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For the short review:

If you don't mind having a wired Xbox communicator, this headset it great. It can be used for PS3 sound and communication as well, though you have to decide which system you actually want to connect as you can't connect both at the same time. Maybe with the next model?

If you have an old 360 (white one) and use HDMI, you will need to purchase a RCA Audio Cable Adapter for XBOX 360 to use optical. This is the only way to get true Dolby Digital Surround out of this headset.

If you think previous Turtle Beach headsets are "too quiet," you won't want this set either, as it also has the Volume Limiter to protect your hearing. Sorry.


Longer review:


I will say that Turtle Beach knows how to make you think you are getting value for your money. The box that houses the headset is very, very sturdy. Even if it wasn't packed in a shipping box well I'm pretty sure this box would survive.

Unboxing the set was as easy as cutting 2 pieces of tape. Opening the box you see a piece of clear plastic that you can see through. You will see the headset and the receiver. There's a sticker that tells you that all the accessories are underneath the plastic. Lifting that up, there's a nice little box with all of the cables you might need. The EXCEPTION to this is that if you have an old 360 and use HDMI - in this case there is an optical audio dongle that you will also want to purchase (RCA Audio Cable Adapter for XBOX 360 + Slim), as otherwise you can only use RCA (analog) out and without it you will NOT get true Dolby Digital Surround. I didn't need the dongle as I already have owned TB headsets and bought the dongle a long time ago.


Connecting this to a 360 is pretty simple, and is connected essentially the same way for the PS3. Connect the optical out on the system to the Optical In on the black receiver box. Plug the USB to power dongle into an unused USB port on either system. Power up the system and it should begin to play sound through the headphones (once you power them on)

One annoying aspect is that you must decide whether you want your PS3 or 360 to be connected for true 5.1 surround. You have only one optical input, meaning it's one or the other. You can still connect the other system via RCA (stereo only), but who wants that? Maybe with next year's models we will get the ability to use both systems on one headset?


One thing I like about this headset is that it talks to you. Unlike the XP400 where you need to know and understand a bunch of esoteric beep sets, this tells you when you power it on, when you power it off and what sound option and chat option you have enabled. Of course, you still need to know what Chat Option 4 is or Game Option 3, but it's a start.

You press the power button on the headset, it powers up. There is also a power button on the receiver piece that needs to be turned on (I always leave it on, as when I turn off my PS3 or 360 I always unplug them, so it powers off anyway).

On the headset itself there are quite a few buttons to get accustomed to. You can pair this headset with your phone so that you can answer a phone call you might receive while playing without having to take the headset off. Because of this, you have BT +/- buttons that turn the Bluetooth volume up and down. There is a Bluetooth button to help pair this to your phone (and also to your PS3!). And then there is a BT Mute button that mutes Bluetooth communication. The BT buttons also work when chatting on PS3.

On the same ear cup with the power button, you also have a Games Preset button. This is where you can control the "equalization" on the headphones. The modes are:

1. Flat: Hear stereo game sound without effects processing or Dolby Surround Sound.
2. Bass Boost: Hear and feel the rumble of deeper bass sound effects.
3. Treble Boost: Boost high frequencies for crisper sounds and greater clarity.
4. Bass Boost + Treble Boost: Rumbling lows and pristine highs come through clearly.
5. Stereo Expander: Stereo processing with a 3D effect that allows you to focus on subtle audio cues.
6. Action Enhancer: Amplify intense sounds from weapons and explosions.
7. Footstep Focus: Focus on the sound of enemy footsteps approaching.
8. Superhuman Hearing: Boosts low volume sounds.

Unlike the PX400, it's easy to set one of these presets as your MAIN preset. Once you find the preset you like, simply hold down the Games Preset button for a few seconds and it will set this one as your Main setup. Now, when you power on the system it will remember what preset you were on. On the PX400s you had only 4 presets and they had to be chosen every time you powered up the headset. Very cool!

On the Game Preset button you can also hold the button down a little longer and release and you will choose Movie or Music mode. Movie is good for movies, and as you can use the PX51s to listen to music, the Music option gives an optimized Stereo equalization. Not bad!

Also on this ear cup is the Chats Preset button which can set these "equalization" settings:

1. Flat: Straight chat with no processing.
2. Chat Focus: Boosts mid-range frequencies for greater concentration on chat.
3. Chat Expander: Widens the virtual sound field of chat.
4. Voice Amp: Amplifies chat volume.
5. Hi-Pitch Morph: Morph your voice into a high-pitch tone.
6. Lo-Pitch Morph: Bring your voice to demonic depths.
7. Robot: Transform your voice into a metallic sound.
8. Max Chat: Combines presets in an enhanced chat package

You set the MAIN chat preset the same way as you set the MAIN game preset, simply choose the preset you want and then hold the Chat Preset button down until you are notified that it's now the main setup. Power the headphones off and power them on and this one should be set by default as well.

Comparing this to the X41 and the XP400, the PX51 blows them out of the water for presets. The X41 and XP400 have only game audio presets and you have to choose the one you like every time you power up. There are no chat preset options.


So if you want to chat with the XBox 360, you have to connect the Talk Back cable that is included in the set. Unlike the PX400s, this is wired chat only on the 360. This is the same as the X41 for 360 chat, BUT, there is something that makes this cable FAR superior to the one included with the X41. This cable, somehow, makes a VERY firm, very secure connection to both the headset and the 360 controller. GONE are the days of ripping the cable out while gaming (at least not easily). On the X41 this was a nightmare. If you moved the wrong way, pop, out comes the cable. I think, if Turtle Beach sells just the cable at some point, just use this cable with the X41 (or any older wired set) and realize the greatness of this new cable.

Chat quality on 360:

Not bad. Clear. Crisp. The presets (not the ones that change your voice) make hearing the in game chat quite easy. Reports from people on the other end is that the sound is about as clear as they've ever heard.

Sound Quality:

The PX51 seems to use the same technology as the PX400 in that there is absolutely NO interference from any wireless devices. The X41 would pop and click around your wi-fi router, and don't you dare turn the microwave on with the X41 on your head and powered up! Nothing interferes with the PX51s, just like the PX400. Very nice.

In terms of sound quality, the PX51s seem to have a similar match out of the box to the PX400 sonically. The "flat" setting on both seems to line up and sound exactly the same between the two sets (yes, I actually did unplug and plug in while playing to compare). The Presets, however, really do set the two sets apart. The XP51's presets give better bass and treble performance, and give clearer sound stage to my ears. I was surprised, as in terms of looks the two sets are quite similar.

Comparing the sound to the X41 and the X41s come up a little anemic, not matching the overall sound quality, the sound stage or the quality of presets. That said, the X41s are still a decent set!


This is the part I hate about consumer electronics today. The battery in this headset lasted me about 17 hours on the first full charge. About the same the second. That's really, really nice compared to the X41 in that it used AAA batteries (I used rechargeables) and only really got 7-10 hours at best. The part that annoys me isn't the longer battery life, it's that this battery is NOT user replaceable. At some point in the future it will no longer hold a charge and you will either need to replace the headset or pay to ship and have Turtle Beach replace the battery for you. Annoying, but this is the way of digital life today. I did not drop any stars for this, but just something to be aware of.

One big difference:

Turtle Beach have added a "mobile" option to their new headsets. You can plug the audio cable into your phone or other audio device. Essentially it makes the headset stereo headphones. It's a nice feature, but not one I will ever really use, outside of testing it here.


Another great feature is the ability to program your OWN presets. Want to set the audio up the way YOU want. You can control all sorts of things with the presets website, though the configuration can be a little esoteric. If you take the time to learn it, you really can customize this the way YOU want it to sound. Very, very cool.


The difference between the XP400 and the PX51, if you already own the XP400, is NOT worth the additional cost this will entail. Plus, this headset is WIRED for Xbox talk back, whereas the wireless talk back on the XP400 is quite nice.

Highly recommended if you don't already own a gaming headset.

Especially recommended if you are primarily a PS3 gamer, given the completely wireless chat capability. 360 Chat is slightly annoying with the cable, but with the newly designed cable I would recommend this set as well to 360 gamers. I might recommend, if you are primarily a 360 gamer, to purchase the XP400, XP500 or XP510 instead.

I received this via Amazon Vine.


+Great sound
+True Dolby Digital Surround (X41 is ProLogic only)
+Audio presets are actually useful
+Can store preferred audio presets so it defaults to these on power up
+Talk Back cable for 360 redesigned for less cable pull out
+Zero interference with other wireless devices
+Talks instead of beeps with configuration information


-Relatively expensive (all things considered)
-Wired 360 chat only
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on October 23, 2013
These headphones are amazing. The sound, the clarity, the design, the intricacy, the complexity -- all of it is worth every penny. Now unfortunately with that said, I am not keeping them. They lack bass. They SERIOUSLY lack bass. When people complain about the sound cutting in and out -- that's not what's happening. That sound is the bass trying to rumble the way bass is supposed to. Instead of giving you the vibrating, deep penetrating sound of good bass, the headphones provide a sort of pulsating low sound that tries to imitate bass. And that's sad because these headphones could have been phenomenal.

I went and bought the Astro A50's and man oh man do they have bass! Some complain that it's too much, but for me, who wants that theater-like rumbling throughout my body when I watch my movies, it's absolutely perfect. The sound quality is just all around fantastic.

When comparing the two headphones in terms of volume, the A50's win hands down. When I first got my PX51's, I turned the volume up all the way and was nowhere near satisfied in terms of loudness. Now I didn't keep them at max volume, but I easily could have without being too bothered. My normal volume setting was at about 80-90% max. Now the A50's -- I have yet to even hear what max volume sounds like because I'm too worried I'll blow my eardrums, literally. These headphones get EXTREMELY loud when calibrated to full game (they have balance buttons to toggle the volumes of voice vs. game sounds)

When it comes to everything else, the PX51's leave the A50's in the dust. The aesthetic design of the PX51's is gorgeous. They truly look and feel like premium quality headphones whereas the A50's look bare and generic. Although they're both wireless, the PX51's offer Bluetooth so you can easily connect to your phone to answer phone calls and listen to your music very easily. The A50's don't offer any Bluetooth so you have to connect your phone to the transmitter via 3.5mm cable and then you can listen to your music, but you won't be able to answer your phone nor connect them to anything else via Bluetooth. Finally and most importantly in my opinion, the PX51's come with a number of different equalizer presets as well as giving you the capability to create and save your own presets. The A50's come with 3 presets and that's it. You can't add your own or anything else. And this is where people complain about the bass, because if you don't like heavy amounts of bass, well then you're out of luck. The 3 presets are basically heavy bass with 3 levels of incrementally increasing treble.

In the end, the A50's are for performance and performance only. The PX51's give you EVERYTHING else. If Turtle Beach made the PX51's with the ability to set the equalizer to provide HEAVY, RUMBLY bass, then they would BY FAR, be the headphones of choice. They are honestly a work of art. Unfortunately they don't provide that theater style bass and so, if you're looking for sound that's comparable to sitting amidst a high quality theater surround sound system, then the A50's should be your choice. But don't expect anything else from them other than phenomenal sound.
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on October 1, 2014
The first line of any review of this product needs to say:

You can adjust the eq on these headphones to literally whatever you want! Again, if YOU put in the work these headphones will be your dream gaming headphones.

Why does that matter? I purchased a refurb set of these from a different seller. I cant speak on if the repair shop reset to default or if the PX51s ship with this sound. To be quite frank, out the box you will be underwhelmed. If you pair them with an ipod for Bluetooth default out the box there is an absolute minimum of bass. Based on this, I was ready to send these headphones back the day I received them. If you only care about out of the box sound and never care to tweak, consider this review done - 1 star - these aint the headphones for you kid.

Lucky for me, I researched and found out that Turtle Beach has an Advanced Sound Editor program and whoooo boy, it is a game changer. Unless you are an absolute fringe case, you can fix any audio problems you have with this. YOU get to decide what you hear and its glorious.

So because these headphones now travel with me to work and for my PS4 playing, I describe both uses. The PX51 is serviceable for the PS4 out the box, its what you expect but still a little light on the bass side. However the bass is crystal clear, more on that with the music part. The wireless transmitter does a lot of the heavy lifting and you can decide which surround profile you want. Yeah, they give you the option even to tweak that too. For bluetooth device use, you need to change at least one of the profiles, lucky for you there are 8 game presets you can set, a movie mode, a music mode, and a few profiles for in game chat setup out the box.

This again brings us back to the ASE. I love my music and I love sound. Understand that this product is not meant to compete with studio monitors. As a gaming headset and a set of bluetooth headphones the PX51 is just dreamy, I am just warm and fuzzy thinking about it. There isnt a beats by Dre effect with the sound; the bass isn't overdriven and splotchy. Instead you hear very clear and distinctive mid range and very punchy and precise bass. So the audio spectrum is present in the headphones and the audio drivers are capable of outputting the sound some people dont think possible.

The ASE manual will make any audio geek/digital audio guru smile. Its complete with audio "babble" that is reasonably explained into normal speak. Setting high, low, and notch filters at major frequencies are all possible. Want to change the way chat audio sounds go for it. Want to change the audio separation to your own liking go for it. Want to attenuate an ingame noise that annoys you? Make a notch filter for it. Heck, if you really wanted you could make 3 profiles for say a Call of Duty game where profile 1 is your sniper profile and you accentuate footstep sounds so people dont sneak on you. Make another for breaching so you can avoid flashbang ringing. Make another one for single player when you are in a vehicle and you dont want the engine as loud. If the headphones arent loud enough for you there is a volume limiter yes, but that can be bypassed by making your own profile and cranking up the gain (which gives you a ton of distorion ruining the beautiful clarity).

But how do they sound?

My measurement for hearing what should and shouldnt be present audio wise was The Matrix for a movie. The gunshots were clean and crisp, the score sounded beautiful, and I was impressed at how even on the factory default the headphones let the music emphasize its important parts, instead of the headphones dictating the music.

Using these for strictly music, you gotta do the work. Once tweaked, I loaded up 320kbps mp3 of Transport 4 Disc 1 from Max Graham; it's one of my favorite DJ sets of all time and a set I have listened to hundreds of times over the last 13 years. I KNOW what it should sound like. The PX51s nail it. They absolutely nail it using a PS3 to play back the audio and the wireless transmitter to help process the signal. Using just bluetooth to pass the sound the quality is close, using a Samsung Galaxy S5 to take of both devices using AD2P bluetooth profile for higher quality audio. Very rarely do any sections sound muddled. The hard driving bass staccato of 2 Heavy come across clean and crisp, while later during the slurring basslines of Tell You, the PX51s really hold their own throughout the range of bass.

In game, the separation of chat and in game sound presets work like a thing of beauty. I am specifically talking about Destiny on the PS4 here, since as of writing there is no way in game to adjust game audio. I hear my fireteam members clearly with minimal fuss with party/other audio foolery.

All in all the sound quality here in my opinion is just a tiny bit lower than my Audio Technica ATH-M50Xs. Trust me thats not a bad thing considering the PX51s are a) wireless and b) support surround sound.

In conclusion if you appreciate the sheer customization being offered here you will be blown away. You can download someone else's profiles if you want. TB has made an amazing product that is under appreciated due to their inability to communicate how much customization is here. At current retail MSRP its a bit just a little bit more than I feel they should be sold at. A 30 or so dollar discount makes them a must buy instead of a "I have spent all week trying to talk myself out of it" buy. You are paying a bit extra for the customization and amazing engineering here but if you got the cash thats not a bad thing.

If you are willing to put in a litttle bit of extra time on the side, the PX51 will shatter your expectations.
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VINE VOICEon May 13, 2013
Size: 9.5 x 5.5 x 12.0 inchesColor: blackVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These were intended to be an upgrade for me, from the XP300 to this, the XP51. While I believe Turtle Beach has managed to improve their offering with this model, I think there are a few things they missed. There are also some things that really annoy me.

I'm using these with an Xbox 360. Hooking these up to my 360 was easy. It supports optical-in, and obtains its power from a free 360 USB port, so the whole setup requires only two cables. The package includes additional cables and connectors so that you can use the headphones with other setups (PS3, PCs, portable players, etc.). The most important cable is the charging cable, which is long enough to use while connected, several feet from the console. For the Xbox 360, there is also the voice-chat adapter which connects to the headset adapter of the controller, and allows for a true wireless solution for 360 voice-chat.

First thing I don't like about these - charging them leaves the unit on all the time. They don't turn off when charging is complete. If you turn them off, and then plug them in to charge, the unit powers-on and stays on to charge. When they are powered-on for charging, they also activate the transmitter base, which means it is also on the entire time. I don't understand why this is necessary; it should be possible to charge the headset without it having to be on. I can only imagine it actually takes longer to charge them because they are simultaneously charging and draining because they are on. This is a big turn-off for me.

The second thing I don't like about these are the voice-samples that announce various modes. These are unnecessary sometimes, annoying at other times, and helpful at other times. For example, when you turn them on, a female voice announces "Powering on", which would be fine, except it is followed by a very obnoxious "BING!", much like the chime you would hear on an airplane. When you turn them off, the female voice says "Goodbye", but why it doesn't say "Powering off" confuses me -- the prompts are inconsistent. The most annoying voice announcement is the "Battery low" warning, in which the female voice says exactly that...approximately every 8 seconds. This is annoying because, unlike a traditional "beep" that has signified a low battery on previous models, hearing "battery low" spoken every 8 seconds will send you running to find the charging cable, because it really disrupts your enjoyment of a game...or music...or movie...or whatever it is you are doing with them.

The voice prompts are useful in announcing the various modes. There are several modes for "game", "movie", and "music", and hearing the mode announced in English with a number, instead of counting the number of beeps is welcomed. It actually makes it easy to confirm what mode you are using.

Compared to the XP300s, these are much lighter. I'm not sure how Turtle Beach managed to make them lighter, but they feel much lighter on my head, and are therefore much more comfortable to wear for a long duration. The drivers are the same size and they have similar features - it's probably just technology improving and overall weight has been reduced. I can wear them for many, many hours at a time with no discomfort.

From a sound-quality perspective, these are very similar to the XP300s. In other words, sound quality has not improved. I don't believe they have enough "punch" in the bass, but midrange, voices, and highs are well-defined. I basically turn them on, and leave them on the basic "game mode" setting. I've found that many of the other modes and presets modify the sound in ways that I don't like. For example, the bass becomes non-existent or very thin, or voices become over-pronounced. I also don't use the "synthesized" surround-sound because I believe it makes the sound "too thin" and tends to add an artificial echo that I just don't think is natural. These "do the job". Fortunately, there's no distortion, no interference, and the wireless signal is always good, even in my very WiFi-busy home. These don't let me walk more than 30 feet from my console, and trip to the kitchen to grab something results in the audio cutting-out completely. This has not changed over the XP300s I was already using.

These headphones also support Bluetooth wireless, which means you can sync the headphones to your phone, simultaneously while using them with wireless audio. This allows you to take voice calls on your phone while playing a game, a useful feature. What I really like, though, is that these allow you to sync Bluetooth audio from your phone, which allows you to listen to music from your phone, as an example. This is actually helpful, because the sound quality is quite decent for this purpose. Depending on your phone, you'll also get alerts through the headset, which means you can hear your email, text, and other alert sounds in the headset while you are playing a game, so you'll never miss another alert from your phone. The Bluetooth audio and the chat audio have separate volume controls, so you can adjust the Bluetooth/chat audio separately from the game volume.

In general, I like these. Moving from the XP300 to these was pretty seamless. However, the "voice" prompts get particularly annoying, and the inability to charge them without being able to power them down is a problem. I do feel these offer all the "bells and whistles" I've wanted in wireless headphones for quite some time, I just wish more time had been spent perfecting them.
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on March 12, 2013
First off, if your looking for a true home theater surround sound experience go spend a grand on some nice sennheiser or bose headphones and a pre amp. This is a gaming headset. I have owned the px5 headset for over a year and they were great but the pops and the battery life were pretty bad. This review will be from the PX5's point of view.

The greatest thing about this headset is that the clicks and pops are finally gone. The dual band wifi alleviates this issue.

Next, the rechargeable battery is amazing. No more having to run and grab some AA batteries during a game. Another plus is that you can game and charge at the same time. They included an extra long charge cable that can plug into a cell phone DC wall adapter. If I had to complain about anything it would be the way it charges. It would of have been awesome if they implemented inductive charging on the transmitter and headset. You just plug the cable in like you would on the ps3 controller (mini usb). The cable somewhat bends to the surface of where the transmitter is. Not a big deal at all, but it could be annoying to some.

The audio quality is comparable to the px5. The frequency response is 20Hz-20KHz and has a nice mix of lows mid and highs. Not a whole not of bass on this unit. But I always hate having so much bass, as it ruins the audio or true sound.

The presets are pretty much the same as the px5. Everything from low boost, high boost, low-high boost, 3D effect, etc.

The real power in this headset is the custom presets. This is definitively a plus if your an audiophile like me. This should really be the reason your buying this headset. You able to adjust a 7-band EQ which is just awesome.

Other then that, it has the Bluetooth module integrated into the headset like the px5, so music and phone chat while gaming.

Recommend it for it for audiophiles and as a nice wireless solution.
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on December 28, 2013
I wanted to wait and see if I could get the PX51 to work before I give it a bad review but I've had them for a month now and they still don't work. I got this headset on Black Friday and I am thinking I shouldn't have. Let me state I bought the PX5 headset in July 2011 Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset with Bluetooth and absolutely love them. I use them on the PS3 and PS4 and they work fine. The reason I wanted the PX51 was they were suppose to be new version of the PX5 plus they were on sale.

I got my first pair in late November. I plugged them in, updated to the PS4 firmware and have had problems for the word go. When I was gaming the sound was great. Perfect levels for playing anything on the PS4 except when I was trying to chat with people. They couldn't understand me. I also could hear the distortion in my voice coming out of the headset. If I talked softly everything was fine but whenever I raised my voice just a little bit it sounded awful. I played with plugs thinking it was the optical cable or the power cable still nothing. So I tried it on my PS3. Same results. I even hooked it up to my Galaxy S4, still sounded awful.

So I sent it back to Amazon and got a new one. Hooked everything up on the replacement PX51 and got the same issue. So I thought maybe the optical cable was the problem. Hooked up a optical cable that I got from Amazon AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable, 6 Feet and still sounded distorted. So I decided to unplug my microphone from my PX5 and try it on the PX51. Still sounded awful. So then I plugged the microphone from the PX51 into the PX5, thinking the microphone was the problem, and wallah I sounded fine on my PX5. So my conclusion was it's the actual PX51 headset that is the problem not the actual microphone.

Now since this is the 2nd headset that I got and I was having the same problem I thought maybe there was some interference from the PX5 that making the XP51 sound distorted. So I unplugged my PX5 and still sound awful. I really tried everything I could think of thinking something was interfering with the PX51. I turned my phone, tablet, iPod, wifi, and even my computer off to see if I was still getting the distortion and I was.

I currently in a back and forth email with Turtle Beach tech support trying to figure out what the problem could be. I will be back to update my review to see if they can help. So as for right now I can not recommend this headset to anyone. Like I said I do have the PX5 and they work great so I will continue to use those until these are fixed. I really don't want to return them but unless Turtle Beach can fix them I might have to.

UPDATE: So after going back and forth with Turtle Beach through email they finally sent me a new mic for the PX51 and I still had the same problem. No one could understand me when I was trying to chat online or even when I connected to Bluetooth on my cell phone. Turtle Beach insisted that they have never had any other customers report the problem I was having with the mic and my situation was a rare case. If you want to read another review where a customer was having the same problem go read the review from Justin on 01/10/14. He was having the same problem.

Well I ended up sending the headset back to Amazon and got a full refund. I am very disappointed because I wanted an upgrade from my PX5 headset. I decided to go back to my PX5 headset and use it for online play. It works just fine with no mic distortion. So I would not recommend this headset to anyone who is looking for a headset for the PS4.
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on August 15, 2013
There are tons of good reviews for this headset so in keeping with my normal method, I will summarize a few quick points and then discuss Mac specific issues since no one ever seem to game or use devices with a Mac. For reference, I use these primarily for gaming but have also used for general movie watching.

- Like everyone says in many of the reviews, this is a really nice headset. I think sound quality is great and compatibility with everything I have tried so far (PS3, Xbox, PC, Mac, and Iphone) is great and easy.
- The headset is very comfortable and I think the quoted 15 hrs of battery life is pretty accurate (maybe a little on the high side, but not too high).
- The biggest advantage by far is flexibility which I will discuss more later, but it really is what makes this headset shine in my opinion.
- Like many have mentioned, the packaging really is impressive. Who care about packaging right?? Well, it is just in keeping with the overall quality of the item. I have not and will not throw away the packaging. It comes in quite handy.
- I have had very little interference after using these for over a month and I have every frequency known to man operating in my house so if interference were an issue, I am sure it would have come up.

- Really the only con is price and yes they are expensive.
- I will not really call it a con, but I have had some issues using this headset with Mumble (a 3rd party voice package like Ventrillo, Team Speak, etc). I think the issue is actually Mumble though. Mumble seems to "dominate" the bluetooth connectivity so when it is connected (which is continually when I am using), other bluetooth devices (i.e. my phone or Ipad) cant or dont come in. I think I could probably figure this out, but to be honest, it has not been a real issue so I don't worry about it.

Mac connectivity:
- Mac users worry not, this headset works easily and potentially in many different ways. The best option is to just plug the base unit into your Mac via a Toslink cable and the optical audio out. You will need a specific cable to do this which was one of the very few cables of any type that I did not have. You need a cable that has a Toslink connection at one end and a 3.5 mm jack on the other or you can use an end adapter (eForCity TosLink Mini Toslink Compatible Xbox 360 These can be found in many places. The audio out port on Macs (at least most that I know of) dual function as a 3.5 mm and optical out.
- The only slight downside is once you connect a cable into a this audio out port on a Mac (at least for the optical connectivity), the Mac automatically shifts to that output and can not be switched out by software, i.e. you have to unplug the connection to go back to whatever you had before. Not a big deal.
- Alternatively you could go completely bluetooth in and out from your Mac, but I do not recommend this. Bluetooth into the Mac (from the microphone) is the only way you get audio in, but the normal and better method for audio out is using the headset stand.
- Bottom line, no Mac issues at all and it was very easy.

In summary, I think the quality of this headset is great. Is it better than your 200W powered sub, bose speakers, and Onkyo receiver?? Of course not, people that expect to compare those systems with any headphones are expecting too much.

If you want to test the true value of this headset, play Last of us on PS3 in the dark on a large screen TV with this headset. It is true audio and visual heaven.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2014
First, they feel like a cheap knock-off of their predecessor the PX5s. The overall construction feels cheap and not really made to last. I know people want lighter head phones but these just felt poorly constructed and flimsy compared to the PX5s. And although they advertise PC compatibility on box you will find limited compatibility at the very best, (turtle beach admits as much once you purchase them ofcourse). Phone calls through Bluetooth sound hollow and distant to people you call. Game sound quality I never got to experience as they only pair that worked quit working after a few calls.

My first headset arrived DOA. Lesson #1:
Turtle Beach WILL NOT help you over the phone. What could have been a 5 min. phone conversation turned into over a week long ordeal of back and forth emails. Second set arrived and quit working after a few minutes. I decided I wanted a refund, that I was tired of this entire ordeal.
Lesson #2:
I ordered directly from turtle beach using my amazon account, even was able to utilize my prime membership for quick shipping. But, even though it clearly states that all purchases made are protected by the A to Z Guarantee, you will not be able to file it. The order I placed back in September still tells me I can not file at this time. I call Amazon, and get one of their representatives to call and after they were treated rudely as well they decided to force the issue and step in to help me out. A few minutes after that call I get an email about the RMA from Turtle Beach and how they are going to "wave the restocking fee", as an added courtesy but, just this once. Did I forget to mention that my emails to turtle beach went unanswered when I tried to initiate a refund. And that brings me to...
Lesson #3
Turtle Beach has a ridiculous 10-14 Business day refund policy. That is at least 2 - 3 weeks folks. Add in the 3-5 business days it will take your refund to reflect on your statement and you are talking over a month before receive your refund. Remember that order I placed back in September. Still haven't gotten my refund yet and it is well into November.

In summation, if you feel like you MUST take a chance on the purchase of these, only do so if you can purchase them directly from someone besides Turtle Beach, with a good customer service. And consider the warranty just about a valuable as use tissues.
Detailed documentation of my entire ordeal, including communications between myself and others with similar experiences is available upon request. Corporations that do business like this should not be in business, and will only survive as long as we allow them to. Please purchase responsibly and help me send a message to Turtle Beach that we will not accept these practices and if they wish to continue to do business they will have to do so honestly and with customer service in mind.
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on December 28, 2014
I got these instead of the xp510 because of the color, blue fits with my home surround led lighting.

I use these headphones for my ps3, simple bluetooth connection with the ps3
Xbox 360 got a bluetooth adapter for use with the system, (found on amazon, ebay, turtlebeach website, about $30)
Xbox one, with mobile cable for chat
phone, making calls, hearing music or podcasts, bluetooth connection losses strength at about 20 ft, less for any walls in the way of signal

I pass through my home surround system to the rf transmitter and to whichever system its hooked on, that way there is no disconnecting of optical cables for audio. the only problem is that the rf transmitter is always on even when headphones are not in use, that is the downside to having it connected to the home surround. It is your choice, I just dont like to be swapping cables. A little 411 turtle beach support is slow, no help on twitter, email message only.

They sound great out the box, but if you want good surround settings and bass do this,

surround angle on rf transmitter on #4 setting,
download turtle beach advances sound editor, install
on turtle beach website create account so that you are able to download custom sound files
you will select your headset once complete with registration, it will offer presets available
search in community presets, total votes, down in the first page there is the astro a 50 master preset.

I use that for my master preset with the right amount of bass, there will be some drag and drop steps to be taken, drag from your download folder to the turtlebeach/advancedsoundeditor/savedpresets folder
on advanced sound editor if done right the master fil that you have downloaded or any preset should be available be it the game/chat/master drop down, click on save and it will be saved on headset.

and yes the battery does last, i made it around 14 hours on full charge.

overall a great headset, especially now that its about 50% of original price, worth it.
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on December 5, 2013
Does work with the PS4 after a firm ware update. It is a good headset, but sometimes i get interference and the audio skips. I purchased these because I thought it was supposed transmit at a different bandwidth than most headphones. All in all, these headphones sound great. However, for the money, I would go with the PX4 instead.
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