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on February 20, 2014
Here are some initial thoughts about this device. I've had it nearly two months. Of note, I am not a high-volume printer; I acquired this device for other reasons, such as an ADF duplex scanner (which turns out to be a bit of a disappointment here; see below), print quality, print speed, etc.

Prior to acquiring this device, I was absolutely committed to going with laser. The reason? I've had multiple, multiple inkjets in the past, including high end models (in my opinion, in the $1000 range), and just about every single one of them had nozzle problems (ink drying on the nozzles, etc.) despite multiple cycles of maintenance (nozzle cleaning, alignment, etc.). So I researched multiple laser models for months, including the HP LaserJet Pro 400 M475dw, Brother MFC 9340 CDW, Dell 2155cn, Dell C2665dnf, and several others. After making a spreadsheet to compare features, etc., I went into a brick & mortar to try them out in person, and was incredibly dismayed at the print quality (despite knowing beforehand that lasers can't compare to inkjets in general); I couldn't find/try the Dells in person, though.

So I came across this device online, read a ton of reviews, watched a bunch of video reviews, as well as read several reviews report that this device can self-repair and compensate for dysfunctioning nozels, and I finally pulled the trigger to get this device.

SETUP - Easy peasy
There was an INCREDIBLY frustrating amount of packing tape on the device. I think it took me 3 days straight to remove all the tape (slight exaggeration). Setup was pretty much a breeze after that, and I was able to use the device fairly quickly after that.

PRINT SPEED - Spectacular!
Spectacular! Once it starts printing, that is. There is a delay between clicking "print" and having it print, though it hasn't been extreme or too bothersome for me.

The test pages/images from the setup process all had gaps/lines/faded areas! This was a HUGE concern to me. I tried to run this process several times, adjust settings, reprint the test pages, and all came out the same. This was a HUGE problem for me.

I then test printed some images of my own (as opposed to the default pictures in the printer's memory that are used for setup) and they looked pretty decent, without the same gaps/lines/faded areas, so I left it at that.

Keep in mind that I haven't put it through its paces on photo paper, and I haven't printed tons, so this is based on my use so far.

So far I have not had nozzle issues. However, I am not a high volume printer, as noted above. I've probably print a couple dozen pages so far, literally.

Ok, it's not THAT terrible.

I really like the HP scan interface on the computer, where it scans a preview of the entire flatbed or document in the feeder, then lets you crop out unwanted portions, and then initiate the actual scan. Previously I had a Lexmark all-in-one that I absolutely HATE, because no matter what the scanner would automatically crop out everything except the item being scanned. The problem was that the edges were ALWAYS cut off from the item being scanned. There was NO software workaround that I could find after pouring over the Web for a solution. I even exchanged multiple emails with Lexmark support, who almost always opened their replies with a promise to have the solution to the problem (stuff like, "Good news! I have researched your question and found the solution you are looking for..."), and who NEVER could solve the problem. Ok, ok...going off on a tangent here...let's get back to the HP x576dw.

The scan quality itself is pretty good. Nothing compared to a standalone scanner in terms of resolution, but pretty good for an all-in-one.

The auto-document feeder is where I have a HUGE PROBLEM (in fact, 2 problems)! Especially as the ADF duplex scan feature was one of the key points for me to even acquire this device.
* Problem 1: Everything that gets scanned through the ADF scans crooked, as though rotated about 3-5 degrees to the right. This is VERY annoying and frustrating! Is this simply a defective unit that I have? I don't know. I'll have to contact HP about this and see if they can fix this.
* Problem 2: PAPER JAMS! I've had originals get jammed in the ADF multiple times. I'm not sure why. I was scanning a number of tri-fold pamphlets that I had flattened out as much as possible, and I would scan them one at a time (not a stack of them), and they would repeatedly (thought not always) jam in the feeder. Each time I had to open the device to "clear the jam" the sheet was perfectly intact, not crinkled, not folded, etc. It did not LOOK jammed at all; it was just sitting there in mid-cycle.

The touchscreen is a pleasure to use, so far. I had tried the touchscreens on other HP models, such as several HP laserjet models, and every one of them I found very frustrating, due to multiple, multiple mis-hits (where I touch exactly where the button appears to be, but it would register a touch somewhere else on the screen). But that has not been an issue with this x576dw.

Anyway, these are my initial thoughts on the device so far. It's a nice looking unit (especially because I prefer black over white when it comes to things like computers, cabinets, cars, etc.). The print quality looks pretty darn good (not counting the test prints from the setup process). Print speed is super fast (once it starts printing). But my biggest complaints involve the ADF duplex scanner; it CAN'T SCAN STRAIGHT (all pages are slanted/rotated to the right by several degrees), and papers get jammed WAY TOO MUCH.

I'll end it here for now.
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on September 17, 2013
We have had the X576dw for about 2.5 months and I have been very impressed. The print and copy speeds are amazing. One of the big improvements over the color laser we had before is the fast warm up time--just a few seconds. By the time I walk to the printer, my job is usually finished. I have a 55 ppm Konica color laser in another office and the X576dw is at least as fast. I think the duplexing is faster on the HP.

The color print quality is more dependent on the paper quality than the color laser, but photographic images on coated paper are much better than the laser. The small-font (~8pt) B&W print quality using standard 20lb copy paper is enough to satisfy my selective co-workers although the laser does have an edge on sharpness. (Caveat: I do leave it set to the higher print quality. The speed is still very fast and I prefer the higher saturation it provides.)

I was very reluctant to replace a color laser with an ink jet, but have been very happy with the X576dw. We haven't seen the problems reported here. It goes to sleep after a preset idle time, but wakes itself up when you print to it or tap on the touch panel. We haven't had any issues with paper jams. We mostly feed regular 20lb copy paper and usually have duplex enabled. Feeding #10 envelopes from the media tray has also worked well.

We have the printer hard-wired to our network and do NOT use the wireless. This could explain why we haven't seen some of the reported issues. Our usage is relatively light for the ratings--probably about a ream a month.

Compared to the color laser alternatives in its speed class, the X576 was a bargain. A full set of ink cartridges costs about the same as a full set of toner for the Konica it replaced. However, I don't have to worry about imaging units or waste toner bottles with the HP. We'll see how well the full-page printheads hold up over time. I did purchase the HP 3yr On-Site CarePack since it's long-term reliability has not been proven. It is big enough that I don't want to be lugging it around if it does break.

I was skeptical at first, but so far, the X576dw has been a joy to own and use.
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on February 3, 2014

- Printing is crazy fast

I don't think I've ever seen a color printer spit out pages this quickly. As with most printers, there is a slight delay processing the first copy of a print job - although even that seemed faster than average with this printer. Additional copies come out without delay after that.

- Duplex works well

This is my first printer with duplex capability and it is terrific - and also seems to be very fast. Operation appears to be jam-free.

- Scanner quality is good

Image quality is on par with stand-alone scanners that I own. The ability to scan to any PC on the network is also a tremendously useful feature (though it isn't easy to set up).

- User interface is very good

The color touch screen user interface is logically designed and easy to use without any need to refer to help or documentation.


- Print quality

Print quality on standard business documents is acceptable but not better than that. Compared to the seven year old Dell color laser printer that this printer replaced, the colors on this model were much duller. Pages also come out feeling damp - perhaps the speed of the inkjet printing doesn't allow the pages to dry before they end up in the output tray.

Print quality on photographic output is abysmal - even when using HP's best quality inkjet photo paper. Solid areas suffered from obvious color banding and what appeared to be roller lines (though I don't know for sure if that was the cause.) I spent hours with HP's business tech support running tests, re-installing drivers, and experimenting with different printer settings. HP replaced the printer only to find that the replacement unit exhibited the exact same issues. That strongly suggests that the issue wasn't a defective unit but a product design error. By the time I realized that the model is unable to print quality photos I was well past the return date and had invested another $500 in replacement ink. My cost in time working with HP support, shipping one printer back, setting up a second printer, etc. exceeded the actual cost of the printer.


While the printer scores high marks for many of the features, none of this really matters if the printer fails at the primary job of producing quality output. If you value speed above quality this printer may be the right choice for you. If having output that looks good - especially photographic output - is important to you then you should avoid this printer.
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on April 27, 2015
What a lemon. Right out of the box brand new it jams. Not even a real jam, it spits a page half way out then sucks it back in a quarter way then tells you it's jammed. If you pull the page out it still thinks it is jammed. Reading some of the HP forums other people have been having this problem. Updated firmware, no help. Yea, it prints really fast, so what? Prints fast then runs out of gas before reaching the finish line. This is why HP went from the Cadillac quality of yester years to the GM of the 1980's making junk. Mechanically there's nothing wrong with the printer, it's probably some cheap sensor. Steer clear... It's like a sports car, runs fast for a moment then the engine quits.
review image
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on November 5, 2014
I almost want to avoid saying anything negative about this printer, because I am so impressed... very impressed... with both the printer and PCrush-Outlet, the company who I purchased the printer from.

Back in the day, HP was once known for being a customer service and quality control giant. That was a long time ago. Over the years, I had begun to really shy away from their printers, because of various problems that both myself and others have reported over the years. But I must say that I think that HP has come up with a game-changer with this printer. I went from being an "anyone-but-HP-printer" guy, to an HP fan with the OJPro x576dw.

The speed is nothing short of amazing! But the most important aspect for me is the page-yield, which is 9200 pages from the 970XL black ink cartridge. Moreover, unlike most other inkjet printers, these have the capability to avoid drying up if you fail to print anything for a while.

At 9200 pages per ink cartridge, I am even willing to invest in HP as a company, by buying genuine HP ink cartridges, instead of after-market cartridges that cost less. As far as I am concerned, HP has FINALLY done something to earn my business, and I plan to reward them for it.

It is amazing to me that no other printer company has come up with a way to give us more than a few hundred pages off of an ink cartridge. HP has changed the game, in that this inkjet printer gets a higher page yield than many lasers! And that is saying a lot.

Now... for the bad news.

I was advised by an HP rep that these printers have ended up DOA, because they apparently can not be banged around when they are shipped. Mine gave an error message stating that the "starter cartridges" could not be used, which was apparently, a tell-tale sign that this one had been handled a bit too rough. To their credit, without any hesitation at all, HP voluntarily sent me a brand new printer, when all I was expecting was a call from a tech guy to help me troubleshoot the problem.

After sleeping on it, I had decided to return the printer, and I contacted PCRush-Outlet for an RMA (return authorization). A day or so later, they replied to my email, giving me an RMA for a return... including a 100% refund! No restocking fee on my DOA printer! No hassle, no arguments, nothing but excellent service.

After that, I had to sleep on it yet another night, after which time I decided that the service I received from both HP and PCRush -Outlet was such that I felt comfortable taking a chance, and giving this printer a shot... despite what the HP Tech guy had told me.

In the end, the thing that sold me was the excellent price I got the printer for, and the PAGE YIELD! That will save me a lot of money over the long run. But there is one thing that I would be wrong to omit.

The print quality so far is only so-so.

I use the "highlighter" feature in my MS Word documents, and I frequently highlight text. This also happens to "highlight" a flaw in the HP printer. Where the text and the highlighting meet, you can see a slight bit of bleeding and/or a lack of "crispness" around the edges of the text. Furthermore, even without highlight, the text is not crisp at all. It is not bad, but it is noticeable if you look closely. Most people may not even notice it, but when I compared documents printed with my new HP with documents printed by an older less sophisticated Lexmark CS310n, the difference is clearly noticeable.

In the end, I decided that I did not care about this small flaw, because I am not printing anything that needs to be high quality. But I can say that if the HP tech support cannot help me to correct this, and it turns out that this is as good as it gets, I will still be happy with my purchase, but I will not be able to recommend it for people who are in need of excellent sharpness and superb print detail.

Nowadays, most decent printers score at least a 9 on a scale of 1-10, when it comes to how good "text" looks. So far, the best I can give the OJPro x576dw is a 7. Mind you, that is not bad, but a grade of "C+" or "B-" is mediocre in the world of today's cutting edge printers, with "Letter Quality" priniting.

Aside from these issues, the printer is very impressive. I had no issues at all getting it setup, and the scanner and wireless features work fine. It has an excellent LCD touch screen that works well, and it is also solidly assembled. I found an amazing video on YouTube where an HP rep made a presentation to some company exec's. It was that video that sold me on the printer.

One last thing...

I was advised that since this is a business class printer, I was able to receive onsite/in-home tech support to get my printer setup and running correctly! An HP tech guy called me to set an appointment to come to my home, which totally impressed me. How impressive is that! Furthermore, as I mentioned above, they had a brand new unit waiting at my front door when I arrived home from work! That was over-night delivery!

I am now waiting for the HP guy to come by and pickup the printer that was DOA, but aside from that... so far so good.

If I can get the printer settings to give me the typical "Letter Quality" text that the better printers normally give, I will update this review. But all in all, I HIGHLY recommend this printer... despite my initial DOA printer. This is one of those cases where the correcting of a mistake was done in such an impressive fashion, that I am now more impressed than if no problems had occurred in the first place.

If your needs are like mine, and you are not worried about perfection, and you can settle for C+/B-... I say Go for it! Take the plunge! I am feeling very good about the OfficeJet Pro x576dw.
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on August 25, 2014
Background, Opening Comments
Our small office volume has been trending down to increased use of Adobe 'pdf files and we now are down to about 800-900 pages a week. Half of that is sent to our B&W HP Laserjets, a few to our big frame 11x17 color laser jets, the rest have some degree of color, and sometimes a lot of color, and now are sent to this new page-print inkjet that replaced an HP color laser jet.

We have 5 HP printers in use at any given time, and we buy only HP printing products. Our network is an Apple ac WIFI with multiple routers and we use only Apple iMacs and Mac Book Pros, along with the usual compliment of iPhones and iPads.

Experienced in HP Printers
While our volume is currently low, we have a lot of experience with HP Laserjet and Inkjet printers over the years. On the whole we have always preferred (until now) laser jet printers because of their (relatively) decent speed compared to ink jets, and the glossy, professional finish, that will not smear. And, yes, we have tried the wax-based Xerox printers "Phasers" which produce nice prints but have their special difficulties too. I don't think a review would be complete without our 12 year and 16 printers owned background being examined overall.

Historial Use Experience
First, lets dispense with the wax-based printers, they tend to have expensive $$ inks, and the jets need constant cleaning, which costs a lot of ink. They are a little noisy, use a lot of power relatively, run hot, and their prints, put in folders, sometimes exposed to heat in parked cars, tends to bleed and change color. Repairs? Forget it. Contracts are outrageous for the level of service and timeliness of service (Tulsa, OK) You just have to junk them and start again. Been there, done that, we're done with this breed altogether.

Next, lets address the OLDER ink jets. Slow. Did I mention S-L-O-W? Decent color, decent prints, no fading, affordable supplies, low entry cost, low maintenance, and if you really need to, junking them and starting again is not a shock to your operating budget. Until this new model, these were decent if speed was not an issue.

Next, our experiences with HP Laserjets, both color and B&W have been positive. Until trying this new style page-printing inkjet, they were our preferred resource even though the supplies were not cheap, and the full page color prints merely acceptable-to-good but certainly not great. Speed was slow to initiate, slow to print, I don't care about their 45 or 60 pages a minute nonsense advertised, they don't even get close unless its a pure B&W TYPE print. The speed of color output has always been disappointing to us, and the cost of cartridges too high to cause us to get overly aggressive with color.

HP x576dw full-page Inkjet
We have owned the unit for 3 months, it has performed flawlessly. No jams, no misprints, no inky smeary pages, multiple paper types and weights up to postcard stock. Scans are decent and acceptable, the wireless mode allows printing from just about any Apple device you can name from anywhere in our offices (ac WIFI). The "no wires" side of this printer is a beauty to set up and to use. You can move it anytime about your office in a flash without having to set it up WIFI all over again or run ethernet cables.

Just checked the counters, and we have run about 2000+ pages across the unit, with the limited supply trial inkjet cartridges provided by the manufacturer showing about 60% used. It seems the "trial" cartridges given to us at point of purchase by HP will (an estimate) give us around 3300 pages. Impressed we are.

Here is the only negative we have seen to date (and certainly not much of one at that) the paper used does have an impact on the resulting print IF you are printing photographic pages with a LOT of ink, you know, causing a slight wetting the page. Never had a smear yet though. True, full color page prints are a bit slow, and need the special HP colorfast paper, but anyone who has done the same with a laser jet or one of the old ink jets can truly tell you about slow, and this ain't slow folks, its just slower than the almost light speed output we otherwise get.

When not printing in that full color page photographic print manner, this thing prints very well, very fast, and we have no complaints. IT's FAST TOO did I mention that? Never have we had a printer that can even get close to the speed of this unit. I have to tell you, this is the future of ink jets in our opinion, if not color printing in general. Did I mention F-A-S-T? Want to be sure I did, Wow. You gotta love that speed.

Supplies seem to run about half, or even less, perhaps, a third the cost of our laser jets when you consider that we only purchase NEW HP cartridges, and do not ever refill or buy 3rd party manufactured products. That has been our policy for 10 years, and we have never regretted it one bit, on any HP printer we own. The reason I say 1/3 is that their are no "fuser" cartridges, no big laser-required engine parts to put in here at all. Actually, having not done the math, the cost might be closer to 1/3 or maybe even 1/4th laser jet total supplies and replacement hardware cost per page overall.

We have not needed any service from HP at all, the unit set up easily, interfaced into our multi-router, multi-wifi office easily, and just seems to run flawlessly. If you dig a little deeper into the service issue, you find that the replacement cost, even if we had to buy a brand new printer, IS ROUGHLY 1) the cost of 4 replacement ink cartridges, or 2) an HP Color LaserJet Onsite Service Agreement .... just sayin' ....

When you consider that you can find these units for UNDER six hundred bucks, and in our case for under five hundred bucks at Amazon (and its scannerless and wireless WIFI cousin the 576dw for even less money), I can't see why anyone would buy anything else. I find it runs so well our people are now routing B&W prints not to our very fast HP B&W Laser jets but to this printer instead. That's a first.

Other than our 11x17 dual sided color laser jets, which this unit cannot replace (at the current time), my plan is to replace every printer in-house, as they wear out, with more HP 576's regardless of color or B&W needs. One benefit of this is to have uniform cartridges in our storeroom for a change. Another is the simple wireless movability of the printers whenever we need to. Also we can move them around in a matter of a minute or two with no wiring issues. If one were to fail, we could move a low volume one from another spot into its place a couple minutes. No supplies complications, no wiring, no new WIFI programming needed. Nice.

Recommendation: A BUY
When you consider the cost of the printer, the cost of the supplies, the speed of the output, the effortless wireless mode of operation, and the good looking pages that are output, this unit deserves a FULL 5 STARS. Those of you who have TRUE lemons (you can't mass manufacture anything without a few), will find HP will replace them (I am told) without much fuss anytime in the first year from date of purchase where there are repeated mechanical problems, as these things work on the whole, very, very well, and the overall full replacements are few and far between. Any other minor complaints, considering the cost, the ease of installation of use, the operating speed benefits, the consistent output results, and the low per page cost of the outputs we are achieving, in our opinion, do NOT rise to a level causing a significant value or rating reduction.

We rate this printer, overall, as a BEST BUY, and would recommend it for virtually any office, home or business, without reservation. Nothing is perfect, but this is close.
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on May 21, 2015
Is it fast enough? Yes, absolutely. I love it.
Is the per-sheet cost (ink) low enough? Yes absolutely. I love it.

But [sigh] but but but...

How can you market a printer without a Pause button? Is there really no good reason why a user might not want to interrupt printing for a moment? Oh I don't know, perhaps to top up a feeder tray before stepping out?

And speaking of stepping out... Don't!

How can you market a printer without a stacker-full sensor and cut off? This one I really don't get. It seems so basic. It seems so... mandatory! When the stacker fills up, you stop! It's as simple as that.

Well actually, the printer does stop (see photo)... it stops when it jams!

Ok, the stacker area is deep enough to accommodate the capacity of one input feeder, but we thought it would be a good idea to get two. Well apparently not.

I'm just baffled how HP can think they can bring products to market that overlook such fundamental basic controls. No wonder they're having trouble holding onto market share!
review image
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on June 1, 2013
It has taken three machines in order to get one that works, no small matter since they're big, bulky, heavy and hard to repack. The first machine wouldn't get through the setup process. HP's service center escalated the challenge pretty rapidly, but still our investment of time was north of ten hours altogether.

The second machine got further, making it through setup and about 100 printed pages. Then one or more of its sensors went nuts seeing paper jams that couldn't be found and couldn't be fixed. Less wasted time, about two hours. I'll say this, too, HP has really improved its service center operations. We got the impression they'd do anything to get us up and running quickly.

The third machine has been worth the wait. The new technology that HP brags on really is impressive. The print quality is superb, the color is great, the ink costs per page are the lowest I've experience, and reliability through 5,000 pages in a week has been perfect. Speed is the fastest we've ever had.

Setup on our Apple Airport network was a breeze, close to Apple levels of simplicity. (Good thing since the manuals are not impressive). Its interface in the print driver window is at least as good as Apple's.

In short, the experience getting here has been the pits on machines manufactured in December. Today, with a machine built in March and delivered in May, I'm a happy customer.

(I sure hope it keeps working.)

UPDATE: Two years later, after only moderate use the printer died. I've mixed thoughts on its death; I'd be more comfortable if it had lasted four years rather than two. On the other hand, it did well by us during its life. It was fast, inexpensive on ink, high quality.

What really torques my jaw is the "deal" H-P offered us to replace the machine. Their price was $250 OVER street price for the same machine. Very disappointing!

Where my first inclination would be to buy the same machine (they really are good!), HP's approach to customer service is the absolute pits.
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on June 11, 2015
This is the quietest, fastest and best quality printer I have ever used in my life which I use daily to print large quantities of out adhesive backed labels, glossy trifold double sided brochures and double sided full color illustrated and photographic documents out. There is just one thing I HATE about this printer, it CAN'T print out borderless 8.5x11 pages... even my old printer from 5 years ago could do this which is why I deducted 1 star. If I would have known that it could not print borderless I may have not even bought this printer but I am still glad that I did. Another thing I don't like about it is that the ink is extremely expensive so I deducted another star for that but fortunately I found a product called a continuous ink system for it from a website called which consists of an external ink tank that fits perfectly in the empty space below the paper output tray and connects to a set of refillable cartridges through tubing which allows me never to spend money on another HP cartridge again and to print as much as I need to without worrying about replacing the cartridges. With the continuous ink system installed I am extremely happy with this printer and intend to keep using it for years to come!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 21, 2014
This printer is a steaming POS. After only 300 pages of print, it now errors out when trying to print a job, all lights flash, and an error flashes by on a blue screen so quickly I can't catch it. The printer has to be restarted, only to fail again. I don't print that much, so now I'm past the date for which I can return this pile of junk and, if I was brave, try again. I loathe the thought of having to take this in for repair as who knows what further problems I'll have with it after it's "fixed".

When it worked, I was impressed, and I thought for the first time HP's going to really impress me with one of their printers. I find out now that was wishful thinking.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)

Your printer comes with a one year warranty. We are happy to assist with this issue and let you what options you have available to you.

Thank you
HP Support

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