The only problem I have with it so far, I don't see any way to click and drag an object. To me this is a pretty elementary task for any mouse/trackpad. Laptop touchpads have had drag capability for years now.

I thought this product would be a good replacement for the mouse, but without drag capability, you still have to keep a mouse on your desk. I have sent a email to Logitech, asking about this, but so far no response. Hopefully they will update the software to allow for this function. If they do, I would give the product 5 stars.

I found that you can click and drag with the T650. Two of the feet on the bottom of the pad are actually buttons. To click and drag you simply, move the pointer to the item to be dragged, use your thumb to press down on and hold one of the bottom corners of the pad, hard enough to click the button/foot, which is very easy to feel, then use your index finger to move the item to the new location.

This works really well. I just wasn't able to find instructions for this in the documentation provided with the pad or online.

Overall, with now knowing how to click and drag, I really like this pad. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer screen, using the touchpad instead of a mouse is much easy on the hands.

My mouse has Retired!
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on October 24, 2012
I just installed windows 8 and found my old mouse difficult to activate or select key windows functions. Saw this touch pad and decided to try it out with windows 8.

First: love the way this pad feels. Fingers easily glide over the surface and feels nice to the touch. Size of the pad is nice and fits on my desktop with not getting in the way of the keyboard.

Second: most of the predefined gestures work great i.e. one finger tap, two finer scroll, three finger windows change.
This makes windows 8 enjoyable to use ( with just a mouse I was starting to hate windows 8)

Third: being able to pair multiple devices (six devices) on the same receiver is a nice feature. allows you to keep your mouse for those moves easier to do with an mouse.

a few issues with the cursor responding from time to time, but not too much. The setup software is very nice with video playing in the same window that shows each move you are able to make on the pad.

If you upgrade to Windows 8, I highly recommend getting this pad to take advantage of windows 8 new features.
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on October 28, 2012
Great product. I never thought a touchpad would be a superior replacement of a good mouse. But this is. Effortless, and multifunctional with a combination of one, two, three and four finger taps, clicks, slides and swipes.

To properly configure and understand how to use this touchpad, it is very important to understand the difference between a tap and a click:

- a "tap" is just a simple brief touch on the screen using one fingertip, completely effortless.
- a "click" means you press one of the lower corners of the touchpad pretty hard.

A tap is natural with a touchpad, while a click is something added to supplement the touchpad, so it would mimic a mouse.

The default setting of this touchpad has two most basic things that are not only easy but also intuitive:

(1) A one finger slide is the equivalent of cursor movement by a mouse. This is completely intuitive, especially for those who are already familiar with a touchpad on laptops.

(2) A one finger tap then is the "primary click" (which is usually the left click on a mouse). This is also intuitive, except that this "primary click" based on a one finger tap is not completely identical to the "primary click" of a regular mouse. When the tap is used for clicking alone, it is indeed the same as the clicking of the mouse; but the tap cannot be held and combined with the cursor movement like the primary click of a mouse could. For example, you cannot use one finger to tap and hold it while sliding another finger to select text. To do that, you need to do a real hard-pressing "click" instead of a light tap.

From there, the rest might need some getting used to. I read one user had a hard time to find where the "right-click" is. Well in the Logitech software, you can program it in a variety of ways. One way is a *click* (the hard-pressing click on one of the lower corners of the touchpad); another way is a *tap* at the lower right corner (it cannot be a tap anywhere, for it would confuse with the primary click). Neither is completely intuitive, but it's not hard to learn. I am experimenting both but have not made up my mind. Because you also use other computers, you don't want to develop a habit which interferes with navigation of other devices.

Because the touchpad is much more spacious than what you have on the laptop, it really does work much better.

It is indeed better than even a great mouse. I've used a Logitech M500 for too long, and I have developed some painful fingers. This is not because the M500 is a bad mouse in any way, but because I have used it for too long with one particular type of finger gestures and motions. This practice is not healthy for anyone. So I decided to change to something that is very different, intentionally, out of health concerns for my fingers. So I was expecting some difficulties of adjustment. But I was pleasantly surprised by how well this works.


The click (not the tap) is physically hard to do. You actually need to press it really hard and perhaps even need fairly strong fingers to do so. Pressing and holding is even harder. Also, because it is a touchpad, pressing the surface frequently causes jump of the cursor position.

(However, remember that the hard-pressing click on this touchpad is not essential, because you can program the touchpad to do everything using multi-finger taps and swipes without requiring the hard click. So this is just an imperfection, not the critical flaw.)

Related to the problem of the click, although this touchpad is super easy to do other things, it is relatively difficult to do a simple text highlighting or an item drag-and-drop, which require a click, holding and drag.

A tip: in the Windows Control Panel mouse setting, you can turn on the ClickLock function which enables you to highlight or drag without holding down the mouse button. I don't do this with a regular mouse and never felt any need of it. But with this touchpad, it may be almost necessary for the above reason.

AN UPDATE: I eventually decided to use this touchpad mostly handheld. This works for me because I use speech recognition for typing. Probably not a good idea for others. With the touchpad in your hand, a click is easy to perform because instead of pressing hard on the top surface of the touchpad, you simply click the rubber foot on the bottom of the touchpad. Much easier to do.
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on January 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
I got this touchpad after recently upgrading to Windows 8. I was looking forward to utilizing some of the multitouch gestures. During the unpacking, I was pleased with the solid feel of the glass top and the fact that it was rechargeable with a USB cable.

Setup was easy with my computer, I already use a Logitech mouse and keyboard. I ran the Unifying utility and it connected to the touchpad instantly.

Actually using the device to navigate my computer - this is where I quickly started disliking the product. I must be fair, I believe I have something against using trackpads in general (doesn't matter the brand). I gave the device 3 starts because 4 meant "I Like It," which I did not.

I have to keep my hand curled in an uncomfortable position to ensure I don't accidentally click something. I adjusted the necessary computer setting to match my typical mouse preferences, faster tracking speed and set for right hand. I also disabled the touch click (you have to physically push the mouse to click. My hand was tired after an hour of use. The multitouch features worked great, took a bit to remember what each one does.

-Well built, solid construction
-Great support for multitouch gestures.
-Connecting with computer couldn't have been easier, especially if you're already using Logitech products.
-Software is high quality

-The large size requires some awkward positioning for my hand
-The physical click is not "satisfying." Kind of hard to word this, but my mouse has a nice solid "click" sound and feel. The touchpad's physical click works better in some ares (bottom half) and not so well in others (top half). It's a dull, barely noticable click. I need/miss that haptic feedback while clicking.
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on October 22, 2012
The Logitech T650 is a bit of a surprise for me. I have never seen any Windows touchpad that was able to compete in any way with Apple's Magic Trackpad, either in form or function. Well that touchpad has finally arrived, and it is impressive. The T650 is large, and very striking, with the same premium feel that the Apple version features. I actually think this device is nicer looking than the Apple version as it is a just a bit sleeker looking, and features a nice charcoal color that does not draw attention to itself. I think there could be a few improvements to the software, but I fully expect Logitech to do this. A few things like the scrolling and gestures could be the tiniest bit better but it is almost there. In effect, the hardware is 100% there and the software is 90%. But as I stated, I think the software will mature, and hopefully quickly. This touchpad deserves to be the flagship touch input device for the desktop on Windows 8. Here is to hoping it will get the sales and support to make this happen.
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on February 23, 2013
Verified Purchase
This touchpad works! It handles tapping, double-tapping, highlighting and moving text, and dragging-and-dropping files, folders, and apps, just like the built-in touchpad on laptops. Because of the larger touchpad size, it makes pinching-and-stretching photos a lot easier. To fully use Windows 8 in the easiest way possible, this touchpad is needed for any desktop computer that does not have a touchscreen AND any laptop that is attached to a larger monitor/TV. On touchscreen laptops and all-in-one touchscreen desktop computers, this touchpad is needed if a person doesn't want to keep reaching to touch the screen or works with photos a lot. Though not necessary for laptops with built-in touchpads, this external touchpad would be useful if a person works with photos a lot and/or wants a larger touchpad.

It is large enough to be a good touchpad and just the right size to fit on the side of the keyboard. It has a smooth surface that makes swiping and pinching/stretching photos a pleasure to use. The bottom left and right corners provide the equivalent of left and right mouse buttons (when you press down), which makes it possible to use the touchpad without a separate mouse.

It is an excellent product to have if it is needed. I gave this product 4 stars, because a touchscreen is more intuitive and much quicker. However, if a touchpad is needed, I would highly recommend it, because it is a high-quality product that looks good, feels good, and works well.


1. For a Windows 8 computer (laptop or desktop), the ideal computer will include a touchscreen, since tapping a touchscreen is much faster and more intuitive than using a touchpad or mouse, which requires moving the cursor to the location then tapping/clicking. Such a computer can always be supplemented with an external touchpad later, if needed.

2. If the price of a touchscreen-based computer is too high for you, consider getting a laptop without the touchscreen, since the laptop has a built-in touchpad. If you need a larger screen (either because of your vision or because you want a larger on-screen workspace), consider getting either get an All-in-One touchscreen or a laptop connected to a larger monitor or LED TV screen. If you attach a laptop to a larger screen, you will want this touchpad.

3. Users who plan to work extensively with photos will want to have both this touchpad (or similar) and a wireless mouse and/or wireless stylus, since mice and styli are more precise than a finger on a touchpad or touchscreen for detailed editing.


1. To click, just TAP the touchpad.

2. To double-click, quickly TAP-TAP the touchpad.

3. To highlight text, move app/text/file/folder (if the touchpad is on the right side of the keyboard), while using your thumb to hold down the bottom left corner, move your index finger to highlight the text.

4. To scroll, swipe two fingers up/down or left/right.

5. To reduce or enlarge photo on screen, move your thumb and another finger apart (to stretch/enlarge photo size) or together (to pinch/reduce photo size).

6. To go back, swipe three fingers to the left. To go forward, swipe three fingers to the right.


1. To display Windows 8 Start Screen, swipe three fingers up.

2. To display/hide Windows 8 Desktop Screen, swipe three fingers down.

3. To switch applications, swipe one finger from the left edge to the right.

4. To display Windows 8 Charms Menu, swipe one finger from the right edge to the left.

5. To display Windows 8 Application Menu, swipe one finger from the top edge down.

6. To maximize/minimize window, swipe four fingers up/down.

7. To snap windows to the left or right, swipe four fingers left or right.
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on November 6, 2012
So, you have a desktop with a mouse or a laptop with a traditional touch and click mini trackpad. You're thinking maybe you need to get a new touch screen computer to use with Windows 8? PUT AWAY YOUR WALLET!

This is your inexpensive alternative - a first rate mac-like multi-touch track pad that gives you access to all the Windows 8 gestures on your existing computer. Swipe screens left and right; swipe through your open applications; use three fingers to instantly bring up the Start screen.

I have a ThinkPad X61 laptop (Intel Core Duo processor)from June 2007 that now has a new lease on life with Windows 8 (which runs faster on old computers than even Windows 7) and the T650 trackpad.

Now - reality check: This is for multi-touch navigation - it says so on the box. It is not a good tool for precision select / click / drag operations required in, say, Photoshop or heavy MS Word editing. You want a mouse for that. Or the built-in trackpad on your laptop, if that has worked well for you before.

In other words - this is not intended to be a mouse replacement. Instead, it does what a mouse can't do - open up all the touch capabilities of the new Windows interface.

So pick the right tool for the job. You want to swipe? Get this. You want to do precision editing? Get a good mouse. You want to do both? Then you need both tools. It's as simple as that.
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on October 27, 2012
I used a Macbook Pro for a little over a year at work and fell in love with the track pad on it. After using it, and the scrolling gestures, going back to the plasticky touchpads on the major Win notebook manufacturers was kinda rough. All seem to allow some variation of scrolling gestures, but they just were not the same, and I usually just turned off the feature in the software.

I never actually owned the Apple track pad but did go out of my way to use one in demos at stores, etc. It too had a wonderful feel...and frankly the OS X gestures were kinda cool.

Well, I've been running Windows 8 at home and work on desktop computers for a couple of weeks and had seen the Microsoft touch mouse but never gave it much attention. So, I started thinking that it might be rather neat to use one on Win8. While researching, I tripped over the older Logitech Wireless Touchpad. I read the reviews and had decided to go find one when I tripped over the new Logitech T650.

I saw it last night and bought one today on the way home. There are good review pages if you search for them.

The feeling under your fingers is right on par with the Apple track pad, IMO. The gestures all worked as advertised in Windows 8. Pinch to zoom only works where things can be zoomed. In my browser, nothing happens...but CTRL-Mousewheel still does that. [UPDATE: It does work just like CTRL-wheel, I just wasn't focused enough!] Hey, there may be a setting I haven't seen yet. Clicking and dragging can be adventurous one-handed but I ALWAYS used both hands on the laptop track pads anyway. Heck, I can put it front-and-center on my desk and use it just like a notebook track pad if I want to. With this thing, I can pull it off one-handed because of it's size. Unlike the older model, this one makes use of the entire surface.

It is fun to use. Seriously. To slide two fingers to scroll things on the screen...three fingers sideways to go back and forward (in browser) are cool enough. Throw in the three-finger swipe up and down to toggle between the Windows 8 start screen and the Windows 8 desktop...well, you have to pay attention or you'll minimize the open program on the desktop by inadvertently touching with that third finger. Left-in for app switching, right-in for the Windows charms, top-down for apps options...Loads of fun!

I cannot speak to battery life, I read 1 week with plenty of usage. Has an included micro USB cable to charge and the Logitech Unifying USB receiver for the connections. Installed perfectly and just started working.

I just wanted to pass along this testimonial. Amazon reviews have always been a source of good information for me.

Go get one and get an understanding into gestures in Windows...something OS X owners have known about for quite some time.
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on March 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
Every input device hurts eventually--except for this one. I had to stop using a mouse because of carpal tunnel issues. I've used a Logitech Marble Mouse for years. Recently I've developed numbness in a couple of my fingers and some wrist pain as a result of extended pressure on my wrist and palm from using the trackball.

The pleasure and relief from the T650's surpassingly smooth and generously large surface was immediate. Mousing has transformed into a series of light, gentle gestures, using any fingertip or combination. Scrolling through web pages is like painting with a deft brush. Now I'm moving my fingers and wrist, and not rigidly grasping an inert object all day.

My fingers barely touch the surface, it's so responsive. As a matter of fact, that's the reason I gave it only 4 stars--it's just a bit too sensitive--sometimes an accidental touch is interpreted as a click. I'm training my hand to be gentle but firm in my movements, and gradually I'm getting the hang of it. Drag-and-drop, too (which is a double-tap-and-slide gesture), will take a bit of practice. For gaming, of course, I've left the Marble Mouse connected, as well as my game controller. This is one of the places where the T650 really shines--no wires, so it's easy to put it in just the right place, or set it aside on a nearby shelf when I'm not using it.

I want to be sure to mention that I'm using this on Windows 7. The software supports a slightly more restricted set of gestures than on Windows 8, but it's really enough for my non-gaming needs. There is some configurability (for instance, left and right mouse button location and gestures) but the software could be more flexible here.

The first unit I received would not attach properly. I requested a replacement on Monday and it arrived Tuesday afternoon--before I'd managed to get to the UPS Store to send back the original! You can't ask for a more responsive retail experience.

I'd recommend to those of you who are hesitating, give this thing a chance. This is probably the best touchpad you're ever going to see.
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