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on April 25, 2013
[UPDATE] Added G700 + G700s comparison photo links (see below).

I've been using the G700 for home and work - first for home exclusively, then for both home *and* work, and now just for work. I was able to use it for both because of its portability, especially the BUILT-IN MEMORY - a very important feature which I'll discuss below.

I got a Corsair Vengeance M95 for home to replace the G700, and I have to say quite frankly, I missed the G700. The G700 was more ergonomic - most especially with the buttons. After a month of using the Corsair, I thought I'd give the G700s a shot. I still use the G700 at work, for writing codes.

What I Like (G700/G700s):
(+) Hands down, highest button count mouse that is *still* very ergonomic.
(+) Dual mode SCROLLING: free scroll or click-scroll
(+) Dual mode: wired, or wireless
(+) Scroll wheel TILT. It is surprising that this feature is not a standard.
(+) Very polished software (for programming the mouse).
(+) Wireless TRANSCEIVER. Most other wireless mice only offer a receiver (1-way).
(+) Uses standard AA battery - which means user replaceable, and HOT-SWAP able.
(+) Ability of keys to be used as modifier keys (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT)
(+) Multiple simultaneous button presses.
(+) ON-BOARD MEMORY Profiles: This feature is very, very important, for it [1] Reduces lag because [2] there is NO background service running (key binding) and, [3] there is no dependence to software which means, [4] it is usable EVERYWHERE (even on the Windows Lock Screen) and [5] increased portability.

What I don't like:
(-) Thick cable for wired mode - however, this means it is durable. Based on experience, durability is a good thing.
(-) A bit expensive as of this writing (because the product is still new)
(-) Cheesy, non-functional graphics. Personally, I prefer the G700's stealth black look.
(-) No lighting, though understandable to improve battery life.
(-) No weight customization - we can't have it all.
(-) The USB transceiver and USB wire uses separate USB ports (cannot be combined like Razer Mamba).
(-) No real, useable difference with the G700.
(-) Still needs a mouse pad.

Differences between G700 and G700s:
(±) The graphics. I personally like the G700's plainer look.
(±) The top surface. Well, the feel and material looks the same, but now with the said graphics.
(±) The side surface. G700s feels and looks more polished: rougher, looks tougher, and less plasticity (more metal-like)
(±) The click-scroll scroll wheel. G700s has less "click" to it. It seems softer/easier to click-scroll. I personally prefer the G700's stronger, more pronounced clicks.
(±) Scroll wheel tilt. Like the previous difference, this has a softer click for scroll tilt clicking.
(±) Scroll mode selector. When selecting free-scroll, it actually feels like it is letting go of the scroll locking. I personally prefer the G700's same feel on selecting either mode.
(±) Most obviously, the max resolution (DPI). G700s' 8200 dpi vs G700's 5700 dpi.

Why 5 stars? Because no one else comes close. Its shortcomings are very minor when compared to its advantages.

VERDICT: I recommend this product. OR, get the G700 which is cheaper.


UPDATE: [G700 + G700s]
Here are the photo's I have taken (Uploaded to Amazon Product Images).

Individual Photos:
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 28, 2013
My several year old Logitech MX Revolution was finally starting to feel its age, so I decided to upgrade to a proper gaming mouse this time, but also wanted to keep the wireless functionality that I enjoyed with the MX, so I set my sights on the G700s, the latest and greatest from Logitech. While I do realize there is not much change from the G700 as some have previously noted, I can only speak to what I notice now about this mouse and its relationship to my prior mouse, the MX Revolution.

The packaging was well put together and easy enough to open and remove the mouse and receiver from. All together, you have the Mouse, the wireless receiver, the USB charging cable, a USB extension cable for the receiver, and a simple user guide - drivers are not included, and you will need to download the Logitech Gaming Software from the Logitech website - more on that later.

The feel of the mouse is certainly one of a 'premium' feeling - whereas the MX revolution feels like a solid mouse, I would go so far as to say that the G700s feels even nicer, if that's possible. The area where your thumb rests as well as where your ring and pinky finger rest is coated in a bumpy-like texture, which feels odd at first, but as you continue to use the mouse, you can tell that it does help keep the mouse gripped to your hand, and its a good feeling. The graphics on the mouse top are neither here nor there, and are purely decorative and serve no other purpose. From a size standpoint, the mouse is slightly smaller than the MX and feels weird at first, but after a few hours usage it feels completely normal and easy to hold. And from a weight standpoint, the mouse feels solid - not too light where it feels like it will fly away, but not too heavy that it becomes a burden to move.

The mouse clicks from the left and right mouse button are nice and firm - a solid click, but not difficult in any manner to depress - probably the best clicking mouse I've ever used. The click on the 'G' or macro keys is less 'clicky' than the normal left and right mouse buttons, but they feel solid and will be able to stand up to the test of time. The 'G' keys are all simple enough to feel and find with your fingers, and I have not encountered an issue with clicking an unintended key. The scroll wheel is easy to use - it offers a 'bump' setting like a regular mouse, but you can also hit a mechanical switch right below that will remove the mechanical lock and will allow the wheel to spin freely (I might add it appears that there is a ball bearing in the wheel, as it will spin for quite some time if spun hard). The bottom of the mouse you will find the cutout for the laser, an on/off switch, and the battery door, which houses a 1900 mAh AA Eneloop battery - fairly common AA battery that can be purchased if you need a backup or it dies over time. The front nose of the mouse houses a micro-USB port for where you can charge the mouse. There are also 4 glossy 'feet' on the bottom of the mouse that allow it to glide over any mousepad you might use without any issues - I've encountered no snagging issues with my Steelseries cloth mouse pad.

The USB receiver is the same size as the Logitech nano-receiver commonly used on many Logitech products, but is not compatible with the 'nano' technology, as the mouse has a very high polling rate compared to other products. Plugs in easily, no issues here - fits easily into the USB slot on the back of my G710+ keyboard. The included USB charging cable fits tightly into the mouse and was designed to fit perfectly into the micro-usb slot on the front of the mouse. Cable is about 6 feet long and is thick and sturdy. One nice thing about this set up is that you are able to charge the mouse and use it at the same time, simply leaving the USB receiver plugged in and then plugging in the charging cable to another USB port - however, you can remove the receiver and use the mouse as a wired mouse if you need to. The USB receiver extension cord (I say receiver usb extension cord simply because there is a little picture on it showing that it should only be used for the USB receiver, not the charging cable) is thinner than the charging cable and is also about 6 feet long - most likely used for someone who's computer is farther away from their desk than a couple feet, ensuring that the mouse is as close to the receiver as possible.

The Logitech gaming software is simple to install, and houses a ton of options for the mouse. While it can be intimidating at first looking at all the options you have to change the settings, spending a couple minutes with the software will easily show you the many many things you can do with the programming. I think one of the greatest highlights of this mouse is the use of the on-board memory, meaning that all the information you program in the gaming software gets stored onto the mouse itself, meaning you don't have to worry about multi-key macros that you've created to get jumbled in the software when you are running another program. I know from personal experience with the MX revolution, which you could store functions to the back and forward buttons that sometimes while in a game, the SetPoint software would not respond properly and the keys would not perform as intended. This is not the case with the G700s, as the commands are stored right on the mouse and work flawlessly every time.

You are able to save up to 5 different profiles for the mouse, all of which can be changed from the mouse itself (so long as you have one of the 'G' keys set to "Switch Profile") or from the software. There are 3 LED's on the left side of the mouse that will indicate which profile is active based on how you program it in the software. The actual programming is very simple as well - just click on a button in the software, define what you want it to do, and click OK - it's as easy as that. You can do anything from making a 'G' key perform a keystroke to checking the battery level (also displayed with the 3 LED's on the mouse) to switching profiles and more. You are also able to set multiple laser DPI levels per profile, and are able to change them on the fly using the 'G' program keys as well. DPI's range from 200 all the way up to 8200. There is also a selectable polling rate (meaning how many times the mouse and the receiver talk per second), and you have the option of 125, 200, 250, 333, 500, or 1000 polls per second. You can also select a power mode for each profile - power saving, normal gaming, and max gaming. Again, it may seem daunting at first to make all of the programming, but after a couple minutes with fooling around, its simple enough to figure out and program to your pleasing.

Using the mouse is a great joy, whether using it for gaming or using it around your operating system and programs. I've noticed my precision in FPS games like Planetside 2 and Battlefield 3 go up a noticeable amount, and I've also noticed that I'm more precise just using the mouse over my old MX revolution around Windows as well.

My only gripe with the product (which I think I accepted before purchasing anyway) is the battery life. The MX was able to go for days on end without requiring a recharge. The G700s? Not so much. Using the normal gaming setting with 1000 polls per second, I can see probably 5-6 hours of gaming before I need to plug the mouse in to recharge it. Using the mouse on a normal basis with the power saving feature and a much lower polling rate I can get a few days out of the mouse, but not much more. So while I knew the battery life wasn't going to be as good as the MX, its slightly below my original expectation of how long it would last. Personally, I would have loved to see 2 AA batteries in the mouse for extended battery life.

Outside of the battery issues, this is an excellent mouse for gaming and for every day use that I would certainly buy again if given a choice.
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on October 17, 2013
After my G500 suffered from the infamous Logitech double-click issue, I finally decided to upgrade and go with the G700s. I'm very impressed with how well the mouse handles.

Having the mouse recognize different applications as you start them, and subsequently load a matching profile into memory, is just about the best thing ever. I have a lot of games and programs that I switch through pretty regularly, and I hated not having any way to store macros with my last mouse. This mouse executes the process nearly flawlessly; however, it does suffer sometimes when switching from wired to wireless mode, where the current profile seems to be overridden by some default. Pretty annoying, but not a terrible flaw by any means. Something that just kind of irks you.

There is a setting to lock the profile while the application is running, but that has not proven successful yet for me.

Beyond that, I'm incredibly happy with my purchase, and highly recommend it to anyone!

EDIT: So it's been a few months now, and this mouse has suffered the same fate as my G500, as well as other Logitech mice I've had prior. The mouse will begin to double-click on even the slightest depression, click-and-drag is near impossible as the first click always registers as double or a double-click registers in the middle of the drag. I've first tried fixing the problem myself by opening up and re-bending the copper spring, but that wasn't fruitful. Next, I took it to be serviced, which again yielded no results. This issue has frustrated me to the point where I don't think I can allow myself to buy any more Logitech mice. After losing nearly $100.00 on this mouse, and hundreds more on previous ones, I'm going to have to find another manufacturer.

Otherwise, the mouse was incredibly fun to use, but terribly short-lived.
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on January 26, 2015
Love the mouse...

I wanted to post this to help people improve their battery life using this mouse since I see a lot of people having issues with that.

The trick is keeping the mouse set to normal power mode, not gaming.

In normal mode the mouse shuts itself off after some time. However, unlike the power saving mode it doesn't do it quick enough to affect your usage.

In gaming mode the mouse never shuts off. If you get up from your computer to do whatever your mouse stays on sucking up power.

By using normal instead of gaming mode you should easily get a few days usage out of a single charge.

As for the low charge times. Rechargeable batteries report themselves low before they really are.

With a normal battery the voltage drops at a steadier, more predictable pace. Rechargeable batteries quickly drop voltage and then plateau out. Point being, a powered device sees the quick voltage drop of a rechargeable as it dying, when in reality it still has a lot of life left in it.

A few days back I charged up the mouse. At 6 pm I pulled the power. I then gamed and used my computer until about 12. The next day at 2 pm I was given the warning that only 25% battery life was left. I then was able to use the mouse the rest of the day until finally getting a 10% warning late at night. I plugged it in before going to bed, but, I would not be surprised if I got away with another days use.

It is not good to allow a Ni-mh battery to fully discharge. I suggest charging it once it hits 10%, or at least with in a hour or two of the warning to be safe.

You do not have to cycle the power. Look up anything official about rechargeable memory and you'll find out that this type of battery isn't affected by it. The ones that are require a labs level of precision to replicate the affect. It doesn't happen by chance.

Sorry for this not being much of a review. I could of said the same things others did about the mouse being great. Instead I hope to give others a little insight into their possible future mouse.
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on April 13, 2013
Kinda feels like it was made for ME. Extremely comfortable. I use this precision mouse for photo editing. It is very precise (up 8200 dpi, whereas the older/original version of the G700 maxes at 5700 dpi). To increase the speed of my workflow, I have added a trackball mouse for my left hand side when certain organic lines require even higher precision. But regarding a comparison on speed, this mouse is FAST: I am finding that zooming in and out is much more efficient in PS with this mouse than with the trackball mouse.

This mouse is wireless, but I choose to use it wired-in only, as I don't want to experience any hitches in my workflow. I haven't yet needed to program this mouse (13 programmable options), as my keyboard already has 54 programmable key options on the left side of my keyboard, allowing me to use this mouse mainly for pinpointing anchor spots in PS. There is, though, a clutch feature on this mouse that I utilize.

I find that if I use this mouse mostly for precision movement, and use my left hand for some trackball maneuvers + all programmed multi-step or keyboard stroke maneuvers (including ENTER, DELETE, Wand Tool, Pen Tool, 'Make Selection', etc.), that my workflow is the fastest it has EVER been. My PRIOR workflow speed and comfort does not even come close to what it is now. I have also ordered a foot pedal mouse that will take over the left-click mouse action of this G700 mouse to further increase my speed and precision (as well as alleviating tension of my hands during long hours of work). I expect that adding the foot pedal mouse for use of all left-click action will likely add another significant boost to my workflow.

If you are working on anything requiring speed and absolute fluidity (including gaming), this mouse is an excellent addition to your repertoire of peripheral devices.

I am happy...
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on November 20, 2014
Edit: December 27, 2015. Mouse still kicking after upgrading to El Capitan. Currently running 10.11.2.

Regarding Mac compatibility:
I'm not sure why Logitech chose not to declare this mouse compatible, but with just a quick trip to this device's product support page on Logitech's website and a download of the appropriate software, I got access to all the advertised functionality of the mouse. The software even had native support for OS X specific functions such as mapping buttons to Mission Control and the Dashboard. If you were considering passing on this due to the lack of advertised compatibility, don't fret, it works. (I'm using OS X Yosemite 10.10.1)

My thoughts:
Coming from over three long years of using Logitech's flagship Performance MX mouse I believe my faith in Logitech quality and ergonomics to be restored.

I'm going to jump on a tangent here and say the Performance MX mouse was a huge disappointment and great source of frustration for me. It felt cheap, made creaks and groans from day one, the scroll function was terrible (side to side was near useless) and the tracking could be erratic at times. I wish I would've returned it instead of trying to live with it and get used to it. To the very last day of use, I didn't like the cursor performance or scrolling no matter how much I tried tuning the settings. Finally, its performance became so dysfunctional I needed a replacement. My previous Logitech mouse (I unfortunately do not know the model number) was still working perfectly after five years of day to day use. I only 'upgraded' for the extra buttons on the Performance MX. Getting to my point, I was ready to swear off Logitech and try my luck with the competition.

Then I came upon the G700s and the fancy marketing package Logitech put together for it. Long story short, it lives up to the hype. I absolutely love the rough texture side panels and hydrophobic palm rest. The buttons are well-constructed and there's no creaks or groans from using any function on the mouse. Logitech's gone back to a scroll wheel with authoritative side scrolling clicks and up/down scrolling got its granularity back and I no longer have to live with the binary nature of the Performance MX's scroll wheel.

I don't use this for gaming (I'm on a Mac after all), but this is my daily driver for video editing, graphic/web design and 3D modeling. Logitech's own driver software did a fine job of letting me map buttons to my liking. I may look into using the available profiles to tailor the mouse keys to specific programs, but for now that's a feature I'm not using.

Overall I look forward to living with this mouse for years to come.

Update: Feb 18, 2015
After about four months of near daily use, the included Eneloop brand NiMh battery has lost a significant amount of its ability to hold a charge. I even treated it correctly (NiMh batteries operate differently than LiPo) only re-charging after the battery died. There's a label inside the mouse stating "NiMh batteries only" so I picked up some NiMh Energizer batteries which carry 2300mAh vs. the Eneloop's 1900mAh. I'm expecting to get 2-3 weeks of use before having to re-charge, vs. 3-4 days before I switched batteries.
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on December 13, 2013
You can program profiles into it or use the Logitech software (which runs cross-platform) to cause the mouse to change profiles based on the active program - i.e. it can have one setup for normal use and a completely different button mapping for your FPS, which switches automatically when you're in the game.

The profiles are fully featured automations, even the ones stored on the mouse (and therefore usable on other computers): from OS specific actions like playing music to sequences of key presses including timing.

It's rechargeable, and recharges from a supplied USB cord, and uses a standard AA battery, so you're not out of luck if you run out of charge.

The scroll wheel also clicks side-to-side and has a nice clicky feel from the detents when scrolling, and the detents can be disengaged to allow freewheeling - which is surprisingly handy. It allows one to simulate the "momentum scrolling" of a smartphone, making it easier to e.g. scroll to the top of a very long Facebook feed with one flick.

Really , this mouse couldn't get much better. If I had any complaints, it would be that the DPI settings are awkward to adjust if you don't map them to buttons for regular use: you can't just "select" a DPI to set, even from the software tool (it only allows you to preview and adjust the settings), you have to map the G buttons to one of multiple settings, readjust to whatever setting you want, and then remap the G buttons to whatever you wish them to have for everyday use. It's a very slight annoyance, though, and easily worked around.

In all, I hope that Logitech never stops producing this mouse, in case I drop mine in a puddle or something. It would be very hard to let it go.
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on August 11, 2014
*absolutely LOVE the way the mouse feels. by far my favorite mouse in terms of shape, size, and weight
*good amount of macro buttons and making macros on the logitech software is the most customizable i've used.
*comes with rechargeable battery and extension cord for wireless sensor

*logitech software is complete TRASH. its unstable and needs constant refreshing. only way to do it is to terminate the process and restart logitech gaming software. SUPER ANNOYING
*THIS IS NOT A WIRED + WIRELESS MOUSE. it is wireless only. you CAN use it while plugged in, but after a couple months the mouse is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting while plugged in. i can now only use it while wireless. [see comments]
*battery life is pretty short especially with polling rate at 1000 which is what any normal person would use it at.
*my mouse 4 button came with a defect where it is almost always pressed in completely. it works still but there is no audible or click feeling when pressed.

*contacting logitech sent me straight to the philipines. when explaining my situation with the mouse constantly disconnecting and reconnecting while wired, i was told, "it is a wireless mouse you only need to plug it in to charge."
*telling him about my mouse4 button feeling broken and unresponsive i was told, "the button is still working and does not need to be replaced."
*i wish i didn't love how the mouse feels as much as i do or i would trash the thing. the software, support, and defects are alone making me wish i didn't buy it.
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on September 26, 2014
Bought this to replace a previous G700 that got busted up when something fell on it.

I love this mouse, it's highly programmable and very comfortable especially if you have larger hands. For my money it's probably the best mouse on the market, I bought my original one something like two years ago and after researching my options I just bought it again, there's nothing out there that's any better IMO.

So why only 3 stars?

-1 star because, while technically wireless you will never use this mouse wirelessly due to the utterly pitiful battery performance. Battery life is seriously so short that there's no point in disconnecting it from the USB cable, you'll just be plugging it back in soon anyways. I really wish they would let this mouse use regular AA batteries, and let ME get the rechargeable ones if I want.

-1 star because this used to be a wonderfully understated matte black. Now they've "updated" it with the utterly corny 1980's space-ship themed graphics you can see in the pictures. It's not as bad in person as the in the pictures, thankfully, but still... come on... it's hideous, honestly if there were another mouse even as good as this one (let alone better) I wouldn't buy this, I'm not a 12 year old over here, I'm embarrassed to have this thing on my desk. But it really is so good that I'm willing to overlook the new, hideous graphics.
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Comparing this new version G700s mouse to the earlier G700 reminds me of the starships Enterprise D and Enterprise E. What could two computer mice have to do with fictional starships in a TV and movie series? Well, I'll tell you. The Enterprise D was a bit plain looking compared to the sleeker, meaner looking Enterprise E that showed up in First Contact. And the "racing stripes" on the G700s remind me of that difference. LOL And they are just stripes. In the picture they look a bit like grooves, but that's not the case. The horizontal dark stripes and the white patterned detail running vertically are all for the sexy, mean look. ;-)

Functionally, I like these mice. I had real problems in some applications and games (especially games) with vanilla, low-res mice ... which would sometimes seem to literally disappear in high frame rate situations (like a 25 man raid in WoW). With either of the 700's that isn't an issue.

I already had Logitech's Gaming Software installed when I moved up from the G700 to the G700s. It recognized the new model instantly and downloaded all the needed new support for it. It automatically recognized games that it has profiles for. So after a couple of minutes of update downloads and installation (and I took their recommendation to reboot) I was ready to go.

If you haven't used a wireless mouse you don't know what you are missing. I refuse to mess with mouse and keyboard cables anymore, so wireless is all I've used for years. I'm typing this on a Logitech K350 keyboard, which despite being in constant use all day long every day only needs new batteries maybe once a year. Both the G700 and G700S are rechargeable through USB cables, and you just need to remember to leave them plugged in each evening when you are done using them. For me, they go about 36 hours on a full charge ... and I'm using the computer a LOT during that time. I work and play on the thing in a home office so both keyboard and mouse get a lot of traffic.

I was actually fully satisfied with my G700, but it had developed the annoying habit of often deciding that I was double-clicking when I was in fact single-clicking. That will mess with your head and your software. I'm RMAing the G700 under its three year warranty, but luckily I caught the G700s on a Deal of the Day and got it for less than 50 bucks. When I get the replacement G700 back I'll stick it in my notebook bag.

This mouse series is unquestionably my tool of choice, and I highly recommend them.
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