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on November 14, 2012
So you know where I'm coming from: I upgraded to the Lumia 920 from the iPhone 4 that I'd used for two years.

Build Quality:
It's simply beautiful. Beats the iPhone hands down, from my point of view. The matte cyan polycarbonate looks and feels great in-hand along with the slightly curved back. It's a solid device with some heft -- but it's far from the "brick" some reviewers are making it out to be. It weighs just enough to feel solid without being fatiguing when held for long periods.

Only negatives: if you're looking for the absolute lightest and thinnest device on the market, no, this isn't it. Also, the matte finish is a tad slippery, though I've yet to drop it. (Update 7/21/13: I have now dropped it a couple of times from about 5 feet onto asphault -- the worst possible surface to drop your phone onto. There is a small indent on the upper left corner, but otherwise the Lumia handled the falls with aplomb. You wouldn't even notice the slight deformation in the corner if you weren't looking for it. A+ for durability.)

The screen is simply gorgeous, subjectively speaking. Beats the iPhone 4's screen hands down, and I haven't seen any screen on anyone else's device that looks as good. The 4.5" screen in 1280x768 works great for videos, games, and web-browsing. The super-sensitive touch works great: nails and gloves work no problem. I was disappointed to find that an ordinary, resistive stylus does *not* work (I hate the capacitive styluses, it's like writing with a big, awkward crayon). Clearblack and high brightness combine for very good readability outdoors sunlight.

Not much to say that hasn't been said about the camera on every review everywhere. Low-light performance is phenomenal: no other phone camera can match this at night or indoors. Outdoors, photos are a little soft but otherwise on-par with any other flagship smartphone snapper. A firmware update is supposedly incoming to address the softness, and it can easily be correct in about 10 seconds with any basic image editing software if it's a huge deal.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with Adreno 225 simply flies through Windows Phone 8 with no discernible lag or stuttering that I've been able to see. Apps load quickly. The Adreno 225 is more than able to handle to handle the UI and any mobile game. I live in an LTE market and web pages load quickly and apps download almost as fast as my home wired internet.

Battery life seemed sub-par for the first couple of days, but after a few charge cycles the battery seems to have calibrated and I don't have any trouble getting through a day on a single charge. Plus, being able to sit it on the wireless charging plate while I sit at my computer or watch TV works great for keeping the charge up. (Update 7/14/13: While I still get all-day battery life no problem for the most part, this device definitely has an issue where it will heat up and the battery will drain very quickly for no discernible reason. I've tried turning off all the usual suspects -- GPS, bluetooth, wifi, NFC -- but the problem happens regardless. The only thing that fixes the issue is a quick "battery pull" reset, achieved by holding down the volume down and power buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Not a huge issue for me, but something I'd hoped Nokia would have resolved by now.)

Nokia apps:
Nokia Drive is currently in beta, apparently, and I've certainly noticed a quirk or two. The map for my area seems to be a little out-of-date: I live in a newer track of homes, about three years old, and it shows the area as still dirt, and there are a couple of new roads or old roads have been extended which don't show. Hopefully the maps get updated soon. All-in-all, though, it's works well and will be exceptional once all the little quirks are worked out and the map for my area is (hopefully) updated.

Nokia music is a very competent alternative to Pandora. Which is good, since Pandora isn't currently available in the Store. (Update 7/21/13: You can get Pandora for WP now.)

Creative Studio works very well for doing some basic image adjustments/enhancements: sharpness, color/white balance, crop and rotate, and eliminating red eye.

Those are the only three I currently use.

Operating System:
Here's where things start to get a little more interesting. It would take longer than I have to do a thorough review of Windows Phone 8, so I'll just sum it up: no matter what mobile OS you use, there are trade-offs. There are things WP8 does exceptionally well that iOS simply didn't, and which Android can't either. On the other hand, there are things which are more polished on the other platforms.

Push notifications in particular could use some attention from Microsoft. The Facebook integration is great, but regular Facebook users will still need a dedicated app. Unfortunately, the dedicated Facebook app is behind the iOS one in terms of functionality. You can't do custom tones for messages, emails, or notifications currently, for some reason. (Update 7/21/13: The Facebook app has been revamped and is much, much improved.)

In my opinion, the WP8 does enough things well that I can overlook its flaws. Most are minor things that Microsoft will hopefully address, and none are show-stoppers that prevent me from doing anything I need to do on my phone: communicate, browse the web, watch videos, listen to music, check various things like news/weather/financials, and play the occasional game to pass the time.

There is one big flaw I must mention though: syncing is a bit of a mess. You can no longer use Zune. You have to use Windows Media Player or the new Windows Phone application. The Windows Phone application is half-arsed and no substitute for real syncing software. WMP works OK, but I'm having problems with missing album art and metadata not matching up (resulting in multiple entries for the same album and other oddities). Nothing show-stopping, but Microsoft really needs to offer a real alternative to iTunes. One positive though: the phone will show up as mass storage on your PC and you can move things to and fro via the file browser.

I recommend WP8 to anyone who isn't stuck in the iOS ecosystem (or who is but wants to get out) and doesn't find anything appealing about Android and its open but fragmented mess of an ecosystem.

I recommend this phone in particular to anyone who loves a phone with impeccable, attention-getting design and an absolutely steller screen. It's a pleasure to look at, whether you're simply admiring the phone itself or actually using it.
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on November 13, 2012
The Lumia 920 by Nokia is an excellent phone. I've read many bloggers complain about the 920's heft, it does weigh more than I'm used to, but that fact aside, this is an excellent phone. The weight of the phone makes it feel like a premium device. With all the extras and app exclusives that Nokia is offering, this phone is unbeatable especially at the price. The PureView camera is fantastic, especially in low light conditions and the lenses feature is fun and easy to use. The camera is one of if not the best camera I've used on a mobile device. The Windows Phone 8 OS is super speedy and runs without any hiccups or freezing and really allows for excellent customization. The unibody shell and the curved glass fit perfectly together and complement Windows Phone 8 excellently. I highly recommend this phone.
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on November 14, 2012
I recommend the Lumia 920 or at least trying it out. AT&T offers a 14 day exchange, If you don't like it exchange it. As for me once I held this phone I realised it was 100% quality, I now see why Nokia was once king. I'll list some of my favorite features but I know the list will be Long :)

Its the Most durable phone & doesn't need a case
Polycarbonate body
Gorilla glass 2 is crazy strong
Screen with higher pixel and resolution then the iPhone,
high refresh rate so no blur while scrolling,
Automatic screen brightness adjustment
Gloves can be worn to scroll the screen
A excellent 8.7mp camera
low light pictures are unbelievable
Image stabilization
NFC sharing photos, videos or files with friends,future I can see making payments at a store
Wireless charging & USB Charging
This phone has insane performance, windows phone software is very optimized and stable.
Ecosystem that includes my PC and Xbox
No more Itunes!
Nokia exclusive software.
FREE streaming music that play lists can be downloaded over wifi (not to waste plan data)
City Lens, I know every store, shop, restaurant, hotel around me anywhere in the world.
Creative Studio
Nokia Drive
and More (No Junk)

For The tree huggers this phone is 100% recyclable at a recycle center ← everyone should care

Con : apps are less then apple or droid,. There are enough to keep most users satisfied and a lot of alternatives, but it will take awhile till WP8 is up to speed on the apps..
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on November 17, 2012
Pros: HiRes Display, 32 GB, Wireless Charging, Price, Great Camera, SkyDrive, Smooth UI, Skype
Cons: Smaller current market share means fewer apps, but solid prospects for steady improvement

This is one of the most pleasing electronic devices that I have ever used. The hardware feels solid and the OS is smooth and fluid to use. I like how my email, calendar, and OneNote items all stay in sync and the SkyDrive access is great. Everything feels connected whether I'm at home, work, or on the go. The addition of the tight integration of Skype is a feature that I really look forward to using.
I like that there are more choices with Windows Phone 8 than there are with the Apple iPhone. I can choose from several colors, different sizes, and different price points.
I also like that things are more restricted than with Android - in the sense that Samsung, HTC, AT&T, Verizon, etc. aren't free to load all their junk on the phone. When I took my Nokia Lumia 920 out of the box I was quickly able to set things up so that it felt like my phone - not like everyone else's or how the company that I bought it from wanted it to be for me.
I've been surprised how much I like the wireless charging feature. It seemed like a gimmick when I bought the phone, but when I started using it (when I'm in a hurry in the morning and about to fall asleep at night) I quickly realized how great it can be not to have to mess around with a cord.
I tend to keep my phone for a full 2 years, and I've found the Windows Phone OS to do a good job at feeling fresh over this time. It starts feeling fresh and by avoiding the free for all of Android I actually have a chance at getting some prompt OS updates over the life of the phone.
It seems like a real 3 horse race in the smartphone market now. I can't think of a spec where a Windows Phone now comes up short. I really hope that BlackBerry also makes a comeback with their new platform, although I have my doubts given how important the cloud services are these days to the smartphone experience. I think that the more choices there are to choose from the better.
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on November 14, 2012
I've been a fan of Nokia since I first had a Lumia 800. That was a sweet device that ran Windows Phone 7. I now own a Lumia 920. I bought it, directly from AT&T (full price) and am running it on StraightTalk. I LOVE THIS PHONE!

The screen is gorgeous, the OS is very fast, it has NFC, and it supports wireless charging! The camera on this phone is amazing in low-light (often a complaint amongst us smartphone camera-philes). It also comes with an EQ that you can enable/disable.

If you are looking for something different from iPhone and Android, then give the Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 a try. You won't be disappointed.
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on January 29, 2013
I'm really thrilled with my Lumia 920. So much so, in fact, that I bought 2 more for other members of my family. The camera quality is top notch, the screen is just beautiful, and battery life is acceptable (not great, not bad).

Some folks complain about the weight, but I don't find it heavy at all. It just feels substantial and well made. Really seems like a quality device.

I'm a huge fan of the wireless charging. Just drop it on the charging plate and your done. This is particularly nice when combined with the NFC. I have one of the PowerUp speakers. Just drop it on and the phone starts charging and pairs with the speaker for music playback. Really nice nightstand possibilities here!

It's really more than just the specs though. The phone is just plain attractive. I have had strangers come up and ask me about it. Some are drawn in by the large, bright screen, others by the unique Windows Phone OS.

Speaking of the Windows Phone OS, I'm quite fond of it. It's smooth, stable, and well designed. The lockscreen and live tile support are extremely useful. I'm presently able to get weather forecast, appointments, and even news headlines without opening an app at all!

About the only complaint I can muster is the lack of some key apps. There are alternatives for just about everything so its really not that big a deal. Still it would be nice to have more support from some of the big players. I feel certain this will be less and less of an issue as global market share increases. Windows Phone still has a very small share here in the USA but is growing much more rapidly in other important countries. Really looking forward to the operating system and the ecosystem continuing to grow and mature.
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on November 16, 2012
As ridiculous as this launch has been, I have to say this phone is worth the wait.

I'll keep this review and try not to duplicate comments already echoe'd.

My Pros: (outside of the obvious awesome display, camera and overall great UI)

Wireless Charging! - When announced, I knew this was going to be a killer feature. I kept hearing people discount the feature and whine about it only being 70-75% of a normal charge. So what!? To be able to set my phone down for a quick charge in between calls/text/whatever is great!!

New Tile Interface - Windows 7.5 was great, but having the entire ("gutter-less") screen to work with is awesome.

Nokia Apps - This would be a deal breaker for me. I considered the HTC, but not having the Nokia apps was a void for me.


This my second Lumia 920. I originally purchased the glossy red (which looks GORGEOUS, but is a finger print MAGNET) and it became unresponsive after about 3-4 hours of normal use. I returned to AT&T and ended up going to my local Microsoft store to purchase the matter Cyan version. Love the matte style. However, I've already had this one freeze once. Had to let the battery die and restart. No problems since, but it a bit of a concern going forward. Especially when I'm trying to sell this new platform to my friends and family. (that's probably when it will happen again, go figure.)

Hope this helps!
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on November 16, 2012
i am a gadget freak; around the house i have various iphones, an ipad, older nokias (maemo), one android samsung and a wp7 samsung focus. the nokia 920 makes all these other devices look drab and ugly. there's something about the combination of the bright WP8 colors and the solid build quality that elevates this phone to a work of art.

the operating system is a lot of fun; i've spent most of the last two days poking around in its corners, finding new things it's capable of. i am sure i'll eventually get bored with it, but for now i'm finding enough new features to play with (e.g., xbox smartglass, tighter facebook integration, customizable start screen notifications, nokia mapping software that provides turn-by-turn instructions in multiple languages, kids mode, wireless charging, nfc support). the phone is very responsive (dual-core helps!) and so far battery life seems good if not spectacular. The camera is just fantastic, as reviewers have pointed out.

but again, the big surprise for me is not the functionality but the aesthetics of the phone. it's just so darn pretty!

one caveat: this is a big phone! it'll fit in your pocket, but it definitely takes some getting used to. The upside is all the screen real estate.
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on September 28, 2013
I have used Samsung Android phones & Apple iPhones but the Nokia Lumia 920 is surprisingly pleasant piece of hardware.

The pros of this machine are:
-Solid, Hefty & Sturdy.
-Comes in many Colors.
-The Windows OS does not imitate Apple or Android leaving the user with a unique experience.
-Bright, Responsive High resolution screen.
-Takes good pictures.
-Wireless charging & NFC facility.
-Long Battery life.

The cons are:
-The phone is heavy in the hand.
This could be a positive and a negative based on what you expect your phone to be.
-No facility to expand memory with an SD Card.
-The windows app store is not huge but has all the basic apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook etc.

I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a Non Apple, Non Android Windows SmartPhone.
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on November 16, 2012
Wow. What an awesome phone! I typically don't write a ton of reviews, but this product really stands out as something special so I wanted to chime in with my own thoughts to add to the many positive reviews that I am seeing already.

This is undoubtedly the best smartphone that I have owned. Big brilliant screen that looks great even in bright sunlight, a fantastic camera that takes exceptional low-light indoor photos, and access to some great free Nokia apps like Nokia Drive and Nokia Music. Navigating the Windows Phone 8 OS is a joy and I like the way I can personalize it. I love the people hub integration with Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, etc. I also love the kids corner feature so I don't have to worry about my 5 year old daughter messing anything up when she wants to play games on my phone or listen to her music. There is also this Xbox Smartglass feature that is so cool if you happen to own an Xbox. This phone has everything that I want and the price is so amazingly low for a smartphone of this exceptional quality! After using my new phone for nearly a week now, I have no regrets at all and am very happy with my purchase.

I purchased the cyan color phone - I happen to prefer the matt finish on it - it doesn't show fingerprints and it is something different from the standard black that I've always had in the past.

You have probably read reviews out there saying that this phone is too big and heavy. I disagree. Granted the phone has a large beautiful screen that would be a difficult to stuff it into a small pocket, however, I have no problem at all keeping it in the front pocket of my jeans. As for the weight - yes, it does feel a bit dense and would have preferred if it was about an ounce lighter, but you can tell that this phone is exceptionally well made and will be very durable. If you search YouTube and you will find some cool drop test videos and other videos where people test to see how much abuse this phone can take - it is really impressive how this phone can clearly take a beating. Really - the weight is by no means an issue (at least for me) - its a trade off I can completly live with in exchange for some superior features - so don't let that deter you from purchasing. I can tell you that after using the phone for over 4 hours straight last night that I had an indentation in my left pinky from where the phone was resting - possibly contributed to the phones weight, but most likely simply because I just couldn't put this phone down! :)

Battery life has been good. I take the phone off the wireless charger (which is very cool) around 7 AM and with moderate use thoughout the day I still seem to average at least %15 charge left by the time I go to sleep by midnight - this certainly meets my needs. With very heavy use, I suppose you might need a little charge some time during the day to get you through the late evening. I read a few people who claim they were getting barely a half day battery life out of the phone - I am thinking they got defective units because I am having a much different experience.

Are there as many apps available as there are on other platforms? At the moment, clearly the answer is no, but the marketplace seems to be growing rapidly and I have found that there are plenty of apps available to meet all of my top needs. I think this phone is going to be a big hit, so as more people adopt the Windows Phone 8 platform any remaining gaps are going to be filled and I expect that within another year that the app availability to be as good as Android or Apple.
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