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on June 4, 2013

* I have owned previous "true HEPA" vacuum cleaners but noticed a critical difference with this unit: My allergies went away. Totally.
* Perfect, 0 ppm, lab-grade filtration.
* Superb materials, build quality, and fit-n-finish.
* Velvet bumper protects woodwork and furniture, while the swivel wheels prevent contact in the first place.
* Rigid, positive locking, stainless steel wand.
* Paced, one-touch cord retract mechanism is superior to any I have ever experienced.
* Light base unit encourages me to just carry it when doing stairs.
* Unusually quiet electric carpet head.
* Perfectly flat profile allows cleaning under almost any furniture, no matter how close to the floor.
* Handle-mounted controls.
* Very light, uncrushable hose with swivels on both ends.
* Classy, real metal satin-finished trim on the base unit.
* Attachments, wand, and hose are oversized (although this is hard to perceive). The result is exceptional, 94 CFM airflow. This rivals, even exceeds, the cleaning power of commercial back-pack vacuums.
* Unusually long 10-year warranty. Absolutely no problems experienced, and none expected.


* Overpriced by $300 for what you get.
* Handle controls can be accidentally brushed, shutting off the unit, because they aren't recessed.
* Attachments are expensive.
* LEDs on the base unit are silly, unnecessary, and a poor excuse for the inflated price.


* Recess handle-mounted controls to avoid accidental button-pressing.
* Add slots on the bottom that mate to an optional backpack platform so the base unit can be worn. Given its small size, lightness, and quietness, this is a natural application. A terrific value-added feature, and easy for Miele to implement.

Summary Appraisal

* Miele offers a unit with a less-sophisticated carpet head, no hand-mounted controls, and manual speed control selectable on the base unit for about $1000. Same fundamental mechanicals and better value.
* Uniq is great for people like me who value luxury appliances.
* The high (perhaps excessive) initial price will be forgotten over time as the perfect filtration and exceptional user experience become welcome habits.
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on January 10, 2013
I bought this vacuum to replace my Dyson "Animal" upright. That was a great vacuum as well but became increasingly harder to push and I couldn't get into corners or under furniture with it. I have never owned a canister before but thought it might be easier on my back. After much research and consideration I went ahead and bought the UniQ. I LOVE it!!! It is extremely powerful - at least as much so as my Dyson - and is so much easier to handle. And QUIET! The "wand" is telescoping so I can stand up straight which is a huge help on my back. The power head attachment is very powerful and easy to maneuver. It also lays flat to get under furniture. The lights on the front are very bright and help you too see what needs to be cleaned. The power cord automatically recoils which, again, saves my back. This is a pricey vacuum but so worth it. It seems to be extremely well made and I am expecting many, many years of use. I don't like having to change the bags but it's a small trade off.
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on September 30, 2013
Been very pleased overall with the Uniq, and to no surprise.

As someone mentioned, you can inadvertently turn the power off from the handle piece, though this is fairly infrequent and quite inconsequential.

Performs an EXCELLENT job on carpets of all types, as well as hardwoods/tile.
I am not one to justify/rationalize the large expense merely by stating how great things are, but actually, things are indeed pretty great with this unit with only minor exceptions, like the aforementioned power button issue, and to some unfortunate degree, there is potential to really ruin the brush attachment compartment lid if you fail to shut it during normal operation.
For an example: I have lifted the lid, taken out a brush attachment, and left the lid open. On 2 occasions, I came close to utterly dislodging the lid while either stepping over the unit and nearly kicking the lid, or even just while in transit with it still open. Not really an issue but just remember: CLOSE THE LID!

That being said...consider...
I am not of German heritage, but have seen and experienced the superior make quality of nearly all that the country produces. By most other standards (i.e., US and esp. China), the vast majority of German goods/products are extraordinary. I feel most consumer goods originating from Germany are actually over-engineered, but yet must be thoroughly made with pride. Perhaps I am too conditioned to the mediocre standards of most others, but the German made products vasty outshine mostly all others.

Value? If I were to apply my rating to the overall shopping experience, I would place 4/5 stars, as due in small part to the high price tag, but the rating represents the actual product.

I believe in Miele and all that they create (I own their dishwasher and washer/dryer units) and have been brand loyal for 12 years now.
My wife and I are middle-income, and we also have two small children and an indoor cat.

Miele products are a large, up-front expense, though I strongly feel the investment will pay off over time. Yes, initially, the cost can be hard to reconcile when looking at the price tag, but please consider it to be money very well spent; just observe and marvel at the 10yr warranty of the UniQ. 10 years instills a sense that even the company knows the vacuum is a damn great one. Is there nothing worse than throwing good money after bad or making multiple purchases/repairs on products that really stink? -- you may or may not be familiar with the stench of chintzy, corporate sell-out products.

It seems like the culture has been to design something to last only so long, so that it quickly breaks or malfunctions so as to guarantee repeat sales, while at the same time, condition the consumer to feel familiar and tolerant enough with the pattern and expect it and accept it as a norm within society...

An while yes, budget is a concern in my family, I feel it more worthwhile to own something that is going to work as desired (incredibly well in this case) and not have the worry about its longevity.

Indeed 5/5 stars thus far, as my experience with this vacuum has demonstrated some of the ideals I've tried to illustrate.
To me, this sustained sense of quality during usage over time equates to an overall better quality of living in general -- this unit runs clean and I can't detect any odors or particulate as I vacuum. Intelligent thought, research, design, and ideals are evident in this product. Between my wife and I, the unit is in use almost daily, and it is somehow soothing to clean with it.

Anyway, yeah the unit could probably stand to be a few hundred dollars less, but it is the latest and greatest, but more importantly, it collectively has all the features that one could want and need for a household.
Bottom line: just dive in to a Miele, you won't have any regrets.
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on November 17, 2013
I was channel surfing one night and HSN was offering a Dyson which got my attention. Well, befure I pushed the "purchase" button on my iPad, I thought I better do some research. I then found what was one of the most expensive vacuums I've ever run across for home use. Well, I thought maybe it's with a try. Yes, it is expensive, but it is whisper quiet. Actually the noise of the air going into the hose is what now makes the noise. You really don't hear the motor, except when you turn down the suction power to its lowest setting. Even then, it is a very pleasand and quite sound. That variable suction feature is superb. I like all the potential settings, both for hard floors and carpets. I now can even vacuum my small throw rugs. The unit itself is quite light and easily follows you around.... sorta like a little puppy. If you can afford it, get one. But if you can't go for this model, they have others less costly but with the suction power and quietness. Cannot say enough about it
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on March 24, 2014
This will be my second Miele vacuum. My first was the blue moon and I was VERY happy with that vacuum for more than 10 years until the electronic hose kept having to be replaced several times per year and I decided it was time for a new one. I opted for the UniQ canister vac and just haven't been as happy. While I still love the fact that the vacuum is quiet and that the power hose is built in to the extension pole, I find that the hose is waaay too short and the most frustrating feature (which I'm shocked that I have not read anyone else complain about in these reviews) is that the power and cord rewind buttons are so sensitive, that the hose hits them (frequently) and either turns the machine off or shockingly rewinds the cord with so much power that it rips out of the wall and strikes anything in it's path. Dangerous to an eye and quite painful when you are that thing in it's path and you don't see it coming. In addition, the canister tends to flip over often which also activates one of those buttons or both. Nothing more frustrating than to have your vacuuming continually interrupted and having to constantly restart the machine or plug it back in. My husband, my cleaning lady and myself all have the same complaints with the vac, so I know it isn't just something that I'm doing. Unfortunately, my friend is looking to replace her 13 year old Blue Moon and I recommended that she purchase a new brand as I could no longer recommend this product for these serious design flaws.
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on December 26, 2012
This vacuum is undoubtedly the BEST vacuum I have ever owned. I love the ease of using it. The attachments are all extremely handy. The vacuum does an excellent job cleaning. I actually enjoy vacuuming now; it is a joy to use.
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on February 5, 2014
I have a daughter with allergies and do my best to minimize her problems. So I opted for the HEPA filtration and this expensive vacuum with its expensive bags.The rating of 3 stars is an average of what I love and hate about the vacuum.

I love that it's quiet and strong. Hate the cheap dusting attachment. OK with cord length; if I ever find it's a problem I'll just buy a 6' extension cord and keep it with the vacuum.

This is my other frustrating issue, which I will offer as information for those of you considering purchasing the vacuum: I have been very happy with it until I used up a box of bags--the ones specified for this vacuum--and saw that I'm supposed to replace the extra filters--the "dust compartment filter" and the "exhaust filter." (These are included with the box of bags.) You would think it would be a simple matter to just swap out the old ones and put in the new ones, right? Wrong! I had to get out the instruction booklet and pore over the instructions to figure out what I'm supposed to do with these extra filters. Turns out you have to cut the dust compartment filter to size, and you have to figure out that yes, it does go in the 8990 machine even though the indications printed on the filter omit this machine. Next, you have to learn to disregard all the information in the instruction book about the Air Clean exhaust filter (included with the bags) and the Active Air Clean exhaust filter, because you have the Active HEPA exhaust filter. You don't even use the filter that is included with the bags; and you only replace the HEPA filter when the indicator on the machine comes on. This is not made clear on the Amazon website or on the box of filters, (Although--if you don't want to pay the $50 for the replacement HEPA filter it says you can use the included filter but you have to purchase the optional filter frame. Good grief.) It took way too much time to figure all this out. For such a pricey machine, why not have a dedicated instruction booklet? And Amazon needs to make it more clear that the HEPA filter goes with the 8990 machine.

Just like with the ridiculous dusting brush, this is an annoying aspect of this expensive machine.
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on February 4, 2014
I bought the top of the line Capricorn canister in 2010, and the new top of the line UniQ canister a few weeks ago. Yes, Miele offers the best HEPA filters, top-quality manufacturing, quiet operation, etc. You can't do better.

But I already hate the one-touch cord retraction, because it is so easy to accidentally bump the retraction foot control and then that darn cord retracts AND THERE IS NO STOPPING IT. In under 10 hours of use, I have accidentally started that retraction at least 7 or 8 times and it pulls the cord in as far as it possibly can, really fast, before I can say "jack sprat". A few times I hit the button with my foot; other times the button was tapped by the hose. My spouse reports he has the same problem. The dealer said some people like it because they have trouble balancing on one foot long enough to hold the foot-pad down during the entire retraction period. But I think the drawbacks of the run-away retraction outweigh the benefits.

I wish the light had been added to the tool storage compartment rather than the underside of the vac. I personally don't even use the onboard tool storage because it is inconvenient. Always seems like a hassle to lift the door, the door casts a shadow onto the slots, and the compartment doesn't hold ALL the accessories that I want with me. Instead I have jerryrigged a bucket to hold all my accessories plus some bags, and I haul that bucket around with me as I clean [plus I have a cleaning caddy. . . and a cleaning/decluttering notebook, sigh]. Am thinking about having my dealer take the door off.

I have one other petty complaint, regarding the placement of two of the buttons on the hand control. My issue pertains to: (a) the button that turns the vac on and off, and (b) the button that turns the carpeting attachment on and off. On the Capricorn, Button A was on the right and Button B was on the left. For some reason, the buttons are in reverse positioning on the UniQ. So, a positioning that quickly became instinctive to the user is now all screwed up. When I want to press one of these buttons, I have to stop and think about which vac I am using, taking a moment to actually LOOK at the controls, rather than just instantaneously reaching with my thumb and pressing the right button. Why, oh why, Miele, did you decide you had to switch these buttons around when you designed the UniQ? Didn't it even occur to you that Capricorn owners might want to ALSO OWN A UNIQ and would want the buttons to be in a similar patterning?

Incidentally, the Universal Brush, an optional accessory, has been greatly improved. The one I bought in 2010 was too floppy and would not stay in position, and was just about worthless. Now it is tightened up and stays in position; I bought two.

Other optional accessories which I like: the non-electric telescoping pole, and the new extra-long flexible crevice tool. I almost didn't buy the long/flexible crevice tool, but have already used it a bunch and am very glad I did buy it. Oh, also the Turbo-Mini brush for upholstery, or for small limited-access carpeted areas.

Luckily I was able to buy the UniQ at a promo price discount from my local dealer.

Sometimes it seems as if the engineers at Miele are great, but their ergonomics experts are not so great.

One other surprise: The booklet for the Capricorn I bought in 2010 was of high quality paper. For the UniQ, the cover of the booklet is high quality paper, but the interior pages are thin cheap paper. Miele, what were you thinking?
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on May 23, 2013
Had several dysons and they never broke down, just one day said.. Life is too short to clean a bagless vacuum !

The Miele uniq is top of the line, quiet , several adjustments, and I can toss the bags when it's full.

Buy it, made in Germany quality !
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on September 15, 2013
I had an opportunity to "test" the Miele UniQ yesterday at a Mr Sweeper in MA. No doubt the Miele's are well made and for the most part seemed to do well on their various rugs, and the floor attachment worked well. But these are all standard functions and any vacuum ought to perform these tasks with reasonable proficiency otherwise why bother with it. I found the hose was a little stiff, stiffer than the Electrolux which I also tested, but that issue alone would not be a deal breaker.

I really liked having all the controls right there on the handle just a mere finger touch away. Unfortunately that feature only comes on the high priced UniQ. Let me revise that statement - exorbitantly high priced UniQ.

The one thing I cannot get past is the attachments or tools that come with the unit (the ones stored on-board) are so small as to seem almost useless. In fact the dusting brush is a joke in my opinion, so small and the bristles are frail that the bend and mush into whatever surface you are trying to clean. You see I actually use my dusting brush extensively to clean many other surfaces, including keyboard, TV, desk and counter tops, furniture, chairs, speakers, pretty much anywhere dust will land, and that is everywhere. In my queries it seems many people apparently do not do this.

Now to be fair Miele does have many accessory attachments which you can also buy, again at a premium. When I mentioned my dislike of the dusting brush as a real sticking point, the nice sales person came out with a 3rd party Dusting Brush which was quite a bit bigger then the tiny 2" circular on-board brush. It looked a little ungainly on the end of the wand but it did seem much more useful then Miele's brush. But it kinda looked like a club foot on the end of the wand. I guess I just figure if you are going to spend a small fortune on a vacuum cleaner it would be nice to have the attachments to be all coordinated and that both look nice AND function at a high level to perform the task they are meant to do.

I looked at the Miele universal brush which has a longer cleaning surface and can twist in different ways presumably to clean at different angles, but it kind of befuddled me as to how to get the joints twisted in the right position, and then it seemed like with only a little pressure would twist back out of the desired position. So I didn't like that so much.

I've been vacuuming for over 50 years and in the past every vacuum I've ever had always had the FULL set of FULL sized attachments - dusting brush, upholstery brush, crevice tool, and floor brush, which all fit nicely inside the top cover. My current Panasonic does just that. And may I say the dusting brush is thick horse hair and it's been awesome, but now it's time to replace as it's showing it's age and the bristle's are a bit bent (like an old toothbrush). This is after over 10 years of heavy use. Also the motorized floor head cuts out a little when pulling back. Hence my search for it's replacement.

Anyway it may be the Miele could be the last vacuum I ever bought, and spread over time it would justify the price, but I just wish they did a better job with the attachments. That is 50% of what I use a vacuum for, and also the main reason to have suction control settings. ie for curtains, and desk surfaces were I don't want to suck up small objects laying about.

I did not actually buy the Miele just to be clear. I only gave it 3 stars because I feel this is an important aspect of what I want a vacuum to do. I may end up getting one eventually, but at this point I'm still looking.
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