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on July 1, 2014
This is my first review on any product on Amazon, this review will be on the Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax. After reading almost 75 reviews this will be focusing on the reviews with 1-2 stars. First to the complaints on the wireless air-print from Ios or Android, if you setup the printer using WPS your phone will never pick up the printer or will appear offline. You have to select WLAN Setup from Menu on the printer then select other setup options on the LCD screen then select standard setup and find your router then select and type in your password then connect. Also you have to make sure your phone is on the same channel, so especially if you have a dual-band router and your phone is on the 5ghz channel and the printer is on the 2.4ghz channel you will also run into problems. So every thing has to be on same channel, phone on 2.4ghz then the printer has to be on 2.4ghz channel then you will have absolutely no problems printing from your phone. Then with the complaints about noise there is a Quit mode selection in the menu when turned on it reduced all printer noise by at least 75%. Now to the ink consumption this printer is one of the best in the simple fact that if one of your cartridges runs out it will continue to print. Also the printer by default will print even all Black and White documents in the color setting because it brings a better quality this can simply be changed in your printer settings in your control panel to Black and White so most regular text documents will use the XXL cartridge which lasts for ever. With this setting changed if the page has color it stills prints in color.Compared to other printers when one cartridge runs out the printer will not continue to print until the ink cartridge is changed. The Canon PIXMA MX922 is one of the best printers I've used regarding ink, as a plus you can buy a color and XXL Black cartridge set from Amazon for a total of $60. As far as the scanner and copier go's it is one of the best I've used on a printer under $200. Have not had a chance to use the Fax so I can't reply in this review on that subject. One of the few downfalls of this printer is the size it really is a rather large printer compared to other all in one printers in it's class so take that into consideration. Photos are absolutely beautiful when used with Cannon Pro Platinum photo paper at 4x6 100 sheets for $20 on Amazon. As far as setup and install program wise it's pretty much standard procedure. I've had the printer for about two weeks now and really I am so impressed for only $99. To those saying about break downs well with the SquareTrade 3-Year Electronics Protection Plan ($75-100) for only $14.20 how can you go wrong? There is another slight downside if you don't have a router or wireless access the printer doesn't come with the USB cable to direct connect, but one can be purchased on Amazon for $5.49 the Mediabridge USB 2.0 - A Male to B Male Cable (10 Feet) - High-Speed with Gold-Plated Connectors - Black. For those people giving this printer 1-2 stars it really is not their fault they are just ignorant to technology. Throwing off people into second guessing in purchasing this amazing piece of home all in one equipment. The auto 35 page duplex is also so time saving and conserves so much on paper consumption. I really hope this review finds people who are interested in purchasing this machine. The VERY few downsides like the USB and shear size is the only reason I didn't give this product a 5 star rating. I hope this review was helpful in letting you disregard the people giving this product 1-2 stars. Thanks for taking the time to read a real review!
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on April 28, 2013
That said, I don't try different brands so I can compare them, so I may be biased. My camera equipment is Canon (for many years) and so my last printer was a Canon IP6000, purchased in 2006, for printing 4x6 photos (and documents). It worked great until recently when it suddenly slowed way down, which is what prompted me to go shopping. Naturally I read the reviews for Canon printers (and some other brands) and it appeared that this one was the newest technology and already had favorable reviews, including from people with home businesses.

Now, let's switch gears. My printing needs have diminished over the years as I have become increasingly more digital in document storage, online financial transactions, etc. Basically, if I can do it digitally, then that is the route I take. This includes my photo collection which is stored on my iPad for showing off. :-) I also bought a CanoScan 8600F (flatbed scanner) in 2006, which is still in use.

So, imagine my very pleasant surprise when I discovered the awesome speed and stream-lined functionality of the multi-sheet scanning feature! If one sets up a directory (in the accompanying software utilities) ahead of time, then it's as simple as loading your documents, hitting either start button (black or color) and very quickly a pdf file shows up in the pre-set directory. Did I mention it has an ethernet port and is quickly (and painlessly) recognized on the network once the drivers are installed? I don't like Wi-Fi for home networking, I prefer ethernet (gigabit speed) when ever I can get it, so this port was a big plus for me. All of my computers see and work with the Fax driver, Printer driver and Scanning driver.

Now, let's mention some little things that make this machine great. I never turn it off as it has a low-power state (automatic after a few minutes of inactivity) where everything powers down with only one small, blue light glowing. If I send something to the printer it immediately comes to life, takes a few moments to warm up and (this is cool) the paper output tray *automatically* opens and the extension support flips out! It's the little things that make me smile. :-) Also, if I place one or more documents in the scanner slot (while in low power mode) then it instantly springs to life and takes a few moments to warm up.

Having stated that I print less and less these days, I must say I was impressed with the ink cartridges. They all have small, red LED lights that confirm they are plugged in correctly and in working order! Another smile. :-) Now I don't FAX much these days, but it's nice to know that it is hooked into the "clone" line through my PhonePower VOIP adapter (2 ports) and therefore is available upon demand. Oh, btw, the top lifts up like a flatbed scanner also, so I guess I will be donating the CanoScan 8600F soon.

Final analysis: This machine's capabilities pleasantly exceeded my expectations, even after reading the specs and reviews. It has proven to be fairly equal in functionality to the Xerox multi-function machine at work, but at a fraction of the cost. The only thing it can't do is print 11x17, but that isn't an issue at this time. I will try to get back in a year to report on it's longevity prospects.

UPDATE: I have knocked the rating down to 4 stars because there is no secondary sheet feeder. (My rating for this is actually 4.5 but that choice isn't available). Occasionally I have need to print on 8.5 x 14 (legal). With this unit one must remove the regular paper from the lower (main) paper tray, extend it out (at least they did build that into the unit) and load the 8.5 x 14 paper. I suppose I have been spoiled by top (secondary) sheet feeders on previous printers, so this is a small let-down. I guess I assumed the scanning feeder could be used as a secondary sheet feeder (for printing) but due to the design of the machine it cannot.

UPDATE, 11-24-13: I had occasion to send my sister a letter today (she hates email) so I typed one up and hit the print button. I have not printed anything for several months, and the print cartridges are now 7 months old. My letterhead includes a small photo of a sunset over a local river at the bottom. After hitting the print button the machine woke up, flipped out the print tray, spent a minute doing a self-diagnostics, then printed out my one page in about 7 seconds. Apart from a slight smudge at the top (probably due to inactivity for several months) the letter printed out flawlessly, including the photo. I reprinted the letter and there were no smudges or flaws. Since I have not needed "legal" size paper anymore, I am changing my rating to 5 stars since this machine is doing everything I need it to do.

UPDATE, 05-25-14: I lost my mother on Feb. 1 and inherited her estate. I was forced to move temporarily from WA to KY to liquidate the estate. My first priority was to set up my office so I could deal with the legal, financial and medical accounts and issues. I am also Trustee so there were many Will disbursements to deal with. I did not bring my MX922 from WA, instead I bought a new one once here. After 4 months of scanning, copying, and printing, I can now say I have given this machine a workout, including the printing function. It has performed most excellent. I also needed to buy more ink cartridges and discovered an alternate source (here on Amazon) for cartridges that are: (a) a fraction of the cost of Canon cartridges, (b) still have the same red LED's on them that communicate with the printer and (c) are relatively CLEAR, so one can see how much ink is left. I still cannot comment on photo printing as I am all digital these days when it comes to photography. But I can give this unit 5 stars for being a workhorse in all other areas! I can also say that if one schedules their need for printing envelopes in batches, this unit does that professionally as well.

UPDATE, 08-24-15: Earlier in the year I decided to start creating my own greeting cards (using CorelDraw) and printing out 5x7 photos for b-day gifts to relatives and friends (from PhotoShop). Both machines are still working great, and they produce exceptional photos. There are settings within the Canon print drivers that one can play with to improve the photo quality as well. I can also endorse the much cheaper ink cartridges that I buy from Blake Printing Supply on Amazon. I have gone through 2 sets (10 cartridges in a set) and they work great as well. For those wanting to find them, do a search on Amazon for "MX922 compatible ink cartridges" and look for Blake Printing Supply.
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on March 18, 2013
I always buy the all-in-ones that are able to automatically print duplex and that include a fax since I still need to fax upon occasion. In the past I've had HP, but haven't had great experiences with their printers lately (the last one I had starting failing one month after the 1 year warranty expired. HP said "tough luck" essentially, even though I read that my issues were VERY common with their products. They had no sense of ownership...). So I moved on to Canon.

This model, while shorter than my past printers, has a bigger footprint. My husbands exact remark when I unpacked it was "So I see you decided to go with the small model." Yes, he's a bit sarcastic :) .

What is great about it so far (I haven't played with all the features yet; I'll update as I do that):

1. Unpacking it is relatively easy. It's bulky and a bit heavy, but Canon put it in a bag. So you can lift up the handles and it pulls the printer right out of the box. This is the first time I've seen this. It was so much easier than my printers in the past where I had to smash my hands down in the box, try to get a grip, and then try to coax the printer out of the box.
2. It was very easy to install. The install takes about 14 minutes, but the install program warns you of this. And since all you have to do is wait it's very easy.
3. It has a user guide that comes with the printer. Now don't get too excited - it's not printed. BUT it is added to your system upon installation and the sw that is installed on your system also has links to it online. This is the first time I've actually found it easy to get a user guide since they stopped providing the printed copy in the box. I may actually like it better than the printed copy since it's just a click away. And I'm a person who uses the guide since I like to use advanced features
4. It is bluetooth capable. I find this is the easiest way to print pictures from my phone (even my 6 year old can do it) so this is a plus. Do I wish the bluetooth was built in? Yes. But since I had an extra adapter laying around this wasn't an issue. I plugged in the adapter and it instantly was ready. So easy.
5. It is wi-fi ready and the wi-fi works. This was the first thing to go on my last printer, so working wi-fi makes me happy. We'll see how long it lasts, but I haven't heard of major issues with the Canons so I'm not worried.
6. It is cloud ready. I set it up to connect to Google Cloud Print. And I put that app on my tablets. So now I can easily print from my samsung tablet. The setup was easy to do - I followed the steps in the user guide.
7. The tray that catches the paper can fold up to stay out of the way when you aren't printing. I like this because I've got pets and I hate the thought of fur getting into my printer. And, the best part (and my favorite gee-whiz feature hands down) is that it automatically opens when you send a print job. I l-o-v-e that. It's the little things in life, right? :)

What I'm not so crazy about: The menus and lack of touch screen. Maybe it's because I'm changing brands, but the menus are not as intuitive as I'd like. I find myself referencing the guide more than I'd like to so I can find what I need in the menus. And since it's not touch screen you've got to navigate using a keypad off to the side. I find that cumbersome. But I'm sure I'll get used to both these things as time goes on. Oh, and I wish someone would invent a black printer that didn't show every dust particle. Ooh, a stainless steel printer would be nice; it would then match my kitchen appliances and look quite snazzy in my office.

So far I've set up multiple computers, printed wirelessly, printed via cloud, printed via bluetooth, printed pictures and set up my fax preferences. I haven't scanned or faxed yet, but all the printing has been good quality. It's a bit quieter than my HPs which is nice. And the starter ink that was included seems to be going a long way.

When I get a chance I'll put it through the paces (I WILL try every feature in the guide. I'm just one of those people) and I'll update my review. In the meantime, I definitely recommend the printer for ease of setup and solid performance.
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on July 12, 2013
I love this printer. It is my second one. I wish I had known that Amazon was selling it. I would have bought it from them. But I did buy all the ink cartridges from Amazon. I could not find them locally. It is super easy to set up and prints crazy fast. I can even print downstairs from my iPod Touch 5th Gen. I was astounded! Get this product from Amazon it is a great price!

Ink advice:
So far the Canon PGI-255 XXL is working great! It is the largest black ink cartridge you can get for the Canon MX922. With sales tax it was about $38. So if it ever does run out of ink someday I will try to get it refilled at Costco. I noticed the other day that they started to refill the MX922 ink cartridges. To save on ink costs I do have a suggestion that works for me. I rarely need color. So go to control panel and pick printer. Find your printer but don't click on it. Hover over it and right click it and pick printing preferences. Now choose duplex printing, gray and fast. This will only use your big black ink tank when you print. If you want color click print on Firefox or your document as you normally would. A box will come up asking you how many prints etc. Now in that box click properties and unclick the previous items I told you to click and you will get colour. Click ok and print. You will need to do that for colour prints each time unless you go back to your global settings in control panel or save a document in the colour preferences. However, if you leave it in control panel 'as is' to print colour normally your ink in ALL colours will run out quickly. Even if the article is all black. This printer will try to mix the small black and colours to make a better print. With this Canon model MX922 you can print anywhere in the house using an iPod Touch 5th Gen. Good luck.
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on November 28, 2014
Was in desperate need of a new printer and scanner as my old Epson went belly up. Price on this printer was right so I ordered. I have used Canon printers in the past and had nothing but good experiences, well this is not a disappointing experience, Great printer (hardware ) but I think the software that comes bundled up with it need lots more of Research and development, specially when it comes to scan a document and produce a PDF from that scan. The jpg and other document management tool is cumbersome and has many unnecessary cheap functions. I avoid scanning directly to PC, I use a usb memory stick and save it all there, then transfer to PC, works much better that way.

Love the back to back scanning function and feeder. All in all not a bad printer, I like it, it will take lots of desk space as it is BIG and HEAVY but I like it, hate the software.
review image
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on February 28, 2013
I have only had it a couple of days but I am impressed. I got it to replace a Canon MX870 in order to get Airprint and a speed boost. Setup was a breeze. The Airprint works perfectly. The Fax function works just fine. It is much faster printing than the MX870. The only small drawback is that the second tray only holds photo paper and not envelopes. The MX870 could hold the envelopes in the upper paper feeder. The 922 requires that you feed the envelopes through the lower paper tray. Since I print very few envelopes it is really not an issue for me. The photo output looks superb to me. Canon support (if you need it) is very fast and competent.
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Style: Printer|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wound up with three 4-in-1 machines: an HP OfficeJet Pro, an Epson Small-in-One, and this Canon. The PIXMA ranks between the other two. It has a larger footprint than the Epson but smaller than the HP. If your space is limited, go with the Epson. On the other hand, there is a distinct advantage to the Canon, because the other two do not continue to print if even a single ink tank is empty, while the Canon will. If you are printing in b&w and have run out of cyan, you can continue without interruption, which is wonderful. Epson and HP will leave you hanging while you race to get new ink tanks. If you have a home office, therefore, I do recommend the Canon. I feel that the Epson has better color quality (but more ink tanks to account for this) but the Canon is good enough for non-photographer types like me. The ways in which you can send things to the printer are just about endless...from a USB drive, from your computer, wirelessly from a zillion other gadgets, cameras and machines, from the Cloud. This is an extremely versatile unit. I don't really understand why they have a button keypad, which seems strangely archaic, but the buttons can be programmed to serve multiple functions. The paper trays are a little misleading; there are two trays, but one is for photo paper. If you need to switch from letter to legal to envelopes, you'll have to open, empty, refill and reinsert the tray. It also doesn't print 11x17 paper. However, for normal home use (not home business) it seems quite adequate. They emphasize the wireless abilities, but if you want to use a USB connection, that's fine. They don't include a USB wire, which annoyed me. The online manuals were extremely irritating because the print is tinier than tiny. I had to save the documents to my desktop so I could magnify the print. The website has a lot of information, but some of it is incomplete or you have to search all over to find just what you're looking for. I was concerned when everything in the box stated that it's intended for Windows OS 8 or higher (or Mac), since I have Windows 7. Turned out that it does work with OS 7, though it notes that no utilities or firmware is available for that and I might want to upgrade in order to take advantage of all the programs. I'm not planning to upgrade at this time, but I also don't use a lot of the bells and whistles so this isn't a big deal for me. As with HP and Epson, the ink tanks are disgustingly expensive. If you want to print in color, budget for this carefully. I think the price for the PIXMA is reasonable. Personally, my favorite thing about this is the fact that it won't stop dead in the middle of a print job if one ink tank goes dry. Otherwise, I prefer the HP for b&w printing (though it is very large and awkward) and the Epson for photo printing (though it has 6 tiny ink tanks). The Canon is a good choice for someone who is not a professional photographer and is not running a home business. It's best suited for the ordinary home office and school/household use. Set-up was okay, though the manuals are online and in tiny print, as noted above.
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on October 1, 2013
I bought this printer for one reason only - remote printing. I juggle caring for my elderly mother with work. I often need to leave instructions, maps, or meds lists for caregivers and thought it would be great to be able to send them remotely when I can't get to my mom's house.

First I tried Canon's print to email. And at first it worked. Then, it refused to print one document no matter how many times I sent it; but it would print the same document fine locally when I was at my mom's house. I emailed Canon tech support. Their response was, well, since it printed locally, problem solved. I replied that this didn't solve the problem that I need the remote printing to work. I never got a response to that email.

Then I thought well maybe Google Cloud print would work better, so I got that set up. Worked like a charm for a couple of days. Then suddenly nothing would print and Google cloud print said my printer was offline. So, I checked the Canon user forums and found a couple of other people with the same issue. The only thing Canon tech support told them was turn the printer off and back on again - again, not a solution that deals with the fact that this is supposed to be a remote printer. But, even that didn't work for me. Not only did Google cloud print say the printer was offline, when I went to the control panel on the printer and selected the thing that is supposed to connect to Google cloud print and fetch print jobs, the printer said it couldn't connect to the internet - even though the printer was connected via Ethernet cable and I knew I had working internet.

So, I tried giving the printer a fixed IP address on the network. No, that didn't work. Since it was connected to the network via Ethernet cable I thought, well, maybe it will work better if I connect it wireless. So I unplugged the Ethernet cable and set the printer to connect to the wireless network. The printer told me it was connected, and the router told me it was connected. But Canon's network tool on my laptop could not find the printer and it could not print at all. So, I reconfigured the printer again for a wired connection to the LAN. Then, no problem with local printing. But my printer is still offline to Google cloud print and still says it can't connect to the internet.

I have bought nothing but Canon cameras and printers for years but I am going to have to seriously rethink that in the future. This was a complete waste of money and the only reason I may not return it is that I'm just plain exhausted with all the other stuff I need to do for my mom and in life in general.

Update: I submitted this review to Canon's website. They refused to post it and sent me an email stating that my review did not comply with their "guidelines." I also emailed it to tech support. I got an email telling me to try making sure port forwarding was open to port 5222. I tried this and it didn't work. Sent another email back to tech support and got an email from them telling me to call their tech support. After half an hour on the phone the "network specialist" gave up! Said he didn't know what to suggest....
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on January 1, 2014
The time it takes to print a page may be on the order of seconds, but the time it takes to "warm up" before printing any page is literally minutes. This is by far the slowest printer I have ever owned. I loaded up Amazon and typed this review while waiting for my single page to print. Still waiting. Here it comes, nope, never mind, the printer is still getting ready. Maybe soon. Buy this printer and this is what you have to look forward to.
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on March 28, 2015
3.0 out of 5 stars I'm incredibly disappointed. After significant research, March 28, 2015
By Christopher D. Tipton-king "khripsy" (San Diego, CA)
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Canon PIXMA MX922 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax (Office Product)
I'm incredibly disappointed. After significant research, I bought a Canon MX922 to replace my dead 2006 MP530. I like having an ADF, and I was happy with the 5-ink results from my MP, so it seemed like the logical choice over the high ink cost and ADF-less MG series. I expected at least similar, if not better performance from the new printer. After all, it uses the same number of inks and same print resolution. I was shocked to discover that it didn't live up to the nearly decade-old printer on may fronts, especially the most important element for me-image quality.

The Good
It's really pretty, the two-tone gradient deep red is fancy... and also a dust and scratch magnet. I haven't even had the thing a week, and I've handled it gingerly, and it has a scratch across the ginormous Canon logo on the front and looks like I battered it and rolled it in a panko-crumb sprinkling of static-attracted dust. The self-opening tray with its automatic flip out extension is super cool, but unlike the MP530 tray which gracefully glided down, the MX tray opens with a startling THWACK. In fact, the sound design of the machine in general seems to have taken a lower priority, since the print mechanism is now up front for easier cartridge loading, the whole thing is now louder and clickier than the MP, even in quiet mode.

The MX922 boots lighting fast, and has some great networking features, I love having WiFi and cloud print, and the UI is pretty slick. It can even download and install its own firmware updates. The design is simplified and it takes up a bit less space than the old model, since it does away with the extra complex hinge mechanism for opening the top of the printer. 2-sided ADF scanning is cool, although it doesn't work with nonstandard paper sizes, which happens to be the majority of what I use the ADF for (bills and paystubs). I like the two-tray design, although I liked having easy access to a rear sheet feeder for loading envelopes—that now requires removing paper from the 8.5x11 lower cassette, as it doesn't fit in the dedicated photo paper upper cassette. I also like that the CD printing tray cleverly stows hidden below the photo cassette. It's thoughtful that Canon provides an ethernet port, in case your printer is going someplace with spotty WiFi.

I like Canon's drivers, especially the feature which does OCR on your scans to make PDFs searchable. Creative Park comes with some unintentionally amusing and very Japanese templates, including some anime greeting cards peppered with incongruous stock photos of blonde and blue eyed families.

The Bad
That's all well and good, but the key thing I want a printer to do well is to print. To test the printer, I printed a photo that I'd previously printed on my MP530, on the same Plus Glossy II paper, and at the same quality setting (high). The MP530 produced excellent quality prints nearly indistinguishable from lab prints, with accurate color and no visible droplets or dithering/halftoning patterns, except for some minor horizontal streaking. The MX922 produced pinkish skintones and awful, obvious polka-dot dithering with what looked like enormous droplets. It was so bad, I immediately checked to see if I'd loaded the paper upside down!

In repairing my MP530, I discovered something unexpected in the service manual: the highest print resolution (9600x2400) is reserved for the Pro Platinum paper setting, and requires you to choose Custom and drag the quality slider to the highest setting. Surprisingly, just choosing "high" from the popup menu gets you only the second highest resolution (1200x2400). I thought perhaps this has to do with the expensive paper supporting finer resolution—or perhaps it's also Canon trying to make the expensive consumable look better by reserving the printhead's best work for only that paper. So, to experiment, I tried printing again, using the Pro Platinum setting on the MX922. The results improved,with the nasty dithering mostly gone but still with color much less accurate than what my now-retroactively-beloved MP530 produced. I tried printing from different apps, and at different quality and color matching settings, to no avail. There's simply no forgiving quality this poor in a top-of-the-line 2015 printer.

(see attached photos for quality comparison)

The Ugly
If that weren't bad enough, compare the ink costs. Granted, the following yield specs use different test patterns, but the droplet size is the same, so unless the MX uses much less ink for cleaning (unlikely), the operating cost is sky high by comparison. Even if you buy XL/XXL inks, the ink costs nearly double what I was spending on the MP530:

Cost per mL
MP530: $0.78/mL color 4-pack, $0.45/mL PGI black
MX922, largest capacity/highest value cartridges: $1.44/mL XL color 3-pack plus XL black, $0.95/mL XXL PGI black

Droplet size for both: 1 pL

MP530 tank size: 13 mL color, 26 mL PGI black
Black text page yield: 820 pages
Photo prints: 290 4x6 at minimum (magenta lasts the shortest)

MX922 tank sizes: 7 mL color, 11 mL XL color; 15 mL PGI black, 22 mL XL, 37 mL XXL
Black text page yield (standard size cartridge): 300 pages
Photo prints: 121 minimum (cyan lasts the shortest)

(see attached yield charts in the photos)

So there you have it: I'm considering sending it back. What a terrible disappointment. After tearing apart my MP530 in the repair process, I admired how well it was put together, and hoped that a new Canon would be the same quality. I don't understand the logic here as to why they'd design an inferior successor: the new printer isn't significantly faster (actually, it feels slower because of the long pre-print cleaning cycle), it doesn't seem more reliable (it seems more fragile), are they protecting their dedicated pro photo products by making the quality worse, or is it just cost-cutting?

Upon further research, the options don't seem much better vs the competition at this price point and feature set. Buying another MP series doesn't make sense, since their design life is only 5 years (according to the service manual!). I'm considering exchanging it for an MG, but I'm concerned about the cost of all those extra ink tanks...
review image review image review image
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