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on January 21, 2013
I was looking at the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy SIII, then read an article about this being released in January and decided to wait and see if it was any good. Boy am I glad I waited. For $50 you get:

*A nice, big screen that rivals its more expensive counterparts
*A zippy processor, not quad-core, but mighty fast nonetheless
*A solid build featuring a nice, rubbery-texture back that is a pleasure to hold
*Built-in stereo speakers that blow away the competition
*And the last two are best of all: a replaceable battery
*And a microSD slot!

The phone works great. The only drawback is bloatware, which is annoying but certainly not a deal-breaker. And some of Pantech's customizations I actually prefer to stock Android. Now if only it would upgrade soon to JB from ICS, this phone would be perfect.

But as it is, it's pretty darn close.
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on January 20, 2013
Before having this phone, I had the Motorola flipside(look it up and feel my pain). Not wanting an iPhone or the S3 I did some research and found this phone. Went out and got it with a 2 year contract and LOVE IT! It's very responsive, battery life is amazing, and the screen is big enough to see everything. The camera on the back is crystal clear and looks great when you upload photos to instagram or facebook. Overall if you're looking for something inexpensive and that will impress people, this is the phone.
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on March 16, 2013
So I finally decided to suck it up and pay the extra $30 per month for the data plan and upgrade to a SmartPhone. My previous phone was the Pantech Laser. It was a messaging phone that I was trying to use like a smartphone. Too cumbersome to surf on or do anything "smart" on it. I read as many reviews on the Discover that I could find. CNET and Amazon, YouTube video reviews. And there were none that I could find that said anything bad about this phone. The one negative remark from one review said that the display faded when held at different angles. Who would hold a phone at a weird angle anyway when trying to use it. The display in my opinion is just fine. I found a deal on WalMart to upgrade to this phone for a penny and AT&T price matched so I made the final purchase through them. I mean really, a penny for a smartphone. Seemed to good to be true. The best part is that it is pretty darn close to the Samsung Galaxy III. My neighbor has the Galaxy and we put them side by side to compare all the features. The menus and apps were almost identical. I found that this phone has a panoramic option with the camera which the iPhone 4 doesn't (iPhone 5 does). Unfortunately I haven't owned another smartphone to really compare this too, but from what I've seen from the iPhone and the Galaxy this thing is right up there with them. I honestly don't know why this phone is as inexpensive as it is. Maybe people are just too afraid to try it because Pantech isn't a popular brand so it's not selling. I'm not going to sit here and regurgitate all the features because they're all pretty darn good, but I will say it's perfect for my needs and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PHONE. I've only been using it for 2 days so if anything negative is worth reporting I'll be sure to update my review.
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on March 20, 2013
well, i went through a motorola which unfortunately fell and shattered. i had phone insurance and wound up with the much touted s3. i hated it. called my carrier and said i was unhappy and they replaced it with the pantech p9090. i know i kind of traded down down price wise. but in every other detail the pantech is amazing. very large screen, larger than the motorola, samsung or my neighbors htc. not only larger but a crystal clear picture. it has all the toys built in that most of the smartphones have now. i wish i could eliminate half of them but they come with the territory. the speakers give an astounding sound for music and for speakerphone.
touchscreen is great, just enough so that it will not pocket dial or any of that. it is very thin, about the thickness of two quarters, so i would encourage the purchase of a case to go along with it. i cant say much more except that i am extremely happy that i fell into this phone. i had a pantech years ago, and that was my favorite of all time til it was stolen/lost. this may be the new one. for about 400.00 you get it all that a phone 150.00 more has, and the pantech is just a sweet phone.
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on February 9, 2013
Upgraded from the HTC Inspire!

For me it was between 4 different AT&T phones I did research on:

1. HTC One X (9 months old at $99)
2. LG Escape (4 months old at $49)
3. Motorola Atrix HD (7 months old at $49)
4. Pantech Discover (less than a 1 month old at $49)

After much research, the Pantech Discover was the best fit for me.


-Beautiful clear screen
-Loud stereo speakers (great for music or talking on speaker phone)
-Easy to use and transfer files/music/ringtones/pics etc. between phone and pc
-Nice design and nice feel to hold

CAMERA: Has a front and back facing camera, and the back facing (12.6 megapixel) takes pictures fast with no pause after each one. You can snap away! :-)

BATTERY: So far pretty good. My phone will drain from 100% to about 96% from evening to morning with no use... not too bad. After moderate use during the day.... a few phone calls of short duration, maybe about 5 texts give or take, and playing a couple games like slots or jewels, etc., my phone will go from 100% in the morning down to about 60-65% by evening, so I can't complain.

CONS (Minimal):

REDIALING: Redialing is not like it was with my HTC where you just press the phone button, see the list of recent calls (incoming or outgoing), then pressing one which automatically initiates dialing. Now with the Pantech Discover, you do all that (press the phone button, see the list of recent calls, press one of them.... then hit the call button to make the call go thru. It's one more button to press, but really not a big deal.

WEATHER FORECAST: I like to check the weather each morning and I wish it would show (at a glance) the forecast for the day like my HTC did (i.e. high/low with current weather in large print), but with this new Pantech, it shows current weather only, and the high/low 'only' for the days following. Again... not a big deal.

OVERALL: I give it 5 stars because it has most of the features I like and need in a phone, therefore, the pros outweigh any cons, which are minimal. Yes, it is ICS and not JB, but that doesn't matter much, as I'm not very tech savvy. It's all good to me! Ha Ha Everyone is different in what they want/need in a smartphone, so hopefully this review will assist in making your decision. I'm not sure there's any phone out there that has every single feature someone likes. :p
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on April 18, 2013
This is my first real smart phone and I'm quite pleased with my choice right now. I did some research before hand by doing side by side feature comparisons, reading comments and checking C-Net reviews. My budget was going to be $0.00 an a network plan, but after doing my homework I was willing to shell out the $50 to own this phone. The display is large and nice and bright. I'm using the standard mode (as opposed to the easy mode) and I'm finding it very easy to locate what I'm looking for. I still have some learning to do however. I find the battery power to be pretty good. I'm depleting the full charge in about 4 to 5 days with moderate usage - (each day some calls, texts, playing apps, taking pictures and checking the web). I like the 12mp camera although I've only taken a few pictures and videos. It sure beats my 2mp camera on my old phone. The speakers are pretty good for a phone too. I'm really enjoying this phone so far.
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on May 14, 2013
I have several Pantech phones and was not ready to buy another, but came across this one brand new for a little over 200 and jumped on it. I unlocked it myself and have been using it for 2 weeks. It's an awesome phone and I am finally content that I don't need anything better for a while. The only issues I've had are occasionally it will lag when pushing call log button and takes a pause before listing the log. The other issue had me worried. On the second day, I grabbed my phone to check for notifications and upon pushing the button, nothing. Phone wouldn't come on. Had to pull the battery and restart it. Happened 2 more times that day. I was worried my phone was defective, which may be why I got the good price. I did some research and found one mention of the animations possibly causing issues, so I turned off the animations and it's been almost 2 weeks and no more black screen when trying to wake it up. I also made sure the wifi stays on during sleep also. If anything changes I'll update my review. It comes with Ice Cream Sandwich but is supposed to get a Jelly Bean update. The phone has been out for 5 months I hope they do the update before the phone is obsolete.

Update: I just did this review and 2 hours later the phone wouldn't wake up. This time I have swapped my micro sc card for a different to see if that's the culprit. If it does it again I will do a factory reset. If it still does it, then I bought a lemon. Will keep my review up to date with this phone and it's issue.

Update 5/26/13
Went 12 days with no sleep of death and this afternoon it did it again. Seems to only happen in early afternoon. Doing it once every 2 weeks will not bother me too much. But it does suffer from it. Am getting angry at Pantech for dragging their feet with the Jelly Bean update. One of the reasons I bought the phone was because they promised an update. Coming up on 6 months of it's release. If they don't, I'll never get another Pantech unless it has the software already, if I get another Pantech.

Update 6/7/13
Had a sleep of death again yesterday. Seems every 2 weeks or so I'm going to have to deal with it. I've tried all the remedies I found online and nothing seems to fix it. So now it's a wait and see if Pantech follows through with the Jelly Bean promise. If they don't, I'll never trust them again.

Update 10/3/13
Still having occasional sleep of death issues, enough to not allow me to trust it as my alarm clock. And I have discovered they released a Jelly Bean update at the end of July, but ONLY over the air to at&t customers, no download for unlocked users. So for me I would beware buying or unlocking pantech now. I would most likely go a different route, even giving Blu a try now. Because they made the update an over the air only, I'm taking away 3 stars from the phone.
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on February 19, 2013
I finally got tired of playing Apple's Iphone games and switch to an Android.
My fiance did the same also and jump on the Samsung Galaxy S3 band wagon.
I was considering doing the same but after doing a side by side comparison of the two phones, I couldnt see a reason to spend the additional 149.00 for the Galaxy.
All in all, this phone looks, feels and operates just as good as the S3 and comes with a 12.6 mp camera standard.
A big deal for me considering I live to take pictures.
I've had it a two week so far and I have no complaints.

If you're like me and not hung up on having the latest and greatest hype phone. You'll love the Discover.
Hope this review helps.
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on March 15, 2013
For the price it's incredible. There are more powerful and feature packed phones with higher prices.
Pay your money and make your choice. This one works for me.

Casing and construction gives no hint at all of how little you paid. It looks/feels as good as any of the other higher end phones IMO.
Screen appearance/brightness. Can use it in full Florida sun if you use an app to force the brightness to 100% like I do.
Remembers where I left off listening to 2 hour podcasts even when phone is powered off/on.
Sound quality of dual speakers is impressive for what it is.
So far battery life meets and exceeds my expectations.
Pantech software puts a circle on the unlock page. You can put app icons in the outer ring of the circle. Drag the icon into the circle to unlock and already be in the app you wanted to use. Brilliant!
Sound quality of received calls is perfect. Everyone I've asked while on the phone has said their end sounds great too.
Effortless pairing with the two Bluetooth devices I use.

Texture of backing is slippery. Good for putting into a pocket, bad for keeping it there.
Limited number of quality phone cases at this time ( 03-15-2013 ). I'm hoping Ballistic will make one but probably not. Still waiting to make that purchase.
Twice now has reverted to "Emergency Calls Only" and had to be rebooted to resume phone/text service.

Haven't tried the Near Field Communications feature yet but it has it.
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on August 9, 2014
This has been my first smart phone, and overall I've been disappointed. I've had the phone for about one and a half years, and it keeps getting worse and worse. My husband got the same phones at the same time, and he has had many of the same issues. When we first got them, they were great for the first couple of month. Over time, the phone began freezing up and shutting down when I was in the middle of using apps. It didn't matter which apps. That has progressively gotten worse, to the point where I can barely use any of the apps now. On top of that, apparently (according to what friends and family are telling me) I'm only receiving about 2/3 to 1/2 of my text messages, while other messages are coming through multiple times. In addition, when I try to type a text message now, the phone keeps shutting down while I'm trying to type or send one. And the most frustrating part is that I can't make a phone call! When I try to pull up my contacts, the phone will just go to a blank screen, or constantly says it's updating my contacts. I tried to pull up a contact to make a phone call the other day for over 30 minutes, with no luck. The next day I tried to pull up a different contact for over 15 minutes, with no luck. In both instances I wasn't able to make the phone calls and ended up getting on my laptop to try to contact the people via email instead, since my phone wouldn't work. I've tried all of the regular tricks - turning the phone off and back on, taking out the battery, etc. to no avail. Thankfully I had insurance on the phone. Since I've had it for more than a year, the warranty has expired. But for a reasonable fee AT&T is replacing my phone with the exact same model. I'm not very hopeful that the new one will work any better since my husband's has had a lot of the same problems, but I'm willing to give it a chance before completely throwing in the towel with this model of phone.
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