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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been an HP printer person since the LaserJet 4 I bought 20 years ago, so I was eager to try this Lexmark and see how it stacks up to their chief rival. I was impressed!

This is an excellent black and white printer for the price. Configuration was very easy across all of the platforms in my home (Mac, Windows 8, and iOS), with zero configuration necessary. Both Windows 8 and Mac OS X discovered the printer on the network and installed the appropriate drivers automatically. The iOS devices connected seamlessly via Airprint, although for some reason my iPhone kept trying to print to legal size paper.

Print speed is very fast, although documents rich with graphics and images might see a drop in performance due to the limited onboard memory. It's not a significant performance decrease but it is noticeable. Additional memory can be purchased and installed by the user to speed things up.

The printer has an internal web server to allow for very detailed configuration of the device. It's possible to assign users and require pin codes for printing. It even has an interesting confidential print function that will hold a document in memory until its owner types in a pin code to release it. It will make office politics less interesting but a nice feature.

The cost of consumables is very reasonable - especially when compared to an ink jet printer. The included starter cartridge is rated for approximately 6,000 pages. This is assuming 5% toner coverage on a page so your exact mileage will vary. There is a cartridge available that costs almost as much as the printer that Lexmark says will deliver 20,000 prints at 5% coverage. Toner is separate from the imaging unit (drum, etc) so the toner cost is fairly reasonable for the print quantity. The imaging unit is rated for approximately 60,000 pages at the same coverage level as indicated above.

Overall I am impressed. I haven't had the printer long enough to speak to its long term reliability but I do think this is a very reasonably priced printer with equally reasonable consumable cost that can keep up with small to mid-size work groups.
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on September 17, 2014
Lexmark MS610dn vs HP LJ P3005dn

Though not exactly equivalent the units are close. Both are business class, duplex printers. This Lexmark MS610 review is first impression or a recent purchase.

I've been an HP printer fan for years and still own an HP 2300d that chugs along. But it was made in the USA. The newer, made in China, LJ P3005 died after three years. This was apparently due to bad Chinese solder joints. I could have let that pass, but the High Yield HP print cartridge I used died at 50% usage and the Philippine based customer support did not know what to do. I don't think HP is committed to quality under its current management.

I decided to try Lexmark after noting that Home Depot and others had changed their printers from HP to Lexmark.

Lexmark is also made in China. But hopefully the factories they use, know how to solder.

1) CARTRIDGE: Lexmark uses split Imaging Cartridge $70, (60,000 pages) and Toner 501 Cartridge, $131 (5,000 Pages) with a maintenance kit at $300 (200,000 sheets,) [data from print menu].

Imaging Cartridge has no protection of tubular turquoise photo drum. HP has a single Cartridge and DOES protect the Photo Drum. 51A, 6,500 pages, $100

2) NOISE (SPL, measured): HP LJ P3005dn 58db, 35ppm. Lexmark MS610dn, Quiet Mode 60db. Lexmark Normal Mode: 66db) Lexmark is noisy and noisier than HP but can be a bit quieter in Quiet mode.

3) INSTALLATION: Easy for Lexmark. On Printer screen after initial bootup, I said yes to "Do you want to setup from WebServer". It connected to the local network and the Printers built in WebServer was easy to use. I used drivers from Lexmark site rather than CD. I did get confused by the pictorial only instructions when it came to shaking the imaging unit. Still don't understand that step.

The only complication came when checking out various label and card stock print settings. Even though I told the SW driver to use the Multipurpose Tray it would pull the paper out of the main tray. This was due to some Lexmark confusing "feature" that automatic links trays with similar paper and size. Changing paper type solved confusion.

The unit prints excellently so far.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm very impressed with this printer!

Setup: I've used laser printers at work but this was the first laser printer that I have personally set up so I was a bit unfamiliar with the toner cartridge and imaging unit. I did find the small complex diagrams that came attached to the printer very confusing so I went to the Lexmark site and viewed their videos--which made everything very simple.

Installation: At first I installed the printer on my son's laptop using an USB cable and printed a couple pages. Then, I connected the printer to our home network which is connected to our two Windows 7 desktop computers. Both the USB and the Ethernet installations were easy to do.

Printing: Print quality is excellent and very fast!

Features: Lots of extra features that will take me a while to learn. I really like the huge paper capacity. I did print a couple files from my USB flash drive and that went well. I haven't had a chance to try the Airprint feature yet.

I'm hoping it will be as cost efficient as they claim--but I guess only time will tell that. For now, I'm very satisfied!
Update 1/9/2014: The more I use this the more I love it! It has now replaced our inkjet printer for all black and white printing. It is fast and the quality is excellent. I love the double-sided printing feature.
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on January 8, 2016
I would not recommend purchasing the DN model. The printer appears to print correctly in single sided mode. It has firmware/driver issues sometimes printing double sided. Their own user manual for the printer (PDF) incorrectly printed the 4th page (unusable, it looks like the print scaled up 200-300 % and went off the edges of the page). It just printed an Outlook 2010 email (14 pages) with a similar mistake except this time it errored out with "firmware 900.52". I have owned the printer for about 1 month. I have loaded the drivers that came on the CD, both PCL and Postscript drivers from the website and spent over an hour online with Lexmark support where they took control of one of my computers and tried to fix the problem. This occurs on 3 computers. Two are Win 7 Ultimate (64bit) and the third is Win 8.1 (64bit). I have printed the same documents on a Xerox Phaser 6180 without any problem, immediately after getting the problem with the Lexmark from the same open document.
3/8/2016 Update. I just downloaded the latest firmware, EC6.0 base=LW60.PR2.P632 and print drivers. Lexmark has not fixed the two sided print problem yet.
I have added pictures of what a good print (done in single sided more) and bad print look like (2 sided mode).
Bottom line: Lexmark needs to fix their firmware. I have downloaded the latest printer firmware from Lexmark's website and upgraded the printer as part of the process. All 3 computers are set to automatically update the Microsoft software and I have manually verified that they were fully updated.
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on January 21, 2015
This printer is packed with value for a reasonable price. They are features included with this printer that you'll find on higher priced printers. The performance of prints are quick. If you have a small office with 3/4 people printing about 5000 sheets a week this will meet your needs.
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on June 28, 2015
Excellent print quality and fast print speed. It has an easy to use LCD control panel. It takes about 60 seconds when powered on and additional 15 before you can print the first page. It also has a sleep mode.. So far I have only printed letter size documents. I have not tried duplexing, printing photos or printing card stock. This replaced the Lexmark T640N. It was a high volume work horse for almost six years. The system board failed. It was more economical to replace the printer than repairing it.
Pro: What I like most is the print speed.and easy to use settings.
Con: What I like least is that it is loud - much louder than most printers.
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VINE VOICEon January 3, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
With an ever aging, yet fairly reliable, Brother 7840W laser printer waiting to give up the ghost and croak on us the Lexmark MS610DN had some hefty shoes to fill.

Initial setup of unpacking and installing the imaging unit and toner cartage was fast, simple, and uneventful. If you've ever dealt with or used a laser printer before... yeah it was like that.

Paper handling is much better than the previous printers with the MS610DN capable of holding a full ream of paper, not just half a ream.

I immediately hooked it up to our network via an ethernet cable to begin setting it up.
Unlike previous laser printers I've had the pleasure to use, the MS610DN has a long list of settings and configuration within the unit itself to improve not only the performance or quality of the prints, but also conserve resources WITHOUT having to fiddle with the print dialog of OSX or Windows 7/8. This alone is a HUGE plus in my book as we will be able to drastically reduce the amount of toner wasted by reducing the toner darkness right at the source. Brightness and contrast both can be adjusted as well to further conserve resources and squeeze as much life out of your toner (as well as produce the best quality prints needed for the job at hand).

Without a doubt this is the most feature rich printer I've had in years and I am more than blown away!

The actual setup for use with three PCs (ultrabook, laptop, and desktop) and two Macs (both desktops) was effortless. All saw and recognized the printer immediately and without error. I was very pleased as my previous Brother printer had a few snags here and there with two of the PCs for some reason.

Print quality is fantastic. Within the print settings I have it turned down to 300dpi since most print jobs are nothing more than text with the occasional image. 600dpi is standard with 1200dpi, 1200dpi image, and 2400dpi image qualities as options.

One truly awesome feature is the Fine Lines Enhancer. This enables the printer to produce some of the most accurate fine lines within drawings and diagrams I have ever seen. This will make my life easier when on those rare occasions I need to print out a vector drawn electrical diagram or system layout.

Speed isn't much of an issue, within 8 seconds of clicking print, it's spools up and is already spitting out the first page.

With everything working like clockwork, the next step was getting this beastly printer wireless. Of all of the features the MS610DN has, the one it is missing is wireless! This is my only complaint... so I acquired the necessary Lexmark N8352 wireless print server kit ($30-$40) and immediately plugged it into the back of the unit (the USB port covered up with a wireless signal sticker). Setting it wirelessly was just as simple, went into the network print settings, it scanned, located my access point, I entered the WPA2 passcode, and it was done!

I honestly couldn't be happier with the performance and quality of this unit. Whether you are in a business/office setting or work from home, I would not hesitate to recommend the Lexmark MS610DN.
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VINE VOICEon January 16, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This didn't take long at all to set up. I did buy the wireless adapter with this, but I just told my Windows 8 machine to add a new printer, it saw the printer, downloaded the drivers (they weren't native in the HAL, I guess), and installed. On my Mac, it was even easier. I just clicked on printers, it saw it, and I clicked the plug button and it was there. In both cases, I never even had to touch the install disk (I'm not a fan of the large clients those tend to install. I'm not sure if Lexmark's client is huge or not, but I didn't want to find out).

It's worked flawlessly every time I send it a print job. I love that it has the duplex capabilities built into it so I don't have to guess which way to reinsert paper for two-sided print jobs. And if I'm printing single-sided, it spits out paper FAST!!

I've yet to get through the trial toner cartridge, but I think print costs are going to be reasonable, especially compared to my inkjet printer.

My only complaint is the noise. The first time it printed, I thought some animal had crawled up in there and was doing battle with the print drum or something. Also, now and then, it will wake up for no reason and make a short (less than a second) noise. It sounds like it's clearing its throat or something. Anyway, I'll troubleshoot the noise and see if I can find out what is going on.

Despite the noise, this works flawlessly and easily.
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on November 18, 2015
Why 3 stars? Well, I had an E460 Lexmark printer of the same approximate size and shape for 6-7 years that I was very happy with. It started getting firmware errors, and after reflashing the latest firmware a few times and still getting errors, I decided to get a new printer rather than messing with fixing the old one's main board or whatever. So I chose the MS610dn. Why not? The processor is faster and has 2 cores. It has a color display rather than monochrome.Gigabit ethernet rather than 100baseT. Print engine a few PPM faster. More sophisticated networking firmware. Paper handling about the same (except the standard drawer on the MS610dn is the 500 page drawer, whereas on the E460 it was the 250 page drawer, so the drawer I needed to add was less expensive}. The MS610dn uses cheap laptop memory modules to add memory...that's good. The internal design for inserting and removing the toner and fuser cartridges has been a bit refined here so you never really fumble. The printing looks pretty darn good after you get the squeaks out of the paper lifter by printing a few dozen sheets. So what's not to like? Answer: this thing has flimsier overall construction than the older model (mine is built in China and has a lot of labels inside in Chinese), and the main problem is, it prints with an annoying high-pitched whine that's more intrusive than the E460's printing sound. Not enough to make me return it, but enough to keep me from loving it.
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The Lexmark MS610DN is a good mid level networked workgroup printer. It's comparable to the Brother HL6180DW Printer. It's a little faster but without built-in wireless networking and the toner is more expensive than the brother. Lexmark makes the MarkNet N8352 802.11b/g/n Wireless  kit for the MS610DN at about $40 additional.

Setup was simple and mostly consisted of removing various pieces of tape, a couple pieces of plastic on the imaging unit, placing it on an appropriate flat surface, plugging in power and network (assuming you are going for a network install), and loading paper into the generous 650 page paper tray.

Drivers installed easily and found the MS610DN on the network. The printer also has a web interface which is pretty useful. I've only begun to explore the features of the MS610DN but one that is of interest is the ability to setup forms in the printer. I'm thinking about building my letterhead design for head and foot of the page. The instructions are on the Lexmark web site.

The printer comes with 256MB of RAM memory, but has a slot for a DDR3 SODIMM RAM module. Lexmark sells these for $80 but I tried a SODIM from an old netbook to max out the printer at 1.25GB. These 1GB DDR3 SODIMM modules can be found dirt cheap and more memory means more document information can be stored in the printer and more complex printing can be performed. Here is one on Amazon similar to the one I had on hand: 1GB Memory DDR3.

Duplexing seems like a pretty standard feature these days and the MS610DN seems to actually print close to half its one sided print speed when print two sided. Not many printers achieve this feat. Nice!

One thing caught my attention enough to look for more detail. The printer comes with a "Return Program" starter toner cartridge. When I read about the return program cartridges this caught my eye: "In addition, the cartridge is designed to automatically update the memory in your printer to protect against the introduction of counterfeit and/or unauthorized third-party cartridges."

The included starter cartridge is a return program cartridge. This seems to mean it will alter the printer so it will not longer work with third party toner cartridges. It seems at least Lexmark requires you to agree to this if you use the included return program cartridge. I can understand why they would want to lock-in customers to buying Lexmark branded toner...

Lexmark toner is more expensive than comparable toner from Brother. With heavy use the toner is much more costly than the printer itself over the lifetime of the printer. A 5K page Lexmark High Yield Return Program Toner is currently $129 here on Amazon. A Brother TN750 8K Page Toner is currently selling for $75 here on Amazon.

There are 3rd party cartridges available but I've not gone through my starter yet so I can't say if they will work after an official return program cartridge has been loaded. I'll update the review when I find out!

Print quality is very very nice monochrome printing. Time to first page is impressive.

Like with any laser printer it's not a good idea to plug it into your UPS unless it's really beefy - FYI. I've had some clients kill their smallish UPS battery backup by doing this.

Since it does not have wireless built-in but does have that return-program starter cartridge and high toner cost adds to the total cost of ownership the MS610 gets 4 stars. It would get 5 but the return program feels like a vendor lock-in to me, though I tend to purchase cartridges made by the manufacturer anyway. I don't like feeling coerced.

Hope this helps someone.
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