Customer Reviews: Nexus 7 2012 Docking Station
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on February 24, 2013
I had a hard time justifying the $50 price for such a simple dock with no extras but I haven't yet found a case or stand that had the aesthetics that I'm looking for. Most add-ons I've come across look cheap, ugly, or don't do anything to improve wire management.

The selling point for this dock is how sleek and clean the tablet looks when docked. The simplicity of the stand along with the matching finish look great! Add to this a USB connection in the back and the result is unquestionably appealing dock for the Nexus 7. It definitely has enough weight to keep from being knocked over and the rubberized material on the bottom works very well to keep the dock from sliding around.

Unfortunately for this product, form is better than function.

The problem with this dock is the pins. For some reason the spring-loaded pogo connectors are just a bit too strong. When I drop the tablet into the dock, it doesn't weigh enough to cancel out the strength of the pins. The connection is often not made or broken as soon as I let go of the tablet. I've gotten into the habit of using both hands when docking - basically putting a bit more downward force on the right side to make sure the pins are pushed down all the way and won't push the tablet back up after release. This is especially irritating when I wake up the next morning to a low or dead battery because I was too sleepy to make sure it connected properly the night before.

The other problem I believe is a software issue so might be fixed in a future OS update. When docking, if I accidentally touch the screen before Daydream takes over (2s to 3s after docking), the tablet will stop charging regardless of the connection and I'll need to reconnect. This is quite annoying since I have set my status bar to hidden (Nova Launcher option) and have no icon to let me know its charging. 2 seconds is more than enough time for me to turn around without double-checking so I've often come back to find the tablet at the same battery level after a couple hours. I know I could add an icon to the homescreen or un-hide the status bar to fix this but it really shouldn't be a problem in the first place... and I like my homescreen layout.

Overall, it looks great but given all of the difficulties with its one purpose - CHARGING - I wouldn't recommend this product if you want a fast and easy charging option. That being said, I am not returning it. The dock simply looks too good and when its working properly, its fantastic.
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on January 24, 2013
So far I have had the official dock for about 24 hours. As far as the basics it works great for charging and audio out. I like the convienence of not dealing with cables for charging and audio. While docked the usb does still work on the bottom with the OTG connected. However, when using OTG with a keyboard or a usb stick and nexus media importer the dock does not seem to charge. If it is charging it's losing the battle. Another con is no data transfer through the dock so unable to connect peripherals directly to the dock.
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on May 16, 2013
For one, I didn't know Amazon was selling these (the official ones). I've been staring at a "sold out" page on the Google Play store for months just to find out I could have it in 2 days with no tax...

Anyways, the unit is pretty nice. It comes in a nice Nexus style box and seems relatively well built. It's got a pretty decent bit of heft to it as well so you don't have to worry about it tipping and what not.

Also, just to make a point. This uses the pogo pins on the side of the Nexus 7. Just like the Galaxy Nexus these are meant for one media and charging. There is no HDMI, you will not be able to transfer USB data, etc. This is simply a well built glorified charger that lets you see the screen (and if you want, hook to a home stereo I guess...).

Personally, I use it to take advantage of the Daydream feature. It has come to replace my ancient iHome alarm clock but I seem to prefer to use it as a digital picture frame (on steroids). You can pick your Picasa album (or local photos) and just have it cycle through them.

So lets break it down. You can get a Nexus 7 for sub-$200 now. The dock will probably bring you up to $200. That's on par with the WiFi digital picture frames you can buy here on Amazon. So for maybe like $20 more you get...better resolution, a full tablet, every storage service you might need, and whatever else you can find an App for. The only real downside is you'll need to keep it plugged in.

- Heavy
- Rubber gripped bottom.
- Nice construction. Matches the whole Nexus design.

- No HDMI.
* The USB port on the N7 supports MHL so Google could have done something with it. Would have probably made it a nice addition to home theaters for some.

- I see $30 as perfectly reasonable. Remember, this isn't plastic and doesn't require anything plugged in. It uses the pogo pins.
- No charger. Could be a bit of a pain if you're using the provided N7 chord (it's kind of short).
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on February 1, 2013
For what it costs, I was expecting it to include a charger and cable. It doesn't. I also expected the charging pins to work much better than they do--every time I touch the screen, it stops charging and I have to push down on the tablet to re-seat the connector. Also, the volume control doesn't work with the output jack, so I have to plug my headphones into the tablet every time I dock it.

I'd be fine with all this if it was a $10 Chinese knockoff, but for an expensive OEM unit, it's kind of a joke. I don't recommend it.
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on August 2, 2013
The charging port on my Nexus 7 went bad and drained a battery and I had to get a replacement and pop it in. I was able to get a charge by stacking a weight on the cable and applying pressure with it bent for hours. That was not a workable solution. I saw the dock and thought I'd try it. It charges using the pogo pins on the side. Nothing to plug in to the device ever. When I want to sync something, though, I still have to try to finagle the USB cord in the busted charging port. It met a need without having to replace the whole device.
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on May 29, 2013
After being disappointed the USB/charging port on the bottom of my Nexus 7 tablet became damaged, I was planning to buy a new I/O controller assembly and repair it myself, when my wife and I found this product.
It uses the perhaps not-well-known electrodes on the side of the tablet for charging the battery.

The tablet fits in it well and stably, and the dock also includes a 2.5mm / 1/8 inch headphone jack.

I paid $5 less than retail, whatever the retail price was. Although the product works very well, I feel like Asus is doing an "Apple" and soaking people for this product, when it is known the USB/charging cable is not very robust and has had issues.
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on July 29, 2013
My wife's N7 stopped charging the traditional way because she had buggered up that port. I was worried her N7 was doomed, I didn't even know this thing existed. Stumbled across it on Amazon, we used it for the charging, it charges connecting to the 4 brass ports. Work great.
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on August 20, 2013
This little guy does exactly what it promises. I was a bit worried about it because of some of the strange reviews I read, so I'd like to talk about specific issues.

[FIRST: I'm not certain this works with the brand new 2013 Nexus 7. So be sure you check into that if you have a new one.]

(1) Stiff pogo connectors: Some people claimed they needed two hands to push down the tablet because the pins were "too strong". This is just crazy. Maybe they are putting it in at a weird angle, but the pogo connectors work and work well.

(2) Cost complaints: I bought mine for $30. It does feel like it could be $5 cheaper, but it's a solid build quality. The weight and grips on the bottom make it feel like its worth the price. Anyone who argues this is worth $10 has no idea what they're talking about.

(3) Doesn't charge: One reviewer said they actually had less charge the next morning than the night before when they plugged it in. Again, this is just silly. It's essentially like the apple mag-safe power adapters. The pogos charge beautifully.

(4) Perfectly balance: Another review said that the tablet had to be perfectly balanced in order to charge. Literally, you just drop it in with one hand as you're walking out of the room. It could not be easier.

(5) Spontaneously stopped charging: There was a review by someone who had to keep monitoring it in case it spontaneously (for no reason) stopped charging. I have never had this problem. I plug it in, and it's charged when I return.

(1) I do wish it came with another power cord. If you do need another one, simply throw a standard micro usb charger in your cart for $5 when you checkout.
(2) It would be nice if it had some small front speakers.
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on January 22, 2014
CAN NOT charge due to pogo pins being too stiff. The tablet will not seat correctly and can not charge 90% of the time. I tried pressing it down to make full contact and end up scratching my tablet bezel near the pogo pin contacts.
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on April 9, 2013
this item should be selling for $9.99. It is merely a charging dock. Glad I got it before it jumped to 50 bucks

- Angle of dock is nice for nightstand
- charges if you set it in correctly
- good weight to prevent falling over
- all my friends want to know where I got it

- no cable or plug for connecting it, I got 3 cables for 8 bucks on monoprice, really, 35 bucks and you can't supply at least 1.5ft cable
- NO SYNCING through dock, really, 35 bucks and you can't, man...
- you have to put it in just right to get the connectors to work... understandable but an issue
- sound out the dock is extremely low, make sure you connect it to a powered speaker or just connect to the nexus, really, 35 bucks and you can't output the sound same as connecting it to the nexus 7... there is power going to the dock, use some of it
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